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Time hacking - Ultimate time managment

Marcin Staśko, Freelance Biochemist, Chemical and Proce

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14 Videos (1h 13m)
    • Introduction

    • Maslow pyramid

    • Eisenhower method

    • ABC Analysis

    • Pareto Rule

    • GTD -Gettings Things Done

    • ALPEN Method

    • SMARTER Method

    • SWOT Tool

    • Proactive vs active planning

    • Pomodoro TM technique

    • TASK Delegation -ENCUMBER.AR method (UNIQUE)

    • Parkinson Law

    • Final word


About This Class

How to hack the time? I am showing multiple methods (including my own one ENCUMBER.AR (Never published before))

The specific objective of the course is to acquire skills in the area of:
• ranking tasks, setting priorities,
• acquisition of practical skills in planning and organizing work,
• controlling the workload for particular duties at the workplace,

• raising control over the monitoring of progress in planned activities,
• practical use of tools that allow you to create an effective time management system,
• work under time pressure,
• identification and elimination of disturbing factors.

Benefits for the Participant:
• increasing satisfaction with the work performed,
• taking over responsibility for effective self-management in time,
• implementing effective practices of mental work and time management,
 improving the efficiency of self-management,
• personal responsibility for timely execution of the task,
• strengthening motivation to work on yourself and develop professional skills.

Recipients of the course
Managers, specialists whose ability to plan and manage their own work time has a significant impact on their effectiveness. Time "is not rubber" and the way we work with it is reflected in our well-being, job satisfaction and efficiency. The course is addressed to people who are largely self-organizing their work, who feel a strong need for the change about the negative consequences of living in "No Time World"





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Marcin Staśko

Freelance Biochemist, Chemical and Proce

Biochemistry scientist, Chemical and Process Engineer

Research Experience: Karolinska Institutet, KFU Graz, Polish Academy of Sciences and more..

I am an open-minded, curious and eager person who is always ready to experience something new. I am more of an analytical person so I alway enjoy solving different types of problems.

Area of freelance work:
- Product development from formulation to manufacturing process,
- Process optimisation, plan of synthesis,
- Chem...

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