Time-Saving Actions in Adobe Illustrator: Automate Your Workflow to Design Better, Faster

Jon Brommet, Graphic Designer

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6 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. What's Up Internet?

    • 2. Quick Time Saving Actions

    • 3. More Impressive Actions

    • 4. Thanks & Whatnot

    • 5. Bonus - Installing Actions

    • 6. A Message From Future Jon


About This Class

If you use Adobe Illustrator often, you may not realize how much time you are wasting doing basic tasks over and over again. With actions, you can easily teach Illustrator how to do some of these tediousĀ tasks with little effort. Then you can sit back and make a coffee while Illustrator does the work for you.

This class is a great way to really improve your workflow and speed while doing every day design and illustration work. Whether it is as simple as centering an object vertically and horizontally, or saving a logo in 7 different file formats, you can do these with 1 click of a button. It's a really amazing, and oftern underutilizedĀ feature in Adobe Illustrator.

So click enroll, learn some rad stuff really quick, and save a lot of time to enjoy life. Or whatever.