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Time Management for Work at Home Jobs

Tom Wiztek, Marketing and Recruitment Specialist

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12 Lessons (54m)
    • 1. 5 Biggest Time Wasters

    • 2. How to Organize your time

    • 3. The Core of Time Management

    • 4. How to Plan Your Day

    • 5. The Law of Prioritizing

    • 6. The Secret Power of Deadlines

    • 7. 5 Ways to Conquer Procrastination

    • 8. How to Make Decisions

    • 9. 3 Techniques Successful People Use

    • 10. How to Deal with Distractions

    • 11. Simple Trick to Develop your Focus

    • 12. Time Management Summary


About This Class

Are you a blogger or freelancer working from home? Do you ever struggle to get motivated to work fast and get a lot done?

You will learn the secrets the most successful people use to manage their time…

  • So that you can increase your productivity
  • So you never feel overwhelmed by work and always get it done on time…
  • So you stop wasting time with unimportant matters and get the most important work done.

And so you have more free time to relax and enjoy yourself…

Enroll today and start learning my proven time management strategies





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Tom Wiztek

Marketing and Recruitment Specialist

Hi I'm Tom. 

I have a keen interest in marketing and recruitment.

I have worked for over 2 years in the recruitment industry. I learned the ins and outs of hiring people. I decided to publish courses related to finding a job because I realized that a lot of candidates are professionals (in their field). But don't know how to present themselves.

Furthermore, I have always been fascinated with online marketing.

Over the past couple of years I have...

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