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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

26 Lessons (2h 4m)
    • 1. 01: Time Management: What will you learn

    • 2. 02_Intro Meike Hohenwarter

    • 3. 03_The one thing

    • 4. 04_ MeetKaren K

    • 5. 05_ Make an Actual Analysis

    • 6. 06_Karen's Week

    • 7. 07_ Being Proactive

    • 8. 08_What is important

    • 9. 09_My life's roles

    • 10. 10_Karen's Roles

    • 11. 11_Your Mission Statement

    • 12. 12_The Stone Experiment

    • 13. 13_My Interpretation

    • 14. 14_ The Eisenhower Quadrants

    • 15. 15_Karen's Big Rocks

    • 16. 16_Set Holistic Goals

    • 17. 17_Eat that frog

    • 18. 18_One after the other

    • 19. 19_Your projects first

    • 20. 20_Growing holistically

    • 21. 21_ Your Miracle morning

    • 22. 22_Motivation

    • 23. 23_Pomodoro technique

    • 24. 24_Pros n cons

    • 25. 25_Time tracking

    • 26. 26_Your Skillshare Project TimeManagement

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About This Class


"I liked this course a lot because I reviewed my skills and learnt to use many tools to track time, progress and how to deal with my main projects." ghanem Balhawan

"Excellent" Thiliar Varnakulasingham

"i recommend this course as student on udemy, thanks for instructor." Muhammed Alhomouri



This course is for people who want to get the things done that really matter in their lives
In 7 easy to follow steps you will learn

  • How to find out the things that would really make a great change in your life
  • How to block time to work on these things on a daily basis
  • How to stay motivated to accomplish it all

This course does not show you how to squeeze even more out of your little time, it rather teaches you on how to sort the wheat from the chaff and how to finally become the director of your own life.

Time Management:

This is for people who want to live a proactive life and want to accomplish their dreams - like for example writing a book.

No special skills needed, but you should have time to actually do the exercises.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Meike Hohenwarter

Business Coach. Video Creator. Online Instructor.


My brandnew series: "Powerpoint 4 Video" - Start now with class 01!

Meine brandneue Serie: "Powerpoint 4 Video" - Beginne jetzt mit Teil 01!

Austria's No. 1 on Udemy/?sterreichs Nummer 1 auf Udemy

My Motto/Mein Motto: "Live your full potential!"

I help enterpreneurs with their online business concept and their self development in order to live an efficient, successful and fulfilled live.

Ich helfe UnternehmerInnen bei ihrem online Gesch?ftskonzept und ihrer Pers?nlichkeitsentwicklung sodass sie ein effizientes, erfolgreiches und erf?lltes Leben f?hren k?nnen.

My udemy-topics are/ Meine Udemy-Themen sind:

- online Marketing

- Videomarketing

- Self Development/Pers?nlichkeitsentwicklung

- (Visual) Learning Skill... See full profile

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1. 01: Time Management: What will you learn: Hello and cordially. Welcome to my information video on my course time management for freelances. It's the second course in this series. The first course was all about goal setting and goals, achieving its called from vision to reality. Now this course is all about time management to find time for the really important things in your life. And the last one is on productivity, which shows you on an everyday basis on how to implement all and how to get everything done . But now we're talking about the time management course, and I want to ask you what is the one thing that, if you would finally do it, would really change your life, which would make it a big difference in your whole life because you finally made it. Maybe you want to write a book from Maybe it's something completely different. Maybe you don't even know right now, but you know that there are some things and that you wanted to achieve and complete for a very long time. So why is that? That so many people have their wishes that the burnings things that they really want to accomplish, but they never find time. It's because a typical week looks about like that. Nowadays, people seem to have a lot to do. Everyone's schedule is really full, and you just do not find the time to put even more in. And so many people feel like in the hamsters. We'll just treading along all the time but never really getting forward, never really finding the time for the important things that the things that should count most and so many people just feel like the victim of circumstances and as if their life would be lived by them ended if they could not really change anything. So how much more would you like to be the director off your life to actively decide on what you want to do? And for that it's often good that you just change your perspective from this frocks perspective. Just go up to the skies and look at your life from this point of view, and this is what we are going to do in this course, because I want to show you in seven easy steps on first, how to find out what is really important to you because it seems that many people are just working and working all the time but never come to the really important things in their lives. So first we will find out what it is that it's really important to you, then never managed to have time so that you can work at it on a daily basis and how you can make it real, how you can finally achieve it and be motivated doing so and this is what you will learn in the course. I will also give you tips on project management and other storied life savers, which will help you even more to do good things for you to keep yourself in the power, like doing sports every day or meditating every day. How you can implement this in the alive, and I will also tell you what tomatoes have to do with time management. And finally, I will also show you how to track your time, and I will show you a nice tool that can help you with it in order to to master your time even better in future 2. 02_Intro Meike Hohenwarter: Hello and quarterly. Welcome to this course. My name is Michael Home Bata and I'm a business coach, and I help entrepreneurs with their business concept and with the self development in this course, you can start a discussion. Or you can ask me questions any time you want to, and according really invite you to do so. Furthermore, I would ask you to review this course because this helps me, and it also helps future participants and now enjoy this course. 3. 03_The one thing: hello and accordingly. Welcome to my course on time management. Yeah, that's a good question. Can we manage time off in time? Just always be the same. And it's just our lives. We have to manage toe fit in the things we really want to do and to delete all the things we do not want to do, or at least do not wish to do that much and that we're now spending time on. So this is what this course is all about. How can you really find time for your most important things and get the things done that you really want to have half accomplished in your life and how to get rid off lots of the other things. I highly recommend that you take a note path and you also have some pdf's to download. So anyway, you want to take notes. It's better than not taking notes because, you know, if you just listen to the course and do not take any action than it won't, the output won't be that biggest if you really work on it and arms the questions I'm asking and think about the things I'm jealous challenging you to think this will make much more sense and will, of course, make a huge a change in your life than just listening to the course. Yeah. Do you sometimes feel like this? I think everyone does. Nowadays we just run and run in our hamster's wheel and it seems that we don't get from the spot. We just stay where we are. And we're busy all the time, working all the time, accomplishing things all the time. But it just doesn't seem that have any progress that they go anywhere. And I think most of the people have something in their heads, some visions, some dreams they would really love to fulfill. And many people just say, I don't have time for that. I never find the time to the really important things in my life. And this is this course is all about changing that about finding the time for the important things in your life and also getting rid of the unimportant things and, most of all, to find the difference to really wants. Define what's important in your life, and this is what we will be talking about. Why am I talking about that? My name is Mikey. whom Botta and I help entrepreneurs with their own lying concept and with a business concept. And I'm often asked, How do you manage all the things you do? I think I'm a quite heavy many fester. I do lots of things. I have lots and lots of online courses I've already created, and I'm a video creator to a lot of explainer videos, and I'm still teaching and lots of other things. And so I'm often asked, How do you manage to accomplish all these? How comes that you really have such a great output? And my short answer always is. I don't have a TV at home, and I mean, there sure is some truth in that. I'll talk about that later on a little bit more. But of course, it's not allowed the truth. I won't started off being quite confused about how to spend my time as most of the people. So when people are asking me, what's your time management secrets? There is no real secret secret. It's just improvements all the time. I've I wasn't I wasn't content the weight waas. I never was able to accomplish all the things I wanted to accomplish So I started on tracking my time on managing my time on reading lots of books, how to get out most a few days, and so I got better and better. And this is thesis, of course, something that doesn't happen overnight. And when you're now deeply stuck, he won't be completely free tomorrow. But on the other hand, it's a way you can go. It's a path, and Monday you will feel S Frias. I do and I want to help you to find this way. And I have three courses on this subject, and the time management courses actually did the middle one. So there was one before that. That's the from vision to reality. It's a goals course. It's all about how toe set goals and how to achieve goals. And I consider it very important that you first really make sure what you want to achieve in your life, because if you just if you just manage your time and never defined what goals in life you want to accomplish, then it's just again the hamsters. Well, so it always should be first that you know what's but are your big goals. Where do you want to go in your life. And then when you know that, then you can decide to make most out off your time that you really find big time chunks to accomplish the really important the huge things in your life. And, on the other hand, get rid off the things you don't want to spend your time with. And when you have this, then the next courses that course on productivity, on how to be efficient, on how toe do as much as possible and with the least effort, of course. So these are the three courses, and I highly recommend to do all three of them. And now we're in the middle, of course, in the time management for freelances course, two books are highly recommend this very books on time management that were most impressing to me. It's on one hand, Steven, Kobe and his really great guy. He's more moan, and there's lots of ethics in his book and it here. So it has written many books, and also his son has written some books. But this is the most famous one about about how toe set your goals and how to achieve more in your life and it's really in a very ethical way and always looking for win win situations. And it's almost 30 years old now. I think Stephen Kobe died one or two years ago and it was one off the first big books I read on that subject, and it's really like a guiding star for me on all my time management and then all my goal setting and not only for me but for many, many persons and also some some leader personalities regularly called him because it's very important. His message So And David Ellen, On the other hand, he is more on the efficiency part off how to do things in less time and how to be clear on what you're chores are and on how to accomplish them, said. I've read many, many more books and those of them courses in everything on time management. But if you want to have any literature recommendation, I would highly suggest that you start on those 22 books and Stephen Kobe always talks about . If effectivity versus efficiency and efficiency is just a hamster's wheel, efficiency is just to get more things done in less time. And if activity on the other hand is that you really get the important things done, so it's more that you first think, and then you do and that you have. Um, it's like an eagle perspective that you know what you're doing and how to do it, and so that you're not just spending your time just being active, but really that you're progressing totality goals. And so these are the important words He's using a lot. And of course I want to show you if effectivity and not efficiency efficiency, it's what is mostly shown in time management books. And you shouldn't do that because this is what all the people that they just do as much as they can until the breakdown but never reach their goals and never feel really satisfied about what they have accomplished to make this more with it. I want to quote one story off the little Prince. It's the little Prince and the merchant. Good morning, said the little Prince. Good mornings at the Merchant. This was a merchant who sold pills that had been invented to quench thirst. You need only small of one pill a week, and you would feel no need for anything to drink. Why are you selling? Those are still little Prince because the safe, a tremendous amount of time, said the merchant. Computations have been made by experts. With these pills, you save 53 minutes in every week. And what do I do with those 53 minutes? Anything you like. As for me? Is that the little prince to himself? If I had 53 minutes to spend as I liked, I would walk at my leisure a tower to spring a fresh water. So I think this is a really nice story to show that not always being efficient makes makes your life more fulfilled. That it's that it's not spending getting most of your day, but the way how you spend your time and you can you can just walk towers a spring of fresh water if you want to. It doesn't have to be efficient all the time. It has to be what you want to live, the way you want to leave. This is the important thing, and this you have to define, of course, And one question Stephen Cole, we asks, and this question I want to ask you now and as This is a course for for freelances. I will ask you on your business side, but you can, of course, to the same for your private private life and steam. CoV asks about this one thing the very one thing that you are not doing now. But if you would do it would have a big impact on your whole life. It would change your whole life. So what is the warm thing in your private life and those in your business life you can ask twice can ask us off, Miss, you want to, but you should really go for one big thing in your business life that you're not doing right now. But if you will do it, it would have a great impact on your whole life. Really dramatically change your whole life. And they really invite you that you do this because this is one crucial the question about on the whole course, and you should really do it to please take your time and answer this question before you continue 4. 04_ MeetKaren K: So in this video I want to introduce you toe a woman. Her name is Karen K, and she's not a real person. I invented her, but she is kind of really, because she's just exactly what you, yourself, maybe our or other people. You know, Karen is a physiotherapist, socially self employed, and she's a single mother of two Children. She's also a land lady because she rented rooms on, she rented an apartment for her physiotherapy, and she's supper renting rooms for for part time. So there's always a lot to do with that, and she also goes for further diploma. She wants to have more education on physiotherapy, and she's also chairwoman in the Sports Colapinto local sports club and lots and lots of other things that she has on her agenda every day. So she's really typical woman in her thirties, and she's sometimes completely overwhelmed by her schedule. And Karen also thought about this one question. The one thing that if she would start doing it, would really have a great impact on her life and changed everything. And Karen is quite sure she knows what she wants because there's this DVD course three wants to create for for a long time. Already. It's a DVD course, and she already has an image on how it should look. She knows what what it would be about. It says, finally, pain free care and shows you how. And it's different DVDs on how toe get rid off pains like, for example, back pain. And it's exercises physical exercise that she's usually doing with her patients when they come to her, and she's showing them how to avoid pain in future. And Karen has already understood that creating digital products is one way to get out off this financial trip off, finally producing a recurring income so that she doesn't only earn her money from her patients and selling her time for money, but that she will also get some some royalties on the regular paces and this device. He wants to do it, and she knows that she's good and this that she is sure that this DVD will be great success , and she has been planning to do such a DVD set for more than a year. But still, it's only in her head. She's never started on it, and she just can't fitted into her schedule. So maybe you are the same. And maybe you also want to start on the first digital product. Or maybe you want to write the book, or maybe you want to do another education. Or maybe you want to create anything or do anything something, you know, that would really make a difference in your life. And it seems that you just can't find the time to do it. So it's the same with Karen. And Karen was also thinking about her private goal she wants to fulfill. And she knows that she wants to lose tank heroes. She has time, since they're her Children were born and she really wants to get rid of them. And also this sheer very planned for a long time. But now, in about three months time, there will be the wedding off her knees. And she has this beautiful dressed, this red dress, and she really wants to fit into it at the wedding. And she knows that she has to lose about 10 kilos till them. So this is what Karen wants to achieve, and she just doesn't know how to find the time for it and even meet care and more often. And I hope that you will be SPC as her and to the same exercises is her Teoh. Finally get the time to really do the important things in your life and also gets rid of all the clutter and also finally, half a clear view on your time management and to put it the really important things first. 5. 05_ Make an Actual Analysis: alone. Welcome to this new section, and now we are going to get active. We get it going, and the first thing I would highly suggest that you should do is to do an actual Anna Lizzie's. So you should analyse your typical week. What is a typical week of yours? And I, um, I also created the pdf that you can down the road with the downloads, and they chose a week, and I invite you toe fill it in to write down all the things that you do on a weekly basis on a regular basis. When, when it comes to defining goals, it's often good to define a whole year or 1/4 of a year. But when it comes to time management, a week is mostly the best tool to work with. Because many things in our lives happen on a weekly basis. Lots of our lives is orientated on a week basis. So many things repeat, and what I invite you to do here is to write down everything that comes every week so that you just reserved the time because it's reserved. Anyhow, it's more about the Did you make it obvious to yourself that you show yourself how much of your time is already blocked, and I also invite you to use color coats so you could use one color for your freelance occupation. And maybe you also are employed somewhere than you use another color for that. And if you have Children, you could use another color for them and another color for your more private appointments. So make it any way that you can clearly see what you are spending your time on. And it will only be a first step in working towers, getting free time for your very important things in your life. So the first thing you should do is just feel this in and to make it more clear what I mean . I did this for Karen. Our Karen did this for me any way you want to put it. And this is a typical week of Karen, and, as you can see is she has two Children. They are eight and 10 years old, so they are able to do several things alone. But something's thing still need her. So she's blocking one hour in the mornings and in the evenings, usually to help their her Children dual the practical stuff, like in the morning to that they eat their breakfast, that they're that they're dressed and washed and that they have some some lunch package and that everything is in their school pecs and stuff like that. And in the evening, of course, that if brush their teeth and maybe some good night's story and stuff like that. Furthermore, she has to drop them at several places. Like when Lucas has his private private lessons oven Rosa has her. He popped, for example. She has to bring them, and she actually can only sit there and wait, maybe drink a coffee, but it this is blocked thymus well, and then, as such is a physiotherapist, and she has blocked time for doing that. She has mainly patients who also common, typically basis. So normal. Asian has cattle, this fool and she. She works Mondays and Fridays in the mornings and Tuesdays and Thursdays in the afternoons and on her envoy. Instead, she usually has her mobile duty, so this means she goes by car and visits patients who could have come to her place. And then she has some more things she doesn't a regular weekly basis, like the club meeting off her sports club. Very serious chairwoman. This is usually on Mondays, and she's meeting with the Supper, enters off her apartment with her medical group once a week, and you should insult today's. She doesn't shopping, and afterward she is invited to lunch with her parents, and she usually goes to dancing school at Friday's and stuff like that. So this is But I ask you to do as well that you just find all the things that you do on a regular basis and write them down. And this is only the first step, and as always, I really invite you to do to actually do it, because it really helps you in becoming master of your time. 6. 06_Karen's Week: So how Wasit writing down your typical week. I hope you did it. And the reason I'm telling you this is because I came the same way. I wants Waas there where you maybe now that I just didn't find time to do the very important things in my life. And when I finally started on writing down what I am doing the whole week, I saw the reason why I couldn't put anything mawr in. And this is only this is only the metrics. This is only what repeats every week, but there are more things to do. Of course you like. For example, Karen also wrote on what will be her next week, and there's more her scheduled in. So I put it, Ian read. She has to re register her car for some insurance issues. She hasn't parents evening. It's cool. She has to go for a monthly check on the brackets of Rosa and she's invited for a party. So there are some more things she has to do, especially in the coming week. And even this is off course, not everything, because there are so many things we usually do, not even right down into our calendar but still happen on a daily or on a weekly basis. Here, just some examples. Household. I know there are some lucky men who never have to think about that, but they get less. Two. And we women, of course, have to take care that there is all all the shopping in the house, that we have enough things for cooking than do the cooking itself and wash the dishes. Do the bushings to the Ira ning and many other things. Then, if you have Children, Children want to be listened to, and they want that you play with them and you. When they are school Children, you have to learn and study a lot with them. And when you're still young, pecans go anyplace themselves, so you have to drop them. You have to drive them and, of course, didn't need Com Fort and they want. They just need time. And of course, you want to give them time. This because this is the reason you got Children in the first place. But in terms of time management, Children take a lot of time and this on a daily basis, then a kind of office. So if you're self employed. There's lots of things you have to do, like your accounting. You bookkeeping than all different kinds of administration will stuff like making appointments with your clients and lots of other things. And of course, you also want to advertise your business because otherwise you won't find any clients. So there is lots of office stuff to do as well. And then school. If you have Children, school is asking, is usually asking for a lot of support, and you have to come toe participate in pro churched pro checks and excursions and many other things. Then, if you have a house or even if you just have a flat, they're usually things that have to be repaired toe to be maintained, like exchanging light bulbs are repairing something when and you will need new furniture. Everyone's a vile and you have to go for for like here or something like that, then clothes buying new shoes for kids Israel Fund. I'm happy that minor old enough to do this now on their own, but this takes time or like any costumes for Hello Wien or for for sports and T leading, or you have to mend them or repair them. Or, of course, buy new ones for you, yourself and for your Children. And there's so much of life administration. There are always forms to be filled outer two offices to go toe or even just planning your next vacation. Zits. All life administration will stuff, and there are so many more things. You know what I'm talking about and they are there. They're everywhere. You see them when you into your apartment. When when you open draws, there's there's papers there. Stuff that reminds you that it has brought to repair at the desk is something to be done with an Even your flowers want to be watered. So it seems that there's an endless dream off chores to do, and it seems to many people really overwhelming that they just have things to do and always have feel bad if they if they don't accomplish it on a daily basis. And this is what brings people to burn out what really makes people exhausted. They think I'm rotating, I'm doing and doing and doing, and still it seems that it's never done, and I never find time for the really important things in my life. So I invite you that you look at your following week and also put put in the things you have on your schedule for that and that you take a good look at how many things you have to do, and this is the basis for everything we want to do in future. And in therapy, it's usually set. Just getting a clear view on the situation is already half off the deal. And so I really invite you to do this because just having a look at how it is already helps on how toe change things and how toe approach things in a different way in the future. 7. 07_ Being Proactive: So I hope you're not too overwhelmed by the many things you have to do or Karen has to do. But I'm sure your least won't differ that much. Most of the things you will have to do as well. Maybe you have a little bit less to do because you don't have Children. Maybe you have more to do because you also employed somewhere. But anyway, there is a huge, huge least for every person nowadays on what to do. And this normally leaves people completely overwhelmed and to say, How could I ever manage to have done everything? How could I ever stop doing all these chores and start on really doing the big things in my life and this way, you never real. I can tell you right away. So I hope that you're open for finding a new way, how you can do it so that you don't feel like a hamster reveal anymore. Stephen Colbert. He talks a lot about being proactive and for being proactive means several things. Of course, it first of all means that you are an active person in contrary off a passive person. And if you really did what I told you and wrote down your schedule. Then you already started on being active and actively changing something in your life. But sure, this is only a first step. Um, one thing that differs humans from animals is that we can perceive ourselves as thinking, being we can watch ourselves thinking, and we can change things just by thinking differently off them. And this is something that can bring you really down if you think in a negative way. But it can also uplift you. So it's always up to you how you perceive your life. And, um when you, for example, look at this Cathy Olio hopefully wrote down. Then you could see yourself like that, just like a victim of circumstances. A poor guy or poor girl. And what should you do about this whole? You see that there's lots to do. But how could you change it? Because it's just the way it is, and you have to go and earn money. And you have two Children now and you have two parents who are thinking you have all these other obligations and stuff to do. This is one way to think about it. And in other ways that you are the director off your own life, that you can change things. Of course, if you don't like it the way it is, it might take a while. You can't change everything overnight, but you can decide on doing things differently in the future because the way you perceive your life today is due to the decisions you'll did yesterday. So if you want to live another life tomorrow, you should decide differently today and you can do that. And this is being proactive, deciding that you really want to change something and that you want to live differently in the future. Always remember it was your choice being there. And this is a hard one because you wouldn't really say I choose to him. STIs will amount to go in there. But you are there. And if you are there, you decided to do that. You decided to do much more than you can actually do. And you decided to a rather be active than doing the important things in your life. So this is a tough one, I'm sure. But we changed its very soon and one more concept of Stephen Kobe. I want to tell you about is the area of impact, your personal era of impact, he says. Every person has an air of interests in this s set everything that interests you. But usually your air of impact is much smaller. So, like you can you can you have your area of impact. You can influence people in your surrounding. You can make change in your environment. But you sure know people who are talking about politics or about the last football match or whatever, and they can't really change it. It's just like philosophers. They just talk about it. And they have opinions, of course, but they don't have any impact. There are people like celebrities who have more impact than interests. They just have money and fame, and so they have a huge impact. But usually peoples are area of interest is huger than the area of impact, but off course you can. You can grow your area of impact by being proactive, so you don't have to see yourself as poor victim who come change anything in the surroundings. You can and you can do it. They bite the more and more this is the warm learning out off this and the other learning is that you should not waste your time on things. You cannot change things that you might be interested in, but that there's no sense in talking about it all the time. If you can't really change anything, if you can't influence anything and maybe you know the prayer off the A s which says, God help me to change two things I can change and to accept the things I cannot change and the wisdom to differ one from the other. And this is what you should do, so you should go for changes everywhere where it's possible. But of course, you should also accept things that you cannot change, but you should grow your hair of impact every day. 8. 08_What is important: So hello and welcome to this new section. And this section is all about finding out what are the really important things in your life . I was already asking you what is the one thing that really would have a great impact on your whole life? But there are sure more than just one thing you want toe live a fulfilled life in many different aspect off your life. And this section is all to get clear about this. Because if you have a look at Karen's calendar or maybe your own benefited one, then you will see that there isn't much time for spending time on getting closer to the really important things. So somehow we have to free ourselves. We have to get the time and therefore refers to have to find out what other important things. What is it, what I really want to live in my life. So what are the important things in your life and when you sit there in your daily schedule and you always just have in your mind what you have to do next that it's often very difficult to decide. Okay, now I want to dedicate my time for something important because it's just not on your mind then. So you have to take the time to change your perspective, because usually a sitting like here in the frost frocks a perspective and or, in a hamster's perspective, just stretching your wheel. And what you need is to find a way out, you have to get some eager perspective if you have to get over it and to see a bigger picture. And this, you usually can't when you just sit in your day to day business and there's many exercises you can do to get this eagle perspective to have a clear off you on what you really want to live for and my goals course has lots of different exercises to get closer to this. So if you're interested in that, I really recommend that you do this course. I just want to talk about some exercises here in a shorter way, and the most important exercise I ever found is a little bit macabre, but it's really worth doing it. It's writing your own eulogy. And if this sounds toe creepy for you than just write some load a shield to your seventies or eighties birthday or something like that. But I tell you, it will take you more if you really write your eulogy. So it's all about what does your life stand for at the end of your life? What would you like? That the the sense off being on Earth has bean, who will be there at your grave and too well, maybe talk about you. And what will these people say about you? How do they remember you? What kind of person? Severe you and what did the share with you? How did you have an impact on their lives? But what did what will they tell which stories were reaching Countess, with you will Day think of Earth telling in front of other people. So this way you really find out what you want to be in your life asl long as you still can As long as you can be the director of your life. What? But if you were the director of your life, what do you choose to be and with which persons do you decide to be with? And how do you want to have influence and impact on their lives? So I really recommend to do this if you have never done it, because it gets lots of clarity about what you what you think the sense of your life is and what it's worth living. Another exercise that was a recommend is that you write a diary entry and it should be one day, five years ahead. So you just say today's date and you make it plus five years and it should be an ordinary day and you just write a diary entry as if it just happened today. And you can write what? How you're spending your time and who is with you and what you're doing and how you're feeling and the thoughts. You have whatever you like to do, and this also shows you what you really would love to do and what you really would like to be. And I I did this first time at the beginning of my twenties, and it really took me hard because it seemed to me that I was so far away from everything I wanted to reach. But it made me go for these goals and after these five years, almost reach every off those goals, I said eso it has its own power it's which power, and for right now it just shows you where you want to go because often you don't ask yourself that on a daily basis. So this is another exercise I want to recommend you to do, and one more thing are your values. Values are very important. There are almost 200 words which are values and here, just some off them, like integrity, open mindedness, natural ality, abundance, reliability, faith and many more so and values determine what you have. You decided what you do on a day to day basis, and of course, you can't be aware of your values at all and still you act according to them. So it's better that you start thinking about what your main values your key values in your life are. And some are there for your whole life, like there's a really the main things that you always would go for. And some can change during the years of curing different faces off your life. And I often asked myself about my key values and which key values I'm living right now, which are just a face in my life, and these also really help you to decide on what you want to be and what you want to do in your life. So I really invite you to also think about these things. Because this way you can find out what's really important in your life. Because otherwise you will just be efficient and just just do mawr more stuff in the same time, instead of doing the things that really are according to your values, according to what you want to live in your life and what you think you're here for. And in the next chapter, we will also define your roles you play in your life, which is also very important, So I'm looking forward to meet you in the next lesson. 9. 09_My life's roles: when talking about what is important to you in your life. We also should define the different roles you play in your life. In your life. You fulfill different roles, and sometimes it's also spoken off the hats you have and like because if you very different hat, you act differently in the found. A nice picture. Actually, it's more Hedrick assistant hats, and there is even Frankenstein there. But it shows a little bit off the off the many different characters we live throughout the day or throughout a week, because way are a different person when we are mother than when we are a business owner, for example, and we usually take on too many roles in our lives, and some we really love to have love to play, and some we would rather get rid off. And this is what what this exercise is all about, that you define what roles do you play in your life. So you you are off course, an individual which should be one rolled, Um, where you want to always self develop. This might be a reason why you bought this course, for example. Then you might be a mother. You might be a business owner. Then you are. Of course, it was a daughter or a son off somebody. And maybe it was a brother and sister to someone. And what I ask you to do is first write a list off all different roles you play in your life. So if being a brother is about the same as being an adult, some for you, because then you can just bring it into von roll off being a family person. And if you're your family doesn't play any role in your life, then you don't have to take this role. It's just what do you fulfill on a daily basis on a weekly basis with different roles? Are you in what hats to you where? So the first thing you should do is just write down what roles you play in your life right now. This, of course, changes through the different faces off your life. Then the second thing I ask you to do is that you think about if you really like this role , if you if you think of being the director of your life, did it just happen to you that you have to? Israel now because everyone in your family did or because people were asking you and you just couldn't say no. Or is it the role we really like to play? And you would pick to play and choose to play if you were the director for your own life here. So just think on any off the rolls if you like it or not. If you if you want to continue playing this role, if you can just decide upon it. And the third thing I ask you is to do a little mission statement Just 123 sentences about this role you play. So, for example, if your mother what? What do you want to be as be like as a mother? And maybe what should your Children think about you as a mother? So just what do you want to fulfill in this specific role? Why do you played so as always, I tell you, really do it. First of all, list your old seconds. Just make it plus so miners, if you like them or not, if you want to keep the monarch and third write mission statements, at least for the roles you want to keep 10. 10_Karen's Roles: So in order to help you to find your life's rules or the current it her life's were also, I want to show you hers as an example. So maybe this helps you to find yours. So Karen was writing her list and she was thinking, What roles do I live on? A daily or weekly basis? And the very first roll is her as an individual, this means some a person that has friends that maybe has a spiritual background that has hopes and dreams. It's everything that just concerns her herself. And then, of course, being a mother is a very important role. I think this is just natural for somebody who has Children in an age where they still need a lot of care, and the next that came to mind was being an entrepreneur. So your physiotherapist practice, and then she's also Land Lady to her medical group. She's renting rooms to them, and then she had the word household of which includes everything. But she has to do around the house like a cleaning and keeping everything in order and paying the bills. So everything it takes for a family to live together and yeah, that somebody has to take care that everything just works out fine. And then she's a student because she's going for some motive. More diplomas in the physiotherapy. She's doing some extra diplomas. Angie's a daughter to her parents. She meets him on a regular basis Inches chairwoman in her sports club, and she wants to have this new role of being a creator off DVD sets. She doesn't really live this role, but she wants to fit it into her sketch you so and just thinking about what role she lives . And if she really likes these roles, already did some quite some change in her. So the second assignment waas, too, give give each of the roles of plus or a minus. If she liked it or not, and Jim liked herself being an individual, this was surely something she will is quite short off. And she which she wants to leave and would love to live more. Being a mother is is great fulfilment for her, even even though it's sometimes training is. But she loves to be a mother, and she decided Vice Liam being an entrepreneur, it was hard step to take, and she really loves to be that when she came to the role Land Lady, she wasn't that sure if she really likes it, because on one hand it's a good business concept because she's renting the rooms. And then she saw printing them, and her supper enters pay almost all off the rent so her rent is almost free, which is good for her. But on the other hand, these people are asking quite a lot of her, and there's it's a sure it has had several girls. When people were arguing that somebody was leaving a master at loading the dishwasher or using a room when he or she wasn't supposed to be, and they are always asking her to comment and settle the argument. And yeah, it's just it's lots to do with meeting once a week. And so she thought that she wants to think about if she could handle it in a different way , which is less strenuous, and we will take less off her time then being a householder is something she also doesn't really like to which just something that has to be done because she likes to live in the clean and organized house. But it made her think if she if there might be some chores, she could already hand to her Children like, for example, loading the dishwasher and things like that. And she was all the thinking if it might help toe find someone who helps with cleaning for some hours in a week. Being a student is something she always loved to do because she loves to learn. But also that was only It wasn't the Miners, but it also wasn't the mayor plus because she has has been through that many educations and trainings and had already gone for so many diplomas. And she was really thinking, Do I need more diplomas? Her practice is running quite well, and she was a thinking vie. It'd I go for this diploma and it was because they were offering it. And it was the organization where she invasion learned everything for our physiotherapy, and it sounded great to do so. But now she thinks doesn't really bring me more customers. This isn't really that big advantage because it's costing me not only lots of time, but also lots of money to go there on a regular basis, like week and blocks every month, and she decided for herself. That you feel finished is it will take for almost a year still, but that you won't go for any further diplomas anymore afterwards. So she's ex actually setting the path for her future to not go for more diplomas in this field. Being a daughter she loves, she loves her parents, and she's very grateful and happy that her parents also take care of her Children as their father is not really showing very often. So she she is happy that there are good grandparent's and she was loves to be a daughter and and living in a in a warm home. But the chairwoman, this was really the one she put big miners at, and she started thinking, How come I ever took this job? I will never really liked it, and nowadays I don't even have time to to be in the sports cap, doing sports myself, and still I'm doing all this and it's for free. Nobody pays me for doing all this accounting and and all the other things I have to do. And so eso she thought, How did they ever come toe have that? How did it ever happen that I am now the chairwoman. And it was just people were asking her and she couldn't say no. And she decided that she will say no as soon as possible and find someone else to do that because she really doesn't want to do this anymore, especially because she really wants to take on this other roll the roll off creator of DVD sets and in orderto find some space to take a new role. She has to skip old ones, and this is the 1st 1 to go, she decided, Yeah, so this is the classes and minuses and say me plus miners is she gave for her roles and she didn't really decide on taking any action in a moment. But she got lots of clarity on which role she really wants to live in her life and which ones she might want to get rid off very soon, or at least partially get get some relief off these roles. So this was part two, and Part three was that she should write little mission statements on her roles, and I just show one example. She did a major mission statement on the role of being a mother. And of course, this is very emotional. Being a mother, this this is lots to think off and is maybe it was the longest statement, and that's what you wrote down. So it's just the first draft. And if you if you write down your mission statement, just take the 1st 1 and then you can always hold on it and make it even more Yours. So what does she say? She says, in my role as a mother I want to give to my Children and loving and caring home. I won't want to hold the room for them to grow up a self confident life Lee and active persons in order to lead a happy life. It is very important to me that I will always be a good example to them and that I will always give them the feeling that I'm there for them and that they can reach out for me. In any case, Yeah, this sounds really nice, I think, and she was so emotional that she left out two letters, This statement he's missing and what else was it important? It's just misspelling of important. OK, so I hope you forgive her. She was so emotional and she did that. I came. So s set. I would really invite you to write mission statements on all the roles you want to keep because we want to go one step further on that. And it really helps you that you spend the your future time on the things that are really worth it. 11. 11_Your Mission Statement: so and in the last video off this section I know want to invite you toe form out off this mini mission statements one peak, one woman off your life, mission statements and as already said before, this doesn't have to be perfect right from the start. We just see this a draft and just take older informations you got from all you mean emission statements. You hopeful it it and just put them together is your first draft Miss mission statement. And this is something that lives that can be changed. It can be adopted any time you want to. And you can also take your core values, your key values if you found them. And you can also employ them into your mission statement. And I want to show you one other matrix if you have some. The gold's course you already saw orders. This this is a matrix that helps you to set your goals on a holistic basis, which means that you set your goals in all different areas off your life. It's just one possibility, but I I like it. So this is why I was introducing it and why I say this because you know each person has the dark sides off the moon. There are some chapters in your life which come quite easy to you and where you spend a lot off time thinking on them. And then there are other aspect off your life where you usually do Not really look at this can be any off those s. Or maybe you're very much into relations. But he never take care off your body. So it doesn't even come to your mind that you should set goals about your body. Just this one example and this shows you tiff different topics where you should have a look at. So the spiritual oneness about us spiritually being, what values do you want to live? And, um, what's what is important for you? But what do you think about having a fulfilled life? Relations is every everything about like having a special relation, but also family relations, friends, work, relations, everything in that field material is everything you want to own in any way. Not only money, body is everything on on health, on your shape, your fitness, things like that and mental is the things you want to to think that you want toe experience , things like that. So if you just go through that, you might find some points you would have missed out otherwise. So this should also be a help. And just write down your mission statement and just see this the first draft and regularly go on it again. And I hope you understand that I did this all before. We go really go into managing time. Because if you don't set thes things first, then you would just manage your time. But it would manage getting better on things you don't even want to have in your life. So I consider it very important that you first set clear what you want to happen. Your life. Well, you want to go for And what do you want to do? Mawr in your life and only if you know that, then you can start a managing your time on taking more time for these things. So I'm really looking forward to see you in the next section and here I have lots of more stuff for you. 12. 12_The Stone Experiment: So hello and welcome to this new section. And in this section I'm going to talk about why most people do not gather had with their protective I day, half their ideas on what they really want to live in your lives and what they really want to fulfill and still just do not succeed. Just always do not important stuff, unimportant stuff in their lives on have I want to start This with a story by Stephen Kobe . So I'm just voting. One day this expert was speaking to a group of business students and to drive home a point , used an illustration I'm sure those students will never forget after I shared with you. You'll never forget it either. As this man stood in front of the group of high powered overachievers, he said, Okay, time for a quiz. Then he pulled out of Angolan white mouth Mason Char and set it on the table in front of him. Then he produced about a dozen fist sized rocks and carefully placed them one at the time into the charm when the Jarvis filled to the top and no more rocks would fit inside, he asked, Is that Char fool. Everyone in the cloth said yes. Then he said, Really, he reached under the table and pulled out a packet of gravel. Then he dumped some gravel in and shook the char, causing pieces of gravel to work themselves down into the spaces between the beak rocks. Then he smiled and asked. The group wants more. It's the chart room. By this time, the class was onto him. Probably not one off them answered good, he replied. And he reached under the table and proud, brought out a pocket off sand. And he started dumping dissent in, and it went into all the spaces left between the rocks into gravel. Once more, he asked a question. What is the point off this illustration? One eager beaver raised his hand and said, The point is, no matter how full your schedule is, if you try really hard, you can Overstreet some more things into it. No, the speaker replied. That is not the point. The truth this illustration teaches us is if you don't don't put the big rocks in first, you'll never get the minute all. So what are the big rocks in your life? A pro? Check that you want to accomplish time with your loved ones, your faith, your education, your finances, a cause, teaching our mentoring. Others remember to put these big rocks in first or you'll never get them in at all. So this was the story I was quoting by Stephen Kobe, and I hope it impressed you the same day as it always impresses me. It's, I think it's just so very true. So to illustrate it once more, I also did the reverse things. What is what most people toe. Most people take their char, which is the lifetime, and the first fill it up with sand and maybe some gravel. And then they want to fit in the big stones and find that there is no more space left because there will always be sent. And so they're shoveling the way through the sand there, shoveling and shoveling, and there is always more send, and do you think, wants to stop shovelling sand? Then they will be able to take care of two stones, but they're still shoveling sand, or in other terms, they have their to do list, and they're checking off the to do list, and they think they just have to work harder or be more disciplined or work faster, and they're checking off and checking off. But somehow this magic to do list never finds an end. As soon as the A Z, everything is checked off their already knew things on your to do list because this to do list will never stops the very big mistake that many people do. The big error in thinking is that they think that one day this list will be finished, but it will never be. Just think of what we were already talking in this course. Think of all the little things that you have to do, and this is our only son. Some examples. They're so much more so many more things that you have to do. And there will never be all the clothings Ireland and all the light bulbs exchanged and old accounting dumb and stuff and stuff and stuff. There will never be a day where this is all done and nothing more is on your to do list. And if you're waiting for the day that this will happen until you start really dedicating your lifetime to your life goals, then you can wait forever. And this is, I think, very important. But I hope you're not sad because we're working on a solution and you find out more about it in the next videos. 13. 13_My Interpretation: in this video. I want to give you my personal interpretation off the stone story. I think that it is very important to watch the pictures you have in your head when you're thinking your inner pictures. And so this story gave me beautiful in a pictures which I always see regarding my time management. And I want to interpret this for you and maybe it helps you to. So first we have to send and for me to send other Staley activities lots of things that there where you have to do something upon them, like the clothes to be ironed and the emails to be answered and the waters to be flowered and many, many other things. And important thing is, they should only ask for one single activity. When you look at the small stones at the gravel, this is what I call many projects. And I want to refer David Ellen here. David Ellen says anything that has to be done and only needs one single activity and last less than two minutes should be done immediately. And so this is the differentiation between the two of them. So if it only takes one activity and takes less than two minutes. You just just you do it, There s David, Ellen says. Everything else that takes more than two minutes and more than one step it's already a project, and this is what I called mini projects. And often it's not very often obvious. Often you have things on your to do list where you think it's only takes one activity to do with, but that's that's just wrong thinking. For example, if you have to exchange your light ball when you carriage and you think OK, it's only one activity. But the truth is that in order to reach the light bulb, you have to climb the leather and the leather is somewhere in the garden. And there's something in front of it, which you first have to remove to get access to the letter. So it's much more than one step, and maybe you even don't have a new ball, but you don't know which exact Bob your needs. You maybe have to climb that ladder and and unscrew that bob and take it to the shop in order to get the right one. So it takes quite some actions, even though you think it's only one step to exchange a light bulb, so this exchanging ball pulled over to be a pro. Checks in in David Elms turns. But these projects can, of course, be a little bit more like I would say something with me. Some many projects would be like producing an explainer video. This usually takes me about a day or even shorter things which take me half a day, or maybe just 10 minutes. These are all many projects is all the things and not only in in terms off business. Of course, you have lots of many projects in your household and with your Children and everything is well. And the third thing, the Big Stones desire your really important and big projects in your life. So this is how I see it and any anything I've got on my list. Anything I've got to do, I always first want to find out. What is it? Is it A big stone is a gravel Roy's stands, and so then I know that already have an approximate at year what it is all about and in discourse way. Want to find ways toe enable to have time for your big project so that you really fit in your important things according to the story we just heard. And in the next course, the course on productivity. We're also going to talk about the many projects and the single activities and how you can work on them or efficiently how you can have more dumb on one hand. And on the other hand, of course, how you can get rid off many off those things many, some of them can be avoided at all on some can be delegated or other things. But of course, you can't just say OK now I really do the important stuff in my life and I'll forget about all the rest. I won't do anything else but my important projects because then maybe this'll won't work for long because then there suddenly will be emergencies approaching. So we will be talking mawr on the 1st 2 in the productivity course, and this course is all about getting enough space in your schedule for the big things in your life. 14. 14_ The Eisenhower Quadrants: so And in order to put your important thing first, I want to introduce you to another concept. These are the Eisenhower quadrants, which became famous by President Eisenhower. But I want to show you Stephen Covitz interpretation, which is a little bit different than the usual one. So, President, as in how a said that things can be either urgent or not urgent and they can be either important or not important. So these are the four items for this great parents so and to, um to say it right away. Urgent things that's really important. But on the other hand, important things almost never get urgent. So this is very important for you to know. I think him so. First of all, we have things that are important and also urgent. And this is quadrant one, and this is everything that we classically called a crisis. Everything that has to be done right now because otherwise terrible things will happen like deadlines. And like that, you have to decide upon something immediately in order to prevent bad things to happen and stuff like that. And of course, everyone knows this and everyone. Everyone sometimes has a restaurant. One activities. But you know that this is not very comfortable, and some people are almost all the time in great went one. Some people think that being a manager should look like that. But of course, this is not a good manager who always is just stressed and in crisis. And if you stay there for some time than it truly can bring you in tow. Burnout. So this is some someplace where you do not want to be and where you rather want to prevent getting there too often. Another quadrant is if things are urgent but not important. And this is where many people spend lots off their times. And this includes lots off telephone calls and emails and conferences and all kinds of daily interruptions and things that seem to be urgent and thinks that the urgent, that never really become important, which means that they have a big impact off the whole thing off the whole company, off the whole pro checked or even off your whole life. But many people like to be here because most of thes activities are not not very complicated, and you also get friends with doing that because somebody urgent things are mostly brought by someone else, and it's it's not even your concerns that someone else needs you to do, do the center. And if you do so, then, of course, of course, people like you. So this is also a reason why many people spend lots of time in credit. Three Reverend four is trivia. Grander and forth are things that are neither important nor urgent, so you should better keep from doing them at all. But still, you do that also for being favored, because people like you then, and also because it still gives you the feeling that you're active, that you're doing something, even though it doesn't bring the whole project any further. So it's also lots of calls and mails and conferences. It's real time based us here, but it's still lets you feel as if you're active as if you're doing something, even though it's not very complicated, and it doesn't really help the whole project. And then last but not least, we have great rent, too, and veteran to these other things. You. This is the restaurant. You should really dedicate your importance to your time, too, because he here you find your important protect statistic veterans off the things that really have a huge impact of your whole life. But it's already said important things really get urgent. So this is a great moment where people usually do not spend much time in. They always think, OK, I'll, I'll do that tomorrow because here is everything on prevention, on planning, on relationship building, on finding new possibilities and, of course, also recovering and it really gets urgent that you recover only if you break down. Then it suddenly becomes urgent and planning is often not not that urgent in the moment. But if you don't plan, then there is the crisis coming. And if you don't build on relationships, if you if you do not care for your spouse and do not care for your coworkers and do not care for your employees, this usually can last for quite some time and nothing happens. But then suddenly if you need them, if you really need cooperation, people won't cooperate because they do not like you and also if you never look for new possibilities if you never dream pick. If you never have any visions, then things won't change. So this is the great grand. Very it's hardest toe take time because it never seems that important, but which is really important in the long run and where you really should take your time. And then the most important thing is if you spend more time. If you take your time to spend the time in bregman to than the others are shrinking. If you spend more time on prevention, it on planning devil will be less crisis happening. You won't be that often in this gradient one crisis handling, because you already prevented it right away because you were planning and because you were finding new, easier possibilities. And also, if you spend more time on thinking about the big picture on SBT it already in this in this program, when you spend more time on making clear to yourself what you really want to achieve in your life and what's really important, then you will delegate a lot off quarter and three, and you will diminish or completely delete many things which you have on credit for. So all the other great parents can shrink if you spent more time in Gretna in two. So the more time you spend on Greta into the more you get for Greta in two. And don't forget, this is the really important thing in your life, and that just can tell you from my own experience. It's just wonderful to have almost all off off your time to just spend on the things that you really consider important and that really things you love to do. So just find time for Greta in two, and you will see what will happen. 15. 15_Karen's Big Rocks: And of course, Karen was asking herself what it was about her stones in her life. So she had this capital, this wiki schedule, and she was wondering what other things where there's only one single action needed. What are my many projects and what a. My important, my big projects and the first sends that single actions. I'm a mainly not written into any calendar. Also not in this room, because what does it mean? One single action, one single action is like feeling in one form or answering an email or telephone coal or maybe loading the dishwasher or things like that, running some little errands, fetching someone, things like that. And you usually just find yourself the time when it's important to do that. And you usually don't right them into your calendar. If if he would write them down anywhere, he would rather do it in some to do list. So in looking at this calendar, Karen finds out that main leader things Here are many projects, of course. It's also her usual burka physiotherapy, but the all the other things are more or less many projects, which we defined by taking more than two minutes so that it is not a single action, but also not life importance, Protects said. There are her important, her big projects. She is planning to do these videos. She's planning to lose some weight. So where can we find it? And this is the sad thing that also happened to me before I started off on that, that they are just not in a calendar, that they are not in a weekly planning. So there would be some time like, for example, accused mornings on Friday or Saturday afternoon. She could find some time. But what people rather do is feeding them with the little protects and their single actions when they have to time and it don't work on the big projects. The big projects are always just visions, something that they would want to do one day, maybe finally find the time. And this is the sad things because if you don't plan it, it will just never happen. So for Karen, it's recording. This video was for other people. It might be writing a book or there are so many different things. Maybe just planning on a carrier, and it just never happens because you never find the time because you never planned the time. And this brings us back to what we discussed earlier, that you just have to find space for your big rocks. It doesn't happen by accident. By accident, you have to find the time. You have to clear the time. Because otherwise, if if you start, I'm feeling with the small rock center, send the beak. Rocks never fit in. So what Karen has to do, and most probably you also have to do is just do something about your weekly schedule. So first is awareness. We did that. Now are I hope you did it to and put everything down. What usual weekly. A typical week looks like So this is first, the awareness that there is no time for your big projects are almost no time. And the second is, of course, that you have to take action so you can erase things that you rather not want to do. And you can delegate some things and you can off course put things together so that you find bigger blocks for your important projects. I would really highly recommend that you take a least three hours when you want to block time for your big projects. Because if you want to squeeze in important projects where you have half an hour time slot , you won't really get very far. Take this small starts when you just immediately have time for 10 2030 minutes. Take that for your single actions, you will always have some of them. You will never quit off all the little things that have to be done in life. But the most important thing is that you really find time for your important things and that he blocked time and that it is a least three hours in one block. It can of course, be a whole day or a whole weekend or even more. But you know, this is the process. You first have to be aware and test on and slowly start shoving things around, making your timetable, Kadeer finding more and more time for your projects. But the important thing is that you should start, and I really highly recommended. Is that right now? So I hope you did this. Get Ueland and I really recommend that you now start on shoving a time may be delegating some things, maybe raising some things and blocking time for your beak. Important project 16. 16_Set Holistic Goals: At this point, I want to emphasise that this course is, of course, more like a business course of You're talking a lot about business goals and bringing forward your business and developing something so off course. We are mainly talking about business goals, but I want to emphasise that were holistic beings and that, of course we should also said holistic ALS, and I'm just bringing this matter tricks. You can use any other Ma Trix if if you prefer that one, I really like to see our main topics, our main themes. And so, of course, some people mainly have metta realistic goals. Others have more like body goals. They want to be slimmer or are stronger or want to reach a certain rate. Others again have goals in regards off relations, so they like they want to find their ideal partner or they want to start a family or things like that. So mainly we have some topics. Some of these topics are very clear to us, and others are more like dark side off the moon. These are things that are not really all aware to us that we also should develop that, and of course, It's always best that we're developing all these different topics and that were developed so that we are holistic alley developing in ourselves. So this is just mentioned because I don't want you to get me wrong. The time man management is something about really exploring all your time for business reasons only. Of course, this is more like a business course, and so we're talking a lot about it. But, for example, to be a healthy person, it's very important that one of your big rocks is recreation, that you find time, it least, one day a week, where you do nothing on your business or also like some hours during the day or that you go for vacation. Sometimes this is very important in order to keep you healthy, so the big rocks do not mean that they are all just business rocks. They can be something completely different, and I will go more into detail at our Step five. I just wanted to mention this right now, so via, of course, talking more about business terms now. But your big rocks should not only be business rocks, they should be holistic rocks that that you become the person you really want to be. They buy they step by step even more 17. 17_Eat that frog: At this point, I want to give you some tips on your actual project management. So you protect. And now you big stones, you big rocks. And I want to give you three essential tips on how to work on your project so that they really get along and that you're improving all the time. So my tip number one, it's called Eat that frog. So why should you eat a frog? This sounds rather funny. It's the title of a very famous book off the famous author, prying Tracy him out afeard of him. And this book is, I think, his most famous one, and it's about eating frocks. Frog's is what you the things you don't really like to do in the moment you have to do them , but the things that really bring you further in your whole life in your career so you know that it's good to do them. But somehow you often don't do them because you don't know how, how exactly you have to do them or it's it's strenuous, or maybe you need a little bit more cuts to do them. But once you've done them, once you have eaten that rock you just feel believe and you really know that you've done something right for your whole life. So this is what Brian Tracy recommends That you start your morning by eating the biggest broke 1/2 and this is excited. But I always recommend you to do that. You work on your big projects first in any time slot. So the first off the first thing in the day, you should do a big thing. You should swallow a peak frog, which brings really further in your protects the same with the week. Don't wait for the end of the week to keep your projects running. Don't do all these sand worked alone This little stuff. Once you have worked on your projects, you might find out that there is not enough time for these little Arum's and that you have to postpone some into the next week. But it's better that way. Then just shoveling older stand and finding out that you haven't found any time to work on your riel big life rocks. So eat that frog first and you really will feel great. You will feel like a high achiever. And that's the important thing that I also want to recommend you 18. 18_One after the other: my tip Number two. Project management? Yes, as little as possible at once. So as little Pro Checks is, the number of the pro checks should be as low as possible, so you shouldn't start on too many different projects at the same time. There are several reason. One is, of course, that you get confused, that you have like piles on your desktop and that you have to duel different phone calls and young your brains is just full because maybe you don't have only three projects, but he of 10 projects and you're running them all at the same time. And, yeah, it's confusing, and it's exhausting to have that many projects. So this one, for sure. But there's also some monetary reasons why you shouldn't do it that way, and I want to show you this. It's a model I saw with which Shefrin Actually, I don't know if it's Hiss model or if he was also just voting it from someone else, but it shows you from a financial point of few why you shouldn't do it too many projects at the same time. So what he says is that for the for the easing and this. We only have three projects. Often you have more. Maybe not Karen, because Karen's main work is doing her therapies and giving giving hours off the therapy. But there are many people whose whole drop is project based ever Karen. Only her DVD, her her video is a project and maybe some private projects. But for other people, their whole businesses, Onley projects like, for example, if you're building webpages than each of these webpage would be a project, so you could imagine the dirt. Peter and Peter has three clients who want tohave. Ah, webpage build right now Client A, B and C, and they're opening the same prices. His normal his usual rate that he is charging. And there are also the same volume. So it takes the same time each of each of these projects will take him three weeks and we learn in the same money and much richer friend shows you now is that many people just take their when they have somebody who wants to have have them do something that they didn't say yes right away, and they start on the project and give the their customers the feeling that they're working at it. And so this happens. This is the way how they earn. They would work on a project A in Week one and then shift to Project B and chief to Project C. I might even dual three pro checks in one week. So they work on a project of in Week one that we're comparing Project A, P and C and the same in Big Two and so on. So for the easiness, we make it week vice the change so and the same happens afterwards. And so we said it's three pro checks in each of them last three weeks. So finally, in week nine, they are dumb. What happens? Money voice is that the Project A is finished in week seven, so Peter will earn money in Week eight and in week nine. This is if if this project is earning him money in on a regular basis afterwards, but also if it's only one rate and he earns it afterwards, it's the same that it will only get paid in Week eight and not before, So he will have seven weeks to survive, where he's working a lot and not earning anything, and in this model. He will finish the Project B in week eight. So he will also earn one money unit in week nine. So all in all he will be working nine weeks and he will be earning three money units and he will be very confused. And he will have lots of phone calls and lots of things on his desk and also in his brains . So how would you prefer doing? That s rich, Efren, such as you, Only working project A until it's done. And then you shift to pro chickpea. And after that you do project. See. So of course, you have to tell the client off Project B and also the kind of projects See that you want to do their webpages, but you won't be able to start before that in debt. So you postponed the work. But of course, everything is neat and clean, and you will be only working on Project A during the 1st 3 weeks having your mind clear only on that project and also your desktop, maybe you will have some pre works for project being some some meeting or something, but not more. And then from Rick 4 to 6 year old American pro chickpea and then on from a project. See, so everything is clearer and nicer, and I'm sure you can take things easier that way. And it also rewards on the financial point off you, because after Week three, you already done with the first project. So you start earning in Week four already, and you will be earning each week, and you're done with Project being Vexed. Six. So you will also be earning from Project Be and from Vic 10 on your will be earning from all three projects. That's the same as with the other model. But if you have a good look, you see that you in. Within this nine weeks, you have been earning nine money units in comparison to only three with the other model. So it's six money units. More so. If you would say, for example, for my money unit is 1000 euros. The difference is 6000 euros, which you earn mawr in within these nine weeks before you start off earning from all the projects on. I think this is where a very good point to do it that way 19. 19_Your projects first: so and he comes. Step number three for your project management, and my tip number three is Have your projects always go first. So if you're doing lots of projects for yourself and also for customers, then you should always prioritize your own projects. I'm telling you this because of my own experience, what happened to me? Long time I didn't have lots of money, so I really needed to earn my money every month. And I was lucky enough that there were many clients asking me for doing their webpages, developing their workshops and especially their online products. But I myself wanted to develop lots of online produce products, and I had lots of five years about landing pages and everything. And I always put that a little bit of side because I needed the money and are needed toe earn my my fees from my clients. And so it took me very long until I really developed everything I wanted to. And so finally I found it like it's not only hamsters view. It's like a vicious cycle. Where you can't escape is long because as long as you do not earn enough from your own products from your own royalties, the long you needs to have clients and to do projects for your clients more than you do for yourself. So it's very hard to break out of this vicious circle cycle. And I finally did by just committing to myself that 50% of my time belonged to me and that I will do 50% off all my time. I will be working on my own projects, and I always do time tracking. I will show you later on, and from when I started on that, I finally got the freedom of doing lots of my own project on. They really highly recommend this. If you wanted to develop yourself. And if you want to bring your business to the next level, it's crucial that you spend at least that much time for yourself as you do for your clients . 20. 20_Growing holistically: so and as already was talking about earlier. Apart from our big goals are business goals. We also have big goals in other aspect off our lives. We all want to become more and better, and we know that certain habits will do very good if he could just establish them as a regular habits to do like, for example, doing exercises, doing sports every day on meditating and many other things. But most of us just don't find time in their schedules, as we already discussed earlier. Our schedules are really full and now it from this course you just start toe, establish some blocks where you can work on your big stones on your big projects and off money just because you really needed you need to earn money to pay. You pay your bills so you do not find any time to do habits to establish habits which will really help you to become a better person on a regular basis. And there's of course, there are solutions there, several solutions and I want to introduce one. I found really nice and considerable, and I want to introduce that in the next video 21. 21_ Your Miracle morning: Okay, guys, it seems that now it's time for miracles. What do I mean by that time for miracles? I'm referring to book, which is called The Miracle Morning By Hell. Elroy and it. There is quite a hype around the book, and you also find lots on it on the Internet. It became very famous during the last years. So and what's the story in this book? Hell tells that he ah was shaken by by faith twice in his life. Once, once it was health issues and the second was financial issues. And the second time, he could hardly get up in the morning. And he was really in a bad crisis. And But, of course, knew that establishing a good routine every day would bring him back into his power because he, he waas successful had been successful. And he knew all these authors. He was a coach himself, so he knew that if you find your routine to bring yourself into a good condition, that this would finally make your whole life feel better and make you achieve what you want to achieve. But he just couldn't. It was hard for him to get up in the morning. And so he was trying to put this routine somewhere later in the day and never found the time to really execute order, things he wanted to do. And in the evening he was too tired. So finally he decided that he would just get up at five o'clock, that he would set his alarm clock and he would just go for what he thought. It was great for himself, and he really didn't consider himself is a morning person. So it was very hard to him. But finally he did, and this did so good to him and brought him back to a great life that he decided that he would not only dedicate one hour a day to hiss exercises, but even more so he set his alarm at 40 clock and it even even made more miracles happen. And so he started teaching. His clients is coaching clients about hiss Miracle morning, and they started to tell other people. And so this is how it finally became famous. He also started writing the book and now you find lots of lots of resources on the Internet on what he is telling what hell is telling about what he is doing, what his morning Ruutu Dean is all about. He calls them his life savers. This is sort of an acronym, for it's an acronym showing six different things that it does every morning, so s stands for silence and this silence he means meditation. So some sort either either just a silent meditation or a guided meditation or just watching you your breath go in and out Anything that helps you to be quiet for a moment and to calm down and to breathe deep. That is what he called Silence. A is for affirmations and informations. Are your goals formed in a sentence? So you sit down and you define your goals, and then you say it out in a positive way. So you you say as if you already reached it and you so you find your affirmations and you repeat them every day in the morning. And you make sure that you really feel that you achieved it. Quite similar is re solicitations, which is the next one. So you do not only feel where you want to go, but you also visualize you also see it in your inner I and you can see yourself already establishing everything that you want to have next. It's exercise, and he's mainly talking about doing yoga and running. But he also says that just some jumping checks can do as well. Next is reading his says that if you read something that brings your forwards, that makes you think about things every day. Then you read lots of books in a year. If you do it on a daily basis, and the last one is describing, he means journaling, either in a just normal way, in the usual way off writing what had happened the last day or you can do it any other way so he doesn't. He tells a lot about the way he does his savers, but he only recommends to do it the same way. He also leaves a lot of freedom on doing it somehow else. So this is what he does, and you can find your own ways of performing these six savers, or you can also like have your own choice. What should be important to you is that these things really make yourself center that they really bring you into your inner power so that from this miracle morning, real miracles can happen because you're radiating all the power. Oh, this really coming home to yourself that you can radiate it the whole day and so just transform your day to be extraordinary. As he said, he was even spreading it into two hours every day because he considered it so great. But he also has, like the quick pack that you only do one minute off age. So it's six minutes in total if you do not have time. So I would just recommend you that you think about what you could take out of this and what you could establish to do every morning just to bring yourself into power the first thing in the morning and to radiate from there from from an inner power for the whole day and make miracles happen malls in your life for me myself, I to exercise almost every morning. I have to admit, I can usually go for for a run in the morning, and I also sit in silence almost every day. There are some exceptions, and I also practice all the other things, but not on a regular daily basis. So I'm not a complete miracle performer. But I would suggest to you that you think about it and that you pick yourself out whatever you consider being of great help for you to even perform better. And these are really useful habits to establish in your life and to bring into your daily schedule. 22. 22_Motivation: one question many people are asking me is, of course, the matter off motivation. How can you be motivated enough that you really do work on your big rocks on your on your major projects? And this is, of course, something that changes as soon as you really start getting your first results. So as long as you were maybe only employed and always had somebody else to tell you what to do, the intrinsic motivation might not be there that clearly. But if you, as I told you earlier, really do work on your goals and really know that everything that you do every big rock is just because you wanted it to happen because you decided that it's best for you. This already motivates you a lot, But still, I understand that there are some difficulties in the beginning to really get yourself going and get into gear and really start off working on your big rocks because they often are so overwhelming. Huge. And there's one technique that became quite famous in the last years, and I saw that this technique helped several people, also my teenage son, when he had to do the first teamwork things bigger, bigger things like like some papers and some team presentations. And I saw also that this technique helped him a lot, So I want to introduce it and its name. Maybe if you see the tomatoes you already know, it's the name is not tomato projects. The name is the Pomodoro technique, and for Maduro is the Italian word for tomatoes, and it was invented in the eighties, and it helps with your project. But there are some pros and cons. It's not completely that I would say you should follow it from from the start to the end and to exactly what what is suggested. But there are some good side summit in the next video. I just want to introduce to you, but the problem still, Dora technique is in a basic level. It's Ah, it's a registered trademark, and you can do all different kinds of training on that. But I will just tell you about the the With the very Simple Basics office, and then in the then following with you, I will tell you a little bit about the pros and cons of what I would apply and what I would rather skip 23. 23_Pomodoro technique: I came in this video, I want to introduce you to a technique and you for time management. And you might ask yourself, What is tomatoes all about? Time management? That's kind of weird, and it's not cold. Tomato protects its content promoting the technique and Pomodoro is the Italian word for tomatoes because the inventor off the promote technique is an Italian guy, and he I invented this in the eighties, and you can find lots of literature about it. Like, for example, this book and the tomato technique is a registered trademark, and there's lots of merchandising around you. You can become a facilitator, and you can go to academies and learn it in a deep level. But I just want toe introduce it to you short visit so that you see the basics, and there are some really great things about using the premature technique for your project . But there are also some. Some comes, and so I just want to introduce to you what it is all about in in the main in the basics. So what you need his first of all the kitchen timer, and it seems that the inventor had one in the shape of Ah, tomato. This is why he called it a portmanteau over technique. And, um, what you do, you always You separate your time your project time into segments off 25 minutes each. That's what you do and this value need this kitchen time off, right? Furthermore, you need some lists. First of all, you have a task list. This is like an endless list. May you always at your tasks. And this can, of course, also be virtually. Doesn't really have to be on paper. And from this task list, you decide you give priorities and you decide what you want to do on that specific day. And this you put into a daily list and you prioritize like, What do you want to do first? What do you want to do? Second and the answer. What other tasks you want a full feel on this specific day. And then you keep working with the Pomodoro technique, which I will tell you more about in a minute. And the third list you should have is a kind of log, a journal, very keep track and how successful view over here. So it's like reflecting what you didn't I'm very did villain where you should improve in the future. So these are this realists, which can, of course, also be virtual. And you need to time. Or as I said, and you said this time of four for segments of 25 minutes and you start working on your projects, the one you prior adjust a prioritized first for the day and you just make sure that nothing disturbs you. For 25 minutes. You set the timer and you start straight on working at the specific task you located. And you don't let anyone or anything interrupt you in these 25 minutes or no phone calls. No emails, no one coming into the office. Nothing. You just working it for 25 minutes. And after these 25 minutes, when the alarm rings, you have to stop immediately. So you're not allowed to go any food down that, and in this way you segment your whole day into times lots of 25 minutes. So your daily work and you start off with the first project. You're working it for 25 minutes. When the alarm rings, you make a break off 3 to 5 minutes and you should raised, and you should go at least two steps away from your desk and do something completely different. So you shouldn't be thinking about uber. You shouldn't do phone calls or emails. There should be an own Pomodoro if you need it. And after the 3 to 5 minutes break, you just started the next Pomodoro, and so you continue. And after about four poem adoree you have, you should have a break off half an hour. And so you segment your whole day in tow Pomodoro sizes, and this helps you to keep track on how much time you need. And it helps you to get into gear and to start working. So as you see, there's lots of good things about the Pomodoro technique, and it's also has already told you my teenage son, they went, they had to do the first team project. It was really great that they could track the time that well, in the that they really spent their their concentration on the's 25 minutes, times lots, so it helps a lot. It was like in communication talking about the project, and if you want to go deeper in that There's lots off information in the Internet. As I said, there are academies. There are books about it. This was just a short overview on voter Pomodoro. Technique means 24. 24_Pros n cons: OK in this video, and I want to talk about the pros and cons off the Commodore technique from my personal point of view. So there's lots of good things, and I want to start on that. So first of all, it really gets people in tow into going into gear. So because but with us, it makes people not feel the whole pressure off a whole huge project. And some would never start because they feel like when you're starting off on the project, I have to start off on weeks and months off work, and so they just don't find their way to start. And when you use the opponent over technique, then you just have to start off for the next next 25 minutes. It's, ah, a little bit like the Alcoholics Anonymous. They did say just one. They just this day care. And so it's justice. Tomato justice Pomodoro is what you have to do. And, yeah, you don't have to think about the next one yet. Furthermore, people who are not used to work that much project pay based on did not used to managing the time themselves that much, often don't have a very clear imagination on how much time things take and how they should . They they should evaluate project times. And working on the Commodore E gives them the chance that they can, can evaluate and then often find it their projects. There are the different tasks to take much more time than I thought it would. It's It's really the opposite that it took less time and so they can start off on Mawr. More planning their two days on How, how much time do we have today? How many Palm Adoree cannot accomplish? And then on how much time will this task taken? How much will that take? And so by planning it in advance and then afterwards, rethinking it and maybe finding out that it took much more time, they will. Shortly they will slowly learn how toe plan their time better, And they will get mawr off a picture on how much time things take and how to plan days and the projector had. So this is also a good thing, And this I told about my teenage some. It's also great that, um, that you have something to communicate about. So if you're talking about your times, lots and the and you're talking not about hours, because hours, usually off course, a certain time in hours, always 60 minutes. But an hour work Time also means that you will have a chat with your with your co Berkus and that you might be on the phone and might answer some emails on my check, your Facebook account and things like that. But poem adoree say that it's just time on the project. Nothing else. So it's It's even more proof time than one hour because its exact project time, and it makes people talk about it easier. So as Asama, some doing his team protected. We really helped him all toe talk. How many poem Adoree really work today and how many Pomodoro abilities and that take. And it's actually what happens that whole offices started working with the boat or a technique. So this is also a created bomb to retrofit because it makes people improve on their time measuring skills and also on their communication. And, um, it also makes people just start off, and one final thing off course is the easiness off the whole thing you don't need like when you usually start on some time management things. You get lots of software or you have to read through books and everything and you just need the kitchen time. And actually you don't even need that nowadays because you can just have an app on your mobile. And you can you need these lists either in paper or just on some birth document of ever. You prefer to have these lists and this is it. So this is a lot off prose for the Pomodoro technique. But I also want to tell you the comes from my point of view. And the 1st 1 is that for me, 25 minutes of work is just not enough. I have lots of intrinsic motivation on working. And if if a time I will tell me after 25 minutes that I have to stop working now and that I'm not allowed to continue, I might get quite angry because maybe I'm just in a really creative flow. And sometimes this creative flow takes me for hours and the bones get up in the just want to keep working And I don't want a stupid timer make me stop my creative flow, but of course, when you look at it from the other end off the line, there are people who just don't get into gear. And for them, 25 minutes means the world because it is the difference between no minute at all, about 25 minutes working on a project. So but for me, 25 minutes is just not enough off course. It's not Sistol in stone. You could also say that one Commodore is 50 minutes and our boss actually experimenting with it when I first heard of it. But for me, I don't want to have exactly the same time thoughts all the time. It doesn't work for me, but it's helps for a lot of people. And the other common, I really want to emphasise is that when you use the Pomodoro technique for your whole time management, then you won't have to things that I was telling you at the beginning off. This course you've owned prioritized what's really important in your life. You don't think about what you really want to achieve you just it's again the three contradiction off effective effectivity and efficiency. You will just work off all that you put on your list on your to do list without considering if it's really important in your whole life. So I would suggest that if you want to use the promo tour a technique, you use it for time manager. It meant within von certain project, so you don't use it for your whole time management. You your rather use techniques. I showed you on first finding your vision and thinking about your key values and things like that, your roles and what you really want to live in, the chief in your life and when you have decided on that and then you broke it down to your big stones and make you big stones a project, then it's great to use the Pomodoro technique within these projects at a time. Measure Mentadent a time management tool within the project. So So this is my point of view and how to use the promo Tora technique efficiently 25. 25_Time tracking: so and finally, I want to talk a little bit about time tracking. Be already. We're talking about it when we were talking about the Commodore technique. So there is also there. You also should track your time. Why is it that important? That you're tracking your time because you want to become a better time manager in the future. So it's important that you always estimate on how much time you will need on any project and then afterwards evaluate if it was right or if it took you more time, which is very often the case. So first off that that you just get more and more a feeling for how long things really take . And then I highly recommend you that you should use a least 50% off your time for your project. So how will you find out if you have really done that? You can only find it out if you're tracking your time and see they're all your time flows to. And then finally, if you're working for clients, it's very important that you know how much time you spend on the work for your clients, because you usually build them accordingly and There are many different ways of tracking your time. Like I know I used to have things like a normal excell sheet where had to feel in every half an hour or every hour what I have done. But today we have lots off EPS and lots, lots off different ways to do it virtually. And I have a really nice tool. It's called the Total Tool. And, um, extended version is for free. And I think I pay feet $5 per month for some extra things. And I should he want to show you what it does. You see, I'm tracking my time right now. The time is running, so I'm taking every day. What I do is I just turn it on and off. I can put Couldn't stop it any time. Um, I can title what I'm just doing and I can dedicated to certain projects and then I can afterwards find reports. I can have summaries off what I did this week. What I did this month was moderated last week, and I also can take specific clients and have a look how many hours I've been working for them in this week and I can just print out a report. I can have a DESA pdf download and can use this report to send it to my client with the bill so that they see Okay, I had been working on this and that for that week, and I can even give it money terms. This is not properly because most of them I don't didn't turn on the money terms. But if I could say my hours worth that and that and so I already your intended much money per month? Yeah, As I said, it's called Total Tool. It's a really nice tool, and I can recommend you to use it. The basic version mystery. 26. 26_Your Skillshare Project TimeManagement: congratulations. You have made it to the end off this course, and I hope you have enjoyed it and that there is a lot you can take with you. And, yeah, there's some final information I want to give to you. First of all, at skill, share this rating system with thumbs up and thumbs down. So I want to invite you to review this course in the hope it will be a guess. You find this part just above your video and when you juice when you picked the yes, the following happens, there's a pop up that looks like that, and you see there's three Yes, marked already. You also have the opportunity to give give it, give you rating specifics, like to tell me by exactly you liked it and not only tell me, but it because it's a public review. So you can tell everyone who is in the course of maybe just wants to decide to get into the course. And you also have the opportunity to give me private information if you want, and then you just click submit. So I invite you to do that and further on you have the possibility to share the course. Underneath the video, you find this the share button, and there is the same. You can always leave a review here and there. Some more settings here. And if you click on this share button, there's also pop up and what you can do. You can share it with your friends if you liked your course. And if you think of somebody specific that what maybe half a great advantage of watching my course. Just go for it and inform your people at the same time you're sending a link that to get the premium for just 99 cents for three months, and if the joint the premium program, you will get one month off premium for free. I think this is a great deal, and so you can send them for email. Or you can just take the link and put it wherever you want to. You can share on Facebook or on Twitter, and the last information I want to give you is that skill share is very project orientated to each course. Has a little project toe make you actively do the things that just learned so that you really can adopt them right away. So under your video, you you will find this bar and the communities all the sharing Zolder all the off a book people are saying about the course. The ballot is about the course, all the information and he in the middle. You have your pro checks and old projects and if you click on your project you will find the project description and you will find out what exactly assignment for the course is. And underneath you have to possibility toe load up your project if you want to, child. And ah, here with all projects, you can find old project that half have been sent in so far, so you can see what other people have done. And now I want to invite you to join the project of Discourse. So and the class project. The assignment for this class is that you just chair with the community. Which of these tips you want to apply first? So what is it that you actually want toe give a try or what you want to apply is it may be that you want to track your time with toggle Or maybe you want to use the Pomodoro technique. Or maybe you just want toe. Have Maura clear. Clear sight off your schedule. And but you actually, after 21 shift things around a little bit. Whatever it is just shared with the community. And I'm looking forward to see your project here.