Time Management - How I cut my office hours in half in just 4 steps | Petar Ninovski | Skillshare

Time Management - How I cut my office hours in half in just 4 steps

Petar Ninovski, Entrepreneur, Coach, Engineer, Pilot

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17 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. INTRO

    • 2. Measure how you use your time

    • 3. Running a time log

    • 4. Tom's Time log

    • 5. Analyze - Intro

    • 6. How to analyze your use of time

    • 7. Summary analysis

    • 8. Improvement Intro Finnal

    • 9. Learn to say No Improvement

    • 10. Managing Interuptions

    • 11. To Do list Improvement

    • 12. How to Effectively Manage Time in a Meeting

    • 13. Priority Matrix - Prioritize your Activities

    • 14. Your personal energy cycle

    • 15. Physical organization

    • 16. Set SMART Goals

    • 17. Step 4 CONTROL


About This Class

Are you constantly in war with deadlines and at the end of the day you haven’t succeeded in completing all of your work ? You feel like you could use just a few more hours to complete all your daily activities. Yet, we only have 24 hours a day. Something that we could change is to learn how to manage our time effectively and how to be more productive with our time.

In "Time Management -How I cut my office hours in half in 4 steps" course we will be covering plenty of practical tools and techniques for time management.

If you take actions and apply the techniques that you have learned after completing the course, you will be able to have and enjoy more free time.

This course is structured into 4 steps:

STEP 1 MEASURE where student will learn one very practical tool for tracking how they spend there time.

STEP 2 ANALYSE where students will analyse how they spend there valuable time. Before you begin to manage your time effectively, you need to know how you spend your time currently.

STEP 3 IMPROVE where students will learn plenty of practical tools and techniques for time management and student of which students can choose which one suits their situation best.

STEP 4 CONTROL where students will learnt how to maintain the improvement over time.

"You will never find time for anything. If you want time you must make it"





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Petar Ninovski

Entrepreneur, Coach, Engineer, Pilot

Petar Ninovski is a Founder and CEO of CoffeeBreakCourses and adviser of two other startups.

While an undergraduate, he starts his career in the NGO sector as a project manager. After acquiring his bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering he continued his career in a big international automotive company as a trainer for Quality and Problem Solving Tools. There, he was also leader of the ,,Problem Solving TEAM,, .

He holds bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering and he is ...

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