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Time Block Your Schedule: To Get More Done

Margaret Joyner, Simplify Life, Have Fun, & Break Free

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17 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Time Blocking 1 Intro

    • 2. Time Blocking 2 Materials

    • 3. Time Blocking 3 Beginning The Process

    • 4. Time Blocking 4 Step 1 To Creating List

    • 5. Time Blocking 5 Step 2 to Creating List

    • 6. Time Blocking 6 Step 3 to Creating List

    • 7. Time Blocking 7 Step 4 to Creating List

    • 8. Time Blocking 8 Preparing To Block

    • 9. Time Blocking 9 Step 1 to Filling In Calendar

    • 10. Time Blocking 10 Step 2 to Filling In Calendar

    • 11. Time Blocking 11 Step 3 to Filling In Calendar

    • 12. Time Blocking 12 Step 4 to Filling In Calendar

    • 13. Time Blocking 13 Step 5 to Filling In Calendar

    • 14. Time Blocking 14 Wrapping Things Up

    • 15. Time Blocking 15 Additional Tips

    • 16. Time Blocking 16 Final Tips

    • 17. Time Blocking 17 Conclusion


About This Class

Are there not enough minutes in your day to do everything you'd like to do on your calendar? Do you find yourself overworked, yet feeling like you've not accomplished anything?

Learning how to time block your schedule is one of the BEST ways to get more done, feel in control of your day, and not feel like all you have to give your family is what is leftover of you at the end of the day. 

What You Will Learn:

  • How to create your to do list the right way
  • How to block your list into your digital or paper calendar
  • How to maximize the hours and minutes in your day to get more done!

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1. Time Blocking 1 Intro: Hi, I'm Margaret Joyner, your every day busy mama of two. And I am on a mission to help others simplify their lives with easy, doable changes. So today I'm going to be sharing with you how to take control of your toe time once and for all. My life is very full. So how I manage my time is extremely important. Keeping up with life is hard. And let's be honest, most of us trade a lot of time for not a lot of dollars, and we come home. Our family typically gets what's left over of us. So today I'm gonna show you how to manage your time, not just a cram it all in, but instead to be able to accomplish the tasks that are building your future effectively and efficiently, while also having more than enough quality time to spend doing the things you love with the ones you love. One of the biggest challenges for people and for myself is time. And when you apply what I will be teaching you in this lesson, you will be well on your way to taking control of yours. Time and your life. If you want a closer look into my life journey. Follow me on Instagram, where I share many of my health and life hacks. My life as a mom in business builder is not that glamorous, but it is really life. And that is what I'm all about. So let's get started. 2. Time Blocking 2 Materials: Okay, let's talk about what is needed in order to take control of your time. Luckily, it is very inexpensive and simple to take your time back, and the materials needed are very minimal. However, the biggest challenge in creating more time in your life is going to be you. Technology. Failing or losing your calendar won't be what's holding you back from maximizing the minutes in your days? What will hold you back is how you show up. Will you finish this course and say, Oh, I'll get to that later. Or will you stick to the plan and create amazing flexibility within your days and stay focused and committed? Now I'm not saying is going to be easy and come without challenges, but it is simple. And remember that each and every day we get to choose are hard. Whether we choose our hard to be scrambling around stressful Lee to get it all done or choosing to take a few minutes one day a week to set up our life the way we want it, it's up to you. If you're ready to get started, here are the materials you'll need to invest in first. You will need a calendar. It is next to impossible to time block without a calendar. Whether you are a techie or old school with pen and paper, it doesn't matter. Just choose the method that you will use. If you're going the technology route, then pull out your smartphone or tablet. There should be a calendar that already comes equipped on your device. If not, then using Google calendar or searching for a calendar app will work just fine. Just be sure whatever calendar you use has the capability to break down into hour by hour blocks, not just the individual days. If you are going the pen and paper routes, you can easily go to Target or Amazon and purchase an hourly calendar. One of my favorite calendars to use is the Passion Planner, which also has free downloadable PDFs for you to test out. Next, you will need some form of scrap paper, notebook or blank document on your computer or smartphone to jot down your daily life activities, and lastly, you are going to need your commitment. Make it a priority. Teoh. Give this a go for a good month and then analyze where you are and adjust accordingly, it's going to be different and probably feel awkward at first. But that just means it's new. Anything new feels different, so give it a shot, and before you know it, you'll finally be getting around to those projects that have gone dormant. Taking that new dance class you've always wanted to try and even having more date nights. Now grab your materials and let's start time blocking. 3. Time Blocking 3 Beginning The Process: When was the last time you actually sat down and thought about all the tasks and activities you do in a day? If you're like most people, you probably never really thought much about it. Most likely, you just keep adding and adding to your calendar or the to do list. I know for me as a mom, it's easy to get sucked into signing up for every sport, every new event, every class. And I'm not saying In order to create more time in your life, you must give up all of your activities. But learning to say no and to choose the things that mean the most and hold the most value to you and your family will add fun and excitement, not stress in chaos. Now it's time to grab your pen and paper or tablet and start creating your list. This step is something that really Onley needs to be done at this capacity. This one time, any adjustments that come leader down the road, we'll just be tweaking, adding or deleting things, so don't think you'll have to do this part every single week. Just now, as we're starting the process 4. Time Blocking 4 Step 1 To Creating List: step one to creating your list, we're first going to start jotting down all of the things we do daily. Don't worry about all this special events like your cousin's wedding. You have to go to next month or your daughter's dance recital. And don't worry about the things you do on Lee once week, like meal planning or grocery shopping, we'll get to those later. And also don't worry about remembering everything right now. As you live your calendar, you'll realize the things you for gotten along the way for now. Just jot down the I do this every day. Things we aren't worried about times yet. Just the activities. And don't worry about the order there in just yet, either. Label this section daily. Here are some examples that you might be adding to your daily list. Sleep, breakfast, lunch, dinner work, Jim and even school 5. Time Blocking 5 Step 2 to Creating List: Step two to creating your list. Next, we're going to write down all of the things we do weekly. These are the things you do once, twice or maybe three times a week every week. Label this section on your list weekly. Here are some things you might add Meal prepping grocery shopping, book club, weekly business meetings, sports practice, laundry, cleaning the house. 6. Time Blocking 6 Step 3 to Creating List: Step three to creating your list. Next on her list, we are going to write down the things we do or want to dio monthly. It's okay to write things down on your list that you think you might not have the time to do. If it's something you'd like to do every month, write it down anyway. Label this section monthly. Here are some examples. Date night with spouse Game, night monthly massage, business event. Mommy and Me Date day. 7. Time Blocking 7 Step 4 to Creating List: Step four to creating your list. Now here is where we get to add all of those things that we've always wanted to dio, but it never seemed to find the time for For some of us, it might be things you put on your daily calendar, like going to the gym or sleeping. Or it could be those projects or classes you've always wanted to dio, but just can't seem to get around to it. Be creative, have fun with it and don't prejudge anything that may or may not be going on. Dear Calendar. Just write it down and we'll get to the where it goes part later. Label this part my time. Here are some examples. Re decorate my bedroom. Take a sewing class, finish my vision board, take a vacation. Now Don't worry about holidays, birthday, sporadic events just yet. Those will make it onto your calendar as they come, but for now, this is a great starting point. You will adjust and tweak ad as you begin to live out your calendar, but for now, let's grab your list and start chunking it in 8. Time Blocking 8 Preparing To Block: our time, and our calendars may seem packed to the max. But as you will see, by completing this next part, you find that there will begin to be room for us to fill. I would recommend starting out using a pencil instead of a pen, because you might find yourself needing to adjust things quite a bit at first. Also, as you block activities into your calendar, check them off from your list. So now it is time to pull out your calendar and start mapping out your life. 9. Time Blocking 9 Step 1 to Filling In Calendar: Step one billing in your calendar wherever in the week you are in starting this process. Let's begin with the upcoming Monday through Sunday. Go to that week in your calendar and open it up in front of you. Also, be sure toe, have your list from the previous section right next to you. Let's begin with the section labeled daily. 10. Time Blocking 10 Step 2 to Filling In Calendar: Step two filling in the calendar with your hourly calendar open and ready to go, let's begin by plugging in all of our daily tasks. Let's start with sleep because it's something that we all do or should do. I personally like to go to bed by 10 30 if I'm able and wake up around 6 a.m. So I am going to block that time with sleep. How you block it is up to you. Some people enjoy blocking in the times with different colors for each section on their list. Some like to just write the word with arrows filling in the block of time. And, of course, if you are doing this on an Elektronik device, you can just plug in the time and let the calendar do the rest. Be sure to check off the activities from your list as you go. If there are activities that you don't block in right away, we will go back to those reviewer calendar and then find a place for them. For example, if you desire toe workout every day or most days, but don't yet, then let's wait until we're finished blocking everything and then we will go back and find a slot for that activity to go. Continue filling in your daily tasks for every day of the upcoming week or adding repeat on your smartphone block in the time you work, including getting ready beforehand and commute time blocking the time you take four meals, including prep and cleanup block in when you work out of the gym when you go to school, etcetera. Now don't worry if some of the times are estimates like the time it takes you to prepare for the activity. Just block in around the time it takes, and we will adjust as we live it. 11. Time Blocking 11 Step 3 to Filling In Calendar: Step three filling in the calendar. Now that we have all of our daily tasks blocked in, let's go ahead and plug in our weekly activities. If you don't have an exact time or day that you do the activity, now is the time to figure that out. Look over your calendar and figure out where it makes the most sense for you toe. Add that in. After a week or so, it may need to be adjusted for me. Something I do every Sunday is grocery shop in the morning. It takes about 20 minutes of travel time there in back, so I need to make sure I account for that time as well as the actual shopping time. Again. Just estimate your time here because things like traffic and long lines might mess with your calendar a bit. But that's OK because it's life. I also have a book club I plug into every week, so I make sure to put that on my calendar as well. Continue through your weekly list until everything is situated the way you would like it to be situated. And don't forget to check off those activities from your list 12. Time Blocking 12 Step 4 to Filling In Calendar: Step four. OK, now it's time for our monthly blocking. Grab your list and go to the section you labeled monthly. Start blocking in those activities you do once a month now, depending on where you are in life. When you begin this time walking, you may need to do this for the following month. If you are starting out at the beginning of a month, then block for the current month you're in. If you're in the middle of the month, just finish out that month and you'll block for the next month when you get towards the end of the month. Now there may be things on your list that you don't actually do every month yet, but want to just add in the ones you dio. And we will go back to those items that we want to add in but haven't yet. So for me, every month my team hosts a healthy event, so I go to my calendar and all block in that monthly event, including the travel and prep time. This will be a perfect time to add in those monthly holidays as well. If it's a birthday month for a child or family member and you'll be having a party blocking it. If you have Fourth of July plans or need to figure out what the plans will be, solidify the activity and block it in. Continue blocking and solidifying the activities in the section. Check off as you go. And don't worry if there were unblocked items, we will come back to those. 13. Time Blocking 13 Step 5 to Filling In Calendar: Step five, we are approaching the end of our list before we make our way to the my time section. Let's go back and play some attention on those activities that didn't get crossed off. Maybe you would like to do a date night with your spouse once a month, but haven't really decided when or what to dio. First look at the whole month and see where you have unblocked time. Sit down with your spouse and figure out what you want to do and when and get it on the calendar right away. If you've been wanting toe work out five days a week, look at your calendar and find those open spaces and figure out what will work for you in your time and plug it in. After you've addressed some or all of your unchecked items, go to your my time section and see if and where it makes sense to place them now. Most likely, you're not going to be adding all of these items in for a week or a month. Maybe pick one to tackle this month. Find your open blocks of time and insert them into your calendar. For example, if you are wanting to re decorate your bedroom. Insert little tasks throughout the month that will get you to your overall and result versus tackling the whole project in one day or one week. 14. Time Blocking 14 Wrapping Things Up: Once you have reached the end of your list, you may find that not everything made it onto your calendar. If there is still something you are aching to have on your calendar being, go back through and assess where you can place that activity. If something's don't get accomplished this week or this month and you are okay with that, then it's OK. Remember that you are in control. You have the pencil and the eraser, so make sure this is a calendar you are excited about tackling for the upcoming month. 15. Time Blocking 15 Additional Tips: everyone is different, so it's really important to explore and experiment to find out the things that work for you . I have learned that I do enjoy plugging my calendar into my phone. I always have it. I can set alerts and put things on. Repeat so it makes time blocking a breeze for me. I have used in The Passion Planner as there were additional goal setting strategies, quotes and other helpful tools within that calendar. I have also printed out the free pdf worksheet from the Passion Planner website, placed it behind glass and used an expo marker to fill in my time blocking. That way I could conserve paper and printer ink and have it out in front of me so that I could see it. A glimpse. Having accountability partners is a great idea whether it be friends, family, co workers, your spouse get together in person or virtually and time block together. It will be more fun and hold you accountable to getting it all done. And don't forget to time block when you're going to time block, remember, if you fail to plan, then you are planning to fail 16. Time Blocking 16 Final Tips: as you are beginning the process of time blocking, know that you aren't going to master it right away. Nor are you going to be able to block everything in the first time. You do it in one go pick a day that works for you to time Block your week for me. I like Sunday evenings to prepare for the upcoming week, and at the end of a month I'll plug in my monthly events that are happening in the upcoming months as well. Always keep your calendar handy on your phone or in your purse. This will be your roadmap for life. That way, you don't have to wonder what's happening next, and you can be fully focused and engaged in whatever activity you are currently active in. Be sure to keep a running list on your phone or in a notebook. That way you can add all of those activities that you need or want to do as they come to mind, so that when it's blocking time, you have them right in front of you ready to plug in. I don't feel like you can't deviate from your calendar. Of course, impromptu things come up and We like to be flexible to partake in that activity. Just know the non negotiable activities on your calendar and the ones that can be moved around till later in the week or the following week. That way, when things come up, you know exactly when and where to plug them in. As he began to take control of your minutes and hours, you will find how much time you actually have. You'll find yourself becoming more efficient and focused on the task at hand because you won't need to worry about when the laundry will get done or when you'll clean the house or when the grass will get cut or when your Children's programs air happening. Because you'll already have set yourself up for success and you'll know exactly when all of those things are happening. Instead of worrying about what isn't getting done, 17. Time Blocking 17 Conclusion: thank you so much for joining me and learning how to take control of your time. This activity has revolutionized how I spend my time. It keeps me focused, efficient and effective with my life and allows me to be 100% invested on the task at hand . My family no longer gets what's left over of me, but instead bigot the attention of a fully present mom. Our time is one of the most precious gifts we have to offer. Other people often are time it's spread too thin, causing us to neglect those around us. But more importantly, ourselves, remember that you must fill your cup before you can pour into others, and at the end of the day, you don't want to feel behind frazzled and defeated. But instead you want to feel accomplished, energized and at peace with your day and your life. To learn more about my life. Hacks check out my other videos here on skill share or follow my journey on, and I'm Margaret Joyner and have fun with all the extra time that you have found in your day.