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TikTok Marketing For Beginners - TikTok Ads Marketing Guide

teacher avatar Sabir Ziganshin, Hotelier | Career Coach | Entrepreneur

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

16 Lessons (1h 9m)
    • 1. Welcome To The Course

    • 2. TikTok Introduction

    • 3. Ranking Algorithm & For You Page

    • 4. Preparation Guide

    • 5. Advertisement Options

    • 6. Ads Account Registration

    • 7. Ads Platform Overview

    • 8. Create New Campaign

    • 9. Create An Ad Group

    • 10. Create An Ad

    • 11. Tracking Pixel

    • 12. Pixel Manual Installation

    • 13. Pixel GTM Installation

    • 14. Create Tracking Events

    • 15. Business Center

    • 16. Final Note

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About This Class

Keep up with the worlds fastest growing social media app, build your own channel and setup your first marketing campaign.

What is TikTok? How Can IĀ Promote My Business on TikTok? What Marketing Tools Are Available? How to Succeed?

Register for this course to get your answers and start advertising your business with TikTok today.


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Meet Your Teacher

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Sabir Ziganshin

Hotelier | Career Coach | Entrepreneur


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1. Welcome To The Course: Hello and welcome to the Stick Talk Marketing Basics course. Why's everyone interested in Tic Tac anyways? Well, it's quite simple. This platform currently has over 500 million active users and its popularity nine times higher than Instagram and Facebook. This is why I created this course to share with you Tic tac basics. A quick preparation guide toe Help you identify if this platform is good for your business or not, you will learn what marketing tools I available to you and how you can effectively utilize them to succeed in your marketing affords. So if that's something that interests you, stay tuned and click on the next video. 2. TikTok Introduction: Tic Tac has a very unique audience. Its users are young people between 16 and 24 years off age, and it also has very specific content requirements. Let's move on to interface off. TIC TAC interface is ah, similar to Instagram. He does that homepage discover section, video shooting notifications in the profile section. Music tracks are similar. Toe hashtags. If you click on a track off the video, you will explore all posts. Where this the idea was used content off Tic TAC. It is two types off content. First is a dance where people have fun and demonstrate share was their followers the dance style videos. The second is music. A lot of users sure, the content that has a direct connection with a certain type of music or maybe even a certain composition and off course humor. A lot of young users off Tic Tac enjoy having fun and record video off themselves, you know, demonstrating how they have fun or when they do some kind of pranks to other people. And, you know, a lot of times you can find really cool videos, and of course you feel like you want to, uh, follow those users because off there you know good quality content and because of the emotions that you can get from there. Of course not all of them are that perfect and not all of them you might find funny. But, you know, there are lots of good stuff will. Personally, when I first giant tic Tac, I've seen a completely different emotions that I was getting from this app, and it's I I sold a difference between other platforms like Instagram and Facebook, because this is completely different. For example, Instagram, I see that they mostly use some kind off the official style off the content, and people try to show the best off themselves. And here the tic Tac is different. People just record unofficial videos where they have fun, where they off work and, you know, they demonstrating this emotions to other people. This is what I I saw their. This is why I'm recording this course now toe show you how this platform is different and how companies and businesses, of course they can benefit from it because this is an absolutely new level for everyone to explore emotions. And of course, you know, make use off it 3. Ranking Algorithm & For You Page: how to get into the four you page antique talk. First, you have to pay attention. Toe watch time. This is important and will help your videos to rank higher and get into this for you recommended page section, then also, time off the post is important. You have to make sure that you hit the perfect timing for your video because this the success off your video and the watch time eventually depends on the time off the post. You have to make sure that you know your audience. You know what they interested in and try to hit the certain timing that is the most valuable to them. And when your followers are the most active, you can look back at their past activity when they shared emotions and reactions, Comments uh, shared when they shared the your content. You have to pay attention to that and analyze this information in orderto target at the best effective time. You know, toe, make the most off your information off your posts on this platform. Then, of course, as many other successful bloggers and businesses when when they promote their services use , you have to pay attention. Toe likes comments and re posts all of this components you have to effectively manage in orderto get into the four you, Paige and also the for you page. For every single user, there is a special algorithm that platform users and this algorithm, you know, learned from your activity from the users from the some kind of businesses and the important, valuable, interesting accounts that you subscribe to. It analyzes this information and builds the new updates. Your for you page every time are you demonstrate activity on your account and then it learns from your interests and then builds the updates this for you page constantly to deliver the most valuable and interesting content to you. So you have to keep this in mind every time. Then you are either Mark, the video has not interesting or instead you hit like I comes on the video when you subscribe and follow other users. So pay attention that this algorithm constantly watches you and watches your interest and then builds this for you Page based on your activity 4. Preparation Guide: where you should start with tic tac marketing. And even before your start, I said just that you go to a quick three step preparation checklist in order to succeed, and the first thing you have to do here is identify and understand your industry. Market research is often conducted before developing any product or entering into business , as it involves collecting data about the industry, target customers and competitors. This data will help you understand how your product or service will be received and how marketing and advertising strategies can be tailor feed it. The next step is marketing goals. Marketing objectives are important for a business because it allows the business to determine their goal and the marketing strategies needed to get there. To ensure success. Marketing objectives involves using the four piece product. Price promotion and place Marketing objectives are able to help you determine your goal and map out the steps to achieve that goal. The Rock A variety off marketing goal. Examples. The best way to create goals is to use smart goals which stand for sensible, measurable, achievable, realistic and time specific. And the final step on your checklist here is understanding your target market your target audience. Understanding your target market makes advertising to them way easier. Customer avatars are crucial. Toe. Ensure your marketing affords are focused and not wasted on reaching the wrong people. The wrong audience. Knowing your business client avatar lets you put the wants and needs off your audience at the core off your marketing strategy to ensure they come into contact with your product or service. This, in turn, will help your business to succeed once you went through all this tree steps and the most important part part that when you marked your final step your target audience, when you completely worked through that through that step and you completely understand what are your target audience? How do they look like when you have detailed information about your target audience? Then you can mark it as done, and only when you do that when you mark your target audience when you understand them, only then you can start your marketing activity on tick talk. If they reason match between your target audience for your business. When there is a match. If you have specific audience, for example, like young people right from 16 to 24 if your business targets this people, this specific audience and you see that tic tac audience is a match and your audience and tic tac audience, you can put equal sign between them. Only then you can proceed toe, take talk, marketing. Otherwise you won't succeed with your marketing efforts. So make sure you will be clear on that you mark your target audience has done. If you see there is a match, your business offer targets young generations and you see that there is a match, Ristic, talk, then you good to go. 5. Advertisement Options: marketing tools in Tic Tac are quite unusual, but very simple and intuitive. To succeed in TIC TAC marketing, you should remember a simple rule. Use less complexity and more creative ideas. Basically, there are three methods available for you to promote your products and services. First horse paid ads. The second method is pretty similar to Instagram and Facebook. It is partnership with influencers, and the second tool that you can utilize is promoting your own channel. Let's start with paid ads. What tools available on TIC tac or marketers. So in general there are three types off marketing. First is called brand Takeover. When the ad appears when users open stick talk and it costs between 50,000 toe 100 $1000 toe actively maintain the campaign. The second is less expensive, and I would say one of the most preferred methods. Toe advertise and promote your services and products called in feed, Native video adds at the bottom off organic video or in the feed itself. It's similar to Instagram. Once you scroll trio newsfeed, then you can see every now and then adds popping up that you can easily skip, so this option is in feed ads and it costs $10 pair one 1000 impressions. CPM. This is another metric for this called CPM cost their Mulee okay, And the 3rd 1 is the most expensive hashtag challenge. This is when marketers partner with stick talk platform itself and its marketing team and based on Hashtags that people start a challenge for six days and they pay $150 toe effectively. Rana complain. So all those types off marketing that you you can see on the tic tac platform it also works , and based on the targeting, So this targeting utilizes your location that is based on the country, city or state. If you're in the US, then sex, either you are male or female, then your operation system type and your connection connection off your device in the WiFi wireless. When you advertise and promote, um, your products, demonstrate your offer to the public, then make sure you have only one call to action. Because if you have multiple offers and customers get easily confused and this is one of the most important advice that I would like to give you use only one call to action. So once the customer or your potential client or lead can see you add, then the offer should be super sharp and clear what they have to do either toe. Learn more, visit your website or apply now register now similar buttons they have to see because your action should be super sharp. Super easy to digest. Super easy toe. Understand what they have to do after they see you offer. Remember this, please, and utilized in all your campaigns on TIC Tac and even other social media channels that you utilize. Now let's reaching to the influence of marketing. It is the most recommended type off tic Tac advertising and the most effective one. It is also cheaper and easier to yours in comparison with other Uh oh first four, the paid up options that Tic Tac has hand. It is also based on the psychology, because the target audience off geek talk they they don't trust traditional advertising. They don't trust the TV ads, radio ads and all other media ads, they see. But they trust people like themselves because it is easier for them to see how the products or services actually work in real life. And this is what gives enormous power superpower toe this type off marketing because they can see how this offerings off yours, how they actually work. And then once they see that they have, they make a decision in their hands either to trust or not, and most off the time. Once they see from their peers from there from people that similar to them, they see how they use it and they trust it. And it's easier for them toe, you know, make a decision and either by or order this type of service and, you know, is going to be easier for you to eventually turn this lead into the customer. This is why it is the most recommended and effective type off marketing how it works. Basically, you have to find a proper blogger because it is easier. First, you have to analyze likes, comments, content quality. The second you have to consider first of all, verified popular bloggers that have a lot off activity on their profiles. Important, make sure product or service matches that influencer style. Make sure that this influencer is, um, already within your niche and demonstrates something similar to your product or service toe . Your potential audience make sure there is a big match sign between your offer and, um, style off the influencer. Also, I would like to share with you that Tic TAC doesn't allow direct links to 1/3 body resources. However, people can mention other accounts in the video in order to drive traffic to a certain place . Okay, let's move on to free methods off marketing on T talk. And first, it's pretty common hashtag promotion. You can search for their hashtags within your niche in order to pick the ones that match you're offered the most and then use it to promote your channel. Personal activity. Ah, you know, in order to become visible to people toe, bring your offer to their attention toe. Get into their in front of their eyes. You have to be active. One them on this channel on the teak talk on the APP itself, because without activity there is no way you can succeed in the free marketing on tic tac. Then there is a function. There is a function off Q R code on the tic tac that you can share with other people again as set as a tool to demonstrate what you have would you offer to your leads to your potential customers? Off course, you have to actively participate in trendy challenges. This also gives you, ah, the opportunity to get in front off your target audience. You have to remember trended challenges is also a way off. You tour, you know, to demonstrate, to demonstrate your channel, to demonstrate your videos to people and engage with them. Then, as the following step is, you have to boost subscriber engagement by utilizing life sessions, getting feedback, asking questions from your subscribers and utilizing surveys. The next step you can create co created content with other tick talkers in your knees. Try to pick the T talkers that are super active in your niche. Try to get in touch with them, try to see what they might be interested in, and try to create a content that will be a win win product for both of you, for you and for the dick talker that you would be creating eventual content with them. So try to make sure all parties are getting a win from you and from the creating this unique content. Then you can record ensure reactions. Two other posts and toe other videos off the video's off other people on teak talk. This also will boost your presence on the platform. No, I want to let you know that the most important metric on a tic tac is watch time. If your videos are being watched from a does that from the beginning to end, that will boost your video and that will, ah generate, um, more followers. And people can see your video more and more and more, and this is the key metric. You have to make sure that you have to grab and keep people's attention from the beginning to the end. Tic Tac as a marketing tool is perfect for different type of niche and different type off interest. Different type off customers leads visitors off. You know people who watch your videos, and it's really great when you want to show your business how it works behind the scenes. So here I make a quick list off the knishes that are at the moment that I see that you know really big on TIC Tac, and they can gain a lot off attention from its users. So, first, is there businesses that work directly or produce some kind of handmade products is gonna be really great tool to demonstrate how they created where they get their materials from what tools do they use? So they demonstrate the product itself not just the final product, but how it's actually made. It's gonna be really interesting two people to see how you actually doing what you're selling Eventually, then off course. Fashion industry is super big on TIC tac, and there is no need to explain you. Why? Because you know all the clothes and fashion brands you can easily demonstrate when you wear them in the daily life. So it's gonna be easy for people toe make their buying decisions eventually. Boutiques similar to fashion restaurants. Also a lot of promotions. A lot of fun, you know, fun stuff you can do with the tick talk to demonstrate how they cook their food, what cooks are doing. And they're, you know, during their breaks, you know, to bring some kind of unusual to deliver this unusual understanding off the entire process , too. There clientele toe their customers instead of just getting an eating their dish. When they come into the restaurant, they they know what the name off the coo coo coo who made it and what they do on their brakes and etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. All right, then, high education also very big on this platform because they can demonstrate how fun, for example, for the universities, they can demonstrate how fun it is to study at this particular school and what activities the students have during the break time. What else they can do, how they can use the, um the eventual knowledge that they can get from school, how they can apply it in the real life situations, lots of different tools you can come up with if you're demonstrate or promote high education universities. Colleges are it's after any type off, I would say any type off educational trainings you can actively promote on tic tac human resources also or any kind of training companies again. What That trained people a lot. They can now, you know, integrate kick talk in there off line trainings as a tool to engage with the class in order to boost their presence in order to boost their participation in the specific section and ah, try to digest. And I understand what the learning outcome would be for them, you know, lots of different ideas you can come up with. But this is what I see at the moment. I'm sure there are a bunch off niches you can add to this list. But this is what at the moment are super big to me. So how to succeed in tic tac ads and how you can successfully promote your business? Your start up on tic tac first and one of the most important things I would like to tell you. Forget traditional marketing. Forget traditional. Adds people on tic tac. They don't need it. They won't trust it. Believe me, this is one work from for them, you know they will skee pure adds if it's going to be traditional style ads, remember, Make sure you will create while moments and surprise people. This is what they need. This is what people are craving for when they subscribe to tic tac. They want to see fun, engaging moments. This is, you know, something new for them. They tied off their boring lives and they want to see something new that they haven't explored before. And this is what you can do. This is what you can deliver to them. Make sure you wrap up your product. Make sure you wrap up your you're services. You're offering into some fun, engaging, colorful way so people will want to engage and they will want to share your content with other people. This is the key off success. 6. Ads Account Registration: when I registered for my first tic TAC adds account, the whole process was a little complicated to me. This is why I wanted to create this video to show you how it works. You should start by going toe, adds dark tic tac dot com, and then click on the Create an ad button toe. Start the process off registration. Then you have two options to choose from. The 1st 1 is self service registration that you can do the whole thing yourself without any support from Tic Tac. However, this option is only available to clients from India, Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. And in order to do the whole thing yourself, you should choose business account registration. It is very important. Otherwise the whole thing. The system will guide you through the second option so that you have to register for the account with the support. Oh, tic tac account manager. This option is available to clients from all other countries. Let's start with the self service option. So on this screen, you gonna select your billing country and then pay attention toe to things on the screen. First, make sure that this country region is available for self service advertising and the second see if you take business to promote goods and services. This way you will be on the right trick and you can register. TIC TAC adds account all by yourself without any support from the platform, then click on the next button. In this step, it's gonna be your second step in the registration. You will feel up your email or the phone password between six and 20 characters. Then you're going to confirm your password and put the verification cord toe. Get this code. You should type in your email here and then click on the scent code. But then you will receive the email to your inbox with the verification called that you have toe put in this box here, the last box with the verification code name on it. Then you're gonna stick the little tiny square here and agreed to TIC TAC adds terms and conditions and privacy policy. Then click on Sign up. But here is another step in the process where you have to put in your country account name , currency, time zone, full number, and then again, you have toe agree with the ads program terms, tic tac ants, platform payment terms, and then you should click on the register. Then you will receive the email with the confirmation and saying, Welcome to TIC Tac ads and the button where you can continue the process and already go to the platform and start creating ads. Now let's move toe the second registration option, which is registration through the account manager. Here you start from the same screen like the first option. And for the purpose of this video, I select United States so that you can see that there is nothing underneath this bar here. And you see, there is nothing. It means that this is the way for you to register through the account manager. And the country is not eligible for self service registration. Here. You can pick any option. Either business or individual doesn't really matter. It will still bring you. Tow this screen where you have to feel your full name, phone number, email address, company name, office location, advertising area industry and what you would like to promote business website, app, store your L or something else. Then you have to click on make a reservation button, and once you do that, you will receive this email saying hello. Many thanks for your inquiry. And then they will provide what additional information they will require from you in order to confirm your registration to the account manager. Here is all what they interested in. You should put all this information in the email and send it back to them. And then they will start reviewing your application and let you know what decision gonna be from their side. Eventually they're gonna prove your application, or they will require some additional information. All right, then, once you do the basic registration, um, application itself, then you have to finalize the process by providing additional information. And you can do it by going to your profile and this screen. You can see it right here and then click on settings, which will bring you to this screen where you have to provide your business name. Promotion link. Business website. You are l Ap story or l Google play you're ill or etcetera other you know, or other addresses where you want to guide your client stool. And here is a note. The promotion link must be valid. Make sure it's relevant updated and you know it is clickable for people toe get to your final destination. And they also put other information here that your account will not be approved if they can't verify this your l This is why this is very important. Then you're gonna put your industry street address, state and province and a postal coat. Next, you will be guided to primary contact information with the contact name, phone number and email address. Tax status. It's all optional. And then the final step here, you will see that you're gonna be offered the payment method which is already on. You can see it right here, and then you will finalize process by clicking on submit. But then the whole form will be sent. TIC tac representative They will review and provide you with their final decision. 7. Ads Platform Overview: adds platform overview. Here you can see four sections. Dashboard campaign, library and reporting. Dashboard allows you to see ads, performance summary and track important changes. All information divided into blocks with valuable numbers like daily spent and account balance campaign activity and key performance metrics, including CPC, C B A impressions, CTR, clicks and conversions. The campaign section will help you create new campaigns and manage existing ones and also turn them on and off when needed. Library has three options. Event. Creative An audience in the library. You can create and manage third party trackers, website pixels, creatives, custom audiences and other tools to improve your ad efficiency. Reporting has all the tools needed to create customized reports and scared you its delivery exactly when you need it. 8. Create New Campaign: create new campaign from the main screen, go to campaign and click on the creed. But now it's time to choose your advertising objective. Juicier. Add objective carefully. It will help you achieve your goals faster. As you can see on this screen, you have three options. Traffic app, installs and conversions. Select traffic when you want more people toe, visit your landing page website or any other target. Your l A lot of people use this option when they test their business ideas or when they want to show their product or service to potential customers for the first time and gather valuable feedback toe improve. They're offering APP installs. You can select this option two. Drive your potential customers to the APP store and very specific Apt Description page so they can learn more about it and make their buying decisions and eventually install your APP conversions, most off the time used when they want website visitors to take very specific action on your website, for example, to subscribe to your newsletter or to make a purchase on your website, this option also requires tic tac pixel Toby installed on your website in the following videos. I will show you a step by step process. How to install this picture on your website, So stay tuned and keep watching. OK, now it's time to given name to your campaign. Check if you want to split, test a B testing strategy and select budget either lifetime or daily, and then put your numbers in budget requirements. Minimum budget at campaign level is $50 minimum budget for ad groups as 20. When putting a budget, make sure your numbers will be higher than 54 campaign and hired and 24 ad group. 9. Create An Ad Group: create an ad group. Start by picking a name for your ad group and then Goto placements. Policeman's are specific locations within the APP where you want your ads to be shown. Here. You have two options. Automatic placement and select placement, where you can manually peak APS that you're interested in the most. However, keep in mind that some off this ABS are available only in certain countries. Now it's time to provide more details about your ad. Here you can typing your U R L provide display name that will be shown on top off your aunt upload image for your avatar, select and category and describe your offering with add tax. It could be a maximum off 20 tags separated by coma. Here, you should check or uncheck the automated creative. What is creative creative is a visual banner that goes into your website or your ad. So if you take this automated creative switch and previously you applauded images, videos or and text for your ad on the system, when you turn the switch on, the system will automatically analyse the best the top performing combinations off your creative and we'll use them the next step is targeting here you have two options to choose from. Targeting could be either specific or broad. The specific targeting is when you're feel every single field on this application, and that allows you to a target very narrow audience and select very specific people on the platform and broad. Automatic targeting allows you tool. Show your ad to a broad number of people and the system will identify the perfect ah targeted people automatically for you. The first step is your audience. Here. You can create either custom audience that is built off the people that interacted with your digital products with your website with your business earlier or create a lookalike audience. There is built, um, that that is billed off your existing customers. How it works. Basically, you create email list off your existing customers and uploaded to the system system will analyze the list off this customers off the off their details provided on Internet and will try to build similar audience for you to target. The next step in targeting is demographics, where you can pick targeted locations for you. And keep in mind that if you're targeting United States, then you have only one option for your, which is news feed app serious? Then you are select. You're targeting gender. You can live it no limit or pick a male or female. Then you have options for you're targeting age group and languages. The second step in targeting is picking your interest category and going to your device detail that you would like to target. Budget and schedule here is pretty similar. So the campaign settings you have to pick your budget and put your either daily or add group budget for the entire length off your campaign and put the schedule when you want. Ah, you're adds to start showing on the platform. The final step here is day parting. You can select either showing your ad all day or select specific timings when you want your ad to be shown. And, of course, the minimum for your add group budget is $20 either for daily budget as a daily budget or throughout your campaign length. But it's still have to be not less than $20 and the final step is bidding an optimization. What is bidding? Let me explain you a bit. Is the maximum amount off money an advertiser is willing to pay for each click or number of views, often. Advertisement on tic tac. There are four options for you. They have CPC that stands for cost per click. Optimized cost per click when you basically pay for specific actions instead of just clicks , is basically when the person clicks on your ad and then take a final action on you and either click on the button register. Subscribe, etcetera. The next is cost paramilitary that stands for cost per 1000 impressions. When your ad is just displayed on a screen in front off your target audience and cost Fairview, it is cost per 1000 views. When people actually view your ad, this option is still in better and it might be not available toe all of you. So here this screen gives you optimization goal as a click billing event. You see here based on clicks CPC a bit strategy. You can type in your bid here and select delivery type either standard delivery for your ad or the accelerated one when you want to maximize your results and ah toe spend your budget as quickly as possible. I would like to mention also that you have to pay attention, toe your audience size. If you typed in everything correct as you see here on the screen, make sure that it will be well balanced. 10. Create An Ad: When you have your campaign and add groups ready, it's time to create an ad. Here you have two options, single video and single image. Every option shows the least off apse where you can run your advertisements. Then you can upload your pre recorded videos from your computer and TIC tac library, or choose to create a video button that will guide you to the video creation kit. It will help you create great videos and safe time. During this process, you have an option to choose your thumbnail from the recorded video or upload a new one. This is a very important step because it should convince people to click on your ad when they see it Here. You can also pick a name and put a description that should be a maximum off 100 English characters. Creative guidelines will help you make sure that your visuals won't be hidden by the ad description for the platform video activity panel. On the right hand side, you can see three different examples here with one line off description, two lines and three lines. If you have a pin stalls as your objective, then your ad description and call to action will be shown as a card. This card completely hides a portion off your creative. The card will only appear if the video is longer than nine seconds. Now you can pick your city a from A options. Learn more download shop now sign up, contact us. Apply now book now and play a game. In this step, you have to make sure that all your business information is correct, including your business name. You are L industry address, state or province and the postal cord. Then you have to verify your contact and tax information right after that, as the final step in the process, you can top up your account balance with one off the payment methods provided on tick talk . It is Visa, MasterCard, Amex and JCB. 11. Tracking Pixel: let me explain you. What is tracking pixel and how you can use it on TIC Tac pixel is a special HTML code that is embedded into a website to track user activity. It can record user data including clicks, browsing form, submission and downloads. You can use it toe, analyze campaign performance, optimized advertisement delivery and improve audience targeting. You must have a website to proceed on your main screen. Go to library and click on event select website pixel and click on Manage. Click on create pixel. Read the following terms carefully and click on I Agree button. Now you should select how you would like to install your pixel either manually or with Google tag manager. 12. Pixel Manual Installation: pixel mental installation. First, you should give it a name and then if you know how to modify HTM l code yourself. Select manually. Install pixel code. Here. You can either copy a pixel code or downloaded to your computer. Then go to your website. Open up the code and insert your pixel code right after the head tag. You can also go to chrome Web store and download tic Tac pixel helper. It will help you check if pixel was installed correctly. 13. Pixel GTM Installation: the second option to install your tracking picks. So is Google Tag manager. It is a free tool that allows you to integrate and manage tracking pixels on your website without modifying the cord. Go to tag manager dot google dot com to create your account and then followed instructions to set up and install your tag manager. You can also contact Google Help Center to get additional support. With your account set up. Now, you're ready to install the pixel. Go back to your TIC TAC adds account. To complete the installation here, you should name your pixel and select Install pixel code by third party tools. Connect to Google Account. Select Google Account that you used to create your tag manager and then log in. Select your account container and working space. You should be able to see a confirmation that your tag manager account is now connected. Finally, go to Chrome Web store and download Tic Tac pixel helper to check if pixel was installed correctly. 14. Create Tracking Events: create trekking events. Events are actions that visitor steak on your website. Creating an event is a final step doing the pixel set up process. Make sure that you created and correctly installed your tracking pixel before creating an event. Choose a template that matches your business model. Choose between e commerce form, submission, consultation and APP downloads. We'll create a custom template off your own set up events according to the customer journey , so that you can better understand customer behavior. Pay attention toe statistic type. It will help you get accurate performance metrics because website visitors can complete one kind off event multiple times. This option allows you to set tracking for either one or multiple events per one user. After you click the complete button, you should then set rules for each event. Rules will help you identify if visitors took the necessary action on your website. Start by adding the map side you want to track and selecting a tracking method for each event. When you select e commerce as your template, you have four user actions which you can choose to trek, including product details. Page gross. Add to CART police in order and complete payment. Big tracking method for each event. Here you have two options. Click events will count clicks on specific elements within your website and destination you are. L will count visits on specific Web pages on your website. 15. Business Center: business center. Tic TAC adds Business Center is a special tool toe. Organize and manage your business advertisement. It will help you to create ad accounts for external partners, manage multiple ad accounts and users track performance and conduct analytics. Now let me show you how you can start your first business center from the TIC TAC adds main screen. First, you should go to your profile icon on the top, right corner off your screen and select business center. Now you should click on the Enter Business Center, but and now it's time for you to create a name for your business center and select your time zone. Once ready, click on the create button. Here. You should select your first business center. And before we continue, I would like to let you know that one user can create a maximum off three business centers . Not more than that. Well, here is your business center. There are a few options you can see on the left side of your screen, and first you should create your ad account access. You can do that by clicking on the request access toe Add account button, which will bring you toe this form that you have to feel you can get access toe, multiple ad accounts and the users off those accounts will be different. Most off the time. First bar here. Suggest to you that you should feel you're add the Count I D. And also pay attention to the instructions that you can see underneath off this account. I d. The area here. First, they suggest you contact the administrator off the ad account. Second, ask them to go to the notification Center on TIC Tac ads and find the invitation from Business center in the message list and accept. You can also take the selection about informing account administrator by email. You can do that by typing in your email address and then again, following the instructions provided below, contact the administrator off the account, sand the request to an administrator off the account by email and then click the accept button in the email. This way, you get approved by the admin off the account you trying to get access to, and then you can manage this account based on the permissions provided and, of course, once ready, you should click on the send button underneath this form once ready, then you can invite other members, other people to manage all the information on the business center. All the ad accounts you have. You can do that by typing in the email address in the field. And when you put the email address, then you have to select your access setting. Here you have two settings. It will be the status off this member that you just that you about to invite here. It will be either at mean that have full access over the business and the standard that is recommended by the platform. And they can only work on assigned account once really click next, which will bring you to the next screen. That will require you to make a selection on the new member new account permissions for this member to manage those accounts. Here, you have three options. Add account administrator that will allow them to manage everything pretty much everything . Control at account settings, finances and permissions. Creating added, adds access reports and view ads. The second permission. The second status would be add. Account operator operators can view performance access reports and view ads, manage campaigns, create an ad and add it adds access reports and view ads and analysts that have the lowest number off permissions and pretty much has nothing except just viewing the performance, accessing the report and just viewing the ads. There is nothing they can add it or modify or create. Then you can either skip or confirm, and the final ah section here on your business. Sander is pretty much you're profile Overview where you can edit your avatar and it your name, update your email address and see the least off administrators. 16. Final Note: Hey, there is something I completely forgot about. If you find this course useful, please share with me honest feedback so that I can attend to your expectations and make this course even better because I want to be an open book and share with you everything that I know about this course and provide you with all the tools needed for you to achieve your goals. This is why I need your support here. So please help me out. Let's do it together.