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TikTok Marketing 2022 | Go Viral With Authentic Videos!

teacher avatar Skyler Chase, Let's grow your brand together.

Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

54 Lessons (1h 49m)
    • 1. TikTok Course TRAILER

    • 2. Making Your TikTok Account

    • 3. Optimizing Your Bio

    • 4. Benefits of a Creator Account

    • 5. Shuffleboard Recap

    • 6. (2) How TikTok Works and it's Culture

    • 7. TikTok Navigation & How Vital the App is

    • 8. Recup of Joe

    • 9. (3) Intro on What to Post

    • 10. Picking Your Niche

    • 11. Don't Delete Videos!

    • 12. Recap Over Some Bumper Pool

    • 13. (4) What Trending Songs Are

    • 14. How to Find Trending Songs

    • 15. A Trick to Use Popular Sounds Without Actually Using Them

    • 16. Creating Original Audio

    • 17. Recap In the Conference Room

    • 18. (5) Finding Trends by Searching Your Niche

    • 19. Finding Trends on the FYP

    • 20. Finding Trends on the Rise from Apps

    • 21. A Deeper Dive on Finding Trending Sounds

    • 22. Typing in Your Niche for Inspo

    • 23. Re-cappuccino

    • 24. (6) Consistency of Posting

    • 25. The Best Times to Post

    • 26. Posting Often Doesn't Bother Followers

    • 27. The More Posts, The Better

    • 28. Stocking Up Content in Your Drafts

    • 29. Creating a Posting Schedule

    • 30. Recap 'N' Latte

    • 31. (7) A Detailed Overview Of Analytics

    • 32. Using Analytics to Find Your Style

    • 33. What Time You Should Post

    • 34. Using Hashtags To Improve Analytics

    • 35. The Black & White Recap

    • 36. (8) Intro to Content Tools

    • 37. Voiceovers and Subtitles Draw More Views

    • 38. Using Text-to-Speech to Follow Trends

    • 39. Prioritize Engaging With Your Audience

    • 40. "Duets" With Popular Content

    • 41. Stitching Your Post With Viral Videos

    • 42. Organizing Your Content Through Playlists

    • 43. Tools to Use After the FYP

    • 44. Whiteboard Recap

    • 45. (9) The Blueprint of a Successful TikTok

    • 46. Making The Perfect TikTok Part 1

    • 47. Making the Perfect TikTok Part 2

    • 48. Recap Over a Fire

    • 49. (10) Intro to Influencer Marketing

    • 50. Identifying Which Influencer Suits You

    • 51. Negotiating With Influencers

    • 52. Best Ad Styles for Your Influencer

    • 53. Getting in Contact With Influencers

    • 54. Recappuccinos and Goodbyes

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About This Class

This is the most educational course under 2 hours on the market. Guaranteed! This course is hyper-focused on the most effective tactics of marketing through TikTok.

We made it easy to follow along with screen recordings and step-by-step breakdowns of techniques. Not to mention, we make it fun to watch so you don’t get bored learning. This course contains the knowledge you should know to be ahead of your competition in 2022.

What You Will Learn (10 Episodes):

  1. Best way to set up your TikTok page
  2. Understanding the app and TikTok culture
  3. What style of content to post for your niche
  4. Finding trending sounds and how to use them
  5. Following TikTok trends to stay relevant
  6. Posting Consistency
  7. How to review your analytics to improve targeted traffic
  8. All TikTok's tools and how they can improve your popularity
  9. Making the perfect TikTok video (Step-By-Step)
  10. Influencer marketing

Course Overview

This TikTok course contains over 50 lectures and 1 1/2 hours of content. It's crafted for anyone who wants to learn how to use TikTok to grow your page with REAL organic followers. We pride ourselves on being up to date with new TikTok algorithms and updates for growth and sales.

As an owner of a digital marketing agency that’s served hundreds of clients, PR agencies, and big brands; I’ve learned the ins and outs of modern-day social media marketing.

The tips and secrets we share in this course come from our services that large brands pay us thousands per month to provide. We’re excited to share this knowledge with the public through a fun and exciting course that’s not too long! At the end of every chapter, we always recap the lectures we learned (sometimes while making a cup of coffee).

After you complete this course, you will have a high-level understanding of TikTok marketing in 2022.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Skyler Chase

Let's grow your brand together.


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1. TikTok Course TRAILER: Welcome to the social savvy insider for tick tock marketing. By the end of this course, you'll have a high understanding of Tiktok and how to drive thousands of targeted users to your business. Since we had over a 100 thousand students. Last course, the Instagram marketing course, my team and I spent months creating this highly detailed course for the latest social platform, Tik Tok. The social savvy insider consists of ten episodes covering the most crucial topics you should know when it comes to going viral and growing your business on tiktok. Our goal for this course is to bring thousands of users to your business page without spending any money on marketing. And to ensure you retained the information we teach, we do a fun little recap of every episode. From the start, we go over optimizing your new creator account on tiktok for an optimal profile precedence. Next, we'll talk about how to use the app in the culture of content and how complex the Tik Tok algorithm is. Third, we tackle what you should be posting based on your niche and business. After that, we break down using popular sounds to go viral. How to discover sounds on the rise in which sounds to use and not to use. Then we talked about how to research trends that fit your niche and finding trend opportunities to go viral. Next, we discuss posting consistency and timing, the best times to post and how often you should be posting. Then we will learn analytics, how we study our own analytics to our benefit, strategizing based Data is a game changer. After that, we cover all the Tik Tok tools and features using the hook method, voiceovers, captions, text to speech stitching, duets, Creator Fund and more. Then we make a tick tock step-by-step breakdown for the best recipe to go viral. Lastly, we walked through influencer marketing strategies to gain exposure to an even larger audience. I know you guys are going to find a ton of value in this course and have some fun along the way. I'm excited to share with you. I'll see you in the course. 2. Making Your TikTok Account: Bone. So first thing we're gonna get into optimizing your profile, that is episode one. We're going to start out with talking about making your actual take time. So let's start off. In the beginning, I have the screen recording on the phones will be gone when you log in the tiktok or you open up, Tiktok is going to have you create a profile. So we'll start out by doing that. I'm going to click on Sign up here at the bottom. And it gives you the options to sign up with your Google account, your Facebook, or use an email. So right away, I'll click on the email option just because that's easiest. You'll have you put in your birthday. I'll just put your life for it gives you the option to sign up with your phone number or your email. I'll just put my e-mail in there. Feel free to shoot me an email if you have any questions. And then it's gonna take you to creating a username. So this is definitely a big point that I want to go into. One creating a username to definitely try to make it as short as possible. So just based on my company, what we're going to name it as social savvy. If that's already taken, let's try to shoot for something that's really close or even shorter or something that just has to do with your business. But we want to keep it on-brand as well as keep it as short as possible. So with social savvy, we want to keep it as short as possible. So we'll do like it's shorts, It's shorts, It's social savvy. And then boom, we got approved for that one. So we'll press signup and we want people to be able to find you just by typing in your brand's name. So putting something in the beginning as simple as like we are or kids or whatever, anything like that. Or if you're a company based in the UK than you wanted, but you pay on the N-nought United Kingdom. We want to keep it as short as possible. So that's kinda the guidelines we want to run was when making a username. 3. Optimizing Your Bio: Okay, So now we're gonna get into your bio. This is the first thing people see when clicking on your profile. They see your bio. So right away as you can see, I'm on a brand new Tik Tok account. And we're just going to start out by pressing Edit Profile. And then it brings me over to all these options on things to edit on my profile. So we'll just get into the bile first thing. So we'll click on the bio. And this is another thing. We want to keep it as short as possible because we want people to get onto your page, know exactly what you do, know exactly what you're going to be posting about. Okay, So with social savvy when making the bile, I'm going to do is I'm going to capitalize on photography tips. So that's what this page is going to be about. That's what I'm gonna kinda use as examples. So when making this file, like I said, keep it short, keep it super simple. Bullet points are awesome, as well as emojis are super good. So what I'm gonna do is right away I'm going to start listing Basically what that user is going to expect when coming to my profile, what they expect to see on the actual feet. So basically we're creating a photography's tip page from the point of view of someone who is a photographer or wanting to score more clients with photography. So what we're planning on doing with this account is gaining traction on tiktok or gaining views in order to potentially score more clients, This photography business. So right away, like I said, keep it short, keep it super simple. When getting on the page, I'm going to start out with bullet points, and I'm just gonna use an emoji bullet point. It's a big dot, dot. And make sure to apply this to your own business. Of course, don't copy exactly what I'm doing if you're doing photography tips, definitely apply it to your own brand. Like I said, we're in the US. So if you're in the UK, make sure to put the UK on there, something like that. So make sure to apply it to your own brand. If you are a restaurant, then we want to put things related to your restaurants. So what I'm gonna do right off the bat is put what the audience is going to expect when coming to my page. So right away I'm going to start it off with photography tips. Well, I plan to do is to post every single day a new photography tip each time. So for example, based on different brands, say you are a bakery or a cookie company or something like that. So for example, we would put bullet points like cookie recipes or vegan friendly cookie recipes. However often you are planning on posting, you get even put that in there, whether it's going to be daily or weekly or whatever. So definitely apply this to your own brand. I'm gonna go with the photography angle, but definitely take these tips and utilize them towards your own brand. Okay, So boom, so right off the bat, what I'm gonna do is I'm going to put little bullet points like I was saying, and I use the emoji so that kind of stand out a little bit more. So I put photography tips daily, how to videos, how to do the certain photography angles and looks that we're able to achieve, as well as small business tips. So even if you're a small business coming to my page, you would maybe look at these photography options and tried to do them yourself. Or if you weren't able to do that, you'd potentially book me or ask me questions about my brand. So that's kinda what we're hoping to achieve. And then I'm going to play some emojis in there just to add a little flair and boom, save. So that's as simple as we want to get with that bio. Like I said, short and sweet is always better because we want people to come to the page, immediately know exactly what you do. So then we're gonna get into creating your profile photo. And on tiktok, It's really nice. You could create a photo, you could also do a GIF, and it's really cool. So when people get on your page, it immediately starts moving. It's like a moving photo. What I always recommend either do a good photo of yourself. That's if you want to place yourself as the front person of your business or you could always use your logo, which is something I always recommend to clients. Just for this case, as a photographer, placing these photography tips, trying to book people own a place at photo of myself, you can either choose from your camera like a professional photo of yourself, which is something I always recommend just so it looks best for you. You just take it right away. So we'll just kinda get into taking the photo right now. So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to film a video right now so we can place it actually has the profile photo. I'll get some of that team in adjacent that there. And then We're gonna go ahead and place it actually on the profile. So when you click Change video, it gives you the option to click on that from right there. So it lasts actually six seconds, which is quite a long time. And then right away it's safe. So when you go back to your actual page, you can see it's like a moving gift or a moving photo on there. So bone you could do that also, as you can see, your name on there is the same as your username. So why would we want to change that? And just so you don't have it in front of your brand or whatever. So you could go to your name and you can actually change it to whatever you want. It could be your brand name, you could even put a sentence there. So what I always recommend is put your actual brand name there. If your brand is social savvy, for example, just put social savvy because it allows you to put whatever your brand name is. You could also put a Modi's if you want to. I'm gonna throw a little camera in there and then press Save. So now when you go to your actual profile, it says that at the very top, as you can see, there's a social savvy with a little camera. So when people are searching your name, it has your name under it and then your actual business name right on top of it. So if like I said, when you tell someone you're a brand name or your social media handle, when they go, they'll actually see your full business name on them. So that's great. So we'll go back into editing your profile and then we'll add some of those links that I would recommend. So after that's complete and you have your name, your new gift as a profile photo, you have your bio done. We'll jump into what week or what I recommend to link to your profile. So it gives you the option to link both your Instagram in your YouTube. If you don't have either one of those, it's totally fine. I always recommend at least making an Instagram because that's definitely really important for a business. So you could always repost what you're posting to Tiktok, to your Instagram Reels, which is really popular right now. So definitely try to do that. Of course, you want to make some photos and whatnot, but this is really great to use content on both of those platforms and try to capitalize on different audiences. So what we're gonna do right away is linked our Instagram account. So when I press on Add Instagram account, all it does is ask you to log into your Instagram page. And if you don't have that setup, feel free to check out our other course. Basically this exact same thing, but how to do it on Instagram? If you already know how to set that up. Of course, just continue with this here. And then exactly the same thing with your YouTube page. If you have a YouTube page for your business, great. If you do not, no worries at all. So it does the exact same thing. You log into your YouTube account or if it's logged in with your Google or whatever. Once you, once you actually click on it and allows a link for your followers or for people that are being driven to your page. They can actually check out your YouTube account from your TikToks. So that's really awesome. So those are the best options when linking them to your tiktok, you could add your Instagram and YouTube. 4. Benefits of a Creator Account: So now what we're going to get into is making your Tik Tok account either a creator, a business, or just a regular TikTok account. So what you're gonna do is you're gonna go to the top right corner, which is these three little dashes. So right away you'll get different recommendations. But what I always recommend is making sure to stay as a creator account. Why I always recommend doing this is when you go to your settings and when you click Manage Account, it takes you to this option that says switch to a business account. Why I feel this isn't beneficial is because it takes away a few of those creator options and replaces it with options that I don't think are of very much value. One of those options that it takes away is using popular songs, which as you know, is definitely one of the most popular, if not the most important tools on tiktok to actually allow you to go viral or allow your videos to consistently get popular. So with a business account, it just gives you the options to use Tiktok created songs. So what we're gonna do is we're going to stay with a creator account. And the creator account allows you to utilize a whole bunch of different tools that we'll get into in later episodes. So if you're new with us, what we'd like to do is we'd like to recap every single episode, go through all those points that we actually learn. So let's jump into the recap. 5. Shuffleboard Recap: So you guys just finished episode one of the tick tock course on how to optimize your Tic, Tac or town. Let's get into the recap. So first thing we learned was how to set up your profile. That was the first episode we got into making a username, your name, adding a bio, make sure to keep those all short and sweet. Bullet points listed exactly what you do. Tell your audience exactly what they're going to expect when coming to your page. Next thing we got into was adding those links, Instagram and YouTube. Make sure the link those to your business accounts. No personal stuff. And if you don't have them, that's totally fine. But if you do, that's a great way to draw more traffic to those sites. And then we got into making your profile picture, either use your logo or a nice photo of yourself. And then lastly, we got into a creator or a business account. Make sure to choose that creator accounts over the business account. The creator account gives you a whole bunch of tools that we'll get into later. And that business account limits a little bit of that because of copyright. So that is the end of Episode 1, how to optimize your TikTok account. Let's get in the episode to what we talked about Tiktok culture and how to use the app. 6. (2) How TikTok Works and it's Culture: Hey guys, welcome to Episode 2. You've already gone one episode in on how to make your profile. Now it is time to talk about how Tik Tok actually works and tick tock culture. Why we want to get into Tic Tac culture, because it is completely different from Instagram, from Facebook, from all the other platforms that have anything to do with social interaction is so this right here is what's called the For You page. So as you can see right when you open it up, it populates a bunch of videos that are already very popular, not exactly people that you're falling. You actually have to click over as the top and the middle right there to people you're falling. And then you could see other accounts that you're already following. What videos they're posting. That is why Tiktok is completely different from all of those other ones. What they're trying to do is basically populate a whole bunch of videos so that you are continuously on Instagram. The Explorer FEM, which in this case it's called the For You page. Tiktoks algorithm is very complex. So what it does is basically it tracks how long you're looking at a video, what profiled you are most likely to like based on how long you're actually watching each video. So what they do is they then populate that for you page with other content that's similar to the style of content that you've been watching. So for example, someone who watches photography tips, in my case, what it would do is it would populate other videos that already have a ton of likes and a ton of views that are relative to photography tips. So there's 15 million lines of code within the Tiktok algorithm. So it is very good tracking what style of content that you like all the way down to the extra millisecond and that you spend on a certain video. So it's gonna give me all these random videos. And if I watch this second video for longer, it's going to populate more videos like this one here. If I skip right past it really quickly, it probably won't show me this style of video right there again, it also has AI frame-by-frame analysis as in, say you watched a video or liked the video with a motorcycle and it'll show you other videos that have motorcycles in it and things that are relative to that space. The next main topic within there is followers doesn't equal views, which is completely different from those other platforms. If you have a lot of followers, you usually get a lot of it views. But with tiktok, the way it works, just like I said, it's showing you videos that are relative to what you're already watching. So it can potentially show you people that are posting videos that maybe they don't have a ton of followers or you don't follow them. So that's kind of how this For You page works. When you're posting a video. It could get a ton of use and it could be your first videos when posting and good tiktok, you could potentially get a ton of views and have 0 followers right off the bat. Or you can have a ton of followers and only get a couple of a 100 views because not everyone goes to the following section. A lot of people just stick with the For You page. And that's why Tiktok is so much different than these other platforms. 7. TikTok Navigation & How Vital the App is: So as you can see on this app, it has a whole bunch of different options. It might look confusing on how to use it, but basically, in order to see new videos, you just scroll down. So you just tap on the video and score right down. As you can see, it's showing me a ton of other videos that are completely different. They basically don't know what my market or Nietzsche's yet, which is something that we'll talk about in later episodes about picking your niche and what to post for yourself. As you can see on tiktok, there's a whole bunch of different options, so we'll just kinda run through those when you're on your homepage. It's basically that For You page like I was talking about. So that's where you're really going to find new videos, new users, all that kinda stuff. And then if we go over to the Discover tab, this is a whole different sector which we'll get into later. And this is kind of how to find popular videos, the videos that are actually trending within certain hashtags. So if you are someone who is trying to blow up with photography, which is what my page here is going to be focused on. So we'll use that as examples, but definitely curated it to your own style and brand. You will be able to look up hashtags, look up popular users, all that good stuff. And then that middle option is actually how to create. It's actually how to create a video and do all that, which we'll get into in later episodes. But then you have the inbox here, which is going to be where all your activity is as an messages from users, likes, follows all that good stuff. And then as you can see within the Activity tab, there is little activity notes up top. You can just filter out your likes, your comments. Q and A's people asking you questions and whatnot, as well as your DMs are in the top right corner. So someone sends you a DM or sends you a video. You could respond there and you guys are only actually able to DMZ if you guys follow each other. But what you can do is open it up on your preferences as an receive DMs from someone who you don't already follow. So if you have a ton of followers, then you can open up those VMs to anyone who follows. You can send us dm, but not everyone does that. So we should keep that in mind when sending someone a DM or something like that, maybe they don't respond. That's because you're not able to actually be in them. And then in the bottom right we have your actual profile. So when you click on that, says me and it takes you to basically your profile page or what people see when actually coming across your profile. And then in the top right corner we have all of your settings and you can only get to those settings when go into your profile. And then at the top right corner, you have the settings being able to all kinds of tools with your app and 19. So the last thing that we want to get into an episode to here is how vital Tiktok is to businesses. Basically, Tiktok is a free marketing tool to your business. You could spend a ton of money on Facebook ads, people trying to find out what your demographic is and actually getting to your demographic. 8. Recup of Joe: So you guys just finished Episode 2 where we talked about how to use the app and tick tock culture super important topics, just because it is completely different than every other platform. Completely different from Instagram, completely different from Facebook. First thing we talked about was the For You page, basically how it curates content to exactly what you like. Then we talked about how followers doesn't always equal views. You can have a ton of followers and not get a ton of use. You could also have 0 followers and get a whole bunch of use. It really just comes down to the consistency of posting and how good your content is. And you'll grow followers from there that actually watched your stuff. And then we got into picking your niche and make sure to stick to what your brand is and stick within the guidelines of your brand. And we don't want you to post and all kinds of random things because we want one video and a blob and we want people to watch all the rest of your videos. And then the last thing that we got into was how important and how vital Tiktok is to brands and businesses. You could get a ton of views based on one video. Even within the smallest market. We talked about, they're all kind of subcategories and suddenly issues within Tiktok. So don't be discouraged if you think your brand doesn't have a ton of yours because on tiktok, it does. So that is it for the recap of Episode 2 congrats, You just finished two episodes into the Tiktok course. Next episode we are going to be talking about what to post and how to stay within those guidelines of unique. See you there. 9. (3) Intro on What to Post: All right guys. Welcome to Episode 3. Thank you so much for making it this far. Glad you are because you are taking an incredible step toward tick tock marketing. So in this episode, episode 3, we're going to talk about what you should be posting based on your niche. Whether you're in photography or you're a restaurant, or you're making candles. This will be able to apply to everybody. So let's get into it. 10. Picking Your Niche: The first we want to jump into is picking your niche. This is super important because Tiktok rewards users who stick within an H. If you're consistently posting about, say, your restaurant or your photography business, then they really reward you because they know that when your audience sees your popular video, they're going to come to your page and get more content just like that. So we don't want to be too versatile. We want to be versatile within our niche, whether it's photography tips as well as photography recommendations when it comes to cameras and stuff like that, for example. So try to capitalize on things around your brand that makes sense toward us so that we could actually drive new clientele from your Tiktok to your website or to your Instagram, depending on where you sell your services or products. So my company, social savvy, digital marketing agency, we've expanded into product photography as a large portion of our services. So for the sake of this video, our objective here is to score more product photography clients. Okay, now that we're sticking within our nation, staying within the photography for you, it could be anything else, so definitely apply it to yourself. But what we're going to do is find some video inspiration. So when going on tiktok, we find users who are using similar hashtags than what we would be using. So definitely apply it to your niche. In my case, it would be photography tips or photography or product photography. So we would look up hashtags just like that. Then find users who are getting a ton of views and a ton of likes based on their videos. So we would try to mimic their style of videos. And the key thing to know is to not necessarily copy exactly what they're doing is we don't want to copy anyone's content, but definitely take inspiration and see the formula that they're using and try that with your own brand. So something to understand is how surprised you would be on what actually goes viral. Like we were talking about in earlier episodes. With the candle scenario, there are portions of Tiktok that are literally called candle talk or photography talk. And these are sub niches within the app that have a ton of users that are engaging within that niche. Liking those videos, like we talked about an episode to the For You page will continuously show videos that are based around that niche. 11. Don't Delete Videos!: Another thing to note is do not ever delete your videos. Why we say don't ever delete your videos is just because it hasn't gotten a lot of views in a week or a month, it could easily blow up at anytime, especially when you're consistently posting, making similar videos, part 2's part threes, maybe part three blows up. And then people are going to go back to your page and look at all the rest of them. So don't ever delete something, especially when you know that it's a good quality video, but it might not get that traction that it deserves right away. So don't ever delete any of your videos, even if you think that it hasn't gotten a ton of likes or a ton of comments or views or anything. And then the last point we want to go into is have fun with creating these videos. Why we say have fun with it is because that kind of stuff shows through to your audience, professional looking videos and advertisements like that, they get skipped so quickly. And you can see this based on any analytics. If you were to post a video with your iPhone in comparison to a video with a HD camera, you're going to get less views on that HD camera on just because people on tiktok are witty enough to understand that it's an ad right away. So what we wanna do with our businesses and our brands is to create content that is very organic. So three points to always follow is make content that is raw, authentic, and honorable. Things that actually show behind the scenes of your brand or your company. Because that's the stuff that don't actually get interaction on tiktok and get people engaging with you. Nobody wants to engage with them ad because they know you're trying to sell them on something. But if you get them interested around your brand, That's how you're actually going to draw more fans and followers, which eventually turns into clientele. So in conclusion, have fun with making your TikToks, making your videos, because at the end of the day, it's a fun platform. So don't think too hard when making your videos. So that's the end of Episode 3 on what to post based within your niche. Let's jump into the recap. 12. Recap Over Some Bumper Pool: So you guys just finish episode 3 on what to post based on your niche. The first thing we got into was picking your niche. Choosing a niche based around your brand or your company and capitalizing on that market. And then we talked about mimicking popular content, finding influencers within your niche that do really well in getting video inspirations based on their popular content. And a big thing is to not be surprised on what will go viral. But there's a ton of content on tiktok that goes viral based in the smallest suddenly issues in small markets. So don't be discouraged on what you're posting about. That was embarrassing. So leaving videos also embarrassing. Don't ever delete your videos because even though it's not getting a ton of likes right now, it might get a ton of likes later. Okay? Just like being raw, authentic and vulnerable is okay. Tiktok loves it and they reward you for it. That is all the points from Episode 3. Hope you enjoyed the recap in the next episode where we talk about using popular songs or viral songs on tiktok to get attention from new users. I'll see you there. 13. (4) What Trending Songs Are: Hey guys, welcome to Episode 4. Thank you so much for continuing this far. I know I talk a lot, so just bear with me. But we're on Episode 4 now where we are going to be talking about using popular sounds to go viral. But this is one of the biggest things on tiktok. It first started out as a music focused app. So definitely expect to be using a ton of music on this app. Of course, you see videos without music and there's original sounds and whatnot. But the bulk of all the videos you're going to be seeing on tiktok have music involved. Usually it is a combination. The most popular songs at that time, whether they just came out or they're just really popular on tiktok as of right now. And just to give you an idea, the popular songs change weekly if not daily. So the first thing we're gonna get into his kind of explaining what those trending songs are and how to kind of find them. So I'm going to pull my phone here, jump on the For You page. So when clicking on that little record in the bottom right corner, you can see what song it is. So you can see what artists, the name of the song. You could also see how many people are using that sounds. So as you can see right there, this is a pretty good size on already. It's a popular sound. What I usually do is when finding me sounds, I'll just little Add to Favorites Button. And what it does is it kinda saves it for when you go to create a video, you could easily find that sound. So that's what I usually do is I'll add it to favorites. You can even press this and the bottom, which is used the sound if you're ready to make a Tiktok right away, but if you're not, then don't press that. One thing we wanna do is look into the videos that are using this sound. A lot of the times people use a certain song or a certain sound when doing a trend. So we're going to get into trends a little bit later in the next episode. But just to kind of keep this in mind, you don't want to use every, every popular song. So some songs and audios are popular because of insurance. Make sure to look at the trend. There's a whole bunch of these videos and they're all very different. There doesn't seem to be any trend attached to, to this audio, to this song. So that's how we know it's just a popular song or popular song to be using as of right now. So this is a great song, like I said, add it to Favorites so you can use it later. But just to give you an example, some songs are based around a certain trend as an assertive dance move or say it's like a how-to video, maybe there's a certain sound that kind of applies to those. So we don't want to use those songs on any video that you make because it might draw people away from watching it because they want to watch the trend that's currently going on. 14. How to Find Trending Songs: So that's basically how it works. The next thing we're going to get into is how to find these songs in a little bit more organized format. So what we're gonna do in order to find the top 10 songs or sounds. Currently, what we're gonna do, we're gonna press that little plus sign in the middle here. So as you can see, it pulls up the video option. You can already see me on there. And then at the top right here, it says add sounds. So we're going to click on add sound. And it gives you a whole bunch of recommended sound. It's going to base that recommended on how popular is currently. So as you can see, you could click favorites right here where it saves the sound. So when I save the sound on, and it goes right here, so you can find that really easily. But if you go to discover, it gives you all these recommended ones that are really popular in the moment. As well as right under it says Tiktok viral, which is what I click all the time. And as you can see, that one that we saw on the For You page that was recommended to me is the top song right now, so that's perfect. So there's a whole list of all these songs and they give you the number of how popular they are on tiktok, go to this Tiktok viral thing, but make sure that the song you're using is not part of a trend. Unless you're doing the trend, then definitely use it. So that is how you go about actually finding those top viral songs. And it gives you the top ten as well as that recommended bunch of songs is usually songs that are very popular in the moment. You can also find other ones depending on what niche you're in. As you can see over here, it says summer vibes. We have Latin pop. We have all these different options that you can kind of go through and see what's going to be popular within your niche. But usually the top 10 is what's going to draw your video to continuously be popular. 15. A Trick to Use Popular Sounds Without Actually Using Them: So another little tactic or trick that we utilize at social savvy when posting for our clients and stuff like that because we basically create content for our clients. So what we do a lot of the times which we find a lot of success in doing is when creating a video. And we want the audio from the video. What we'd like to do is use the trending sound. But what you can do is turn it down on your video and still use that trending sound and it's still populates on the For You page of people that watch that sound. So I'm going to use one of the videos that we've made for one of our clients and just re-purpose it here. I'm just going to use a little clip that we took for one of our clients when making content for them. And then I'm going to add a sound to just basically show you how to use the sound from your video if you want to do that, and also tap into that market of the music. Once we click on the video, it'll give us a whole bunch of different options. In the bottom left corner, it'll say sounds. So we're going to click on sounds. And it'll give us a list of music or you can press search and it'll give you, it'll bring up that same menu. And then I'm going to click on tiktok viral, click the top song right there. Of course, make sure it's not a trend first, but this one doesn't have that trend. And then in the bottom right corner it says volume. So we're going to click on volume and you can see original sound and added sound. So you use the popular music and you play that over the sound of your video. But what you can do here is turn the added sound all the way down. And it still utilizes the song in the bottom right corner. So it'll still populate on people who are liking videos with that song and stuff like that because it's basically a trending sounds. So it's going to push it to those users. But you're not even using the sound. You basically just adding it to your video to get to those peoples for you pages. And then when using your hashtags and stuff like that, it fine tunes that even more to the users who are relative to your hashtags. And using that, this is kind of a hack to reach those users without actually using the sound. So the sound from your original video, if you're talking, for example, or something, it'll show that sound, but it also showed the sound on the bottom right corner of the popular song. 16. Creating Original Audio: Okay, and lastly, what we're going to get into is creating original audio. So this is something that's not the easiest to start making it trending or for it to be popular, but it's definitely something that could make your brand go viral if that original audio becomes popular and other people start using. So what we'll do is we'll find an audio that is an original audio, so it's not a song and thing like that. And what original audio is basically an audio that was filmed by a person and the audio goes viral and other people use their audio, which is a bit confusing, but we'll jump into here. So I did some searching and I found a trending original audio. As you can see, it's kind of based around people showing off food and using this trending sounds. So it's really random. Chick tick tock, don't check any original audio, can kind of pop off and get fairly viral and other people are using it. But what we'd like to do is try to keep it around your brand, but general around your brand. Not like here are my tips from social savvy, but here are my tips for photography so that other photographers, because then use that sound and your blow up and basically it all links back to you. So as you can see when clicking the bottom right, the original sound came from someone else's account. And then other people who are posting about food and stuff like that are using this sound, which is popular and they're hopping on the trend of the trending original audio. But you could potentially create one of those original audios and that exposes you to other people and just markets your brand a little bit further. So that's what an original audio is. It is very difficult for it to pop off and become trendy or whatever to use. But just know that that is an option. And as you can see for people that are restaurants or people that bake or something like that, it is really good to hop on trends just like that one there. So if you found that sound, definitely create a video that's similar to the popular one and use that original audio. So hopping on those trends, it's really good for your page and drawing new people to view yours. So that is it for Episode 4, we're going to hop into the recap where we run through everything we just learned. See you there. 17. Recap In the Conference Room: Congrats guys, you just finished up Episode 4 where we talked about using popular sounds to go viral. The first thing we got into is how it works, how exactly the song allows you to trend on the For You page. Then we got into how to look for viral sounds. Basically, when looking for viral sound, you go to make a video, you add a sound, and then it gives you an entire list of popular songs. Another big thing to note is not to use trending sounds unless you're doing the trend. If you're not doing the trend, Don't use the sand because then people won't watch your video. And then we talked about that little tick tock hat, as in if you want to talk to the camera and you don't want your audio to be music, you could use that song and turn that song all the way down and still talk to the camera without having that song kind of interrupting you talking. And then with the original audios, if they're within your niche, as in if you're a restaurant and there's an original audio, talking about restaurants, use that original audio, capitalize on that trending sound. So that is it for Episode 4, congrats, You've just completed that. In the next episode, we're going to be talking about following trends and how to find trends. So I will see you guys in episode hi. 18. (5) Finding Trends by Searching Your Niche: Hey guys, welcome back. It is Episode 5, going into how to research trends. You have made it five episodes into the social savvy Insider on tiktok and marketing. Awesome. Thank you guys so much for sticking with us this far. Let's get into an awesome topic about researching the trends on Tik Tok. Trends are the bare-bones of Tiktok. That's how Tik Tok started. That is what it is built on basically. And that's what allows people on tiktok to be so interconnected. So just basing it on my own niche that we're starting this page from the beginning. It's a photography account, basically just typed in photography in the search bar. And a whole bunch of videos came on just looking at this one here, once typing in photography is a video of somebody finding someone on the street and asking if he can photograph them. I've seen this a 100 times and then basically they showcase their ability to take photos of someone on the street. So I've seen that a ton of times they usually always go popular, especially when the photos aren't very good. So as you can see here, he finds someone roller skating. He films all of it. So as an HIM flagging her down, he asked her if he could take photos of her, and then she just does a bunch of twirls and dances and she's on rollerskates here and he's just taking photos of her. And then basically what he's going to do is showcase all of those photos with music attached, of course, because we want to use the music. But yeah, this is a trending thing in the photography world. And as you can see, it's basically go into present all of his photos afterwards. And boom, there it is. As you can see, he posts all the photos that he took a VR. So this is definitely a really big trending style of videos, especially within the photography world. So, like I was saying before, you just type in your niche into that search bar and it's going to show a whole bunch of videos that are relative to your brand. And you could get some good inspiration and follow these trends that are within your niche. 19. Finding Trends on the FYP: Also a good way to find these trends, especially when you've been on tiktok, say for even a week when that algorithm is really kicking in and seeing what you're interested in, you can always jump on your For You page, which is just that homepage. And it's going to show a whole bunch of those trends on there because that's what Tiktok is built on. It's going to promote people using these trends. So it's going to put it on your For You page. When you get on there, it'll be filled in, loaded with a whole bunch of these trends that you could consistently scroll through. But it really comes down to what content you're watching. So if you're watching content that is relative to your brand, you're going to see a whole bunch of content that is good inspiration and trends to follow for your brand. 20. Finding Trends on the Rise from Apps: There's also a ton of apps that predict trends on TikTok. There's one called Trend talk that we use at social savvy to predict trends for our clients or predict those niche trends that are relative to our clients when we manage and create content for them. So that is definitely a good app and there's a ton of other apps and forums all over the internet that have people trying to predict trends and try to hop on the newest wave of what will be popular on tiktok. And it is really important to capitalize on trends, right? When you see them, when they're on the rise. So it's good to capitalize on that trend as soon as possible when you see it, because those trends usually die out after about a week and then a new one pops up. 21. A Deeper Dive on Finding Trending Sounds: So we did get into it a little bit in the last episode, but we're going to jump a little deeper here where we talk about following the viral top 10 or the trending sounds. And then the way we go about finding them, basically a mixture of your For You page, pressing that add sound when you're actually creating a TikToks are when you start to create a text document, open up your camera, roll, you tap, Add sound in the top there. So it'll give you a bunch of recommended cells, which we talked about in the last episode, but also it'll show the Tiktok viral sounds here. So what we wanna do is look at those sounds and then we want to those sounds into the search bar. Okay, So I looked into a few trending videos and trending sounds. And basically what we found was one here called heavy in my mind. And basically it has a 159 thousand videos attached with this audio. And it's a trend showing a before video and then the person working on it, and then once the beat drops, it shows the final product. So applying it to my own brand, it would basically be like showing the products that we're going to be taking photos of, showing the camera that we're using. And then when the beat actually drops, we would show the final product or the photos that have been taken. So applying that to your own brand, this is a perfect way to follow a trend and potentially get a lot of views. And like we said, make sure to catch it on the rise, but doing this and trying to gain more views by utilizing this trend but applying it to your own brands. So this is a perfect trend to use when trying to promote one of your products or your restaurant or anything like that, that really has to do with your brand showing up before and then you working on it and then afterwards. So this is a perfect time to use. So you can even see right here, some of the most popular ones here is someone just making a rug as a 132 thousand likes on it and almost a million views. And this is somebody who is creating rugs and basically refurbishing them and sells them from tiktok it looks like so actually they have a link in their bio and all this kind of stuff. And they're basically just following those trends in order to get more people to their page. And then they link their website and they're probably selling stuff right now. And then what I will usually do is if I couldn't make a video that day, I would plan to make a video the next and just save that sound by adding two favorites and then basically creating my own video for that. 22. Typing in Your Niche for Inspo: But just going back to actually searching your niche, this is a super useful tool when not really knowing what videos would work for you. So like I was saying before, typing in your own brand or a word that's relative to your needs. Like for me in this page here, typing in photography is perfect so I could see trending videos or even trending sounds that are relative to photography already. And basically creating one of my own that applies to my business more than any of those other people. So that is it for Episode 5, talking about how to find trends within your niche. This is a super useful tool because you're able to basically ride a popular trend in order to grow your own brand. So we're going to hop into the recap of China, will see you guys there. 23. Re-cappuccino: We just finished Episode 5. Congratulations. We talked about researching trends. We talked about what trends are in a few apps to help you predict those trends. And then we talked about the For You page and how it's packed with trends. Also a great tool is to look into the top ten trending songs, finding the most popular songs, seeing what trends are being used with those songs and then applying them to your own brand. And then we talked about looking own niche in the search bar, finding what videos are popular within your niche and applying them to your own brand once again. And that is it for Episode 5. In Episode 6, we will be talking about consistency of posting and timing of that posting, will see you guys there. 24. (6) Consistency of Posting: Hey, what's up, guys? Welcome to Episode 6 where we're going to be talking about consistency of posting and what times are best to post. Let's get into it. So the first thing that I want to get into is being consistent on tiktok. This is a super important tactic as well as practice that we want to continue doing because it allows the Tiktok algorithm to basically clay in your favor being consistent on tiktok as super and foreign. Because basically the more times you post it's lying with the Tiktok algorithm in order to draw more engagement to your page. So the more times you post to your page, which I recommend is at least one time per day, which is a big thing that my company does at social savvy, we basically create content for those business owners that can't really continue to do it themselves. So that is a huge commitment and we know adherence social savvy. So basically in our experience, what we do is posting every single day, if not once or twice a day, is super beneficial because it's playing with the Tiktok algorithm in order to capitalize on the ability to snowball that engagement. So the more you post allows more engagement Occam, which plays with the algorithm and draws it even more people and they put it on the For You page or place it, the hashtags that other people are looking at. So super important to be consistent with posting. And that is basically why. 25. The Best Times to Post: So now what we're going to get into is the best times to post on tiktok. So after doing a little bit of research on our own clients as well as online, just what other people are seeing success with. And this is influencers on tiktok better posting three to five times a day. What times they're seeing be the best on tiktok, as well as some analytics from our own clients on the different times that we've posted and tested on their accounts. Basically, I'm just going to list a few of those different times and this is an EST Eastern Standard Time, makes it a curate your time zone to what we're listing up here. But if you want to just take a picture or a screenshot of these time zones, these are the best times to post because this is when people are most active on there. I'll even throw a thumbs up if you want a screenshot of bone. There it is. That's all we really need. So that is a solid guideline to follow as far as the best times to post. If you're posting around those times, definitely expect to get a little bit more engagement and potentially get on the For You page. 26. Posting Often Doesn't Bother Followers: Another thing we want to get into is why does it not bother your followers that you're posting so much like on Instagram and Facebook and those other platforms when you post too much, it definitely draws your followers away a little bit. So there is the possibility of posting too much. And that's only for Instagram, Facebook, those other platforms that have that news feed. So as you can see right when I open the phone, I'm already on this Explore feed. So it's giving me all this different content, but the people I follow, I actually need to click over in the top left, right here where it says following and I'm not currently falling anybody because it's a brand new account. 27. The More Posts, The Better: Another thing that we want to jump into is the more videos you have allows for more views on your page. So the more views that you could get on your page, the better, of course, because the more engagement and he plays with the Tiktok algorithm and allows for even more engagement and potentially pushes you to the For You page. The more videos up you have, the more potential views you can get on those videos. And if one blows up, then people end up watching the other ones as well, which is also good for your page. So don't be afraid to post a bunch of your followers will not care as well as it snowballs those views and allows for more engagement to come to your page. 28. Stocking Up Content in Your Drafts: Okay, so now we're going to jump into our method of going about that posting schedule like we were talking about before. Basically what Tiktok allows you to do, it allows you to save videos as drafts. So I'm going to pull up a little screen recording here. So as you can see, I just went to my own page. And basically this is where you're going to be able to see those drafts before posting them. So by clicking down here where it says tap to create, if I were to film a quick video of myself here in the office and then press Next. Basically what we could do from there as if you press Next again, it allows you at the bottom either to post or to draft the video. So this is of course after you've already edited and stuff like that, because once you go back to a draft, you can't edit it anymore. So by clicking draft, it automatically saves to your profile at the bottom there and allows you to post it later if you'd like. So this is a really great thing for us at our company when creating content for our client, we save a bunch of drafts in order to be ready to post them. Times that we listed earlier. Once those times common we're ready to post, we can easily just click on a video that we already edited, say the beginning of the week or something like that. And it's ready for us to post right away so you click on it. You could, if you didn't add a description, are ready. You could add the description and then basically press post in the bottom right corner. So that's a really awesome tool that Tiktok is basically given us and allowed us to use. 29. Creating a Posting Schedule: And then another thing we want to jump into is the reminder to post. So we just gave you that whole list of different times to actually post to your page. But what we do is we basically set alarms as well as schedule in our calendars for the different brands that we work with. Say you are a restaurant or something like that. Basically what we recommend is hopping on account or Google Calendar or something like that, and typing in reminders to post on that day. So after you've already made the videos, drafted them and they're ready to post. We don't want to miss those times. You don't want to miss those times that potentially post late and miss out on some of those views. So what we do is we schedule out all of the times to actually post we've already drafted and they're ready to go. So lastly, we want to get into the idea that just because you have no views on a bunch of videos, doesn't mean you're not seeing success in your entire page. So a lot of the times you'll post something and it won't be very many likes, especially in the beginning. But if you continue creating content and posting consistently like we've been talking about this whole episode, you're going to find success in those videos and in those views. One of those videos will eventually get popular or go to the For You page and you'll see success. And what's great about that is by having all those other videos that are authentic and good. And you're putting time into creating them. Those are going to get views after one of those new ones. So, so what's great about Tiktok is you're almost creating a library of videos for your new followers to actually be able to go through. So once they find you just based on the latest video you posted or it could be one of the older videos. Once they come to your page, like I said, you're gonna have a full library of all this good content for them to go through. And basically one doing that Tiktok algorithm is playing on that. And they could see that people are going through your videos and liking them or watching them for a certain amount of time. It starts pushing those videos to the For You page and it just continuously snowballs and gain the views from there. 30. Recap 'N' Latte: No. No. Well guys, you just finished Episode 6 on consistency of posting. And what times are the best to post. We talked about the best days and times as opposed. I hope you screenshotted that little segment that I told you to, as well as we talked about being consistent. One of the most important things to do on tiktok, it's better to pose more rather than less, even if you're not getting a ton of views, those views are going to compound. And if one blows up, the rest of them will get a ton of views, especially if you're saying within your niche and posting good content, then we got into making drafts in setting alarms. That is super important. So you know that you're posting at the right times. Make those drafts, make a nice draft. Drafted so it's ready for later and then set those alarms so you're posting at the exact time that we recommended. And don't be embarrassed about posting too much that your followers don't care on tiktok if you're posting too much, they'd like to see content. Just keep it authentic and keep up the good quality content. And we will see you guys in Episode 7 where we talk about using your analytics to your benefit, will see you guys there. 31. (7) A Detailed Overview Of Analytics: Hey guys, welcome to Episode 7 where we are going to be talking about analytics, a huge important part of your Tiktok success. Why we love analytics so much is because basically it allows us to step into the point of view of your followers are of your viewers on tiktok and capitalize on those followers and those viewers. So we're going to hop right into it, how to get to those analytics. So I'm going to show you them a pull up a screen recording. So you tap those three little lines in the top right corner to go to your settings. It's going to pull up the settings and privacy page. And then you're going to click on Create or tools. Because before we did say make your account into a creator account if you didn't do so, you're also able to review the analytics just the same. It'll say business tools rather than Creator Tools. And it'll take you to create our tools. And then you click on Analytics, right? When you click on Analytics is going to show you an overview of all of your analytics. I know that we just created a new account for this course. So we did use one of our clients pages so that we could see all those good analytics. But you're also able to see in the top right corner, the last seven days, the last 28 days. So if you click on that, you can see your analytics for even longer, which is awesome. Basically that is the overview that's going to pop up. But as you can see at the top, it gives you a little slider bar on certain content, certain followers, your overview and your live videos. Under the content tab, you could kind of see which one of your post is performing the best. So why do we want to look into that is because you could then track in, mimic those same styles of content and that's potentially going to go viral or popular on the For You page. That's what's good about that content tab. I'm going to go over to the followers tab here. And this one's super important. This one's really awesome and I'm so glad that Tiktok gives us these analytics and stuff like that. You can see the amount of followers our client has here and how fast they grew those followers. It shows you the growth rate or the percentage of your growth rate. And then as you scroll down, it gives you a little deeper into those analytics as in, it gives you what gender is coming to your page the most. So that's awesome. You can kinda capitalize on that. 32. Using Analytics to Find Your Style: So as we scroll down, we get into some even more important analytics that here at social savvy we really capitalize on. And that is the top territory's as in the locations that are following you the most, the time that your followers are active the most. So this is, this is some of the stuff that we'd try to capitalize on the most out of all the analytics, we really look at the territory. The ways that we go about actually focusing on these territories is by utilizing the hashtags or utilizing trends that are popular within that location. Going back to other episodes, we did talk about how utilizing trends helps you capitalize on certain markets or niches that also intertwines with the location as well. So when using these trends and stuff like that, there are trends that are more popular in other countries and stuff. So definitely focus on trends that are popular within your area. For us, it would be the US. And as you can see, with us capitalizing on those trends for our clients, we're able to kind of get a high United States percentage. It does twinkle in with other locations and countries and stuff like that, but it does give you the percentage which is awesome. 33. What Time You Should Post: And then just moving down a little bit further, it gives us what times and days our audience is online the most. So this is really awesome. It really comes into play once you start growing and more followers and stuff like that. But as you tap around, it shows you how many of your followers are online during those times of the day. I'll click on around seven AM and there's about 1.6 thousand followers on at that time. Click More through the middle of the day, we have 2 thousand followers online, 3PM, 2000 followers. And then there's a little spike over here at around 07:00 PM. Why we want to look at that little spike to 0.100 followers are on at that time out of 5800 followers that this client has. So that's going to be the time that we want to look at to capitalize on posting or even going alive. This is a very helpful tool as a creator, knowing what time your audiences online the most within this little time section in the top right, if you click on days, you could also see what day you're audience is online the most. And we probably want to post around these days here. And there's 5.25.1 thousand people online that are followers of this client here, we want to look at these analytics and be like, okay, I should be posting not on a Wednesday or a Tuesday, but it looks like I should be posting on a Saturday or a Friday when my users or when my followers are online the most, so that I could get in front of them, draw more engagement and more views. Because the more views that they are giving you TikToks algorithm is kicking in right there and allowing us to be pushed to the For You page for even more people to see our posts. These analytics are great and we utilize them very heavily here at social savvy when dealing with our clients so that we could get the most exposure possible for their pages in further videos, you're really following these and consistently keeping up with these analytics because Tiktok doesn't give you these analytics for no reason, right? So as a creator, when having that creator account, they want your account to do well. So they give you these analytics for you to capitalize on. So definitely utilize these analytics and we can basically guarantee that you are continuously gonna do better with those Tiktok views. 34. Using Hashtags To Improve Analytics: So a great example for utilizing those analytics would be to base your hashtags on those analytics with those locations. How we're able to continue that percentage to be predominantly in the US. For example, if you are a bicycle shop and you are based in San Diego, and most of your analytics are coming from Boston or Los Angeles or something like that. Then, you know, to utilize hashtags like San Diego bike shop or SD bikers. So these are great hashtags and of course you want to look into them. Those were just examples of them. Don't make up your own hashtags, but look into hashtags that are relative to your market. And we talked about in previous episodes, just typing in SD biking or something like that into the search bar. That's going to bring him a whole bunch of these different hashtags that are relative to San Diego and biking. That is a solid way to capitalize on your analytics. Seeing that your location is maybe more popular in East Coast rather than where your location is on the west coast. Then let's utilize those hashtags and tried to bring more of an audience in your area and make sure when you're looking at these hashtags, it has a good number of people already using that hashtag. We don't want to make one of our own that isn't going to have other people already following it. And we don't want to use one that's too broad, like just biking, because there will be people all over the world who are looking at that hashtag. But if you use one specific but not too specific, like San Diego bike shop or San Diego biking, then there will be a ton of posts and people using those hashtags that are actually in that area. We want a ton of people involved in those hashtags, but we don't wanna make it too broad where there's so many people involved that it's all over the world. We want to actually geotarget your location. So that is it for analytics, that is it for Episode 7, that is basically all you need to know with analytics. We went through everything, so we're going to jump into the recap now we'll see you guys then. 35. The Black & White Recap: So congratulations everybody. You just finished Episode 7, where we talked about capitalizing on your analytics. We basically took a deep dive into the analytics of Tiktok, your followers, your content analytics, as well as the overview, seeing how much engagement you've gone over the past seven days, you could choose seven days, 28 days, 60 days. So remember to take a look at that, especially when you're growing and using all these tips that we've talked about. Then we talked about content and how to capitalize on mimicking that style that's getting the most views. If that's getting views, you know, your audience likes that style of content. If it's getting light. Make stuff that's similar to that make part 2's and whatnot. So definitely capitalize on that content analytics. And then when going over to the following tab, make sure to check out the gender, that location, as well as the time your audiences online the most. Those are super important in what we uses social savvy in order to grow our clients pages, we actually look at what location or most popular. And if it's not the location where you want it to be, use those hashtags dependent on where your location is. And then when we're looking at the timing, make sure to check out the time your audience is online the most. If you see that they're online on Friday more than they are on a Monday. Try posting on Friday, allies and get more views on your videos. Overall, these analytics are super important and we use them very heavily in order to grow up people's pages. And that is it for Episode 7, that is it for using your analytics to capitalize on your audience. We will see you in the next episode, episode 8, going into engagement tools and Tiktok tools. See you guys. 36. (8) Intro to Content Tools: Welcome to Episode everybody. We have this episode and two more episodes. So I'm very excited because this one is by far one of my favorite subjects. This is Tik Tok, marketing tools and engagement tools. As in all the tools that Tiktok has provided for us to grow our page. So we're going to jump right into it. 37. Voiceovers and Subtitles Draw More Views: All right, so first thing, I'm going to open up the TikTok app, show you guys exactly what I'm talking about. Okay, so we have this brand new account here, so photography account. So we will utilize the tools that TikTok has given us right off the bat as a creative follow along, the first thing that we want to jump into is voiceovers and subtitle. So these are really great because it allows you to basically explain a little bit more about you and your brand while you have videos playing underneath, definitely utilize them because TikTok loves to push that stuff that they've created for you. I'm going to fill a quick video and then we can place a voice over, over the top. We could as well ads, Titles. And then as you can see in the right, it gives you a list of all these effects that you can basically use on your video. So I'm gonna click on VoiceOver. And this is great because you can watch the video and voice over at the same time. You can always redo the voiceover, add multiple little sections, so don't worry about trying to get it all in one. But we'll do that right now. Hey guys, this is me giving a voice-over over a video that I've already made. I'm spinning the camera. That looks really cool. Boom, I'm talking to the camera, I'm waving to the camera, and that is it. So you stop the voice recording, press Save in the top corner. And so what we're gonna do is we're going to press sounds in the bottom left corner, go over to volume and it says original sound. Original sound is when I recorded myself and the videos. We're going to turn that all the way down. And we're going to click back on the video. So as you can see, it's the video with no audio on it plus the audio of my voice over. So this is a really great option, as well as the subtitle or captions tool that we could use here. So this is really great because basically Tiktok is trying to push more views toward people who are maybe watching it without volume or who have trouble of hearing or something like that. So we want to put captions on basically every single video. You can make them very small. They're not going to the front of the video or anything like that. But what's awesome is it basically does it for you. It takes your voiceover or whatever audio is in the video and it creates these captions for you. But yeah, it's super simple, as easy as just placing those captions under your video. So I'm gonna press Save. And basically now we have a voice-over and captions for our video. And these are both really cool tools that TikTok has provided us that add a bit more engagement or potential viewers to our videos. 38. Using Text-to-Speech to Follow Trends: So the next thing I'm going to happen to is the text-to-speech. This is a very trendy feature, so we'll take that voiceover out, press Save on the video. So there's a little selection of tools that you could use, our press on text. And then we're just going to put, Hey guys, how's it going? And then basically when we press Done here and we click on that text and then press text-to-speech. It'll actually play that text that you wrote down. It'll play it out loud. That is super trendy thing. As soon as that video plays it, I'll place that text to speech right there and then go into maybe music or something like that. So this is also another great feature that we see recently and a lot of good trending videos. That's fine. 39. Prioritize Engaging With Your Audience: Okay, so now what we're going to get into is a few of those engagement tools that you could take advantage of when you already have a post up on your page. So some really great features when you already have a post up and I'm just going to one of our own pages. Basically, when clicking on your post, you can go to the comments. And what you could do is you get like those comments, which is really great for engagement, liking your liking your followers comments or liking even random viewers comments. It just adds a little bit of back and forth there to potentially draw more comments from them later on, as well as if you hold down on one of the comments, it gives you a whole bunch of options. The first option, as you can see on there, Is reply with a video. This is usually when people have like an explainer video or a video that maybe has a cliff hanger or something like that. And with that, they respond to a question with a video. So these are really great because it draws more video views to your page. So basically when you respond with a video, it does pose to your page. But it shows basically like the top corners, something that you're responding. And what's really great is it that gets a lot of views than people see that you're responding to something and maybe they click through to your other videos as well. So it's definitely a really great feature as well as a really awesome feature is to pin a comment. When you pin a comment, it places it to the top of the comments section. And that is for your viewers. So basically, you would pin something maybe funny or something that you would hope for others to see. So if they say something like, hey, this video is awesome and you replace, looks really great. Maybe you pin that so that other people, when they open up the comments, they see a comment like that. And it just draws a little bit more attention to your brand or your business. So pinning a comment is really awesome. Doing that as well as like I was saying, it shows a whole bunch of other features. So that's about it when it comes to responding to your followers and people that are engaging with you and stuff like that. So those are really awesome features. 40. "Duets" With Popular Content: And then another good set of features is the stitch and duet features. Basically what those are, you can lay a video of someone else's while playing a video of yours. I know it sounds a bit confusing, but it's basically playing the two videos at the same time. And almost as if you're responding to that video. And for the most part, these duets are comedic, but sometimes they also answer questions to someone's video visually. So basically, if someone in one of their hosts is asking a question to the audience than other people will do at that video with a response to that question or something like that in hopes to ride the popularity of this video, to actually draw more interaction on your own video and then to your page and stuff like that. 41. Stitching Your Post With Viral Videos: So basically the difference in duets and stitching. Now, stitching isn't really popular feature and it's basically very similar to do it, but this is how it is different. So basically a duet is two videos playing at the same time. But then a stitch is playing one person's video and you could cut it off at anytime to play necessarily their whole video, but then your video then placed directly afterwards, people do the exact same thing, answer people's questions, or try to do something like fun back and forth. So Tiktok, as we talked about before, is a very social app. They want people connecting. So they really push this style of video so that we're connecting to random people. That is a really great feature to engage with, say, an influencer or someone else in their post and potentially draw their viewers over to your posts. You say, for example, a celebrity were to post something like, hey guys, looking for a really good VM cookie shop here in New York. And if your shop or a vegan shop in New York or you're a foodie who finds shops like that, then it would be really good. Stitch. Then your response to that celebrity, they asked that question that immediately after you then show your shop and maybe even show one of your cookies or something like that. So this is a really great way to potentially get the attention of that celebrity respond or comment on your post or something like that, as well as a great opportunity to blow up your brand by showing a really nice shot of one of your products or even your business or something like that. So that's a really great opportunity right there. 42. Organizing Your Content Through Playlists: The next thing I want to jump into is playlist on tiktok. They're really cool feature you do have to apply for it. It's as simple as going into your Creator Tools. It has the option of playlists you go to apply for it unless you already have the option. That is great. But here's a good example of how to use a playlist. So as you can see, I just went over to a very large influencer on tiktok. And basically what she has underneath her paper, she has a playlist option that says best bits. So basically she has a whole bunch of videos, some are not committing and others are very committed. Or she has interviews on there, or she has edits of restaurants and stuff like that. So she wants to separate those by using these playlist. So she put an option that just says best bits and when you click on it, it basically just gives you her most popular videos on there. Basically that's what a playlist is. So it's a really solid option for you to place your different recipes or your how-to videos. Or if you have a page like mine that's all about photography, then we could go into product photography, food photography, all different kinds of stuff. So that's a really nice that Tiktok provides just to separate it out. Because when you go to your feed, you can't necessarily tell what is what all the time. So this playlist feature is really awesome to separate your content or even put your most popular content in one playlist. So when people come across that, they could go through all of your videos. And then you can also see there's a Q and a tab on her page. So this is really cool, especially for influencers, not necessarily always for restaurants and stuff like that, unless you're getting a ton of questions about your restaurant or recipes and whatnot. That is an awesome feature for you. So if you click on this queue and a option, you basically allow your followers or your viewers to ask you a bunch of questions. This is really awesome. As you can see, I have the ability to ask your question there and the bottom, there's a whole bunch of people asking questions to this influencer. So that's a really cool option. You going to respond to them. People can see your responses so it's not private. So definitely make sure that you know that it's not private responses, especially if you're getting a ton of questions like in the comments or something like that. So that's a really cool feature. 43. Tools to Use After the FYP: Okay, and the next thing we want to talk about is going live. Going live is a really awesome feature that TikTok has put on there. And it's basically you being able to go live and talk on your page just like the other live versions on Facebook and on Instagram and stuff like that. But the time when you are going to see the most viewers on your live and engagement of time is when you already have a post on the For You page. So if you see one of your posts as getting a lot of likes and engagement stuff like that. You could basically run a live video and answer those questions right away. So it's really cool. It's basically right when you start a live video, it's going to be a live feed on the selfie camera so that you can answer questions about the post That's going viral or you can answer different questions that your audiences asking yourself. So a lot of the times we do recommend going live when it is just hitting that For You page because you're gonna get a lot of new traffic. So if you're already live, That'll be great for people to click on your live video. Another cool additive bonus to tick tock is the Creator Fund. So what the Creator Fund is, if you go to the top right corner and you do need to have 10 thousand followers as well as 30000 views within the last, however long, it is a really cool option, especially for people that are consistently making videos every single day or twice a day and what not. This is a really cool option to potentially get paid for creating your videos. It's not a whole lot of money, but it definitely apply for it when you're over that 10 thousand followers and getting that much engagement. So if you do have that many followers and you are getting good interaction consistently, that definitely check out that Creator Fund. It's an awesome option to get you paid for what you're doing. Okay, and lastly, we want to jump into the promotion of your posts. So basically what this is is just about the exact same thing, Instagram and Facebook with the promoting posts. But Tik Tok has provided a better system that seeing way better results. So when you go to your settings and the top-right corner profile, it'll take you to the settings page. You go to Creator Tools and then press on promote its basically paid promotion. So you do have to pay money to promote your post. But a lot of the times where we see success is when a post is already doing well and it's getting on that For You page and getting a good amount of views and likes promoting that post, just pushes that post even further. So as you can see already, it's getting a ton of engagement and it's a good post that you put up. So by promoting this post, Tiktok gives you the option to basically choose the audience that you want to see the most. And Tiktok has a really good algorithm of putting your promoted posts in front of the right users. So if you wanted to do that paid promotion, especially in comparison to Facebook and Instagram, this is a really great option to apply your advertising money. So guys, that is it for Episode 8, talking about Tiktok tools and engagement tools, my favorite episode. So I hope you guys apply these tools to your brand because this is gonna make a huge difference in your engagement. So we're going to hop into the recap. I will see you guys there. 44. Whiteboard Recap: Nice job everyone. You just finished up the Creator Tools and engagement tools. Let's go over the recap, a few things that we read through. The first thing we got into here is voiceovers and subtitles. Those are awesome features to use because voiceovers get your point across, not just through video, but you explaining over the top, make sure to adjust that volume like we talked about here as well. Um, but subtitles is an awesome feature that take time is Cushing because they want you to basically expand to those users who are maybe hard of hearing, as well as watching the videos without audio. Next thing we got into was the text to speech. That's an awesome feature. It's definitely trending. So utilize that text-to-speech and kind of explaining what that video is going to be about. That's going to be a perfect hook into your videos, as well as we talked about responding in painting comments, responding and paying comments. Great options in order to engage with your audience. Pin that and really nice comment to the top and respond to those good questions and stuff like that. Responding to questions, also another cool feature that you could do in the Q and a. So the Q and A's are really cool feature in order for your audience to ask you questions are new to respond to them publicly. So that's a really cool feature that we talked about, stitching and doing the duet. Really cool features to engage with other people on social media like those influencers and stuff like that. Not always are they going to respond to you, but it's a really cool feature to open up that opportunity for a response. So definitely utilize that stitch and duet option. We also got into playlist. Playlists are awesome for businesses and in like basically what you do with the playlist is you categorize your videos. If you do How to videos you could do or how to playlist. If you do a promo on maybe your most recent product photography or something like that and you make a playlist for that in all your product photography will be in one spot, all your how-to videos or in one spot awesome feature. Then we went into the live when to go live. And going live is definitely a hit or miss. You don't always get a ton of yours on your life, but try to go live when you're on the For You page. Awful, awful writing, very, very terrible handwriting enemy. But it is nonetheless very true when you're on the For You page, go live because I was an awesome way to draw the people that are watching your video to go then to your live video, ask you questions and just further that engagement, more followers, awesome feature. Then we talked about the Creator Fund is only for people who have over 10000 followers and who have a ton of engagement in the last week or month or whatever. But awesome way to make a little bit of money for those videos that you're creating. So continue with that Creator Fund. The last thing we got into was rome, low bar, some feature to promote your videos way better than Instagram and Facebook, you see a ton of better results. So if you're a business and you want to promote your brand, this is definitely a good spot to spend your money. So that is it for Episode 7, going into engagement and Tiktok Creator Tools, I will see you guys in the next episode where we are creating an actual video. I'm going to show you step-by-step how to create a good video that is going to drive a ton of traffic. And we'll see you guys there. 45. (9) The Blueprint of a Successful TikTok: Hey guys, welcome to Episode 9. Today we're going to be actually creating a Tiktok from start to finish. I'm gonna give you guys a very descriptive tutorial on how to start and create a Tik Tok, the method that we use, the method that works and the method that you should be doing. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna start screen recording. And basically we're gonna get into actually making a tic tac. So make sure you have a tiktok in the beginning. And I hope you've been following along with us through these episodes. So you kind of know these creator tools that I'm going to be using. And we could make it and you guys follow along. So basically just to give you an idea of the method that we use on tiktok that we see all the time. It is very popular and it seems to be very successful. This is the method that we call the hook value and call to action method. So what it is, is we hook the people in with a good video or your final product, or basically what you are going to be giving them. And then you start adding value as in adding value to the user that is watching and give them a reason to continue watching it. Because basically you're adding value to their life as they're watching it. You know, they need to be watching it for a purpose. This is a great method that seems to keep people on your video for longer, which as we talked about in the previous episodes, this draws a ton of more engagement. And then at the end of that video is, which is, we basically break it down into three parts. It is your call to action or your final product, or end up potentially checking out your services or your website or whatever you're on Tik Tok for whatever that goal is, make sure to push that goal toward those viewers so that you get reached that goal with this video. So also just to give you some examples of those hooks, some different ones that we've seen on TikTok will show you a few of those. 46. Making The Perfect TikTok Part 1: So what I'm going to do is I'm going to add in my clips and instead of press on sound sink, what we want to do is create our own video sound sink is a great option if you don't want to put any text over the top or anything like that. If you want to quickly edit those videos, a lot of the times we do that as well, and they perform really well. But for this one, we're going to press on default, which is an option right there in the bottom. And then we're going to click Next. Basically the fault allows you to trim that each of those videos. So if you click on a video, you could trim how long it's going to be or whatever. But since we already have and these clips adjusted to the length that we want them to be. We're not going to sound sink, but we're going to kind of do that adjustments ourselves. So I'm going to click on neck, but then what I'm gonna do right off the bat, I'm going to start adding some texts, but we want that hook. That hook is going to be basically what this video is. We want to tell people right away what the video is. So I'm gonna do product photoshoot. We wanna make sure that we are editing the length of the text. So I'm gonna click set duration on it. Why we want to set duration is So that that text is not through the entire video. We don't want to show someone photography tip for the whole video, so we're going to trim it. You grab it from one end and you squeeze it all the way to the other end. So the tip, we want it to just last over these first two clips just so we can tell our audience. This is the product photography tip is where you're going to be getting. Press that checkmark. And as you can see, it's going to pop up in the beginning of the video just so it's product photography tip, and then it goes away. Then I'm going to click here. I'm going to add some more texts, basically explaining what is happening in the video. So this now is the add value portion. So we want to be adding value by explaining, in my case, what is happening in this photography tip. So I'm going to tell them step number one, grab a mirror in your product. So I'm basically, I'm breaking it down for Viewers. And then I'm also going to trim the duration of that one as well. So it's not lasting, may have a whole entire time. Have it pop and exactly when I wanted to pop in and have it fade out when I wanted to go away. And press the check mark, I'm going to add another set of texts, which we will have it be step number two, which would be poor water around the product. Can make it whatever colors you want. And then I'm going to set duration on that one as well. So basically it's instead product photography shoot and it'll explain step. 47. Making the Perfect TikTok Part 2: Over kind of explaining what we want. As you can see the flow of this video. It has the hook in the beginning, it has the value in the middle, and then a call to action at the end. What is the call to action for me, I want people to come to my Instagram page or my Tiktok page and actually check out my other stuff. So what I'm gonna do is I'm just going to place my username. So I'm gonna put at or social savvy or which is our social media page. You can put your website, you can put all kinds of things, but we always want to put some sort of call to action. It doesn't have to be so blatant that it's like an advertisement. But we definitely want to put that call to action in there because at the end of the day, that is the goal for our brand. We want them to go somewhere other than just watching this video. I'm going to set the duration of that one. So I want the, I want the duration of this call to action and just be at the very end because we want to follow that, those guidelines, the hook, the value and then call to action. As you can see the flow of the video, it'll be your hook. It'll be your explanation in the middle, which is your add value. And at the very end, we want your call to action in the final product in order to basically give them what they wanted to see, we have to show them if I'm doing these photography tips, I gotta show what the final product of that photography tip is. So this is a great step-by-step on how to follow that hook method. And then lastly, what I'm gonna do is I'm going to place that voiceover and this will be solid to hit all fronts as far as doing the voice over, doing the music in these captions and subtitles. So I'll do a voice over here and I'll just record it stood up right now. Here's a little product photography tip. Grab a mirror and your product poor water around the product. And then watch your photo come to life. Well, and that's it. So that's all I did. So as you can see right there, the audio on my video is a little bit too loud for my voice-over. So I want to happen to the audio section when more times the bottom-left little music notes go to volume and then drop that music sound down even lower than to around 15. So that is a great formula to a video, to making a video that hook, add value and call the action method. So as you can see, I took all the tips from those creator tools that we talked about in previous episodes and basically put the captions, did the voice-over, put the big sum there and then followed that hook method, a hook in the beginning, some info on what they're about to see in that video. Adding value, actually explaining step-by-step of how that video happens, as well as at the very end, providing exactly what they wanted, which is all those tips put together and they see the final product. And at the same time, we want to place our call to action. So that is a perfect method to a tiktok. And this video here we've already posted, It's already seen a lot of success. 48. Recap Over a Fire: So we're doing a recap of Gino over a little fire for Dr. Phil. But don't mind him. You guys just finished Episode 9 where we talked about doing a video step-by-step utilizing the hook method. It is a great method. We've seen great success with it. We see influencers use it all the time. So it is absolutely a method we want to follow. You don't necessarily have to do with every one of your videos, but utilize that method. And we did it over photography tip, but definitely curate it to your own brand. So what we did in that video step-by-step is we added music, voice-overs, and subtitles, which is all the key points you want to hit in order to play with that Tiktok algorithm and expand your reach even more. And then we talked about creating a good caption, short and sweet. They don't give you a ton of room in that caption. So keep that short and sweet. And then we went into how to choose good hashtags. Basically you type in your need, then look at the hashtags that are relative to you and choose one that not necessarily has billions of years, but we want to choose within the millions, keep it a little bit smaller. That always drives a little bit more engagement to a smaller business. So that is everything that we learned in episode nine, step-by-step on how to create a video. I hope you guys learned a lot. In the next episode, we're going to be talking about influencer marketing and awesome episode to end it off. 49. (10) Intro to Influencer Marketing: What is up, everybody, you guys have made it to Episode 10. Awesome. Hey guys. Congratulations, you've made it to Episode 10. This is the final episode of the Tiktok course. You've learned so much already and incredible amount. And you are going to apply all that stuff to your page and your page is going to be successful. So very exciting, very cool. In the last episode, we learned about creating an actual Tiktok, which is great. So we want to populate your page with a bunch of TikToks. We want to add that to your page and then we want to get into this episode here, which is Episode 10 on influencer marketing. Let's get into it. 50. Identifying Which Influencer Suits You: So now that we are on Episode 10 and we've learned all of those things from the previous nine episodes in our page, looks great. We have tons of videos on there already. It is time to dip into influencer marketing. Why this is important? Because we love influencers. Influencers basically push our brand out to their followers and then we get followers. It is a very simple concept, but it is not the easiest to obtain. So we're going to show you how to obtain that, how to go about influencer marketing, how to find influencers, and how to get them to actually promote your brand. So let's get started. The first thing that we want to understand is finding an influencer within your niche. Influencers are awesome, but they are tapped into all kinds of different markets. And basically, we want to find the influencer who is in the best market, in most relative market to our brand. So in my case, I'm going to look up photography influencers, people who are within the photography space that have a ton of followers. That's basically how we're classifying one an influencer is if you are a candle company, we want to go after not other candle companies, but someone who heavily promotes candles or talks about candles of your cosmetics brand, we want to go after someone who maybe doesn't make up tutorials or something like that on tiktok. So apply this and curated to your own brand. What I'm gonna do is I'm just going to look up on my page and just show you how to find these influencers right off the bat. So what I'm gonna do right off the bat is I'm going to hop on tiktok and show you how we go about actually finding influencers to run influencer marketing campaigns for our brands. So in my case, I'm going to stick with the photography niche and I'm just gonna type in photographer. And as you can see, we're going to get a bunch of videos right off the bat. Usually these videos are ones that have done really well on Instagram already. So you could see in the bottom right corner of each of these videos how many likes they have? We want to look at that because that's definitely super important. And then we wanna go to the page. Make sure not only do they have one video that's popular, but we wanna make sure that they are consistently getting good views. This is how we know they're an actual influencers so they can't really fake the views and the likes that they're consistently getting on the page. So we want to look at their page and make sure that they're consistently getting that 10 thousand likes and all this stuff like that. So what we're gonna do is we're going to basically go to each of these influencers and check out their page. As well as a good thing to note with these influencers as they're not necessarily getting paid for every single post that they put up. Of course, there could be a part of the Creator Fund and get a few dollars here and there. But this is something that note that if they're charging you a hundreds of dollars to make a post about your brand. That's not necessarily cost effective for you. It would be better to reach out to 20 influencers that are all posting you on their page and doing it for maybe $50 a piece. So definitely make sure that you're choosing an influencer who's cost-effective for you and your brand. Because maybe not every influencer is worth hundreds of dollars or something like that. Of course, there are some with very high levels of popularity, but we want to make sure that that return is going to pay off. So sometimes for a lot of brands, they choose a whole bunch of micro influencers who are basically influencers. They get thousands of views on their videos, but less than those really high level influencers. So make sure are reaching out to multiple people rather than just one who's going to charge us a whole bunch. But also looking into those micro influencers who are going to charge us less and we're actually going to receive a better return. Okay, So after typing in photographer, a whole bunch of these posts and videos are going to come up that have a whole bunch of life. So we're gonna go to their pages and as you can see, it's going to show you a few of those hashtags and stuff like that. So I'm going to just click on one of these here. I found a video that basically has a lot of likes and I'm gonna go to their page now. So as you can see, she's using hashtag photographer on her videos and we'll go into your page. I could see each one of her videos is definitely getting a high number of views and likes around 20 K or more on each of those videos. So this is a solid influencer to reach out to. Like we said before, we want to make sure that they're very consistent so that when they post something about you, it's going to get views rather than finding someone with lower numbers that potentially when they post your video or a video showing out your brand, you're going to get less views. We want to make sure that you are going to get views, especially if you're gonna be paying for that shout out from them. 51. Negotiating With Influencers: So the next thing we want to jump into is negotiating a price with these influencers, basically with Tiktok videos, as we said before, there are a ton of influencers that have good engagement. So reach out to multiple people. Don't try to just reach out to one of them because that one could potentially charge you a lot of money. And that's not always the expected rate. Um, a lot of the times people do, people do videos for no money at all, but, but in exchange for products and stuff like that. So definitely go through a few different offers when trying to get a shadow from one of these influencers. You can have them do reviews on your products, honest reviews. You can have them using your products in the video, you could do all kinds of different things. So with this photographer, for example, say I was a camera company or something like that. It would be great for me to reach out to this photographer and be like, Hey, we'd love to send you one of our cameras and you test it out in one of your shoots and let us know what you think. So that would be great for one for her to create content. Because at the end of the day, we talked about before, these people are trying to create content daily. They are under the same exact grind is us trying to promote their brand and stuff like that. And it's great for them to receive products and be able to make new videos and stuff like that. So it's a win-win on both sides. So make sure you're negotiating different things, as in not always money and especially not high ticket influencers. So that we can reach out to broad audiences that are within your niche. So that would be a great tip to definitely look into, is not always looking for money, but trying to do it in exchange for product or something that's mutually beneficial. 52. Best Ad Styles for Your Influencer: Now we want to jump into what style of video that they should be creating. So as we've spoken about before in previous episodes, we talked about not having your videos be to advertising. That's not the culture of Tiktok. They know when something's an advertisement in those skip right past it. So especially if you are a company with a product that you want to be advertised through these influencers try to set up examples or styles of videos and you could pull them off a Tech Talk and use them as examples and whatnot. We want to choose a video stuff that's not going to come off as an advertisement to their audience at the end of the day that influence are also doesn't want to come off as advertising to their clients either. The more organic the better life hacks, reviews using that product. Different videos like that are going to perform a lot better than someone actually just filming the product when trying to advertise it. So if they create an honest video about your product, which is good, then it's going to come out great and actually perform very well. And you're going to drive traffic from their page to your page. So that's when we want that influencer to do at the end of the day. 53. Getting in Contact With Influencers: Then we're going to jump into how to actually contact these influencers. So with Tiktok, they don't allow you to actually DM these people unless you guys are following each other like we spoke about before. So the way of going about finding their contact information is not as hard as it seems. So usually they'll have either their email in their bio or even have their website linked. So as you can see right here, she already has her websites and the booking site for her. So I'm sure when you go to the booking site, even scroll down and see the e-mail, or you can always go to her Instagram account as well. By clicking through to Instagram, it'll pull up and scream. And as you can see, it gives you the email option right there. You can message you're on Instagram because it's criminalized a message anybody you want. So contacting them is not difficult at all. You can always find their email. So definitely don't be scared to reach out to these influencers and stuff like that. It's not as hard as it seems. They're basically wanting to create content for people. So you're reaching out to them is definitely beneficial for them as well as yourself. So feel free and go ahead and DM them. Another great tip would be to start out small. So as we talked about before, finding these micro influencers is really solid, especially when you're just starting out with influencer marketing. So definitely start out small, reach out to these smaller level influencers and try to do this in exchange for product. Because at the end of the day, that is mutually beneficial and creating content for their page which they need. So definitely start off small and as you get more experienced in reaching out to influencers, you can then go up to more paid promotion with higher level influencers. That is all that we have for influencer marketing. How to go about finding them, how to go about reaching out to them, and what to do when reaching out to them. What styles of video we want to make the whole nine. So that is it for Episode 10, that is it for the social savvy insider Tiktok marketing. Let's jump into the recap. 54. Recappuccinos and Goodbyes: Wow, what a journey. It has been ten episodes of straight tick tock marketing. Very proud of you guys for doing. Very proud that we have gone all the way through this. We have learned incredible things. And with that tenth episode, we have learned influencer marketing. Let's get into the recap a genome. So the first thing that we got into was how to find those influencers. And I'm just gonna type in photographer. We're gonna get a bunch of videos right off the bat. We want to make sure that they are consistently getting good views. This is how we know they're an actual influencer and then we just reach out to them. They'll have either their email in their bio or even have their website link. Or you can always go to her Instagram and it gives you the email option right there. And then what we went over to actually booking them without spending a bunch of money. There are a ton of influencers that have good engagement. So reach out to multiple, don't try to just reach out to one of them. You'll probably gained even more traction than that person with a bunch of followers. And then we got into the style of video we want to go into, we want to choose a video style that's not going to come off as an advertisement to their audience. That's not tick tock culture. So that is it to the influencer marketing. Have some videos already on your page, then utilize those influencers in your guaranteed to drive a ton of traffic back to your page. That is it for Episode 10? That is it for the social savvy insider tick tock marketing. Thank you guys so much for tuning in. We've had a great time making it. I hope you've had a great time watching it. So good luck out there. We wish you guys all the best and looking forward to seeing your results.