Tier 2 work visa's for UK immigration: how they work and how to apply for one. | James Moloney | Skillshare

Tier 2 work visa's for UK immigration: how they work and how to apply for one.

James Moloney, Start up & Recruitment expert

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5 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is a tier 2 UK visa

    • 3. How does the points system work

    • 4. Costs and timescales

    • 5. How the process works


About This Class

In this class we will introduce you to the tier 2 work visa for UK immigration, so you can plan for a career in the UK and approach the immigration process. 


1. Introduction: Today we're going to talk about THE work visas for the United Kingdom. So the purpose of this course is to teach you how mappings replication process works. What you need to do to secure a tear to Visa, How about process looks, what that will get you the end of it. So what we're gonna talk about first is watts 8-80 work visa is what kind of roles these for, what kind of people these are going to be suitable for. And we will then cover the point system and the shortage occupations lists go through exactly which roles are eligible, what you need to achieve in terms of points and evidence, it also secure one of these phases. And then we'll go through a little bit about the actual mechanics of the process and what would best increase your chances of securing one of these phases. 2. What is a tier 2 UK visa: So the first one is cover is exactly what a tear to feta is. So the UK invites skilled professionals to work in the UK under the tissue visa program. Now, this program bassy works by taking workers whose occupations are listed in the shortage occupation list or who meets a certain salary requirement from their employer. And they can then apply to work in the UK on a long-term basis. Now, there's lots of professions on this list is a lot of IT. Finance, teaching, most health care rolls, most engineering roles are covered by this. And the salary requirements for this are generally around 30 thousand pounds at all, is reduced to just under 21 thousand pounds. And for first-time workers on entry level jobs within these areas. These other 20-20 figures, this may change come April. You would expect these to increase generally with inflation. And so the duration of stay for these is a maximum of five years and 14 days. Now your certificate may list a shorter period. They are issued on a case-by-case basis. But the maximum that one of these will last for five years and 14 days. And now these are also subject to a point system. So you require 70 points, which we will cover subscript videos, exactly what makes those 70 points. In order to successfully achieve this visa, somebody is not simply a requirement to have a role. There are a number of other personal criteria which humans meet, score enough points to secure this visa, rights, work, and reside in the UK. 3. How does the points system work: So the first thing that we need to cover is the eligibility criteria, the things that you have to meet in order to be eligible for this visa. So going straight from the government's own websites, we have the requirements as firstly, a valid certificate of sponsorship for your job. So you must have a job offer in hand from a specific employer. Secondly, you have to show that you are being paid in appropriate salary. So your offer laughter and sponsored certificates should normally cover this. And that number in most cases is a minimum of 30 thousand pounds per year. You have to prove your knowledge of English with a set certificate unless you are coming from certain countries which had its limits be English-speaking and by default, eligible for this criteria, you must demonstrate that you have sufficient personal savings to support yourself when you arrive in the UK. And now this figure us off 20-20 is 945 pounds in your bank accounts at 90 days before you secure the visa. So you have to have this money already in hand and have had it three months before, you can apply for the visa. And you have to be able to show that you can travel. So demonstrate a valid passport and to provide your travel history over the past five years. And if you are from certain countries, you must have a tuberculosis test results certificates. You must also provide a criminal record certificate for any country you have lifted for more than 12 months. In the past ten years, if you'll be working with vulnerable people. And this is very similar to the DBS check that work is within the UK, have to take for similar jobs. There's actually a requirement for these roles. Anyway. You will have to have an algebra qualification if you are switching from a tear for visa to adhere to Visa, which is a slightly different process which we won't cover here. But generally speaking, the areas I've just outlined are the stumped at requirements at minimum. So first of all, it's typically sponsorship. Now this is a record of your personal details and details of the job you have been offered. It is an electronic document, not a paper documents. Your sponsor will provide you with a certificate sponsorship number. Once you've secured a job offer, this is then valid for three months. So you have three months from receiving that's tickets in order to secure your visa. And appropriate salary, as we've covered, is 30 thousand pounds per year or the appropriate rate for the job you're offered, which may be higher. It is whichever of these is highest. There are a few roles where you can be off at less than this. For example, there are a number of medical roles, rate geographers, nurses, paramedics, et cetera, personal savings. We've already covered 945 pounds in your bank account 90 days before you apply. You don't need to prove this. If you have an approved a rated sponsors and there are a limited number of organizations where they will essentially put up money on your behalf to get around this requirements. Again, these are generally things like medical roles. 4. Costs and timescales: Now the next thing we've talked about is the point systems. So to security native ISA, you essentially need 70 points. And now the points are reasonably straightforward. In shorts makeup you're 70, you need 30 points from having the valid certificate sponsorships or your employer is a valid employer and has created a Jaffe which meets the requirements. You get an additional 20 points for getting an appropriate salary, which again, mainly under the employer's responsibility for providing you with at least 30 thousand pounds of salary or less if it's one of the few exempted professions. Your remaining 20 points are made up of the maintenance phones part which we've discussed, nets you ten points. And the final ten points is meeting a English language criteria. Now, at the English Language Criteria, basically that you have a valid English qualification. So this can't just be I speak English. You actually need a qualification up to a certain level. And so you can do a recognized English language tests with at least a B1 score from the European framework. You can previously have mapped the frequency if you have any previous visas or a leaf remains in the UK. Or you can hold a degree equivalent to a UK bachelor's degree or higher that was taught in English. So if you have an English language degree from other country, you automatically meet this requirement. You don't need an additional English-language qualification. You can occasionally qualify under transitional arrangements. That's quite unusual, and you can come from any of the majority English-speaking countries outside the Visa network in order to meet this requirement by default. So these anti-gay, Belize, Guyana, sin Lucia, Australia, Canada, Jamaica, simple incidence. The Bahamas, did Mintaka, new Zealand, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, kits and nervous, or the United States of America. These are the countries that will automatically get you that. If you're not from one of those places, then you will need a approved English language tests at Biola or broke. Now these are and an integrated skills in English, a graded examination in spoken English, or an IELTS for UK VI, level B1, B2, C1 or C2, scoring the respective Pascal in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. And so that sounds quite complicated, but in short, if you have a degree that was taught English, you're fine. And if you have a kind of English qualification to a reasonable standards, you should be able to meet this criteria, achieve those 70 points. 5. How the process works: Now in terms of the actual application process, what you need to do is go online to GV dot UK. You can apply online for a tier two general visa, Ethernet online application for them provide your details. Once that's done, you have to have fingerprints and photograph taken at a V's are applications sensor in the country or applying for. And that is essentially to provide you with your biometric residence permits and which will be fried within ten days of the date you or due to arrive in the UK. And essentially acts as your UK form of identification in liver passports. And you count times get histone slightly quicker than this, depending on which country you're applying for. One thing to say is that if you are applying from North Korea, you cannot apply on line. You have to fill in in a paper form and there are detailed instructions on the website for exactly what you need to do with that form in order to apply for that visa. Now, the documents that you will need to provide as part of this, you're sponsorships ticket reference number, your proof of your English qualification, whether that's your degree or actual dedicating this qualification at a bank or building societies statement or letter showing you have personal savings unless this is exempted on your stuff. You will need your current passport or travel documents. You will need a blank page in that for your visa to be put in that. And you will also potentially need to provide your expired passports if you require them to show your travel history over the last ten years. Again, as we've discussed, if you need a tuberculosis test, you'll need certificate from that. And you will need the criminal record certificates if you're going to be working with a group of people at all of these will be you include in your actual online application.