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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Through fear into creativity 1

    • 2. Empty the Vessel 2

    • 3. Creative Perfectionism

    • 4. Refocus on Fun

    • 5. Fear to Creativity Project

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About This Class

Through Fear to Creativity is a class designed for anyone who wants to develop a creative life or enjoy a creative activity but may find themselves stuck in fear or anxiety. This class is based on my own personal experiences and I hope that some tips and tricks I have used to move through anxious moments where fear has stopped me from expressing creativity will help you too.

This class will look at the following topics:

  • Diving into fear and finding out what it's saying, then letting it go by writing it down and shredding it
  • Freeing up the your inner vessel - we'll look at writing stream of consciousness on paper and create inner space to be creative
  • Through asking coaching questions, we'll look for other opportunities to be creative, to take the pressure off and allow play
  • Your project will focus on letting go what may be blocking you and using a journal to record any insights that the current situation may have for you.

This class encourages creative thinking, has a coaching approach and I hope it will help you to discover creative insights into your own process of overcoming fear and moving into creativity.


Disclaimer: I am not a psychologist nor a health professional. If you find that you are truly stuck and need help beyond these tips, I encourage you to reach out for professional help. This information is intended for general use and a spot of fun with your creative expression only.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Selina Shapland

Art, Writing, Creativity Coaching


Hello and welcome to my profile page. I'm Selina.

I draw, paint, play and be creative. I write paranormal fiction stories and I coach people to achieve their creative aspirations and goals. 

Keep reading to find out a little more about me and my work.

On Writing
I love fiction writing. It's a passion ... or maybe an obsession for me. I write paranormal speculative fiction with romance, wonder and horror beats. I'm an avid reader of genre fiction. Some of my favourite authors include Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, Marian Keyes, Kelley Armstrong, Brandon Sanderson, Robin Hobb and Stephen King (of course!).

On Art

I'm also an artist who is always learning and growing as an eternal student. I've been drawing and painting on and off mo... See full profile

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1. Through fear into creativity 1: Selena from Selena chaplain dot com and on the writer. I'm also a bit of an artist, and I was worried, and I say I'm a beautiful artistic because I do it whenever I feel like it and I'm a huge animal lover. The reason I've put together this course is for us to take a little bit of a dive into what is going on and stopping us from being creative. What's the creative FIA that want getting you now and, you know, way t putting yourself out there and doing what you want to do, or even just answering the creative coal. And I'm just going to explore a couple of tools and tips here that I have used to help me get through some of the tough times where I've been grappling with feeling like a perfectionist, fearing my creativity hadn t much going on in my mind and not moving forward and heaven to find alternative forms of creativity. In order, Teoh allow myself the spice to create. And if you're suffering from a bit of creative bangs Oh, actually, or just feeling of being blocked, what really hard is that you will enjoy this course and that you'll come along with May and do a little bit of self reflection on some of the things. Embrace some of the ticks and just let me know at the end in your projects. How you going, what it is that you're getting out of that I would love to our okay, so let's just get into it. 2. Empty the Vessel 2: So sometimes I have trouble showing up. Tiu my creative body and I'm I love writing and I love art. But FIA often will get in the way or may showing up in answering the call of my own creative muse, my own creative call that's asking me to come forward and put my story or my piece of artwork down on the page and share it. For example, I don't know about you, but sometimes inside my mind I have another voice that talks to May, and it's a negative voice. It's a voice that tells me, but I'm not good enough and I'll never be good enough. And why Ebola one. Botham writing that story. The living death of Toddy James You know he's going to ever want to read your story. It goes on and on and on, and sometimes is that they are, well, main Teoh. Kick betting in down and or trying to look out. So what I've learned lately is not to block by sorts out the way I've begun to deal with them. Ease Teoh, get an a four piece of paper and just write with the thoughts are down and just keep writing until life sort of paint around. And it's like any Iceland a string of consciousness. And the good thing is, it is. It allows me to free up my mind from the mental blockage and the emergent blockage that's been happening inside of me. That stopping may from moving forward, and once I've got it written down, I don't read it. I don't go back and have a look at it because I know Rory. I know they still it's pretty intimately, and I then find that my mind starts to clear up again. Sometimes I have to do this process several times over. I'm not clear after one writing session, and it kind of comes back to that book the honest Way, where the author speaks about getting up in the morning and writing. You know, so many pages of force cap and just doing stream of consciousness stuff to let stuff out so that you can be on open vessel for creativity. And I do that when I can start getting stuck and going. Have a rounding like the downward spiral of mental and emotional life, and I find that writing out the stuff that's getting in the way is a really good way of just clearing the vessel. If that makes sense, because I do relate in some ways, I m a vessel. Yes, I bring a lot to the creative process that I believe that there's a co creation thing that happens when you're doing creative work and you may not believe that, but that that's how it is for May. That's my experience. And I love that. I love that sense of co creation because love deal when that happens out in the floor, and that's where I really want to bay. I want a big in the flow when I'm writing. I want to be in the floor when I'm doing my artwork on painting or drawing itself. And I want to forget about time and space and just a lay on my mind to process stuff, especially in art. When I'm doing when I'm doing paintings, it's what is this Flory That happens, and sometimes it by writing it takes a while for me to get there, and you need to get into that. Little is ordering, for example. But if you can't even get into the science frustrating and it's challenging and how do you never get through this big blockage? And one of the best ways that I found is to write it down. It didn't share it with anybody. I don't share it with anyone. I just write it down. This is my staff. It's my middle rubbish that is clogging my ability to write a story. And when I feel that I can get emotional distance, then I can be open to what is coming my way. So if you two are experiencing a little bit of emotional pull cage or Offiong that's stopping you from stepping into your creativity, you can give this a guard. It might help you and getting some distance, allowing stepping into the field, moving into it and saying, I accept that I'm afraid off this particular activity, it's not rational doesn't make sense to me. But I'm afraid, and I'm stealing that from mining that and it's kind like leading into the creativity because then you leaning into that Suddenly the creativity starts flowing in your life. Yes, I can move forward now is on Stark a moving I've got floor and that's what I want you Teoh get from This is that you can make a change, but through a very simple act that you do every time those he's come up took acknowledging them. I'm putting it down. I'm writing it off, even writing how I feel about the process. I'll write it down and I let a gari And once I let a guard the flurry starts, that doesn't mean it's goal forever, because fees like around for May And if I don't stop putting them back down. Piper letting gory There they are again and unclothed up. Sorry, I encourage E T. O. 3. Creative Perfectionism: perfectionism in this particular video. And let's see what we can do about becoming perfectionism that stops us from moving forward to where we want to go as creatives. I I admit that I'm a bit of a perfectionist. It's It's been stopping me from getting my books out there for a while, and I'm getting to the point where I believe I'm almost good enough. Uh, Teoh put a story at that people will enjoy because that's my create one of my creative goals, its hard with, you know, perfect perfectionist talking. You might young telling me that I'm not going to go do it because for whatever, raising it happens to come up with that particular time. So sometimes you perfectionism, we never finish anything. We never get anything done. I'm happy to say off finished two manuscripts. They are no perfect, even remotely. I've finished numerous kind teens Know why I perfect. But in my mind, I've gotta be perfect. The truth is, nothing can be perfect is always going be something that could be worked on. And like, from an intellectual perspective, I can totally understand that I get it, but emotionally and creatively. Um, no, you know, I've just gotta keep trying. I've got to get better because internally I'm looking for approval or I'm looking to be accepted. And the truth is, I can't be accepted by everyone for everything I do. So this a bit of a reflection that has to go on. And if you suffer from perfectionism to and not completing things, maybe getting something completed is better than making it perfect. Having that kind of internal philosophy can help you to move forward. It helps me to move forward. I hope it will help you to move forward. And if you are interested in living a creative lifestyle, you're developing your creativity and just be open minded to it. See what happens. See what pennies fall or what revelations come to you? Because I believe that creativity is an inner journey as much as something that's externalized and we can share with other people in the world. Since we have some of these other tools that I've been talking about, kind of really coming to their aria at writing things down and getting rid of it, letting go of rubbish. So what's the perfectionism Thoughts, letting it guard, then asking myself. Where am I going? What am I doing? What do I want to do? What's fun and then taking some action. That's got no pressure because perfectionism is a real pressurized way of living and creating. And I I found that when I stopped pressuring myself to be perfect. Then someone better stuff comes out and I hope that that will happen. Figure. So how can you take a step out of perfectionism? Dealing with perfection or perfectionism is for May, about being a little bit internalized, sitting back on what's actually happening for me mentally and emotionally. What's my mindset? Sign what? What is my inner voice telling me about it, checking in again with myself and then, you know, kind of questioning that it doesn't need to be perfect. What if it could be in perfect and still be beautiful and still be valuable to somebody else? The next thing that I would do is in Journal last. Just taking a little bit of a moment of reflection and finding out what I'm onto me, what's what's happening here, what my feeling and then wading into that feeling. So for me, perfectionism is also it's about control And it's also about feel And, um, how that stops me and makes me go around and I Eddie, while I come you as a world cool. Or, you know, when the river flows in the corner would get stuck in a little Eddie, I don't know, not flowing. And what I want to flow out there want to allow myself to get around in and out. And one of the best ways that I found to do that is to journal and saying What? Listen, why learning here and like 4. Refocus on Fun: you've been struggling to dio particular creative activity, and you really, really, really want to make headway in that creative activity. But just for some of the some reason this is not working, nothing's working for you. I've done that without on after we painting and drawing, and I've also done that was writing. He's my take on it, usually for May. When that happens, I'm grappling with something this making heart from a T step up and into the flow of my creativity. And for me, it's it's very much your head space sort of thing. It's a mental thing that's going on end. What do I do about that? Well, awful sorry. Besides writing it down and letting a guard ripping it up, shredding it, whatever you want to do to get rid of that, that kind of mental block it and emotional blockage I've given myself permission. Teoh. Try something completely different to put the one activity that I've put too much effort and emphasis on. I saw it and I do something completely different for wall. So a little while ago, I was preparing for a course to go todo creative writing course on fantasy fiction and a whole world building stuff to dio tell of stuff happening in my life, and it was just too much for me and what it basically does. Everything ground to a complete halt couldn't do anything. Didn't matter what I did to matter how I approach it. The well building just wasn't coming together. I stopped for a while. I'm going to give myself a month off, just permission to do something fun for the just for the cycle, doing fun stuff instead of doing it because I have tea. So the half teas were getting in the right and I decided, Teoh, get on school. Szeto Coal on a bit of photography. A couple of courses on this you'll share and the photography stuff. And I had I worry Time just got some photos of my cat and my dogs and just just played around. Now they're not excellent quality or anything, and but it's about the learning process is about the creativity is about stepping out of my comfort zone and into something that has no pressure on May to produce anything in particular. And so for me, I do photography. There's so many things you can do you just because in order to l A our creativity, the space to flow. And so I tried to that I found that s six of my will. Creation started to come together, and I started to know a little bit more about the medieval world that I was trying to build and what the Dragons were doing it. My mind sort of get had a little bubble, permission to open up and follow tangents and daydream because my four kids was on something else. You getting stuck on something may be putting too much pressure on yourself. Just think yourself. Just ask yourself What is so important about this? What is my end goal? What's stopping me from getting there and maybe think about what else could I do? That would be fun. Oh, what else could I do that will allow creativity into my life and allow yourself a small period? Look, it just It's up to you house how old it is and what he's doing. But what's fun? What excites you and get your, you know, flame burning brought. You know what he that floor feeling that Yes, I'm having so much fun during this What is that? And if that is the thing that you've been struggling with, what else is been So look outside of what you've been currently trying to do on allowing yourself some spice inside a hot in your mind and in your creativity did to explore other avenues that could be a single is even taking a short adult close on something completely different that you never thought you'd never do. But you've been interested in, and it just I believe it allows you to get some spice away from the pressure. And once the precious left, your lead is taken off. T speak in metaphors. Once the lead of the pressure cooker resolve, the steam comes out and then their space. In order for you to come back to that particular activity. And you might have a bit of success anymore, find that you still need a little bit more time doing something else. So it is a real gauging thing. Like where you at its checking in with yourself going where my at. We don't want to pay. Okay. What else can I do right now? What small thing could I do to achieve what I want to do is, well, what's the easiest thing that I could do to achieve my goal? What is the most challenging thing but exciting thing that I could do t achieve my goal? And sometimes achieving a goal is not a straight line, sometimes especially crafted creativity and creative expression. It's about having a playful attitude and being open as though you were a child and allowing you in a child's at its peak. T Do you have a little bit of free rein and without expectations and without limits on what is and is not acceptable? So the minute that I kind of stepped away from my adult self for that my inner child satiety have a little bit more fun. Why Una creativity started to flow again. I know low. I didn't necessarily get us far with the well building that I wanted. Teoh. My character started to count the life a little bit more and other conflicts started to come up. And then I started doing it will be more art. And you know, I went on a holiday and that sort of refreshed me. So there are things you can do to refresh you and help he continue to develop your creative floor? Ah, hard guys. Little tips. Help he have a gari. Uh, let me normally brought about them in the project. That would be great. 5. Fear to Creativity Project: thing is about what I'd like you to do. Ease think about some of things, are discussed in the other, varies and then pick something that is blocking you and have a go writing it down the pace of pipe on and just allowing that extreme consciousness. Two guys free. And then I want you to shred it. But you can just you rip it up. Trend, trick, trick, trick trick did get rid of it. Let it go. Let go. Be free for a change on then go back to your activity that you want to create and have another guarded it. And if it still feels blocks go again. Go brought it down. Free treatment that Oh, uh, you could grab cry on and scribble it on a piece of pie by its global scale. Those barrels Just get rid of that stuff and then shred, trick, trick, trick, trick. So you can do that? This one particular option, The other thing that you could do that I would love to say he's general. I don't want to see you jail. Oh, Geo, What I would like you to do is think about maybe your perfectionism. If you're feeling that you got to be perfect in some form that you've got to do better bit up in our I'd like you to ask yourself What is this teaching May What am I teaching myself by being this way? And then I want you to general about it. I would like you to do that. Any project is just to give me a sense of how that changed. What changed for you? Because this is your journey and your creativity is important and needed in this world. People made you on. I want to hear from you about what is important to you, and it's okay to be vulnerable. And it's like I to be scared. And it's like I to be brave and step out of your comfort, slurring and share your learnings with May. And I would love that would be very honored to receive thing back through your projects about how you may have had some insight from doing some of the ticks that I've put on these videos. I don't see let's its creativity. It's about your growth, and you're your personal journey to your own form, of being free to create and have fun in your life. Okay? So let me know how Gorey's I love to see it. I had a second boy.