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5 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Through fear into creativity 1

    • 2. Empty the Vessel 2

    • 3. Creative Perfectionism

    • 4. Refocus on Fun

    • 5. Fear to Creativity Project


About This Class

Through Fear to Creativity is a class designed for anyone who wants to develop a creative life or enjoy a creative activity but may find themselves stuck in fear or anxiety. This class is based on my own personal experiences and I hope that some tips and tricks I have used to move through anxious moments where fear has stopped me from expressing creativity will help you too.

This class will look at the following topics:

  • Diving into fear and finding out what it's saying, then letting it go by writing it down and shredding it
  • Freeing up the your inner vessel - we'll look at writing stream of consciousness on paper and create inner space to be creative
  • Through asking coaching questions, we'll look for other opportunities to be creative, to take the pressure off and allow play
  • Your project will focus on letting go what may be blocking you and using a journal to record any insights that the current situation may have for you.

This class encourages creative thinking, has a coaching approach and I hope it will help you to discover creative insights into your own process of overcoming fear and moving into creativity.


Disclaimer: I am not a psychologist nor a health professional. If you find that you are truly stuck and need help beyond these tips, I encourage you to reach out for professional help. This information is intended for general use and a spot of fun with your creative expression only.