Thrive As An Artist: How To Confidently License Your Work | Aga Kobylinska | Skillshare

Thrive As An Artist: How To Confidently License Your Work

Aga Kobylinska, Surface pattern designer

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10 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. About the class (demo)

    • 2. Why licencing is so cool?

    • 3. Class Schedule & Class Project

    • 4. Presenting and curating your work

    • 5. Understanding licence categories + some pricing ideas

    • 6. Offer out of the box -> into the baskets

    • 7. Payment options explained

    • 8. Closing the deal

    • 9. Staying organized

    • 10. Wrapping up


About This Class


You probably heard licencing is a great opportunity for artists to make a living out of their work. However it may seem complicated at first glance. The terms such as areas of exploitation, geographical coverage, exclusivities sound like a legal jargon provoking confusions that you want to avoid.

But it doesn’t have to be like this!

Actually, licencing is a super useful tool - once you master it, you can communicate your offer & rates with ease, better serve your client & thrive!


The goal of this class is to help you to understand the licencing world and empower you to understand the value you bring to your client with your artwork.

I will guide you through the whole licencing process, discussing the elements to consider from start to finish so you have time, space and a roadmap to get ready and confident with your offer and process once a new client appears. With the help of worksheets & inspiration from the online businesses you will brainstorm and prepare your pricing fork and "licencing baskets" customised to your clients needs.

No matter if you have already licenced your work or are a beginning designer, if you don’t feel confident with licencing for any reason, this class is for you. Having strong base is crucial when working with clients, both big fishes and beginning startups. The only thing you need to start  is a bunch of ready artworks that you would like to sell for commercial use & some time to calmy think about particular elements. Let’s do this together!


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