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Three Weeks to Chillaxtion

Andy Machin

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5 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Week 1

    • 3. Week 2

    • 4. Week 3

    • 5. Summary and Thanks


About This Class

Would you like to learn a number of easy techniques to help you to chillax?

It's OK if you don't know what chillaxing is by the way - it's basically chilling out and relaxing at the same time.......

The chillaxing techniques I have for you are split in to three weekly chunks with one technique per day over the three weeks.

All things you can easily incorporate in to your life to help make you feel less stressed and good about yourself so you too can achieve as state of "chillaxation".

Start today!



1. Introduction: three weeks to chill. Accession, have to chill out and relax at the same time. Let's look at an introduction at what this courses is all about for you on. But what I'd like to say to start with is that life took these days, right? I think that's a fair thing to say. We're all seemingly on the more moral pressure all the time. To work harder, reply to an email immediately. Reply to a text immediately. We've got social media feeds to attend to and keep on top all we've got to find some family time to spend with depart when the kids and even friends and how do we fit all that time in and try to do all those things that were expected to do these days without finding time for ourselves? Aziz individuals Onda, you know, without letting things get on top of us. So when that happens, or even before that happens, Andi, Right now, indeed, it's the time to get some chill accession into your life on DATs what we're gonna look at in this course and you're probably wondering what chill accession isn't. I don't blame you. You can probably pick you up from from context. So what? What is chillax? Ation? What? What? We're trying to do it well, that there was a recent British ex prime minister. I live in the UK on day. The X Prize minister's name is David Cameron, and he was famous surgery for for for is chill axing, right? So it's probably the only thing it was known for during his time in office. But that's one of the story for another day, and we'll not get into politics here. So what we're doing is taking a little bit of inspiration from the right honorable David Cameron on over this course, I'll share with you some of the simple techniques that I've used in my own life to help escape the constant pressure of the modern world. Now, why to chillax, just like David Cameron does on, Just like you'll be able to if if you and if you go on to take this course, because if you do in doing so in taking the course that you'll be able to get some chill, accession into your life as well. And basically chillax is is there to chill out and relax at the same time, you know, hence chillax it. It's a play on on those two words, so why wouldn't you want to do that? Why wouldn't you want to chill out a little bit and relax and have some time for yourself? Unlearned some techniques to do that. I've split this course into three weekly chunks with one simple chill accession technique for each day. It's all really easy stuff to do, and it can help you to achieve a state off chillax ation. So when if you're ready to get started, crack on and get into Week one. 2. Week 1: right. Let's get into learning out to chillax in three weeks, and we'll start with Week one. So Day one on a nice, easy way to start is simply to take a deep breath. There's nothing simpler, like taking a deep breath to help you chill out little bit. When when things start to get heavy and this is something that you can do anywhere, anytime. Doesn't matter. You could be sitting up. You can be laying down. You can be in the office on the train. It really doesn't matter. We can all take a deep breath and slow down a little bit any time we want to. It's a straightforward has close your eyes, breathing deeply and slowly through the nose. And until you feel that your lungs full of air, hold it for a second or two and then breathe out slowly, again, breathing out through your nose. Just repeat that as necessary. You might want to do it two or three times. Andi, it really will help you start to relax or chill ax. If we continue the theme, Um, at any time, if you feel the need to do it, you know, I tried to do this every day, regardless, if I feel under pressure or not, I find that a few minutes first thing in morning when it went up, got out of bed. I'll stand there and simply take a few deep breaths, just as I've described. And that helps me start the day in a relaxed way straight away. So that's really easy. One to do week, one day one day two is another simple one. Just write stuff down, Write it down, write If something's bothering you. Well, no. It can nag away at you and affect you stretch stress levels adversely and which in turn, means that you can't relax so well on a quick way to help with that on. Get things off your mind is to simply write down what's bottom in your straight forward. Is that so? Start now. Start right now. Grab a pen. A notebook. Set up a file on your computer or your mobile device. Will whatever method you feel like doesn't matter and simply job down. Whatever's bothering you. Whatever comes into your head that's bothering you. Start to write it down. Does it have to be a huge list, Just just things that nagging away at you right now. Job issues, family issues, social issues. It really doesn't matter. Just start to write it down. Drop down. What's bothering you on Dwight's bothering you as well? Nothing more detail than that. Then you'll be able to see straight away at a glance. What? What is going on in your life that that's bothering you? Start to identify what those things are, Andi, what you can do to start to tackle some of it on as a quick example. It could be some something that works, because when your boss is piled a deadline on to you and you don't know how you're gonna meet it and it is worrying you and you really can't get it out your mind, write it down, seeing it there, visualize in it. And then you might be able to think what you can do about it. Could you go to your Boston seek to re negotiate that deadline I've got once have cleared Task A. I'll be able to move on to this task, be for you, but I might need an extra few days to do it. Is that Okay? So you've written it down you recognize what the issue is on, what you can do about it, and then you can start to tackle it and take away some of that stress that's stopping you to relax so dear to write it down Day three, where we're going to continue that theme of writing stuff down, but we're going to do it in a little bit more detail. So today is an extension of day to Onda writing stuff down. This is more about jotting down some of the less important stuff which is still on your mind and on defecting your stress adversely and without. Perhaps you realize in it because it stopped. That's at the back of your mind that you're not. You're not really aware that's there, but it is all the same. And it's stopping your relaxing Sorry. I mean chillax in, because you mind what won't won't let you do it, it won't let you slow down. So today, building on yesterday, just simply today, girl notes, jot down all the little things which can mount up on what you can do about it. So a quick example of that a promise that you've always made yourself on drippy tiddly broken. Perhaps I do it myself is to give up that coffee that you buy every day on the way in to work and save them on the Internet. I mus guilty is this is anyone else I normally buy one every day on I said to myself, if I put this money away and I'd have a few £100 at the end of the year, but I still buy that coffee anyway, eso that. That's something that you know, and anything that you've promised yourself that you're going to do and don't start to do it . I'll stop put enough giving that old friend to call and pick the phone up. That feel you great, Wouldn't it reconnect with an old friend? And it's all positive action that you've taken by writing stuff down. Getting stuff off your mind and recognizing what you can do about it on that positive action can help you towards that state of chill accession as well. Day four Little bit of planning makes perfect. I know it's a little bit of a cliche, but perfect planning prevents poor performance simple as that. On the same, it could be true for achieving chillax, Asian as well. So today, it's all about some simple planet. We've already prepared for that in some way by days two and three and the writing down What's bothering me? Notes. So today I'd suggest that you set up a new section in your book or that file on your computer or your mobile device, or what? Whatever you're using to to write stuff down and divided intersections with the different categories of what's bothering you. Split it or perhaps in tow, work, family money, whatever it might be. Whatever works for you, it really doesn't matter. On write down under each heading from your list in the order you perceive is most important to least important. And then next to each one, write down what you can do to stop that stuff, bothering you and playing on your mind, and just a quick example. If it's money, will go back to the coffee example again, perhaps no. Stop buying that coffee every day on your way in to work and put the money aside. Start doing it. That's one less worry that's taken away from you because you've written it down and you've made a plan about how you can tackle it takes and positive action to do stuff on help. Take those things off your mind that are bothering you. You've got an action plan now to start doing it because you've written it down and you've got things that you can do to tackle it. All these things that we've done by writing stuff down and action, it will mean a less cluttered mind that there's less going round up there, churning around with which is bothering you and distracting you from other things on that less littered mind can help tremendously on. You'll feel a lot better about things. If you've got a plan to start tackling, stuck, help you relax and take things off your mind. So planning does make perfect. That's one of the technique that we can use. Day five. We'd like to sleep like a baby wouldn't wait. We don't like to do that. I'm not very good at sleeping personally, but that that I think that's just to get an old thing. But not being able to sleep is very frustrating, isn't it? It's one of the most interest rate things out there, but we go to bed in the matter. What happens when we just can't drop on on a factor that can stoppers drop in often and keeping awake and tossing and turning? Trying to sleep is having things on our mind, which is still churning around. We can't get enough. Our mind mind is still active, and that's stopping us from sleep. And that's stopping sleep. Coming right. The things that we've looked at already in week one should have helped you to start clearing your mind asleep by by writing stuff down on American you little action plan. But there were still other things that you can do toe help. Sleep better. Andi, relax as well on some some quick tips around that to help you get to sleep. Onda relaxed. You seen asleep? Sleeping is relax ation itself, isn't it? Our bodies use it to recharge after after it's off day. Some things to think about using our dark curtains or drapes to stop the light coming in from from outside. Turn off your mobile devices because leaving them on, particularly if you're going to start getting alerts during the night. That that's not a good idea, is it? To you know, you're not going to get in the uninterrupted sleep if you've got tax message of arriving and miss calls and social media notifications and all the rest of it. So turn the mobile devices are try to keep cool on hot nights. If you look enough to have air conditioning that that's great. If not, you might leave but found on the low. If you don't have air conditioning on a really hot night, because that you know hot stick unites, you stick to your sheets and you can't get comfortable talking about sheets that there's nothing like a fresh, clean sheet. Is there a freshly cleanly made bed sliding into those sheets that feels great in itself? So change the sheets as well. On this, this might sound a little bit corny, but establish a bedtime routine that you can on it possible a regular bedtime. So you tell to condition your body to know that it's time to sleep and also that last thing that this is what I normally do. That last thing. When I climb into bed, take those few deep breaths. Remember, from day one, breathe in slowly through the nose, fill your lungs up, hold it for a second brief slowly out through your nose and repeat a few times. That's a good thing I've found to do last thing before I get into bed toe. Help prepare my body to sleep as well, and all those things can can help you sleep well. Sleep like Baby Onda. Good sleep on WIC and refreshed. Ready for a new day is a good feeling in itself because you've already feeling quite relaxed. Day six is to keep hydrated, But you know we need liquids to keep our bodies hydrated and functioning, don't we? That's that's something that we all know. It's common sense, and it would become dehydrated. We don't feel good, you know, If you start to feel thirsty, that's the first sign of it. Andi. We can't function at picking factors effectiveness anymore. He starts build first because dehydration affects our bodies adversely, that that's not very good. So today's step towards chill accession is simply to be sure to keep yourself hydrated. And that's a very easy thing to do. You know, work or at home, you'll you'll have access to a water cooler tea and coffee making facilities and think things like that so keep your fluid levels up. Water bottles and containers are everywhere these days. You know, you see people walking down the street holding a bottle of water. Everyone's doing it on these content is that you can buy as well, and I've seen some marked and a colleague uses one is a matter of fact with its marked off with with how much to drink and when. A za reminder. Have one with you at work a bottle of water, whatever it might be. Onda drink little and often or whatever works for you to keep your fluid levels up and keep hydrated because being hydrated is gonna help keep you fresh on. Be able to concentrate on generally feel good about yourself. Being thirsty will not. So please do take a drink regularly to help keep yourself hydrated on feeling alert. Lastly for this week they at the end of week one. We're gonna talk about coffee again quickly. Ondo. No, Oh, no, that's not a bad thing, right? Because coffee is great, right? Coffee's great way. All know that nothing like a quick cup of coffee. It can pick you up. That's great. It is a bit of a temper, estimates stimulant. But too much of it can be a bad thing if you if you trying to feel relaxed. If you're drinking coffee regularly throughout the day, it probably isn't doing that much to help you relax. It might do initially that that first cook, but after that, it's probably not gonna do you hope. Hope I'll ago. If you're a regular coffee drinker, I'd suggest cooking it down a little bit. Our personal. I have one up in the morning before it before I go out on. That's it. I don't have any more coffee during the day. But instead, during the day I'll hydrate with water or a cup of tea instead of more coffee. And I certainly won't have any coffee before bedtime because that's going to keep me away on. If you've noticed that if you are a heavy coffee drink coffee drinker, when you don't have one for a little while, you start to get a bit of a headache that that's kind of like caffeine withdrawal, and that's not going to make you feel very good either. So to help relax, today's helping you to relax. Chillax is reduced. The caffeine intake a little bit on instead of an alternative hydration plan, which will then help with a general feeling of well being as well. So that's the end of week one. We've learned out to take a breath, write stuff down. What's bothering this? Make a little plan, Keep the fluid levels up on think of on alternative to continuous coffee intake. So all being well, we've reached the end of week one. You've tried some of these things out on you starting to feel Gordon Moore chillax. So let's start to build on some of these things and move on to a week to 3. Week 2: Okay, let's get into Week Two and some more techniques to help us achieve that state of chillax ation. The first thing for Week two we're gonna learned toe eat it all up on. That's because a sensible diet can help with your state of chillax in and helped to feel good. So let's start week, too. With a little exercise. T get a little grip on food and today or from today, keep a record of everything that you eat and drink on that. That's what you had on when you have it. Breakfast at that chocolate bar that you snuck in with your mid morning coffee. Break your lunch dinner, everything that you re or drink today, write it down and then, at the end of the day, take a moment to consider what what you have A nor drank and how it made you feel afterwards. Did that, like breakfast, fill you up enough? Did that chocolate bar a mid morning coffee, make you feel bloated and perhaps put you off your lunch? That that that's what we're after recording today. So taking a moment to think about what you eat can help your cut out stuff which makes you feel bad and concentrate on stuff which makes you feel and in fact, does you good. So that's today's little task. Keep a record of what you've beaten today, how it made you feel on. Then start to think about it and identify what makes you feel good on what makes you feel not so good day. Two more food related is breakfast of champions on. My parents are always encouraged me not to skip breakfast, they repeatedly drilling. To me, it's the most important meal of the day. Did say Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. There's another saying that goes along with that which is eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. Andi on. I've found that that's true. A hearty breakfast does set you up on makes you feel good for the for the rest of the day. It needs sent you out, right? I'm not necessarily talking about the full English breakfast that we enjoy here in in England. You know what the big fry open, you know, the bacon and the eggs and beans and the sausages and mushrooms and all the rest of it not necessarily talking about that. I mean, I can't personally face that anymore, even English. And so if a full English breakfast isn't your thing, you might instead be I mean, something is a couple of eggs and a couple of slices of toast and some juice in a coffee, or perhaps unpublished with a five. But whatever it is, whatever it is, I do encourage you just like my parents did to me, that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So start to think about that breakfast. And instead of going out rushing out on an empty stomach because you're late for work going out under empty stomach, that's only going to make you feel worse. That's not gonna make your one of feet feel relaxed as you dare goes on because it's a long time till lunchtime. Andi have have some form of breakfast that that works for you and help get that day off to a flyer with that good breakfast and some fuel in your body, then you'll be able to get through to lunch without piling in that chocolate bar on more coffee, trying to see it through and those hunger pains starting to distract you as well. So today remember breakfast right and talking about Breakfast of Champions and Tyler to slide. If you're into reading, I would suggest that you pick up a copy of a book called Breakfast of Champions. It really is a recommended read. It's by Kurt Vonnegut. Onda. Check it out. If you'd like to forgive me, a brief distraction from from talking about chill oxidation techniques there. But you know it. Breakfast of Champions is a good book, so remember breakfast is important still on the food theme food. Glorious food. Andi. Today Steptoe Help with chillax soon is food related just like yesterday's foods? A little bit. The theme this week is you've already picked up on on. We're going to try and look at introducing that the right type of food into your diet toe help you to chill. Some examples very conduce this every day. Include for that mid morning craving that we get or that personal injured dip. You come back from your lunch and a couple hours later, around about three o'clock, you start to feel in a bit, a bit fidgety, a bit restless. You can't concentrate so much in your eye starts floating up to the clock saying, When's it gonna be home time? Instead of shoving in that chocolate bar? Been more coffee to try and pick you up a little bit? Try nibbling on some notes or a piece of fruit instead of the chocolate because you know not so fruit is healthier than chocolate. Onda might do you some good as well, and for a sandwich, switch that regular bread. You know that that whole white, for example, switch that for some whole grain bread instead. Sorry, Whole grain bread instead got little bit tongue tied there, which is a more natural bread, and it's got less chemicals in it, so that that's going to do you a little bit more good as well. And another thing you might like to try instead of that big pudding after dinner. You know, sometimes it's nice, isn't it? You've got a nice dinner, and the pudding trade come. Sorry we put in is what we call desert, where I am in England. Clear that pudding or dessert trolley comes along, and it is that nice, big fat piece of chocolate kicks smothered in cream looks great, but is it going to do you any good? Tried trashing cheese and biscuits or perhaps into the piece of proving instead that that that might be better for your long term than that sickly chocolate cake. But you know, whatever works for you because we're all different and we like to eat different things. Not all those examples above might be for you, but think about what will work for you and basically go for it, you know, So think about your diet. And if you could make it any healthier, I bet you feel better. If if you do some of those things that that that's a little challenge for you see it, see if it makes you feel better. Therefore, we got we're going to catch some rays today, not no food today. We're gonna catch some rays, get some sun if we can. Because a nice sunny day is guaranteed to put spring in your step, right. The sun's out makes you feel good just by inspired by seeing it. So get out there, get out in the sun and enjoy it. You're likely going to be changed the desk all day at work anyway. And that that fluorescent office light and atmosphere? Well, I I don't like it. What? You probably don't need that because it's no substitute, is it? It's no substitute to get some sun on your face. Just that sun on your face makes you feel great. Go for a walk before leaving work. If you can. In morning, even five minutes around the block in the sun can get you off to a good start. Go for a walk at lunchtime, too, if you can. If for nothing else, just to give yourself a break from the desk. Go for a walk in the evening after dinner. T walk it off and get some exercise. Get out in the sun if you can, because some time out in the sun and the fresh air, it's gonna be a big help with you chillax in because it's gonna put you in a good mood straightaway. Isn't it a gentle walk in the sun and fresh air, something that's simple and straightforward is that couldn't do is all the power of God instantly. So today I encourage you to get out and take a walk when you can. Even 5 10 minutes on. Get out there in the sun and enjoy it. I walk every day unless there's a monsoon tornado or the weather phenomenon that's going to stop me doesn't have to be a sunny day, so much better if it is. But even so, getting out for that walk, it makes me feel better. Helps me relax cells. We think quickly in my mind a little bit on it could do the same to you as well. Onda help you with that chillax ation that we're trying to achieve. So get out there and enjoy the song I like to that. Get some gentle exercise as well that walks going to help you. I'm not talking about running marathons here, but a bit of regular exercise bill into your day can help to make you feel better and relaxed as well. Just that simple walk in the sun that we looked at and previous, like that day for that gentle exercise comes with the walk is going to do you good, right where we can all do something even if we're not exercise for years. A nice easy want to start off with it if you drive to work Or perhaps get on Boss Park a little bit further away than usual. Or get off the bus a couple of stops earlier on bwaw to the office. Get away from the desk. I'll take a little walk at lunchtime. If you can't separate yourself from the office and everything that's going out, get a walk on that will help you de stress as well, something else to look at and think about that. The work, all the things that you might start to do to get some exercise into your life is a little swim or join a little gym on discussing personal program for them that tailored T. Your own aims and goals are around fitness. If you don't fancy a gym, no pickups and weights and workout at home that that's what I do. I I have some weights upstairs bedroom and I work out at home. It's great, you know. There's always something you can do. And, and a good example of that is over in the UK that the NHS and National Health Service that they've got a program which they encourage, called it the couch to five K, which is just like it sounds It's a very gentle, structured program to help anyone get off the couch on build up to running five kilometers . I'm not talking all out sprint here, but you know, even a little jog over those fight five kilometers on its being very effective. It's very popular everywhere that loads of people don't. I don't run because I have a bit. But if you need these, they're so running is out. That's why I work out with weights instead, but that the point is that there's always something that you can do to get some exercise in your life on. Do you know that that's gonna help you feel good and a little bit more relaxed as well? It's that exercise got has got health benefits and mental benefits, so get get some exercise. Start to think about what you can do to get some exercise into your life. Day six is another simple but very effective one, and that's thank you, right? Same thanks. It's not only good manners, it makes you feel good as it does if you get thanked by others. It's a very easy thing to do. Just say thank you, but it goes a long way puts a spring in. People step. So today we're gonna get that notebook app from week one or that that filing computer on, Right, down, type down. What makes you feel happy? What you're thankful for on why, Why you are happy and thankful for it. Andi know only that. Include things that you might be able to do for others easily to help make them happy as well. That might be a favor for a friend providing some Kirch into a coworker. Whatever it might be, it doesn't matter. Just write it down, Onda also what recent thanks that you've received from all this for for things that you don't help that and then seeing all that positive stuff that, you know, you've said thanks to all of this for and they have said thanks to you for seeing all that positive stuff that isn't gonna do you any harm. Court, quite the contrary in fighting is going to make you feel good, Isn't it on all these little things that stack up that they really do help And thanks is one of them say thanks? Received. Thanks. Makes you feel good. So that's it. Building. Thank you. easy, effective, easy. Do it simple as that Day seven, His dear diary, and that this is a little bit old fashioned as well. But it really does help, you know, with the theme for this week is really start to be right, right and stuff down, isn't it Andan exercising as well? Of course, on this dear diary is building under thank you theme from yesterday because keeping that diarrhea jail can be a big helping in chillax Ina's Well, it doesn't have to be a chronicle of every aspect of your life, but it can be as brief for his detail as you want it to be. Whatever works for you, you can pick up a journal from any stationery store or, if you are online savvy, starting online block, even if it's only for your own purposes, it doesn't matter. Might not be something you want to share with the world, but that's why you probably keep a written journal. Instead, it's up to you on Bright in your diary. Write in the journal a quick summary of what's happened here in the day. Anything you like stop that's made you happy stuff that's annoyed. Just stuff that's on your mind doesn't matter. Because, as we've already looked at previously in this little cause, seeing things written down like that can help you get some perspective on order and help you to accentuate positive on deal with the negative because it's there, written and you can see it and make a plan. It helps clear your mind to. It's effective. I do mind again. But before I goods bad, I jot things down. Andi, that on my little breathing exercises and bedtime routine, help me to get to sleep. So keep that diary. Write stuff down helps clear your mind. Start to give it a try that that's the end of week two. So let's move on to Week three and some more chillax Asian techniques. 4. Week 3: Okay, let's get into Week three now and some more chillax Asian techniques. Toe went a week to we looked at a simple exercise toe helps to start to clear your mind a little bit. So what will build on that to start Week three Now with them introducer that on meditation into things? Because meditation can be a big help in helping you to to clear your mind and relax or chill ax. Indeed, however, it can take some time to get into in practice. So do do be prepared for that. If you decide to start to look at meditation, it's not necessarily something that you're gonna be able to slip into immediately. But learning to meditate is, in my experience, best not done alone, but with some others. For some camaraderie and mutual support, you cannot help and support each other. I'd suggest that you seek out a local class, have a word with them about being new to meditation and enroll that they'll likely have one for beginners. You can start to get into it from there with people that are about the same stage as you are, or if not, and you can't find a local class that there's all sorts of mobile phone app somewhat not which you can download and use them to help get. You started meditating as well. So when you know, I would suggest, Sit down, meditate, relax, clear your mind and helped ease your worries away. Meditation isn't gonna be for everyone. It might not be for you, but if it is great if it's not, don't worry about it, because there's all sorts of other techniques in this course that you can use toe help, you chillax. That's what it's all about. On one of those alternatives might be mindfulness. That's very popular these days. I tried that, but couldn't get into it all. But you know that that's just me. It might work for you, but basically we with meditation or mindfulness you can help to build on more formally if I can use that word. More formal techniques to help clear in your mind that in writing stuff down and figuring out what what you can do about it, so give it some thought and see if it might be for you. Day two for week, three years, you know, if you go down to the woods today. If you remember that from your childhood like I do, it's a line from the study based picnic, all right, but we're not talking about parting with bears today that that might not be a good idea. So today's chillax in technique is about going for a walk, getting out on reconnected with nature, which might involve a walk in the woods. Hence, if you get out to the woods today, you treat yourself to a little nature walk. You probably live or or have easy access to some woodlands from Parkland, a riverbank beach, whatever it might be and anywhere nice like that. Get out. Go for a walk. Fresh air sunlight. Remember that from previously a little bit bird song that you know that that the sights and smells of park land woodland rivers, beaches and what not. It's all different from the day to day world, different sights and sounds and and what not? And all these things can help you to relax, Aziz. Well, even something as simple as taking issues off and going barefoot if it's safe to do so. You know, walking barefoot through through and feeling, grasp it during your toes or your son between your jersey. It's great, right? It's a nice feeling. So what? What better way than the hectic city? Right? If you live in the city, get out of it. Get some fresh air, get some perspective, go for a walk in the woods, whatever it might be, you can do it, you know? Doesn't that put you in a better and more relaxed mood? Of course it does. Spending some time immersed in nature is a great relax. I mean chillax. I don't when as soon as I can, as often as I can, because I'm looking that I live on the outskirts of some extensive more land that you can just get out and get lost in. So take the opportunity to reconnect with nature, walk through the woods, depart the river, buying beach, reconnect with nature on that that will help you to chillax as well and feel a little bit better than relax. Day three. Tap tap tap. No, we're not talking about tap dance, you know, or water torture in today's chillax in method that this is a little bit of alternative therapy. Put it that way, Onda. It involves some gentle tapping away on on certain meridian points. A so called in your body Think about it. Is is acupuncture without all those nasty, sharp needles? I don't like needles. I don't about you, but they're certainly not for me. Onda, tucking away gently a bit at the right Meridian Point can in itself acts as a stress reliever on some of those Meridian points include top of your head, forehead, temples and your chin, For example. You've probably done this throughout your life that this tapped up top technique with, without realizing it, way all do it without realizing it. For example, if you are feeling a bit stressed or you're having trouble thinking about something I watched him do you start tapping on your forehead or your temples with with your index or your middle finger to try and force yourself to think a little bit. If something's bothering you and you're trying to relax a little bit, you feeling a bit stressed. How many times you do that? They think about it. I'll bet you do it subconsciously. It is a little bit weird to sit there, tapping away if you forward or your temples, and it might be more psychological than anything else. But it works, right? It does work, so do more of it. You might find it. It helps Mora's well, just that simple, tapping away. Therefore, No, no, no, no, no, because we've got to learn to say no from from time to time as well. Have a way because we're programmed to please our way. Like to say yes when we can, whether it's doing a favor for a friend or a family member or helping a colleague at work or whatever it might be because it makes us feel good to help other people and be appreciated. Andi be thanked, Remember, got going back to one of the previous lessons and saying Thank you on receiving thanks makes us feel good. But too much of saying yes can be a bad thing because saying yes and taken all those extra things that extra responsibility consumed become overwhelming on the more we take on and the more we try to help with the people that there's a risk that people become so expect more and more from owes on that can lead to a tipping point. You know, the destroy that broke the camel's back kind of thing, Aled that saying yes and helping can lead to stress because you've got too much. You can't help everybody all the time, and that's going to make you feel stressed out that it's not gonna help you with chillax in , is it? So we've got to learn to say no from time to time. And I'm not saying, you know, on outright No. But there's a way to say no, dependent on what the circumstances right might be and saying no in the right way, indeed can still be seen as helpful by others. It's really how you do it. So a quick example might be, you know, a friend. Ask if you can run him down in shops when you said while I'm too busy to run tea shops right now. But I can take you this afternoon. You've explained that you can't do it immediately when, when when they want to go. But you do have some room this afternoon when you might be able to take, so that's great. You know, you re negotiated that you've said no in the right way or it might be, you know, if your boss comes in and ask you to take on an extra project. Good. So what? That thanks for thinking of me. And I'm in the faith in Meted to undertake this sector project. But with my current workload, it such that, you know, I'd like to re negotiate the deadline that you've indicated with you so that I make it may give this new project my full attention without it affected my current work. So you have said no in the right way and sort to re negotiate things. So try and try to build this into your life starting today. Tried to say no where when you feel the need to but say in the right way. So you're still being positive about it. You'll find that that will help you to relax because you've not got the word. We're trying to take on too much and people will understand if you explained that the reasons why, So that that's going to help as well. They're five. This is probably the key one to everything to help us make makers relax and feel good. And chillax indeed is simply toe. Have a laugh, right? What makes you feel better than thin laughing laughin, makes us feel happier. Less dress helps his chillax like, you know, a good laugh that that's that's what we want right on, the more well at the better it gets, doesn't it? The simple act of laughing has some emotional and physical benefits as well, because it releases chemicals in the brain to help us feel good and dolphins on laughing connectors and emotional release as well. Carnage it Just think about it out. Good. Does laughing make you feel so many benefits to simple laughter so that that's today's technique to help you to chillax? Just go out and have some fun. Go out with friends, go out for a meal and talk about things that make you all happy. Tell a few jokes, Have a giggle. What You're funny film and my go to laughter films. The Blues Brothers and I love that film, right? I could probably recite it, work that word, you know, if they find feeling a little bit down, and I put on the blues but isn't in often our I'm rolling around rolling around the room. But you know, that's just may. You've probably got a film that makes you feel good and gives you a lap as well. Go to a comedy clubs here, comedian. Just get out there and start laughing. Doesn't matter. Just start to laugh, right? And that's probably the best way that there is to chillax as well, because laughing is gonna make you feel happy, done and done right, Don and Don, so please do more of it. Day six is time for me. Some time for yourself. Ah, little bit of me. Time is another great way to help you to chillax, and it doesn't take any effort. But there's a big time payoff, a little bit of time alone. To relax with yourself can can be time very well spent not talking about anything that that's particularly difficult here. Just a straightforward, simple stuff that that's going to make you feel good and put you in a good frame of mind. That might be a long, relaxing soak in the bath. Ah, little walker alone somewhere where you like to go to be alone with your thoughts. A little bit of gardening. If you're into that, can convert, relaxing as well Well get get the headphones in and listen to your favorite band for a bit . Make it clear to all those friends and family that that that that is your me time and I'll ask him not to disturb you unless it's absolutely essential on Just switch yourself off. Disconnect yourself for a while that May time can help remove yourself from the world for a while. Clear minded distractions on that's all helping towards that state of chillax Asian that that we're trying to achieve. So make please make some time for yourself. Day seven is that is the last one of the final third week that the final technique. So ask yourself now, what's what's working for you off the things that we've looked at during this course which have you tried, which is working best for you to help you feel relaxed and relaxed and chilled out. We've looked at many simple but yet affected methods which help can help you to achieve that states relaxation. It's all about less stress, less worry, a happier, more relaxed Sorry, sorry. I mean relaxed you. So please take a moment today at the final day of three weeks to reflect on the various techniques that we have looked at in this course on what's working best for you and then start to do more of those positive things that are working for you. Nothing more complicated to it than that. What's working for you on? Do do more of it to make you feel chill axed that that's what we're all about. That's what we're trying to. So today is the conclusion of three weeks. But we're not quite at the end of the course yet because I'd like Teoh give you some closing remarks and some personal note, Thanks in the next closing session. All right, let's do that now. 5. Summary and Thanks: before we finished a course. Onda, close it down. I'd like to give you my sincere thanks for taking this course along with me. I really do that. Hope that you have them taken a lot from it and that the techniques that we've looked at throughout are gonna help you with your own chillax. It Aled the methods and techniques throughout the three weeks. Of course. That way junk down like that. You know, I really do hope that they've been helpful for you in reducing and would be in stress that you might have in your life. On that you are now suitably chill axed. Keep practicing. Which methods do work for you to help you remain relaxed, right? Keep practicing. Keep doing it. Doing the stuff that makes you feel good and relaxed. I do suggest the most important method is the one from wait three, which is simply laughing. Nothing makes us feel happier. Does it? That her good laugh, right? So you know that bear that in mind on as the same girls let laughter is the best medicine. It really is, right? It's true. So I really do. Thank you. I really do hope you found it useful. And I really do hope that you are chill axed, right, Onda, And check out my other courses that I've got appear on skill share that there might be some that float you burn you might be interested in one of them is all about achieving and maintaining a work like balance. You might like to have a look at that one because it's related to this one. And this is chill axing element to that as well. If you like to by all means, follow me here on skill share and then you'll be notified as I publish new courses in the future. On all that's left for me to say now is my might my Thanks again. I really do hope that you found this useful on interesting on that. That you've taken something from this course. So I sincerely I thank you, Onda. You know I wish you all the best as well. So thanks again on take care