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Three Quick and Simple Puppet

Shannon Reagan

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6 Videos (22m)
    • Introduction

    • 3 Quick and Simple Puppets: Materials Video

    • 3 Quick and Simple Puppets Fortune Teller Puppet Video

    • 3 Quick and Simple Puppets Triangle Bandage Bunny Video

    • 3 Quick and Simple Puppets TP Tube Finger Puppet Video

    • 3 Quick and Simple Puppets Project Challenge Video


About This Class


Learn to make three puppets using found items. These projects are good for camp, school, daycare and child care providers including parents and babysitters. We will start with the fortune teller puppet. Second we will make a quick rabbit puppet on the go. Lastly we will make Owl finger puppets. All puppets can be made with items that are typically available. 





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Shannon L Reagan is the owner and creator for Wyndwolf Puppets and Creations. As a writer, playwright, puppet artist and costumer she thrives on giving characters and stories life. She was born in California, but found her art grew best in the lush Northwest where she now frequents events with her puppets and a stack of books. Shannon has a particular love for making oversized puppets and puppet films.

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