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Three Feathers. An Easy All-Level Watercolour Class with Jane Davies

teacher avatar Jane Davies, Professional Artist and Teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (1h 2m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Practice First Feather

    • 4. Practice Second Feather

    • 5. Practice Third Feather

    • 6. Main Piece Backwash

    • 7. Main Piece First Feather

    • 8. Main Piece Second Feather

    • 9. Main Piece Third Feather

    • 10. Splatters and Finishing Off

    • 11. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Let me show you how to paint these beautiful feathers in a simple and very quick watercolour technique, its something a bit different from me!

These lovely feathers are very easy to paint and are finished in a couple of minutes, so we will be painting some practice feathers before we paint our main piece with the lovely background wash

This class is suitable for all levels and requires very little watercolour knowledge, just a love for colour and simplicity 


I will show you:

  • How to pull colour out with a damp brush 
  • How to work quickly and effectively without over fussing
  • How to create a lovely soft background wash
  • How to use masking fluid 

You will be painting these beautiful feathers and be amazed and inspired that these can be done so quickly 

Past reviews

"That’s the shortest and best class on Skillshare"

“Jane has immediately become my favourite SkillShare teacher! Her unique style and explanations of how and why are fantastic! Thank you, Jane! ”

"A very enjoyable way to begin to learn the fun and skill of watercolour"

“Thank you sooooo much! I've been waiting for your class to start. I'm thrilled. Love your easy to follow style. As a beginner, it means a lot to me to be able to follow the lesson well. Looking forward to the next one.”

“Hello Jane, I viewed your lessons fully and will rewatch and paint. I see where wet in wet can be an enhanced feature for illustration. Listening with my headphones and the chirping bird in the background was a lovely feature :). I have a Samsung tablet and the resolution and sound is really beautiful for your lessons.”

"This class exceeded my expectations! Wow, congratulations Jane!! Just watching this through... I just LOVE trees, they are my enduring love, so I may take some time out from surface pattern designing to just relax and watch the paint flow where it wants! Love DS watercolours too, so I'll have a rummage about, see if I have some granulating ones too. Thank You! Lovely bright, cheery class :O)

"I already adore Jane's work and this class couldn't be different. She has magical hands to bring beautiful images to life in watercolour, and this beginner's exercise is a great way to get rid of our fear to work with this medium. I had so much joy, it was relaxing and I got confident of using paint on wet without that feeling that "I'm gonna ruin everything."

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jane Davies

Professional Artist and Teacher


Let me tell you a bit about myself...

I’m an international selling artist specialising in painting pet portraits and wildlife. I live, paint, teach and walk my lovely spaniel in the beautiful South Downs National Park, England

Over the last ten years, I’ve taught myself the watercolour techniques you see today. Not having been to art school, finding my own way has been fun and sometimes daunting but has allowed me to develop my own unique style




In 2016 I began teaching my free flow methods to small groups of beginner artists. After a move in 2018, I was fortunat... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello, welcome to this fund world colour class, where we'll be painting these beautiful feathers. Now you might be looking at these and thinking they take a lot of work. But you're going to be really surprised. Each feather only takes a few minutes to complete. The biggest trick is not to overfit ALL that work quickly and confidently. These one's a bit different from me. I am Jane Davis. I live. Paint, teach, and walked my lovely spaniel in the beautiful south downs National Park, England. Over the last ten years, I've taught myself the watercolor technique that you see today. Not having been to art school, finding my own way and has been fun and sometime daunting, but has allowed me to develop my own style. This has led me to teach the others, either on a one-to-one basis as part of a group in a wonderful studio in the heart of the south downs. I also run a successful commission-based business, painting PET portraits and wildlife art in my own home studio. In all my classes, you will follow along in real-time. Or I can guide you to keeping your work loose and fresh without over fussing. I'll be sharing lots of tips and tricks along the way to. In today's class, we will be using a technique where we pull color out with a damped brush from a centered line of heavily applied paint. And you can use any color you fancy. We will be creating a lovely soft backwash using a wet in wet technique. And again, the color choice is up to you. I'll show you how to apply color to parts of the feather and using a dragging method to pull paint out to give you some really interesting effects. If you'd like to learn more about me or my work, please pop over to my website at Jane Davies watercolors dot co WK. This can be found on my profile along with links to my Instagram or Facebook pages. I'm very active on my social media pages. Go, I love sharing my art, especially on stories with many ideas, works in progress and tells the studio life. I really hope you will share all your paintings on the projects pages. As I love seeing amassed species. And don't forget, I'm here to help if you get stuck or have any questions. I want you to experience that buzz of painting in this liberating wet on wet, loose style. So come and join me. 2. Materials: so welcome to this feather class, but this one's going to be a little bit different on just the way I lay out the class as well, because we're gonna practice. He's before we do the main pizzas. Well, when we get to try a lovely backwash, that is gonna be a fun mom, right? Running through the materials. Firstly, So I have got a cascade green, which makes up the backwash here, and that's a lovely, yummy colic. It's split center into a bluey green, so it's every nice one. What shadow? Violet. So I used for the bottom of the base of the feather. I've got a clinic Radom pink on the chronic Radom burnt Scarlett here, and I have just little what Gresh, which is just used entirely little bit bitter details. Now I appreciate you won't necessary have all these color choices, but I have so much trouble trying to choose the colors for this class, so use your imagination. What ever colors you fancy and whatever colors you're drawn to will be the best. But I would go for three colors for the feathers on a color for the backwash as I'm a little buddy rubber have my little 10 by 10 mount with a seven by seven aperture. My paper is the blocking for £200. Not I wouldn't go any lighter than £200 because the back washing involved quite a lot of water. And you don't want it hoping. Have a pencil. I have my three brushes model rigor again. A little small chisel brush which is just used for taking little bits of color out. My old synthetic brush, which was my very first, brought our ever water. And that's for doing the feathers. Now regarding brushes, you it will take a little bit of practice to find which brushes you have will give you the best effect for these, but our walk through that with you on the next stage. But, um, yeah, you'll find you'll find one brush that really does a good effect. A lot of water, kitchen roll of paper. Towel on a hairdryer is handy in these clothes, but not definitely not essential on what else Violent mentioned. We go a little bit masking fluid and that's for doing this one of these feathers. We just due to a lovely flick, Sir Onda, where you need something to draw around. So I've actually used around the base in my auto parts here. So you want something, something just to go around so we can place the feathers, and I think that's what we're going to need to know. So I think we ought to go and come. I want to do some of these feathers. 3. Practice First Feather: Okay, so I have a little scrap of paper, which we're going to practice the three feathers on because that each one is slightly different than if they start off very easy and go get a little bit more complex than the very last one. Actually has two layers and we do bits and pieces with the, um, mosque in Flew to that. So quite a fun one. But I'll start you off easy. We do this with the the very easy one. Now, the trick with the feathers is to be as quick as you can. The more you fiddle of the worst, they will become your probably practice. It loads. And you probably cursed me for these because they are very addictive. And when they go right, they go really quickly and you're you almost made it like Is that it? So So I think I For I babble away too much, I will show you the very 1st 1 So all you need to do Did you really simple line just like that? And that's gonna be the the middle party feather grab you. I'm just using little to feudal brush because that's going to be how I'm gonna apply my paint, so I'm gonna pick up the shadow of on it. No, you need a really good consistency on a a good amount, because this has got to be pulled out. So he If you're working from panels, you'll struggle if I'm honest. So if you don't work out achieves re discreet yourself A good amount of paint on a Are you in your pie? It'll, um, have you picked painting? Troops have been sitting here with a little for too long. Now I can't get enough out. The line doesn't have to be size or very neat. Who? I'm going to direct these colors out. So I just picked up the, um Scarlett. See, I've got really quiet is really quite thick. Clean with brush off again. We're gonna put the So basically you've done a line. Not really heavy applied paint along it. If I don't Kenya little brush off and pick up. Say, this is where you're gonna have to experiment little bit with your own brushes. So I found this one the best for this technique. So there's a lot of this. Depends on how wet your brush here. So what? You want to do wet it down and you wanted almost completely dries. It's just moist and again, this this will just be practice for you. He wanted finding out a little bit. Hold your piece of paper, hold your brush right at the end, and I would definitely try standing. Don't get too close to this because you really want it to be a nice swinger us and you just work from the bottom. You just put it out and you go away around. Don't think about it too much. You work up Mrs King a little. If it gets a little bit what you want, it's and really find fluffy bits as well. So it gets a little bit to wait and just destroy. Brush off some bridge, work it all the way up, twisted my hand a little bit on. Then we're flipping over the other side, the other side of try and keep a little it light a little bit more less worked and you'll find because you're brought it drawing out. You'll get some more Fiqi bits as well. When you got to that stage stop. Don't do any more. Clean your brush. Make sure it's nice. Enjoy. Again. We're going to go up the top here. But we were the pink stars and we're just brushing. We're brushing to the edge. What you're doing is you put pushing the paint out. You want it pushed out to there to make it more washed off my bush Always completely dry brush. What? You wanted this numbness lines to start of it, develop him. I'm pushing or pulling all the paint out to the edge. It just get a really good feather. Just walk down a little bit. Careful just over fiddled because it's so easy to overdo it that almost your feather done the very 1st 1 Anyway, grab, grab your little brush and we're going to do is just I've got But was she not gonna use it ? The scholar gonna pop tiny little bit. So this is just about still damp Hopefully on yours a tiny little bit. Just one that to join a tiny this formula head up and down here is just just because we've done so much pulling you felt you will find instead of it quite dry. So just dramatically treated brush. We could do that with a small brush just gonna work a little bit of line. Pull this out a little bit. You could work a little bit. This is your tip. Pretty. Just wanna move it down, luv. She takes the color out so clean brush off again. Quite often. News behind, actually, and squeeze it out Since greediness and drawings got nice, chiseled edge, I said, Then you can go in. You see this when you're just taking color out? Just fourth in the cull around. So that have actually just drawing a line in and I'm dropping down. But I think the white for me works better than the dark flowing. You can work it down here as well. Just take the color out out of that middle of that line. That really strong line we we've put in white in the beginning take a little bit. Yes, Every yours is gonna be different. And these will take a little bit of practice because it's such a different technique, but they're quite effective. Three little brush. Don't overdo this a little bit, because this is could get a bit carried away. So medical workers ideal for this, actually, because it's going to give me a really lovely fine edge. So I'm just gonna do a few flicks. He's putting a little bit out of the giver. If you was going a little bit lumpy, just add a little bit of finer detail. But don't say Don't go too crazy with this. That is your very first feather. So that's the That's the easiest one. 4. Practice Second Feather: So the next one we're going to do exactly it's actually the next one is the same. We just build up this little area a little bit a little bit more. So this gives you another Another practice and another one. So second, just another sweep up. We're gonna dio This is the same as we did before. My little jewel brushy to seize. Want to apply it with nice, heavy line of I had a vote in the bottom so you don't he Now you know why Don't have to be so precise about Eli Intake. You're gonna walk away. Can you push off? No. I tend to lead the scarlet first. I tend to go up this way around with the scarlet on, then the pink. But they say you probably chosen from lots of different color, sir. Mixing up. Try putting. Maybe the you know, I could have put the pink came in the scholar and vice versa. There are so many endless choices here on these. Some played for many hours. Trust kit. These, uh right for you being a bit addictive will have to admit. Okay, so put me sticky line of paint there. This goes quite thick back home. A bigger brush cleaning off to mature king off before. No, it's nice enjoying you. Found it out and say What? Quite you hold it up to the end and then work quite quickly. It what comes alive. You just have to wait a minute for to wake up. Just keep working up. Everyone will be different. I guarantee you that one. It will work out better than others and try different brushes. They get such defect and paper actually come to that. I did try some hot pressed paper, and that's that's quite fun. Harder, but it it's almost more shiny. So lousy toe sleep. People should on a bit more pop, you shouldn't have gone. There's just over fiddling all right, before I do. Do you ever feel dampened? Brush down again? Take make six marched off and then we're going to do exactly what did here. We're just gonna pull out to the edges and weaken, sort of make these edges a bit rounder a little bit more pointed. We're just pulling that, trying to get that that pink to the age. Really don't don't get any extra moisture on your body wanted to brush really nice and dry the stage. Put that one down, grabby a smaller brush. I'm going to pick up my Scarlett. I'm going to put a line here. You could almost leave it at this. It depends how how fuzzy you damp. This is because yeah, so you could always get away with it. And then I'm putting a little bit up the top here, don't you? Don't be so precise. Cover going to do the same. Pick up your big brush again, so it's damp. But let's enjoy finding a little bit. And we're working from this brown line. We're just pulling to the now to the end again, off again. Wash it off and you could go into the center, See this and then pull out the water going on. I need to say you want it nice and joy. Don't want at any water on this. Just almost make that disappear again. Just put that down. Even trying cleans out a little bit more picked up money. Choose a but just just a little bit, a bit better. Taking the color that's smaller. I'm just stroking up with today. It's going to be lovely so, Father, you look, I think that's probably enough for that little one. You know, I can come back in here with my georgewbush takes and color out to give you an idea of the center of the of the feather. Clatchey, if you look was hollow in the middle, I want to keep this nice and nice and good old point to it. It'll be a center try a little bit. Shadow violence, a little bit of shadow violets. I'm just gonna pop that a tiny bit will be hopefully just a little bit damp in there. Just give a little bit. Vinoy feathers are so beautiful and had so much variation on Looked at Ah, pheasant feathers when they have some amazing colored room. But you could use any any feather you want or any imaginary feathers come to that. So that's number two that you have to do for them. To say the biggest trick is is not over. Feel you can see how different they are. They say everyone will be different. A lot of it depends on how much pain you actually put on this main line. I found what you can actually drag out 5. Practice Third Feather: the 3rd 1 That's just line again. We're gonna day the couple become you It come Got a very old you know, make sure we haven't only brush for this, which I didn't mention in materials. Grab yourself a very old brush obstructing to find where my knees It's a very, very old rigor, but it's actually ideal for this kid is give him really lovely, wispy bits. So you just painting in the governor and what you're doing, you're doing some little flicks. If you're flicking from this main line out traumatically is quite random. Link it to two uniformed feathers on every uniformed. Really, you do? It wasn't alone if you want with it. Are you a painter? This is imaginary feather, really, so you don't have toe Doesn't have to be a particular feather of a certain breeder bird with speech is a good whatever looks pretty many. That's probably enough. I think that will do me. And if you value about it at all, then make sure you watch this come off because it's it's a terror. He grew up your brushes to Don't ever use any united Bush's put it up on that and that has got to dry. So I'm going to be the Head Rover over that, and I'll show you the first layer on that case. And my gun was nice and dry. But make sure that it is really dry because you don't want to stop painting over down become because it gets really messy really quickly. So I'm gonna pick up my little shoes or brush, and we got exactly the same. Yes, we did the number one and number two. So they put a nice, good old thick line. I'm really looking forward to all the color section you've chosen. Also had there was so many. I was doing so many different color choices. I had to stop myself in need. And I got the done school. Clean your brush off again between each each film, paint application. You don't want to get to Missy. Good old dollop of think. Yeah, your big brush again. Just stop me and start the process again. Make sure it's damp for not wet. Find it out a little bit and then seconds we did before. So you just touching that middle line, waking up, working on a way out. Hey, sort of get to the top. You incarnated twist your wrist or mussel. You start working back down, you leave gaps out doesn't have to be all the way or were uniformed. So not leave a better get then come back up. Clean your brush again Dump it down We're gonna take push that color to the edge today Just working from the middle and pushing out He wants to be quite nice more grounded You must haven't got enough Wasn't quite heavy enough of my pink sinners call a lot of age going on Oh, she just cheat of it on that a little bit on the edge Start the process again I wanted to keep your kitchen Roll up your paper towel clean for new pieces with my getting locked up I mean thickness that's what down case So he needs to dry So another another blocks with hair drawing for me that's lovely and dry. So what I'm going to do now? This is the fun bit is take that mosque in fluid off, but say make sure it's really lovely and dry before you do that, and if you blast it with a hair dryer, just let it cool for minutes. Do you use it in my pet pore traits, especially my quirky ones over there. Great for doing whiskers. The problem I don't use masking fluid and obvious is a fun from them. Effect isn't so what I'm going to do. Pick up line, little truthful brush, and we're going to do exactly the same like the same process. But we're doing too late, so short of our again, when you're running up the center line one, the school, Probably we did that. No one that you don't want it almost up to the middle of too much Be a big abortion gain any off, friend, details distemper to the touch, this one and say saying Hold it to end And it is quite nice to stand on this one because you really do need to Don't want to be hunched over this. You're just going back over careful not to, because this is two layers. Now you can you can end up with a little bit clumpy. So go Edie, especially on the lower part, and you want to stay within this line. Here is it's quite easy on the secondary to end up with your feather getting bigger and bigger and bigger. I had some other large feathers in the end of one point, so yeah, be careful. Just try and stay in that first, um, for slowing or first layer back down, I I might leave that. I really like that. So you don't have to go all the way down on what? Actually on this one. So I'm just going to clean that off a little bit. They were doing exactly the same pushing out to the end of the day. I say this is also where you can not getting larger next. Just cause you done two layers now, you're gonna get a little bit more. Gets to this boy. You're not making bigger. I'm gonna grab medical brush, pick up the scarlet we're gonna do just We did without. Second feather. Put that nice line there in a pops on top there so you can experiment all sorts of variations on colors You could have the dark color that you had for your base up here is to say the possibilities are home of the endless. So big brush again? Probably off my shorts was squeezed it out. Say don't want lots of water, and then you drag from that that brown line and look at your own piece near the papers. A big makes a big difference on on this thes, um, feathers. So it how my papers reacting is going to be different. Maybe to have your papers reacting little you got same as me, and you can make you know if you can imagine maybe there's light coming here. This this perception topic could be lighter. Maybe you could maybe pull out more paint. It's when your imagination goes. Or I could do that. I could do that. It's just something that up. It's disappeared a little bit, so So just look at your own piece. Don't want to be too afraid. They don't take very long is the only thing Lee. So you can have a the battle of different ideas and different boys doing things you won't find in our whole new technique I haven't even thought about. If you do, let me know. So today we're gonna pick up my cheesy bush change my the Taiwan in a minute. I have been to get inside, pull out some of that color. I think that that's almost down by doing latam Malsky queried. You can just see it. You gotta sliced a little bit a light where we've put that into taking out. You can try doing on the leaving the masking fluid on for the both layers. But I found it felt it was a little bit half a little bit too, too much. So I preferred underneath the first line and then taken off for the second. So you can go back in and just do a few fix from here as well. That's my little rigor and try and hold it, Howard told the the end. Just it is just good wrist. A little bit more movement. Don't overdo these consistent for you know, it was kind of ruined it for you. Done too many flicks. Poppy. Enough pulling west. They were doing it. They're not sure if I like that bit now. Excellent. You didn't take a color out. It's not as easy. Well, yes, that's quite so easy. Take the color amount here himself. Medication role. I managed to hide here. Okay, before I feel it. So these are very aged over feeling marine very quickly. So what? Medical cheese. A brush. I'm just gonna take that center line out. It's a little tiny little tweaks right at the end as we pull these things together. I hope you don't curse me too much for these people. Your phone you'll be painting. I have so many feathers in the student and you can with a little bit of point. Okay, kindness is a we? Well, just trial. See? See where you like. It's a little bit template. It was a great taking pics. Out you go down and center, didn't you? Couldn't lift enough paint. We can pick up a few. You mean what gets out? You might not find this Is all that useful? Finding it very, very useful in this one. A little bit of a shopper line there. Have a have a bit of experiment. I think that is our final feather. Quite Kate. Only. So in the next part of the class, we're gonna know Put it all together. So if I just show you that quite briefly over the top, we'll do the backwash in. You can see now how you build these up. So come on in and let's let's do the main piece and if you're not, if you don't feeling brave enough at the moment, you want to do more practicing on these. I can understand that and come back and do come back and doom another day. 6. Main Piece Backwash: Okay. Are you feeling ready for this, right? First thing first, I came to just I mean, a low amount goingto just draw, so you don't need amount. But it's quite nice for these feathers when you got something to work within. Oh, I think I can see. See me, Line. This is that you don't want to have you lying to two on bold. I don't think I've done that. And then the next thing you need to do, I've got another port, so I'm gonna just turn upside down. I'm gonna do a draw, a circle around it, do the lines a little bit, but we'll have to see. You can see that all. And he's going to be your the Regina feather feather. So you want Do you know roughly where you want them on the I couldn't have one one here again. You don't have to do a circular feathers, actually. Just want about those those lines up. So you just left with, um, You re Gee, if it is a portrait is lovely. So a long line of feathers is It's quite fun to do or just one feather. The arrangement of feathers is completely up to you to You don't have to do a circle like I am. Just suits this Nisour Square Mountains how we've been working. So what we're gonna do and I'm gonna do that Backwash now. So I'm gonna new grabbed my lovely big old bush. I'm gonna wet Aled down. You're gonna go outside to penciled. You have done a little pencil margin around the amount you wanna go outside it and you want a lovely and went Some of you may stretch your paper. If you don't know what stretching paper is, It's where you soak you soaked paper for about 10 minutes and you actually tape it down to a bald amusing Yeah, particular tape on and then let it drive. What? I tend to let it dry for at least at least a day, and then you've got a lovely, really flat surface to work on. Only reason I don't need classes. I just want you to have a little bit of fun. Most. These is sort of an experiment to start with. Really, it's always this fear. When you have this lovely piece of stretched paper, you don't have as much you clamp up so why at the moment I tend to work at the moment on on on stretched paper that it is easier if you do work, Stretch, continue. You know, having this problem where walks But you also, I think you can pop a bit. So for the time being, I work on it. I'm stretched paper. And if you want to learn about it is probably best to go on YouTube actually, or something like that and find out how people go about stretching paper. There were plenty out there, I'm sure. So I've just picked up impact my Cascade green. I'm going to pop it down right on the outside the edge of those books. The only reason for the outside is sometimes the actual double marks make a little daughter . You don't really want to see that. And I'm gonna do the same in this corner here. Sure, many of you aware board color dries a lot lighter. You see it when it's applied nice and wet. And sometimes you have some lovely effects. When it's really wet and it dries, it doesn't quite come across. This is lovely. Sometimes. Okay. And then you you want to talk your talk your paper losing out came up, let it run. And if he's not running, just like mine wasn't. I'm loading my brush up of water and I'm just tapping living that run all into the middle on all we're doing here. Just getting a an interesting sort of backwash, just something that is interesting to your I home that you lighten. Look off, it's not. It doesn't have to be anything in particular again doing exactly same for their the other side of the piece of paper. And we're just tapping topping coloring. So we're talking. It's just washing that into the center. A soon as you got something you think is quite pretty. Lay it flat. I think I wanted it up that way. See, my paper is warping quite a lot so like that, and you see that some Cascade Green doesn't really lovely splitting. It's a it's a very yummy color. I'll be interested to see what you what. You've picked a bassem be some good old mixes, I'm sure. So what we need to list it's completely dry before we do that. The feather. So you need to give a blast with hair dryer or just let it dry, and actually, it is quite nice. If you are going to blossom hair dryer, just make sure it is It is starting to go a little bit tacky again. If you If you give a blast minutes very wet, your you'll find your blood pigment around in the organs of it. Miss Matty. So I'm going to, Ah, be good and let that draw on its own, I think. 7. Main Piece First Feather: my papers really lovely and dry, and you want to make sure it is dry before we start this. So we're going to do the three feathers now. It's completely up to you, which feather you do, or which variation of the feathers you can do. It's up to you. You can do one. You know, one of the very easy ones and one of more complicated ones. Or you could just do It's up to you. What I will do properly is to do one of each so I can go back over again how we go about doing those. So I'm gonna do the simplest one, I think at the bottom, engaged and where exactly as we did on the Practice PC's. It's a bit more scary cause it's here. I mean peace, and you've got three feathers to doing on one piece of paper. But again, you may have chosen just to do one feather, and that's sometimes would be easy. And you've only got one toe cope with, he said. Picked up my shadow. Violet, I'm just gonna put that down, just falling those pencil lines that we we popped in exactly saying Don't do anything different. Don't worry. Ah, good. Pick up. But, Scarlett, you can run those into their you into the shot of art of the Boston. Have to be to accept. Think down. Okay? Get me to my pit. So I don't need anyone. Big Bush. So it's exactly exactly the same process. Cleaning off, doubling off, spreading those out a little bit holding it, tools the end and then just gently pulling and you might want to sort of turn the orientation of the papers you issue goes, You make sure your feathers will kind of workout. Used to look at I just work away around a little bit lost cause it's on the runways Just turn it off. Actually, one going with it, Push it up to the up to the top again. It's up to you. How far you want to go down. You might want to just just clip an edge. And that looks like it's news on more of an angle a little bit about Here is a lost cause It wasn't turned the right way. I'm just going to push that up. This is gonna be a what I'm gonna do for these feather. You don't need to get to covered away. It's the simplest 100 do in the bottom. Just pushing it. Just pushing pigment to the end assumes you've got something you like. Stop, Don't Don't You don't have to. It doesn't have to be over complicated. I think it's, um it's almost evening or cause it's got to be It's got to be more complicated than that. I must have to do all. You don't have to be more. I've just picked up the scholar. I'm just gonna put a little bit of line down here. She brought it. This is just almost washed out too much of that line and we put right in the very beginning . I can't see the center line, So I'm just hoping that she could absolutely find to do I might just put out a few little bits. Not too crazy. Just a little food. Wispy bits. Do you forget too carried away? One might be actually gonna turn you because that's gonna be my bottom feather that way. So I work on it. Picked up a little Q brush. They're going to take out that color just down the middle of that feather and deliver spine with center just taking color out. Just given that it was your impression of the the center nine. That is it for number one. It's easier, I guess. 8. Main Piece Second Feather: pray, See when that's going. So we're gonna do number. I know he should do number two the same same as we did in the Walmart one. So this one's going to be the middle of middle of the computations on natural one museum over. Go pick up my digital brush. Got my shadow. Violet, I'm just going to apply that to the bottom. Just exactly the same process. Nothing different. It was, however strong you put the center lines is how strong your feather bit will be. So if you want a really bold feather be really, really bold with you Um, you paint application here, wave at him. Cold contract company, Pick up my Scott. It put down What's your brush call about? I think down. They're gonna make sure that the white around for Anita. So make sense off. What game gets great green. So we don't need that anymore. Oh, sure. Few. Bush. I think the excess moisture off family town for a little bit and then just work away. Just brushing for that center line, working your way up, get to the top. We still turn your wrist a little bit. You start toe work the other way. I just clicked it a bit too much more issue, just joined the brush off a little bit. I wanted to come down here. Well, that is bold. Would be just say, you just have to look at your own, but don't overdo it. It's very, very easy to overdo these. Stop a team of ash off, Take them, Wish to off. We're gonna work up to the edge again. So be careful. You don't get carried away and keep making this bigger and bigger, very easy to do. That's properly in bed. Leave it at that. But one down. Pick up my needles. Regan. Just want to put that burnt Scarlett. Just here's your painting in. Start with quite a simple line, quite thick, a little bit that side. Put a little bit. You don't have to follow these exactly. If you liked the top being a look. Which beer? Just leave the top. You don't have to follow my example exactly. Visa. Very a spoon. Don't clean the brush off again. Take the moisture off family tapped a little bit and then I'm gonna work from that line in the middle ground into the It's called it. Just pull up. They care for your like it's bigger, good to quiet to leave. It's a little bit lighter here. Just this lot might have come in from that top corners. Be a little bit lighter. Always one second, one done. Just a little ball strength. It's a tiny bit. I need a little that is this The smallest of applications is being working quite fine. Work a little bit point down here so you don't have to draw an exact line. You just do a little little bit. See you get a little bit lost and found gonna pull based on the Fed about washed up that way on that. Putting the pill Have a listen to my own devices lying down. This redid some of that. So far they can quickly go along too much filling Okay to take a little bit of color out of the middle runny, Making sure you're brushing nice and chilled so you can do this with white paint is you can go backing. Draw the white lines in. You don't have to take color out, but sometimes it's a bit softer if you take color out and actually adding in Just gonna do pick up a little bit of pink Motiva rigor. Just gonna pick out a few little bits and pieces just down here, just on the bottom. I think I want to go in the top again. It could be just a little bit lighter, so don't overdo it. That's a number truth. 9. Main Piece Third Feather: so number three is going to be this one. So we're gonna need gum. You're very little old brush. Just a few. You're flicks. It's very fine this you may find some people really pinheads and bits and pieces. You find something? He doesn't have to be a brush for something to give you a very fine line. If you have dockside diesel spots, just let that dry before you take it out to try and get rid of them when they wet. Don't don't actually want that sponged down When I didn't want it, Put your weight too. It's completely driving and take them out. Would you find you? You turned up the out and just leave Hallmark work your way up a little bit. That's probably will be the center line if I want. This is dried and you think well done a bit to wear. With this, you can rub them out before you start painting. I think I do so I need to let that completely drive before we do that first layer and I will make sure that's completely dried, and then I will rub that out before we start painting. So I just need to let that dry. It's had its hair dry And you can see my dear splotch, though just going t o take that little spot jail just like that. That so Make sure that this year it's nice. Enjoy. Before you start during your next lesson, I was just going to turn it this way. Just help me Makes into that and I'm gonna pick up my little bush cleaning off. Make sure it's not Come on. A lot of different pain from it. So, Secretary, we're gonna put the shadow of on it cente the way this time. Skull it down. I think I was handed the kingdom off. When you finish using them, they put it down. You know, you Hopefully that came before you picking back up again. So Mobic Bush which did it down Sacra Saint, take the moisture off, find it out a little bit and hold it in the end again. Just gently work out. It doesn't start moving. Just just be patient. Comfort this Work your way at the top to be brushing the thing that ruins ease is in some over feeling sovereign. So many my watch More than thanks. It's quite nice to leave a gap there. It's not always so regimented. I mean Bush saying the game. Take the moisture off. You start pushing that color to the edge, careful not to make it. The year ends too big. It's really did it carried away. I think that will do for the first layer, so that needs to To join nicely on them. We can about the masking fluid and then do the second so that gain needs to dry. It had its little hair dry, so the fun bit taking the masking fluid. Officer, just make sure it's eight. Summit is really nice. Enjoying just that little bit waken start the second layer. Same process again. Propia shadow Vona. You have a color you've chosen for the bottom school, so you won't want it all quite quite concentrated. You don't be adding lots of water and you'll toe got a nice amount applies to all the feathers and all the days, often in Gharbia, your bigger bottle. We whichever but you've decided is a good one for doing your feathers. They were drawn, found that a little bit on against, and so you process just very gently. So just because you are doing a second late doesn't mean you have to do the whole lot working way up again. So you to get to talk, make sure you don't get carried away, make it a little to launch, destroy and stay within the first layer and twist your hand a little bit. Just gonna go a little bit down here. I'm going to do too much from that. Always other side. Can you Bush When you get going to push that color up, this is what gives it that it's a set of effectiveness, so effective as soon as you got that age in stump Carobbio Nikola brush. And then I think that the scarlet should I put a little bit on the top here. So you have so many variations of colors using a A really strong purple, and that was quite effective, actually, for the edge, and I hope you coming in there. It's same again. Make sure this really don't want too much more. Do you want to quite a nice dry brush pullup car. So just look at your own piece, everybody. It's all going to be different. Every single feather you probably do is gonna be different, so just bear that in mind. I think that's what changed about done there. Sometimes they work. How quickly Tummy going to pick up, Have a bit pink on it. A tiny little bit The pink in the middle there. I just got a little digital brush here, Going to work a little bit out, putting out second like we did on this here with a big old broom brush. Just do it almost the same mini version just until it starts to look nice. Say there's no rights and wrongs. Just when you think you think yet I think I'm there before I over fiddle Just tell you. Try and take out some Let's color at the middle. So I'm not really triple Bush. You run along the middle of that thought line you put in shadow. You look here. That is quite cute, actually. Just about there on that. I just want to put a tiny little bit of you. Should have bought it just here. Tranz dropped a little in a little bit. Was that another little bit of could be a color that just a little crispy bits down here mentally weaker. You don't need to do too many, cause you got that you did. The masking fluid should have a nice, picky white lines underneath that in this stage. Now you got to decide whether to doing these spatters or not, I'm I'm undecided whether I like spatters or not, So I will put them on So you can see and you can judge whether mine looked good or not. You want to do on yours? I'm just noticing. This is always put a little bit too much water in here. At some point, it's just believing the bleed of it. Gonna very carefully take out that water that must be sitting there very carefully. That's better. I just don't want to lose that nice white or lighter area in here. It was better. Sure, how much I'm going to use it especially. But I will show you, You know, if you it would not be able to take some of this color out where you want to add a little bit of white. Sometimes it's a little bit of highlights. Nice. You could go around the others fief. If you feel a any little point B notice with little highlight, We'll never quite found of putting too much goulash on it. It always looks a bit very natural to me, so I don't know just what I did there. Take it back out again. 10. Splatters and Finishing Off: my producer, Nicholas Spices. Compared to go with the school brush, I'm gonna go with smooth pick. So I would practice somewhere on a scrappy piece of paper. Yes, spattered. Could you young oneto start splattering and realizes the wrong consistency? So a little bit off camera and I will just have a practice off camera looks about right. So what I need you put pain from a bush. I got my little finger little finger home, a big finger. I'm just gonna flick. So you made you so not have flicks or you ever You like you might like them And sometimes I like them sometimes I don't I think that's probably enough. And that is your your feathers done. I shall do as I we do our show a proper little mountain round and you could see what they look like. What about they Could be all finished, moved out the way how quick could only square on the camera for you quickly, young. But they are quite effective only on them. Yeah, I like them. I think they're really effective. And it be interesting to see if you may be done them as a as a long portrait or you just maybe just on one larger one. That would be quite interesting to say so. Yeah. I hope you enjoy this now. I hope I haven't drove in. You driven you to married with the painting feathers over Wes. 11. Final Thoughts: So I hope you enjoy painting the feathers. They were surprisingly easy, weren't they? Want you got the hang of it and found the white brush to do the job. How'd you pulling into the color out from that center line? Go. It's finding the right dampness of your brush and then just going for it. Trying not to be scared if it seems to be going wrong, Did your soft background wash work out? Okay, if you found the colors didn't move very much, try adding more water next time. Were you able to apply color in the center and pull it out to the edges? It's my favorite bit as it makes the perfect feather with those dark bits on the ends. Hope you got some lovely overall effects and let your imagination conjured up all sorts of color variations and compositions. So we look forward to seeing you in the next class