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    • This is Not a Poem introduction

    • Examples (this is not a poem)


About This Class

Sometimes poetry gets a bad reputation.  It's easy to pick on it, but that's ridiculous!  Poetry can be powerful and beautiful and strong and resonate with someone all day, all week, their whole life.  This class is an attempt to reverse the process of poetry.  Instead of sitting down to write a poem, I ask students to instead find poems in their worlds.  I show five examples of some poems and not-poems and then ask everyone to post their findings.





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Lex Leclerc

Eco-artist & writer

I'm interested in ecological art to explore the concept of fragmentation.  My life sometimes feels a bit disconnected.  I find my brain feeling kind of buzzed from my cellphone or the internet, so I use drawing as a way to thread myself back to myself.  I like to use recycled fragments (cut out paper) to create coherent wholes.  


I also love languages.  I really LOVE them, especially French, English, Arabic, Portuguese, Italian, and Japa...

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