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This World Famous Card Trick Will Leave Your Friends Speechless

teacher avatar Mr. Jack of Hearts, Card Magic since 2007

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Performance

    • 2. Setup and Introduction

    • 3. Getting the Cards into Position

    • 4. The First Two Aces Turn Over

    • 5. Turning Over The Last Two Aces

    • 6. Closing Thoughts

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About This Class

"Twisting the Aces" is undoubtedly one of the most famous card tricks in the world. And for good reason! This magic trick is absolutely baffling: one after another the four aces turn themselves over invisibly.

In this class I teach you this amazing effect. So grab a deck of cards, follow along and you will be astonish your friends in no time!

This card trick employs one of the most important techniques in all of card magic: The "Elmsley Count".

I've made a separate class teaching the "Elmsley Count" in great detail. Don't worry it's not very difficult to do. If you don't know how to do an "Elmsley Count " yet, you can check out the class on it below:

In case you don't have a premium account yet, click this link to gain two month of premium for free:

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mr. Jack of Hearts

Card Magic since 2007


Hello, I'm Mr. Jack ;-)

I started doing card magic in 2007. Over the years I have learned many useful sleights and techniques, that I would love to share with you. Magic is all about lifting people from the sometimes mundane day to day and letting them experience a kind of child-like wonder again.

So grab a deck of cards and let's get started!

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1. Performance: Welcome back. I'm Mr Jacque on today. I'm going to teach. You are one of the vehicle ASIC Sof cart Magic. It's called twisting the eighties. It only uses four aces on it was popularized by one of the greatest count magicians off all time. Dai Vernon. So it's really an amazing effect. It's really simple, Andi. I think you'll really enjoy it. Let's have a look at the performance today. I want to show you something. It's, Ah, technique, actually, and it allows you to, um, invisibly turn over cards in a pack, whereas normally you would need to flip them like this, or maybe sideways like this. But this is actually called the twist. Andi. If you twist the cards like this one off, the aces will turn itself over invisibly. I can do this one more time, and in fact, if you call out the name of the A C want to turn over it will. It will do so, for example, a serve clubs. And now, as you'll see, the ace of clubs has turned itself over. Obviously does this much faster than just turning it over in the traditional way, so it's very useful. Let's call out the ace of hearts and it turns itself over. Unless you can see always only one cart turns itself over. Andi, For the last days, it's the A's of spades. I see. Uh, stupid. I forgot to twist aids of spades, and now it works. So if you would like to learn this trick, stay tuned as I will teach you to you in the next video. 2. Setup and Introduction: So welcome again to this over the shoulder of you, As I like to call it Andi for this trick, you'll actually only need the four aces. So there are no extra cards involved here. Uh huh. Um, now, uh, it's important to know on that you'll only need more or less one slight one technique for this amazing effect on. And that's technique isn't the Helmsley count. And I made a in depth tutorials on the Helmsley count. You can check it out in the description. All I will also link it somewhere here in the video. Um, yeah. So if you don't know how to do the Helmsley count yet, go check out that video. I go in great detail on hard to do it, Andi. Well, the other thing you need to know is if you want to call out the carts by name each time as I did in my performance, you have to memorize the order in which they will appear during the effect. And that is 1234 All right, So in this case, it would be ace of diamonds, followed by eight of clubs, followed by eight of hearts, followed by the ace of spades. That's last cut. All right, so that's basically the set up on bond. In the next video, I will show you the phases off the trick and heart actually do it. 3. Getting the Cards into Position: All right. So let's jump in. Um, Well, the first thing you need to do is you need to do a triple lift on. Uh, that's basically just flipping three carts as one. Um, so how to do it? The several different techniques on how to do that triple or double left. Maybe I will do in depth tutorials on those off Well, as well in the future. But for the time being, in this case, where you only have four carts, there's one technique. I think it's very effective and pretty easy to do on that. Is that to buckle the bottom cart on by buckling? Yeah. Is, uh, buckling basically, is you. You you pull on the card with your index finger in the top right corner, and you pull it, uh, in this direction. All right. So you're holding the cards like this, the thumb on top index finger on the bottom, and then you pull creating this little curve curvature here on that actually separates the bottom. Can't from the rest in this bottom right corner on that, us where you can insert your right hand fingers gripped three cards as one. I'm just flip them and then you can practice this for a little bit. Okay, that's pretty easy to do once you get the hang of this first motion, and you don't want to do it really large because you will destroy the bottom card, but just a little bit getting there and flip it. All right. Okay, Um, the next. The next phase is to actually turn the cards over, pull out the bottom card or which was the top Carter with seconds ago and flip it sideways and put it back, square it up and turned the cuts over again. On this way, you've created this situation where? There to face up aces, sandwich by two. Faced out. Nice is Okay, so one more time from here you go. Triple lift. So buckle, triple lift and flip everything like this and then hold them at the fingertips. Slide out the bottom card, turn it over, place it back on and relax. He hands on. And this is all covered by the patter that they're several different ways to flip, actually carts to flip a card over aunt. But that's there was still this one technique that is just superior and that he will show that to the audience. Okay, So, um, the next video I will show you the next phase 4. The First Two Aces Turn Over: all right. So, you know, in this position, Andi here is now You have to do the only count. Once again, there's a link in the description. So I will not teach the honestly count here because I have, ah, 10 minutes in depth tutorials on the owns accounts that you could jail. But don't worry, it's not very difficult to move to do so you will be fine. So you do the callously count on. And by that you show that the Azov diamonds has turned itself over. And if you remember, by memorizing the other, you could predict it. You could have predicted that it was the eight of diamonds and actually call out Ace of Diamonds, which in my opinion, adds another layer of magical nous because, um directly, it's it simulates that you really have absolute control over which card is going to flip. At which point, next year, once again to the twist twist the twisters really easy to do, you just grab the cards, like so in this, uh, and just turned them okay on to put a little bit of pressure because if you do too little, they would separate. So a little bit off pressure. Just turned them. All right. Easy, then. Do another Helmsley count showing that now the ace of clubs has tons. It turned itself over. But this time you put you don't put the last cut on top, but you put it on the bottom. Okay? All right. 5. Turning Over The Last Two Aces: Okay, so now you do. For the final two cards, you do another back once again, buckle the bottom, can't. And to another triple lift. All right. Okay. So you're in this position this time and you do another buckling your buckle, and you do another another trip left, right. And this vision disposition ready to show the next card, the He's off diamonds. So you don't simply show it. You do another townsley count to show, All right. And then you can once again spread the cards showing that, in fact, only one card eyes turned over on you. You change the thes two counts. Okay, So you in this position and you reverse the order off the 1st 2 cards, then you square up holding a pinky break underneath the top two counts. Okay. Like this, but only for a split second. Then you lift up the top two cabs as one pretending this is only the ace of spades, and you turn over the rest off the cuts. Okay? You can also, uh, you can also flip them like this if you want. Like like so, or you flip them like this. It's really up to you. and then place it on the top, um, and then turned all the cuts over once again. So Ah, now the spectator things steps all counts are face down. While in fact the ace of Spain's is already face up in there. Okay, but kind of to convince them that everything is face down, you do another Helmsley count putting the last card on the bottom once again, And then you just do a little bit off cancer or you just say, Oh, I forgot the twist, Andi. That's why the ace of spades didn't turn itself over. So now you do the twist you called ace of spades. And then you can clearly show that the ace of spades has actually turned itself over. 6. Closing Thoughts: so I hope you enjoy it. Editorial for twisting the aces. Andi, if you did, please consider leaving me a positive review. Andi also, as always, if there any questions left, don't hesitate to ask them in the discussions panel off this clouds. Andi, I'll try my best to answer the questions. All right, So I hope you enjoy the class. Andi Hope to see you in the next class. Until then, have a great they on and goodbye.