Thinking in Color: Intro to Color Theory | Kristin Jaworowski | Skillshare

Thinking in Color: Intro to Color Theory

Kristin Jaworowski, Art Director/Designer/Photographer

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8 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Materials Needed

    • 3. The Color Wheel

    • 4. The Language of Color

    • 5. Conducting a Symphony: Color Harmonies

    • 6. Color Study Part 1: Identify + Capture

    • 7. Color Study Part 2: Curate + Define

    • 8. Thank you!

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About This Class


Join Designer and Photographer Kristin Jaworowski to learn the basics of color theory and begin to develop your recognition of color. Projects are designed to focus your awareness on the colors around you and how they interact. After completing the projects you will have sharpened your sensitivity to color, be able to identify color traits, and create color palettes to use in any of your creative projects.

Who this class is for: This class is perfect for beginners or students interested in deepening and strengthening their understanding of color and how they can use it to bring life to both creative and business projects.

Why Color is important: Color is a powerful tool to communicate with. We absorb its effects on a subliminal level. The more you know about the theory of color the more effectively you can weave that knowledge into your strategies for creative or business ventures. Ultimately this can lead to more successful projects and increased revenue.





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Kristin Jaworowski

Art Director/Designer/Photographer

Drawing inspiration from the dynamic streets of New York, Kristin Jaworowski is a designer, art director and photographer. An alum of Parsons and the School of Visual Arts, she is best recognized for her bold designs that evoke a humanistic touch. She has expertly blended her background as a photographer and makeup artist with her design passions to fuse color, typography, photography, and hand lettering into her work.

A visual storyteller, she masterfully uses visuals to create a mean...

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