"Think about it this way" - designing and delivering the perfect presentation | Viktor Ilijev | Skillshare

"Think about it this way" - designing and delivering the perfect presentation

Viktor Ilijev, "Think about it this way"

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5 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. What can video games teach us about attention?

    • 2. Help me i can't solve this problem!

    • 3. How do stone carvers reveal an idea?

    • 4. The money muscle

    • 5. Your audience does not listen to you!


About This Class

 The primary purpose of this class is to teach you how to:

1. Create simple easily digestible presentations

2. Make these presentations look gorgeous

3. Develop an easy to follow and captivating story line from beginning to end. - some call this the narrative or the content - story is more easy on the mind :)

4. Present them with a clear voice, attitude, humor and wittiness. 

I want to teach you by SHOWING you practical examples from my experience - real presentations - not the regular "10 ways to better presentation" (you can find these anywhere). If you understand what the lesson is trying to tell you and you watch it all the way through the end - then you understand the story, followed it through the end and now know what a good presentation looks like.  

Practical examples are better then general guidelines because you get to see how a perfect presentation look like and make one for yourself - or just copy paste my examples :)

What is the content of the lessons?

Fresh perspectives which can help us approach, view and solve everyday challenges (personal, business) through a different angle - in short, help us think outside of the box. Think of these perspectives as recipes, which allow you to cook the same ingredients(the challenges) in different ways.Imagine that there is ALWAYS a different approach to solving ANY problem and reaping the biggest reward from it -well, some of those approaches i discuss in the lectures :)

Basically, this class is about interactive learning.

After you watch through each video, i have prepared some questions about the content for each of the videos - The questions are specifically made to see for yourself if you understand the content. This way you learn something more as well.

What if i still don't know how to make a presentation or deliver it perfectly?

Thanks to Skillshare, we can create discussion and projects where we can discuss each presentation and disect it so that we get to why they look good, are easy to follow and have a simple story.

So dive in and for any questions - i'm here :). The only we can learn is if we ask questions. 






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Viktor Ilijev

"Think about it this way"

Deputy GM at Valoso & ValosoHub | 3/5 startups | Writer | Boxing & unboxing coach


Part of ValosoHub and Valoso as Deputy GM, where I oversee strategic and business development, and manage a team of 20 + people. Valoso is a global media coverage company specialized in creating smart video content for event organizers and local brands in 6 locations around the world including USA, UK, Germany, Taiwan, New Zealand and Australia. ValosoHub is an international development team...

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