Think Like a CEO: How to Manage and Grow a disruptive Innovation next to the core Business | Hans Weemaes | Skillshare

Think Like a CEO: How to Manage and Grow a disruptive Innovation next to the core Business

Hans Weemaes

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12 Videos (37m)
    • Why to Take this course

    • Introduction To Disruptive Innovations

    • Difficulty 1 - The Evolution Of Innovations

    • Difficulty 2 - Appearing To Be An Extension Of The Core Market

    • Difficulty 3 - Conflicts With The Core Business

    • The Importance Of Selling

    • Selling At Nespresso And 3M

    • Change Or Die

    • A Separate Unit Or Not? (updated)

    • What To Keep Separated Or In Common? (updated)

    • Manage Conflicts, Don't Ignore Them

    • Kodak, British Airways, And What To Do! *Updated*


About This Class

This is an 40 min lesson about “How do you develop and grow a disruptive innovation next to your core business”.

This is a hot topic among CEO’s and their executive teams.  They all realize that they have to innovate, disrupt and can’t be left behind.  However developing and growing a disruptive innovation is more difficult than people think.

In this lesson, I will offer in this talk 6 evidence based tips on how leaders should think about those challenges.  The stories is based on research, and uses several great examples to make this story sparkle. This are the cases of Post-It (3M), Kodak, Nespresso, Medtronic and British Airways.

This story is particularly relevant for people that want to be able to think like senior executives!





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Hello, I'm Hans.  I'm a visiting business school Professor in Korea, consultant, and corporate trainer. I focus on Strategic Magement, Entrepreneurship, and Project Management. I am particularly passionate about communicating complex concepts in a straight forward language to a general audience, whether this in the class-, meeting- or boardroom. I have worked with students, managers, directors and C-Level Executives.

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