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Therapeutic Zen Art on Black Tile

teacher avatar Celine Ong, Therapeutic Art Coach, Artist, CZT

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

18 Lessons (1h 36m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. Atmosphere Setup

    • 4. Supplies

    • 5. Project 01

    • 6. Project 01 - Shading 1

    • 7. Project 01 - Shading 2

    • 8. Project 2 - Part 1

    • 9. Project 2 - Part 2

    • 10. Project 2 - Shading 1

    • 11. Project 2 - Shading 2

    • 12. Project 3 - Part 1

    • 13. Project 3 - Part 2

    • 14. Project 3 - Part 3

    • 15. Project 3 - Detailing

    • 16. Project 3 - Shading

    • 17. Tips: Collect & Display

    • 18. What's Next?

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About This Class


In this class, you will learn official Zentangle® patterns in a most relax way. You will apply 3 patterns on 3 different shapes of black paper tiles, including knowledge for tools and techniques that you need for drawing on black paper tiles.

This suitable for all age and groups of people without any art experience required.

By the end of this class, you'll have techniques and skills to draw Zentangle art on black paper tiles and experience that helps calm your mind whenever you need to ( when you stress, anxiety, depressed ), and for sure you'll find confidence to create art again! 

"Zentangle" is a registered trademark of Zentangle, Inc. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Celine Ong

Therapeutic Art Coach, Artist, CZT


I'm Celine Ong. I'm a Certified Zentangle Teacher, Artist and Therapeutic Art Coach.

Welcome to my classroom in Skillshare. I've been teaching therapeutic art since 2018. Help people gained confidence and fall in love with art again.

I designed my classes to be relaxing and easy-to-follow. While learning the techniques, skills and tips in the projects, you can expect the therapeutic process to help you de-stress or fall into the meditative-like result. In a long way, it helps to boost self-esteem, stress-relief, improve emotion, which leads to happy relationships and well-being. 

Most of my classes are in real-time, so you can create along with me as I'm explaining every detail that could help you in progress.

I'm planning to teach a serie... See full profile

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1. Trailer : if you are interested in therapeutic art, wanted to learn at threat drawings like disentangle, but you don't know where to start from then this is the cost just feet for you. In this cost, you learn threes, entangle patterns and the techniques for black paper towel that we commonly use ins entangle art. Starting with the material, I will show you what we need in this class. What other options and how to choose. Next, we will talk about how you can and hunts the experience by tuneup relaxing atmosphere before you start the section. Then you learn the three different tangles and apply them onto the three different shapes off black paper towels. Techniques include tangling, shading, highlighting and some details. Touch op. I'm also sharing some ideas and tips, such as how you could possibly showcase your artworks are simply Jay's want to keep them nicely all in one place, but none of this class. You will have better techniques and ideas to Corretja's entangle art in Black Star Face. I hope you're not only get the amazing piece of art that you created, but most importantly, is to enjoy the pace for moment during these projects. I'll see you in the next video 2. Introduction: Hi, I'm selling. Currently living in planning a beautiful island in Malaysia, I'm a certified sent angle teacher, therapeutic art coach and also an artist. I love abstract art and crafting and also love experimenting with different materials. I've been teaching therapeutic rt and creative art since 2000 and eight and I love my job so much. One of the reasons these I've seen so many off my students that from different backgrounds and actually gained confidence on creating art and they have found their way to be able to enjoy the process of making art. My purpose in our teaching is to help general people to find a balance in life. Most of my causes are designed to help students learn art in come emotion and peaceful mind . That's how possible you are able to create these amazing art step by step under my guide, even if you have no experience at all, said Tunggal. Method is famous in its meditative like result. It was created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. With this Memphis, everyone is possible to make incredible abstract drawings If you have tried somewhere else before and it didn't work for you probably used this entangled mother dead You have missed . So why don't you give yourself but not to try this time following all the steps advises in this cost. In my surprise you, Let's get started. 3. Atmosphere Setup: thin section is not necessary. But if you want to enhance the relaxing effect, this is something helpful. First is all about timing. If I know that the delivery man is on his way to me or I'm waiting for a call, then this is not a good timing for me to start with. There a beauty, our session. Choose a time that is last district for you. Then I locked the distractions away. Maybe you have kids House, May, husband or wife. It's best to tell them that you need a few hours off me time. Then keep yourself in the room and stop drawing. I usually do this when the husband is not around, and that I put my cuts in the room before I started. Used music to call me Try Played are based on my current mood, but always limit two instruments only, as the musically rigs could easily be struck my mind. Then I turned my phone to silent look and keep it inside a drama, so I want to be distracted by the notifications. It's mostly hot in my country. I usually turn not the air conditioning to keep my room cool before I started. If your firm somewhere cold, you may need to put on something that could keep yourself warm or a cup of hot tea on a rainy day. I then made up the Central Kendall sometimes essential oil or sometimes just perfume as long s they made me feel comfortable. Last but not least, gather all the supplies next to you, including the right amount of flighting. Then sit down for about five minutes with eyes closed. Slow down your breathing. We deep inhale feel the at most fierce that you're having right now, you deserve the peaceful moments. After a long day or after a busy week. Just take your time. Enjoy these quality moment. Then, whenever you're ready, just open your eyes slowly and start to draw. I don't know all these on my everyday art session on Lee once or twice in a week, I do as treat to myself. I sometimes leave the whole house, stayed totally quiet, especially on the reigning day, or let birth singing to me at the early morning. Everyone would have different ways to reach them in a piece, and you could just find yours 4. Supplies : let me introduce you all the materials that we will be using in our projects. I'm using the originals and tango paper towels on all the disentangle arts that I'm creating. They are all 100% cotton mate and is amusing. Great paper. They come in many other shapes and tones, but this time we will focus on this three sizes in black tone paper time. The 1st 1 here is to stand it. Square tile is nine inches paper tile that can let us join many off them and become a big piece of Sen tangle. Art won't way have these perfect triangle paper tile. This shape could also join up when you have many off them and became a various look depend on how he joined them together. And the last one is the mini square paper Time. Houston When I'm learning new tangles or for my matching games, if you don't have these originals entangle paper tile, you can download a pdf file at the Resources page, printed on a sticker or harder paper that cut out the shape. If it bring doubt with laser printer, you may draw directly on it. But within Jack printer, I suggest you to use it as a mold and trace the shape on sick of black color paper. Then only you draw on the black color paper. Next, we'll need the in command in medium or thick and meat. In this project, you can use any pen around you, but I always prefer thes Pinkman in price from secure a breath, come in a wide range off next sizes to help artists, producers, high quality lines and drawings. We commonly used the nip size 01 so 508 and PM in San Tangle Art. But in this class will need the size off 05 and 08 There's one thing I like about this brand is there special ink is leak proof, bleed proof and waterproof, meaning you would get the themes lines as you expected, even if you're writing on the low compact paper like the one I'm writing on right now for this size 08 erecting with different angles could affect thicknesses as well, but this one I'm holding with slight slumped, then it's even thinner than size 05 when it come up. But once I put it up straight, you could get with biggest results. That is because off the deep shapes is a later Bates Square, as you can see here. So just make sure you having it at a right angle when you're writing. If you have other in pens with you, please find the one with minimum lick and bleak results. Let me show you another in Japan to compare what I mean writing with the same speed. But the ink seems rushing out to flood the paper. This affect the drawing quality, makes the lines looks shaky and messy, and because it bleeds out, the lines result always thicker than the need you choose. And if you go slower, the papers seems to soak up the ink even more. And if you want to add some would color on your drawings, this my cramp n is allowing us to have this option. Look other in. Penn has lost the line quality, but not the micro pen, and they also have minimum leak on the back off the paper. We're also using three sizes off these watch Alpen. One amusing ISS Sekera jelly roll sighs number 58 and 10. If you have only one size for now, just used the one you have for all the white Joel drawings, you would still get the result. But of course, the details may be slightly different. If you're using other brands off white Japan just have to make sure that is opaque quality , meaning it gives you the best coverage quality like this. Make sure it's not come up with semi transparent. Then we will also need a to be graphite pencil and white charcoal pencil. If you don't have white chocolate pants over now, could try ways color pencil or why pay still color? This one is tortilla or I call it also as paper pencil for substitution. You could use cotton, but we will need it for the shadow heading last one. I have thes praying watercolor brush that I'm using in this project. If you don't have base political brush, you could use any light tone or semi transparent color brush or a very light tone mark a pen and any color is fine. So that's all. Let's gather up all these materials and get started 5. Project 01: tangle that will learn in a section called Parachute. In this warm up project, we will be using the small square tile I'm using this jelly white robe pan number eight from Socorro. You can use any fine or medium size white job hen if you don't have the same s mine. Studying from the center will have this spring spinning outward Doesn't matter if Klopp waas or anti clockwise sl as you are comfortable for your hand and fingers to control, trying to make them have the same distance all the way to the finish Because I'm making this video so I don't turn my paper tile s you can see. But for you I want you to keep your hands and fingers relax by turning the paper tile to feed your hands Position, finish up The last few lines we have at the corner. Great. Now we're back to the center. Turned the starting point in words like this. Then make another gap from here. Now one more gap and we fill up this area. Not a thing, no gap next to the feel of area and we have another bigger gap now and leave it blank way have start up this freedom and want to follow this rhythm all the way until we finished a whole area. You wanna go slow and steady on the surface that you are drawing with this jelly white role ? Because if you are letting the pen running to fuss on the surface and you find out the color that come out, it's not that saturate because the ink from the pan they need more time to slowly flow out from it. When you're coloring the whole area with these general pen, you want to avoid overlapping on the first layer that you have created. So the way I'm creating this just by any lines, let them feel at the whole area that one. If you see the area that you feel up with jelly white row, it's a little bit on, even like some part you see, these have think of white compared to the other, which you can still slightly see some duck underneath. I would say it's okay to have that quality off radiant compared to if you're trying to go back and end up another layer on top of that, and you find out the second layer off Jaleel white robe would actually kind of ruin the first layer that you have created on couldn't fix up anymore. Try to slow yourself down in all this entangle art that you're creating, especially if you wish to have the process that you could enjoy the peaceful mind. You don't have to rush Teoh. Keep up with this video. Speak. You should have your own timing should have your own speak, even though if you are creating with your friends family next to you. Together you all have different pace and usually the time that you need for creating the artwork. It's determined by how detail you want Teoh do in the artwork for this size off the paper tall that I have created. I've used about 45 minutes for each and also have try some just on the 20 minutes and finish from the better beginning until the end off. The details and also more all the time you put into this odd work essentially come out with more fine detail quality that you could see in the outcome. At this point, I would suggest tried to engage your breathing, inhale and exhale slowly and when you inhale trying to take a deep, deep breath, then exhale very, very gently from inside of you way. I'm filling up the area. You look. It's very gentle and step by step palling up line by lines. Some people they might just randomly go and scratching, adding the color just very randomly and you fight that way. Competitive this thesis more the reputed in the way you doing it. This is also one of the key technique. Step. You could apply for you to calm yourself down with your physical motion. You'll be so surprised at how slightly change with the use of the technique could actually bring Peacefulness to your mind. - This'll moment. You just have to focus on the current moment. The current lines that you are drawing. Just ignore the result that it would come out. Don't think about result when you creating just focus at the moment. It's struck at a time way almost can see the outcome off our artwork. And look at my right now. I didn't even plan since the very beginning. When I start with the first stroke on this paper, I don't at all the last few stripping I have here at the very, very border off my paper. I just kind of imagine there is a whole thing going out from my paper. So I just kind of feel up that a really with logic I have. Here we go. We have laughed a few corners to feel up. Then we will finish the first step, the first layer off hours entangled drawing here. And that's we will be using the graphite pencil to at some shadow effect, adding to thes artwork and see you in the next video. 6. Project 01 - Shading 1: In this shading technique, we will be using a to be graphite pencil starting from the center, adding the graphite on the out area off the spiral line. In this project, you may follow my step on my way off adding the shadow or if you feel like trying your own style, feel afraid to do it. As you can see here, I'm only adding a same layer off for a fight on the line, and I don't think about the quality off how it appears for now, because we will take care of that later on. Shading in San Tangle Art are very, very free. There's no rules, no restrictions. Don't have to think about the logic off. How shadow reacting rallied e Every time when I'm adding shadows on my artworks, usually building them up layer by layer, I don't put a large amount off graphite straight on my first layer. This'll would help me to have more control on the shades that I want to feel. I'll show you more on the following projects. - Now we have done with the graph I adding now change to thesis blending tool. We call these tortilla in San Tangle art and the same will start from the center, just like how we started this drawing. In the very beginning, you kind of like pushed a thin layer off for a fight to the center off their tube. I usually run through the graphite very roughly on the first time off, blending just to soften the pencil lines. Way to do this very gently. Don't brush too hard on your paper. You see there are fibers that coming out when you're blending. Just remind yourself to hold even life. Turn on the torture. Now we start to see the depth effect off the dock, Shade added on the black tile. We don't just stop here. Let's make it even more interesting on the next radio. 7. Project 01 - Shading 2: Here we go. We're at the second part, which also the last part of shading for this Tanko. Call Mariah Shoe. We will need this white truck. Oh, pencil In this part. If it don't have white charcoal pencil, then get a white color pencil could also have the similar outcome. Let's add a very sane and light white lines on the opposite side. Off where we put the graphite. Just a scene and fund. Why trouble for No. Yes. Now we need another torchy on that reserved for white charcoal Used not the one that we use previously for the graphite, but this one is clean and white side for blending way. Don't want to blend until the whole tip looks very pale. Keeping some pure dark area. We just want to show very little reflection with this highlight to give even more sense of depth. Usually, my aim for this technique is just soft into pencil lines. If you feel like going back to at some more highlights with a white charcoal, just do it. But I think I'm pretty happy with what I have right now, so I'm just going to stop it right here. Yeah, You just finished a fresh project with the black tiles technique. Let's video will create another tango and technique. Um, see you there. 8. Project 2 - Part 1: In this project, we will learn the tangle called paradox in the Black Triangle paper tile starting with a wet charcoal pencil. Put a dot on each corner, then join the dots with lines to make border. The lines here doesn't have to be perfectly straight. Instead, I'm letting it go freely with Onley. Slow down the pace and now you want an eyeball? The line. Teoh, get the middle point and put a dot here and do the same on another two straight lines here . Now we have another new three dots dry them again. Wait, Lines like before. Great! So now we have four small triangles inside Thes one triangle title. Let's put aside. The white truck will pencil now and we're gonna get this white Joe Penn starting with the triangle on the center at this corner I start by leaving a small gap. Then pull all the way to meet the dot below. That looks like the longest slightly tilted. So one end is with gap and one without. And now we're going. Teoh, repeat this pattern ways Remembering the room, the corner ended with the gap es the next starting point without gap and now we have. Another important key to follow here is that you have to follow the movement that you have just started with. So I started with the club twice movement. Then I just have to follow all the way until the end. The easiest way is to turn your paper tile after each line you have created. But again, you won't see me doing the's on this video because I don't want to confuse you by turning too much. Oops, I just accidentally made a mistake here. They should have no gap, but I just done it the opposite way. So what could you do if you made a mistake like this one? In this case, I'll recommend you just ignore it for now, rather than go back and trying to he raised with other tools, you just have to put the right focus on the right thing. Here. I ignored the mystic and continue to the next line with the way it's supposed to be on. Find this part now is a little bit confused to me, and that requires me to have more attention on resume the correct packed in. But once I've got this right, the whole thing would just fall into the right track again. Well, I never think about it. Raising the Mystics in San Tangle methods We have different ways to handle this sort off mistake. That's why we often say, there's no mistake ins entangle art. That doesn't mean you can't have any mistake in real, but it's more like on the way we treat mistakes. You see, I am now fall back into the pattern easily. Way will slowly use up the space here, and I'll see you in the next video. 9. Project 2 - Part 2: you have completed the first segment off pattern called Paradox. You should be much familiar with the movement now for this second segment. Let's think it as a mirroring from the first segment that we've created at the center. Like this one here is thick at the top and thin in the bottom. Then just follow the same rules for the first line off new sentiment here. Okay, let me first replace these quite truck whole line with my job, and then again, we choose a direction to start the movement. Then we'll start to speak here, and staying at the bottom doesn't have to be the same direction from the first segment. But once you decided to move in that direction, then you will have to follow all the way till the end. In each segment, and in this project, I choose to do it in anti clockwise. Let's repeat the same rules for this tangle with thick corner, meet the things sharp corner like this, then keep repeating this rhythm to every line ways your movement direction. - In the last few lines, we're going to finish the second segment. Could you see this complete leaf shape in between the two segment. It happens only when you do the mirror entangle. You could also try to do with non mirroring technique at your future project. It would turn to a totally new look just by changing the movement direction. Now. We left the last two seconds here, and you can choose any off this to to start again mine here. It's a little bit confused because off the mistakes that I've made on the first segment, But again, I would just ignore the mystic in this case. And let's follow the correct reader. And don't forget to come from the line between two segment here by replace, it means white gel pen. Once you have the first line in each segment, you can just pull our focus back to this individual sentiment. No sane, too sick again to fake. Same as before. Choose and follow your direction to start a movement, then just repeat the same rule alternative off big and thin. Please don't forget to rotate your paper. Tell frequently for this tangle, so your hand a pant. Stay comfortable at these same position. Then you can't just create the best quality off lines easily. Don't forget to slow yourself down. Take a time. Feel free to post to speed you if you need more time. - Okay , Now we had this last segment you have made this for and should feel very relaxing under this freedom make movement in this segment, I'm going to leave you all alone at your peaceful moment. Just remember to breathe slowly. I'll be back when you don't. - Congratulations . You have done the segment by yourself at the very last part of this work with Finish up by completing the out to string with white job hand, if you hasn't. Okay. When you finished, take a little moment, Teoh. Just slowly appreciate what you have just completed. Now go take a coffee break. Now if you want, I'll see you in the next video. 10. Project 2 - Shading 1: Welcome back. Now we are at the shading part for the beautiful Tanko that we have just created in this section will need a white truffle pencil or a white colored pencil. If you don't have shading in San Tangle Art Dave's creators the most freedom to explore what they want. But I'm sharing my style to you in case you have no idea how you want to do for this. For this one, I am using the white truffle to end hunts the brightness part off the tangle where more lines are joined together. In this case, I'm applying the white truffle pencil here and following the density off minds, I put lesser as the lines loosen upward and I'll give more concentrated at the bottom. And I'm just gonna apply the same technique toe all the leaf shaped pattern so they looks consistent. - And now we'll change the white chocolate pencil to tortilla on, or a collie paper pencil or blending tool. I'm putting a very minimum pressure when I'm blending the white charcoal. You can't push the light charcoal slowly towards sector off the leaf shape so they looks like fade out from the bottom. Well, we're almost done in the next video, I'll show you another shading technique that it's possible to add to this tangle. See you there. 11. Project 2 - Shading 2: welcome back to the last section off this tangle called paradox. This'll a ER off shading is totally up to you. Whether you like to have the effect or not. I'm using graphite pencil to add a very same line around the top off the leaves. It is not obvious, but I think this slight hunch off graphite has had the diamond shut effect and to the park makes it more fine details. You tried out by adding this method to one leaf and see how, whether you like it if yes, that make them all with the same technique. E suggest you're trying to take a picture before you apply this layer of shadow and take another one. After all, the shadows applied that you could compare the differences. See which one you like. Better as you can see, I go back and add more graphite. Even I have finished with the blending. That is just the way I darker shade on a small area to enhance the sense of death. I'm gonna leave you alone. Go and explore your own style, see which one you prefer, and I'll be back in a while. Way, way have completed the shading for the pattern call paradox. And lastly, I'm doing the highlighting for the edges for this paper tile with white truffle. Cancel just to see whether I like the finish better or not, you don't have to do this if you don't feel like. But what I want to encourage you is to explore follow your heart when there's a voice inside of you. Chances just like these edging highlight. It was a voice inside my head that jump up and say, How about these? So for may I always say yes to it, even if it's failed, there's nothing to lose. We'll all learn from all the failures that we have made. So next time, you know No, I've tried these. It's not working, so you have more experience than if it choose not to follow what I'm doing right now. I hope this could also give you some idea or some referencing your future projects, or maybe inspires you to come out with something different, something that from yourself. So let me know if it does, I would love to hear from you. There you go. I hope you drive this section and also enjoyed thes tangle. Paradox. Whenever you're ready, I'll see you in the next project 12. Project 3 - Part 1: welcome to Disentangle Art Project. You are about to learn this tangle called Crescent Win. In this project, we aim to create the illusion off depth by using three different thicknesses off white Joe pens. Let's start with the dogs at all the corners. You're saying the white charcoal pencil way now create the border by joining dots one by one like this. I don't put much pressure here and I'm not trying to Caray aid a perfect lines at this stage. In fact, let the line stays the hand drawn blue. Now we moved to the thickest white gel pen. I'm using Sankara Jenny White Roll number 10 Here. I usually start these at corner, but you could just start at anywhere around the border. Now I want you to imagine the Ladybird scrawling on the line. Everyone has a distance in between and trying to maintain the same distance in between the lady birds. For all of therm, don't keep them too far away from each other. Could be closer than what you see that I'm doing right now and for the size. Trying to make the Lady Brit shape not smaller than mine. All the size distance that you have created. We want to make them consistent after the lady bird all crawling around that we were fail up to space in the Ladybird. With what? Gel pen? For this part, I want you to pay more attention on how you apply the white jump n into this space. Focus on the pace. Now slow down. If you're rushing in, stayed off randomly running around in the space. I want you to feeling up the whole area by piling up the lines like what you see I'm doing right now. This could help me, Teoh avoid to leave some spots that it's not covered with the right job. If I keep going back and feeling up those spots, then I'll find that is very tiring. Work for me to do, especially for this gel pen, seems impossible to add a second layer without disturbing the first layer off Joe. Every time when I'm trying to go back and touch up the first layer, it's kind of scratched away. The first layer off White Joe in this part, I want you to just focus on every stroke every nine that you adding slow down yourself. Come. - Do you great job. Now we're going Teoh at this call. All Ra for the Lady Bert. Just a line running on top off them. Wait the same distance apply for all for this one. I'm following the movement that I chose these anti clockwise. So I'm going to start with this direction on all the way Until I finish. I'm having this line very close to the lady birds. You could make them more space in between. But then try to make all of them the same aura for all the lady birds. Give them the same distance all the way until the last layer that we're going to end. - Great . We're almost done in this session. I'll see you in the next video. 13. Project 3 - Part 2: continue with the Ladybird shape and the first aura from the previous video. That's at more layers for the aura. With one direction off movement, you can go clockwise or empty clock wise and keep going with the direction your started with and go until the last aura following what I started. I'm going Teoh dio with empty clockwise for this time and feel free to rotate your paper tile that could make your hand feel comfortable and produce a very stable lines that you're creating in my videos. You won't see me rotate the paper tile. It old that because I want to give you a clearest sense of direction when I'm drawing. - That's not rushing. Focus on each line at a time, and you want to have a great quality on the line control that is your A And also you could engage with your breathing deeply and then exhale slowly way if you have your aural gaps, whether the mine, you find out only a few players after the aura added, they start to join together. For my case, I would have to add a few more layers to make all these individuals or a midst together for this aura, It's going to meet the next aura that we are creating. So you want to leave a gap here, then continue with the next aura. This is how we can join the individual aura into a bigger. - And don't forget that inner area like these here. Just follow the same principle off aura than for this tiny little just line. I would just keep going until I have all the auras joined together. Oh, - wait for the ending. You want Teoh Rest the last aura by touching the line. Close it there. Great. Now you're ready for the next layer. 14. Project 3 - Part 3: wear. Now in this part tree off Crescent one, we will be adding the last two layers off Ladybird with the same thickness off lines in what Joe Penn eso ways I at the Lady birds on the corner that has more space. But in this layer, we want to have them in slightly smaller than the previous first layer. Lady Bird's steps I created in this layer is slightly different from the previous. This I feel of the space. As soon as I draw the Ladybird, there's no right or wrong both Wait works as long as you feel comfortable when you create in your artwork. Lady birds in my version are too far apart askew. See here I suggest you to make them closer than mine. A same time you will have more lady birds in this layer s Well, now I'm going to change Teoh Another thickness. Joe Penn. That is medium size name. I'm using the Ceccarelli white jelly roll number eight here Way going to start adding the aura one by one, followed by the direction that you choose. Try to draw slower on losing up your fingers while holding pen. Do it good. Don't hold your breath. If you are breath deeply and slowly. Way want at too much off the aura. We need to leave some space for that. They're layer later. Okay, great. I'm just gonna let the aura stop here and start to draw a new layer off Lady Bert from here . Same as before. With the same thickness off. What? Joe pen. I will find the most spacious place to feel in the Ladybird. Make them closer together and even smaller than the previous one. - Great things. Time we're going to change to the Penis gel pen. For this, I'm using white jelly roll number five from Sankara. For the rest off. The aura way can start to see the depth effect happens just by using the different sizes off a job. I'm leaving a tiny space mt at the center like some space for eight to breathe. If you want to make them full, just go ahead. Wait for the next video for more details 15. Project 3 - Detailing: we're here now, At the last two part off the crescent moon. In this section, we will need a thicker black ink pen. Teoh play like Raisa for the details drawing. I am using Micron number eight from Sakura. In this video here we want Teoh and hunts the depth effect by separating the three layers off. Lady Bird's adding the black line like this in the black tile. This is just like a remover. Give you accidentally made some mistakes in the white job on the previous section. Here is the tips that you can useful remove. And here by adding a layer off black ink on the white Joe, you will have this negative space back again here. I'm applying the black ink across the base off the second layer off the lady birds. Or you can think of it like a aura for the first layer off Lady Bert. Just it is now with black instead, if you find your black ink pen name same stuck, you can just rub it away on another Queen White paper like this. Do this Nick cleaning. Once you feel the ink is lesser. Otherwise the nape my just not working at all. If you leave it blocking more, and when you see the ink flowing back like normal gain, that means it's performing well again. - Way we're going to do the same for the third layer. Remember, do it slowly and feel free to stop. If you feel like you need to think, I personally put all the focus on having the quality off each lines. And when I'm done with one night, I would totally move on to the next line and focus there, and I will never expect the outcome or worry about past even it wasa mistake there at the very last off this part, I'm going to use the watercolor brush by coy sacharow. If it don't have these watercolor brush, you could try to use some lighter tone off maca pens. I'm applying a layer off these very light pink as a color shadow all around the base off second and third Ladybird space. If you want to add this color shadow for the first layer off, Lady Bert, feel free to do that. Do you start to see the difference? I can see the depth effect has became obvious right after this color brush added. Do you think that itself of this crescent one off course, There's so much more we can do, See you in the next video. 16. Project 3 - Shading: way are now at the last part off Crescent Moon. In the previous video, we have created the depth effect by using the watercolor brush in this final section will add some highlight by using the white charcoal pencil. I'm using the one truck whole pencil to brush across the aura. Make them look like a reflection off light. Let's not plant or think off the logic for this white light, adding last charcoal for the second day here and even lesser for the third layer left almost only a thin line. That is because off the size off, the old routes are getting smaller there. That would change to the paper blending to If you don't have this, just use a clean cotton. But another reason. I don't like to add too much charcoal at once that IHS, because I don't want to end up like the whole thing, looks like it was cover up with a pale Falk, like keeping some aerial remained black. So makes the height light stands out. I'm also add a very little girl fight on the areas that I want to end hunts to dock shaped just a slight touch. - Last but not least I'm using the dark ink pen. Teoh, at my initial to claim these artwork way have completed this project with all the detailed techniques to make these art. Your masterpiece takes a moment to appreciate your at work and your effort. I hope you enjoy. 17. Tips: Collect & Display: the size is off. This entangle art on these tiny paper tall has its advantage. That is, it is easy to keep even if you have created 100 or thousands off. Um, especially if you compare them Teoh upwards in canvases. Imagine if you have 100 pieces off, can assist it. Definitely need a room for them. But with all of this time in paper tallest, you have more options when it comes to collecting or present ation. For this one. You see, I'm using the 12 by 12 inches photo album. Then I attached paper tile that I have completed on the colorful background papers. Then I keep them in the shelf in my living room so I could always show them to my guest, and at the same time I could keep them safe under the protector. I also have some of my Zen tangle art putting frames and use it to decorate my living room guest room or anywhere you can think of. I also have a small photo album to keep those disentangle art did I have created each time when I'm giving a group class because they are all looks pretty much to say so I keep them to myself in this tiny album just to have them in one place for the public showcase, I made my own a flip album. Forage. Siri's This'll album is very easy to travel with. It can stand alone during the showcase or sleep like a book without open up the whole thing . They can be designed to be double cited, as I always do. I often using these one Teoh showcase to my group off students to give them ideas and inspirations. And there's entangle art journey. Let me know if this is help food to you, and you could also share your outcome with the community off skill share at below. 18. What's Next?: Congratulations. You have learned three official tangles in three different shapes. Paper towels, including shading details and techniques for san tangle art in black paper. Then we also covered the ways of setting up the relaxing atmosphere before these therapeutic our session and some tapes for you to collect your beautiful art. After this exercise, I suggest you to practice the tangles Ah, few more times, at least until you are familiar with them. Don't rush jumping to another new tangles because when you're picking up a new tango, your brain is on learning more. It is very busy with all these new informations. If you keep it too long that way, you would get X hosted very quick. Does therapeutic and meditative effect usually calms after you have familiar with the freedom and movement? So go ahead and create with these three tangles on different papers, pans, shapes if you want to, then don't forget to share your beautiful art in this project gallery with all the students and me, let's keep inspiring each other in this community. If you have any question on this learning, feel free to leave a comment and leave me a reveal to help me improve on my teaching. I also include the paper towels, shapes and size in pdf file at the resources print and cut it out to make your own mold in your future class with me. And if you want to purchase the materials that I recommended, please check out the links at the description below. There you can also find options for your next class is. But before that practice these three Pangos that you just learned making fun like joined the two or three time goes to make one piece of art or to fill up a shape off animal, be creative and have fun. Also check out my other classes on skill share. I'm planning to teach in creative art, abstract art, calligraphy and more. If you like to have my classes updates, you could follow my profile. I'm also sharing my daily art life story on Instagram and YouTube channel. There, I share my other projects that I did to keep my students inspired, so you check it out