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7 Videos (11m)
    • Intro Colour class

    • Colour basics

    • Basic colour mixing and the colour wheel

    • Shadows and highlights

    • Contrast

    • Saturation

    • Last Tips


About This Class

To get better at art knowing the very basics of the colour theory is a great place to start. It will help you create what you want and to understand more advanced tutorials. This is a super basic overview of all the things I think are super important for you to know to get started. 

This is a super short, straight to the point class to help you get started!

You can find additional notes on the videos and on the class project page! 






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Sofie Van Nierop

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My goal is to help artists achieve their dream live and make a living from their passion. As I go on that journey myself I share resources and insights on my blog. And I like to teach people new skills!

Artist and online entrepreneur looking for fun, inspiration, and people to connect with.

I love coffee, cats, books and painting!

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