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11 Lessons (50m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Making a fashion flat

    • 3. Colouring the flat

    • 4. Making a flat second method

    • 5. Exporting flat for photoshopshop

    • 6. Importing flat in Photoshop and applying pattern

    • 7. Searching images for mock-ups

    • 8. Reusing a mock-up from a Print on demand shop

    • 9. Creating a mock-up template in Photoshop

    • 10. Advance mock-up

    • 11. Conclusion and project

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About This Class


In this class I'll teach you how create different kind of mock-ups from basic mock-ups to more advanced ones in a way that you will be able to show your designs in a more proffessional way. We'll start creating fashion flats in Illustrator to show your designs in a technical way and then we will prepare that file to use it in Photoshop for our patterns created in Photoshop.

I'll also teach you how to find images on the Internet to used them as mock-ups and to reuse your images from your online shops giving them a new look in Photoshop.

For this class you will need to have some patterns to use in the mock-ups that we will be creating, internet, Photoshop and Illustrator. If you don't have them instaled in your computer you can get a free trial in these links:


The music in this class is from:

Meet Your Teacher

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Natalia Gonzalez

Love pattern making and illustration


My name is Natalia Gonzalez. I am a Spanish surface designer and illustrator based in London. I love telling stories with my patterns and illustrations and enjoy trying new techniques and themes.

I have taken lots of classes in Skillshare, I really like how you can have access to many different topics and learn through practice.

In my classes I explore pattern making with fun projects to let go your creativity.


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1. Introduction: Welcome to the Intimate Markup Guide. My name is Natalia on Fallon on I Am a surface pattern designer on Illustrator. One question I often get is where I'll find the mock ups for my buttons. Well, in this guide and share with you, everything I know about how to create more gaffes in that way you will be able to show your the size in a more professional way. In the class will start creating faction flats administrator that we will use later in for the chip. We will see how to find images on the Internet terming into markups that you will be able to use many times as templates and to finish more advance markup techniques in further shop . Let's do it. 2. Making a fashion flat: we're going to make an illustration administrator on. We will use it as a monk up to shore patterns. The first thing we do is too important a major during into Illustrator as the base for our illustration In this case, I've chosen about window to file place on will select our image, click and stay if necessary, to make it this year. We love this layer and create another one that we will place on top to trace the illustration we are going to use depend too. I started making the first point with a second. I'll make a line. I'm with third clicking and dragging. I create a small car when I make Then explain the program with the find the car to sell this We just have to click on that point while holding down Cult on. We will be able to continue as normal. We will continue to the same until we finish the outlying off the registration. Now we have the base of the back. You can run the corn s why you seen the strokes menu where you can once attains the thickness of the line. Now we do the detail of the state to do that with the storyline for the state. Go two strokes leak in that pipeline and tents the size of the line in Dutch. On this space in Gap, you can also change the thickness of the line in wait if you want a thin A line to finish will throw the 100 of the back as we need me for fleet on drug to create the carves. I didn't taints the type off the line. We still have a Dutch line to trained. It will just have to antique the dashed line option. The handle is not very uniforms, so well, smooth it with a smooth, too. They're selector line on the tool on apply or over the line. You can also use the pencils. Tool to redraw are far off the line to do that selective Bentsen. Tune on. Start in any of the points on continued until you reach another 12 finish. In this case, the results are much better with a smooth, too. When we feel the handle of the back, it will look like it's on the front, but else we still have to make some details. We will feel it later to the The Stitches will select a pen to under three lines. Select the three of them on Apply Dash, lying with her sinner line with three selected Will Kobe to the other side, holding chief on out on dragging to the other side, we make Senna deaths mints and feel all the parts of the back to make the 100 look like it's in the front. 3. Colouring the flat: visualize your pattern in the back there. Selector. Part of the illustration where you wonder pattern on. Select their pattern in the sorts of spanner for the field. If the pattern is to be, you can scale it by doing right. Click with the mouse and Toussaint Transformed scale, antique transform our death and we there, up on down keeper arrows at test the percentage. If you have prevue activated, you will be able to see the changes you can't answer. Move the pattern by doing the same. To seen. Transform, move. Select Review. Make sure to antique transform optic option and changing the values in horizontal. Ah, armor tickle. If you want to get a sample of the colors in a pattern, you can do that by creating a new color group. Select the pater and click in the new color group option. In the certain span, um, named the group the Ex elected our work on okay. This is very useful to include color chips from the pattern with your illustration if you want to make a color, Variation said, like the pattern angle to the recall er, our work option. There you construct the colors or choose different ones to have other options 4. Making a flat second method: We're going to see another method to make this kind off illustrations, but creating several core areas and using a pencil tool goto file place. Select your image on clicking there between for the brother that you want to trace s scale on look the layer, as we did in the previous example on create any layer to put on top will select depends into and start drawing the outline for the illustration. The outline has to be closed. If it's not, you can select the two points angle toe object path. Join if necessary. You can smooth some parts. With this move to now, we will create new areas using the fencing tour. I'll draw a line crossing the outline all small feet on, reflected by doing right. Click with the mouse on Going to transform reflect vertical. Take preview on copy. I moved to the other side, holding sheaf on the keyboard. Select all the lines on Goto part. Find the divide on group by doing right. Click on the mouth and you will have separate parts. Do the Russells. We're going to copy a piece off. The outline with direct selection to the White Arrow will select the peace we want. We'll do controversy to copy and in a new layer we based just on top by doing contra. From this point, we just have to select the pencil to unfinished drawing This part, we live saying with other roofers until we finish the illustration. You can use the strokes menu around the corners of the stroke without their son. Details. Redrawing some parts going to the previous flying will copy the pattern to ring it into our current file, and we will apply. Toe are illustration a. Does the scale doing rightly with the mouth and choosing transformed escape and thick transform up debt? Activate preview on a dusty percentage with the cure Our Rose, we'll take a sample of the colors in the patter on finish coloring or illustration. 5. Exporting flat for photoshopshop: if you want to scale an illustration very mine that the stroke will keep the same fitness to scale it proportionally will select the illustration on we will go toe up Debt path outline strokes that will turn the stroke in tow a field when will scale it again. It will keep the proportion by. Do you wanna be able to edit it as a stroke anymore way are going to prepare this fine to use it in for the first, we'll select all the outline. If we have separate lines, we will go to select saying feel on stroke will cut by doing control takes on based in a new layer in the same position doing control F way will feel the elements with a shame builder to selecting the outline on clicking in area that we want to feel being careful to other in the outline. Later, we will separate each element or grouped the elements by color. We will cut with control eggs on pace in another layer in the same position with control. If okay, I will hide all the layers except one on will start exporting going toe five export in J Bay or PMT format. We will repeat the same steps until we finish exporting all the layers 6. Importing flat in Photoshop and applying pattern: to use our illustration further ship with one or patterns building further ship. We will open the pattern in further ship. Go to edit the fine patter Hang in this way the pattern will be loaded. Inf addition. Now we have to open the files that we exported from Illustrator. As we separated the color in different layers to export, we can now important as different layers in photo shop in a way that they will much with each other, rock on the layers to one file in this case, the one with the outline. We'll make double flick in the background layer to be able to read idiot on. We'll place it on top. Change the blending mode off the outline layer to see the other layers. Through it, we will select one of the layers with a field obtained to the tunnel. Stop on click in the makes election bottom. We will go back to the layer stop, create a new layer on in. We're the selection in select juicing the option Imbert. Now we will feel the selection with a solid color. We'll continue to apply the pattern to do that. Go to layer Newfield layer from pattern. We choose the scale. I'm a delay on top of the one we were working on will create a sleeping mask holding the cult on clicking between the two layers. The bottom will take the shape off the layer on their knees. You can also select the defend layers, using the magic wand and leaking in it area, we create a new layer. Select a color from the bottom with a drop. I feel the selection is in the pain bucket to do continues a different color in the color picker way will finish. Applying color to the ruffles is in again The magic. Want to select more than one area? Make sure that the option at selection is active. You can create color variations for some elements, having layers, feeling them with different colors. If you want to change the position of the batter, their selected movies we moved to you can also change the size of the better by the well, clicking in a pattern miniature on a test in the percentage, uh, to finish safe in fine saved us. Name the file and choose the former The Dooney 7. Searching images for mock-ups: it might seem abuse, but to find images, and they did not go to Google. Use worse. That helps you to find what you want. In this case, I used the words minimally bedroom. Go to images. Tools you say. Try it's labor for re use. With modification on in size, select large. In this way, you'll find images with a good resolution free on without Kobe, right, we'll visit the website under low the image in the same website. You can have a look and find more images that you can use for more cups. You can also get dirty science applied to some brothers in a line shops like society six Red Barber or a spoon flour. You can get a great variety off images in this way, and you can use them to promote your work in your social media or your portfolio. You can get interesting more gaffes in history, and you only have to Don't love the images. These images can be used by themselves or used them to create a new composition 8. Reusing a mock-up from a Print on demand shop: Now we're going to use the mock ups with are the signs that we have downloaded from Russ Terry. We create any documenting for the show within my Shamus we need We will open the downloaded images on will drag each to a new document These Wilco Beach file us a new layer in a document we will select a little A is a scale. I move then to feed them all in there. Remember, you'll see that all of them have a white background to remove. It will select the money one click in the white area and need it. We will have dust the position. At this point, they look like they're floating, but we're going to place a background to make it look more realistic. We open a background that I don't know that from the Internet on drag it into a document as we did before. We will scale it to feel all the space. I move the layer to the bottom. We will say some white beats from the questions layers, so we will select each layer. Make a selection with a rectangle 200 elite. The next step will be to create a shadow in each cushion. Sell it one of the layers DoubleClick toe open the layers time and you clicking the effects symbol in the bottom left karma and select drop shallow. We will attain some values, like the Chablis orientation in anger, the distance, capacity and size as we need Click Preview to see the changes. - We will also blur the edges a little bit. Using the blur tool, we will apply it a liberty it to make it look more really. - Now . I will do the same with the other questions. It's useful to write down in a paper the values of the shadow. In this way we will do the same in all the elements, and it will look better. - Way will blur the edges of the other cushions to finish her composition. In this case, I have use cushions, but you can also show how just one pattern looks apply to the friend products. 9. Creating a mock-up template in Photoshop: in this lesson, I'm going to show you how to use any meat that I don't loaded for named in it. In this case, a cushion at the shadow. A background on Turn it into a template. The first thing we do is to opening for the ship the image of the brothers we've chosen. When we searching Google, we selected large. So the image will be big enough. Double click in the layer to be able to edit it, select their money. Want on click in the background to the dated is by doing this to select it part of their death. But just the tolerance on click again in the background to select it press delete in the keywords to the data selection. Now we're going to insert a new background will find a image toe open anything for the shop on. We will drug it into a document. As you can see the images to small This time we want to skate it. We will repeat it on. Did we feel all this space? Duplicate the layer goto headed Transform fleet Horace, enter on with the move to we move it until it Mattis the other one we select both layers, move with them. Still selected. We will drive them to the new layer symbol to create Curtis off them. With the new copy selected, we go toe edit, transform, flip, vertical. Our move. Now, until they match the previous ones, we will select the four of them to center on doing right. Click over the layers. We will select the option much layer toe. Combine them into one layer. Move the background layer to the bottom on. We'll start working with the questions. The first thing will be to duplicate the layer, converting it into a smart hoped it. And when you open this moral debt, go to layer Newfield, layer on. We will to some patter. We saved this. Marked it with control case on Go to the regional file. Now we will create a clipping mask to make their part and get the shape of the solution. We will attest the opacity. I'm lending mode to sing linear burn. This time we will also create a shadow. As we've seen, we will double clicking the layer. Select the effect I come on, drop shallow, tanked the values to their lands. Do you need to make it look more realistic. We will apply a bit of caution blur to create more questions. We will group all the layers selecting them on drawing into the new group icon to create copies. We will drag the roof Today I can new layer as many times as copies we need. Sell it all and scale toe feel of this space. Go to edit, transform scale and to give the proportions we will sleek in the tain symbol which is in the middle of the horizontal, our medical percentage hers We will apply the transformation pressing, enter or selecting another two. I'd rearrange the composition on. We'll start placing a different brother in each cushion. To do that, we will open the smart opted with the batter. We sell it another problem. But as we made copies of the same question on the same smart worked it. When we go back to the regional, find the pattern will be the same image cushion. To solve this, we will go to each group selecting this March update on doing right. Click. We will select the option. New smart opted to be a copy. Delete the previous one on redo the clipping, mask holding cult on clicking in the middle of the layers. We will repeat the same steps for a little groups on. In this way, we will be able to select different buttons for each question or elements in our composition. From this point, you will be able to use this file, said Template. Changing the buttons or illustrations as many times as you want. Do you just have to open the smart update I'm placed? There are new this time to finish, said your file S PST. Do you see the sudden plate or J pair? If it's your final image, six. 10. Advance mock-up: We're going to use one of four images that I don't load it from the Internet, and we will make a template to use with different patterns. Once the meat is open, we will use the magnetic lesson to to select an area to place her butter on. Then we will polish the selection with the last tune, Select Tool are moving around up there that you want to select. You can use any other way to make a selection. If you prefer, this one is only a way off. Many use art. I'm removed selection to be more precise. We select the layer and doing right. Click on Name it. We choose the option layer br copy. This would create another layer with her selection to be able to place her pattern and replace it with others. Later, we are going to duplicate this layer, dragging it to the new layers icon, selecting the new layer on going into the options in the top right corner. We will select combat toe a smart of debt. When we open the smarter debt, we will be able to ready the content to place a pattern we will go to layer Newfield layer patter on. We will attest the scale changing the percentage safe on go to the regional five. We will see the bottom, but to make it have the shape of the bill. Oh, we will make a clipping mask holding out on clicking between the two layers to make it look more realistic. We will make some changes. First, with the pillow layers selected, we will change the blending mode to multiply in the smart. Off that layer, we will make the capacity a bit lower. We will also apply the Russian blur filter for a more realistic look. Now we will Easter, the Parton rabbit, captain it to the wrinkles off the pillow. To do this, we will create at this place man map duplicating the pillow layer. New name it. Okay, as the contrast is very low, we're going to add summer Desmond's first levels to make it darker, then black and white on to finish contrast to increase the contrast Save the changes with control is to apply the map. We will go to filter the store this place on we will select them up. Another thing that we're going to do is to modify the pattern toe adapted to the William Off the people we will go toe edit, transform work on. We will move the lines to give a look off volume. It would be different for each product. - You cannot sublet Arab idiots of the pillow selecting the blood tool on the pillow layer movie that Randy it is. And if we look smoother, are more really now we are going to do the same with the other Peter on the rest of the elements in name it. 11. Conclusion and project: during this chest. Do you plan how to create different kind off mark ups using illustrator on further ship? We've also seen how to find images on the Internet to create more jobs. I'm going to find product images with their the times. So now you have any excuse to show your guidance in all kind of products. That's appropriate for this class. You will have to create any kind of mark up like the ones we have seen on uploaded to the Valerie. I hope you find this class useful and create many more caps from now. No, you