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The truth about eCommerce - Master Class

Salvatore Vacante, CEO & Founder at Shoppi

The truth about eCommerce - Master Class

Salvatore Vacante, CEO & Founder at Shoppi

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7 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. Introducing "The Truth about eCommerce Network"

    • 2. Why a Master Class

    • 3. How to master networking and build your connections

    • 4. Expanding in the EU:US and beyond

    • 5. Start with a "why" and build your online identity

    • 6. Stop selling online, start communicating with your customer

    • 7. The future of the retail industry and how to save your business

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About This Class

Deep dive into e-commerce by starting from fundamentals like founder market fit, product, marketing activities, platform, legal and more.

The class is part of a global network, you can check out here: The Truth about eCommerce Network


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Salvatore Vacante

CEO & Founder at Shoppi


I am a tech-entrepreneur with 15+ years' experience in e-commerce ventures.

My area of expertise covers business, software, marketing, and sales.

I am the founder of Shoppi, a company that offers a personalized shopping experience.

I have participated in several eCommerce projects during my career, and I have acquired a deep understanding of the retail industry; my primary goal is to share my vision for the future of eCommerce and help companies to do it right.

I have the role of CEO at Shoppi because I am versatile and goal-oriented, during my journey I have attended several business and startup events across the globe as a contributor.

I am able to deal with Public Speaking, Pitching, Interviews, Business Deals and Investments.

My goal is... See full profile

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1. Introducing "The Truth about eCommerce Network": 2. Why a Master Class: the reason why we have started that masterclass. It's because he you confined Ah, lot off news everywhere about the commerce, about retail payments and at the problem use that they are only news. So they give to you on a day to give you just something exciting to read to take a look. But there is nothing for you Nothing Trial ordered to you. Maybe you have a business right now and you're struggling. Teoh todo achieve are salty or you just troubling because you need to You need to just you need to just improve your business. But you find a lot of news about giants about new pie man's about your staff And he had the feeling that you're missing something, but you don't know exactly what is the missing point. So the reason why we have started this the smarter class 3. How to master networking and build your connections: how to master networking and build your connections. Well, uh, when you do, networking is, um is in some way because you start to talking to strangers. You start to talking to two people, Teoh everyone and that, and you feel, and you feel okay because you're doing something. But that's different when you start to build connections because you need to build a bond with people because deigning to help you to do business Redux well, let's let's start with that. So why you need good connections? First thing you need good donation to run a good business. That's obvious. And what is the right time for? You should build connections for your business. My experience is that the very beginnings were dearly, dearly, dearly. When you have idea when you're just looking around for business partners, when you're just stalking to other people about your idea of business or when you have the new deal, when you change your company, if you want to make ah, it better, you need to access the direct people because they need to appeal. They have to help you, and that's the reason why you need to build big connections and I think that happens to me when I try to build a good connection is to share its to write an article. These two commanding an article about something else as sometimes happens to me that people talk me and just say, OK, let's let's do to take a look to this article and tell me what you think. And then six entry where you're building the relationship, you're building the bond between you and the person that you have meat. You see, you can do a lot off networking. You can waste a little flowers in your networking. Networking a gang, but you need us. I'm going to be a connection to get value s so I can share the video. Ah, few years, Full tips during doing dab it. So when you when you start to when you start to to do on have endo like Oh, you're 10 a big Gavin toe small one doesn't matter. Ah, the important Think it's too to share the have and and to start talking to other people. Um, so that's the reason That's the reason why um, you have to share. You have Teoh to give readout. Expect something back. I M, and that's the reason why every time I tell to people to give readout, expect something back. And for that you have to think about leverage on serendipity. So that's something when you are feeling something good, but without looking for it, that's there's something that Indies is. Have I mean, uh, a lot, because when you are giving without suspects something, or when looking for something, you need to to just relax into Mexico, things happens for for you. And that's exactly do point when you are attending an event when a do networking when you talk, Teoh told her people, because you can meet a lot of people in this way. That's Betterton stressing you with meetings with events which tree Dooling with planning. So this the best way, in my opinion and can shall we? We do as well. The lessons learnt it, Um, well, so there are some some lesson that I've learned it and the first last Sonus, that you that you come, people come in different ways. So sometimes you you talk to someone into new talk to someone else again and many have no clue. But some points someone is more out foot and others to pay attention to death. Sometimes up into me that just talking with Somare during eating something and you find that people are very helpful for your for your chance. And so another lesson that's to stay open and the magical up in something something will happen that song. At some point you need to stay open Industri to Liston, Teoh to stay open and to other people and not a lesser land bread flux Ariel. And sometimes you feel you feel something. You you feel the person that's not good for you for a business. They are trying to sell it. Your bet. Savvis are something else, and then you have the red flock, so you you feel it. So just trust on another point is, don't overload your mind with meetings. So most of the time when you're turned Evans or you have a lot off meetings, you're planning planning again. But appointees why you are stressing too much your mind? Because if things happens, happens and exactly the best way to meet people. That's the lesson of language when they you eat and drink because it's more relaxing so people are more open to talk to you more open to 12 to you. And that is the lessons they have learned during attending a lot off events. And so if you just follow down E, I think you can get you can get results. 4. Expanding in the EU:US and beyond: one, expanding the US and beyond. So right now, when you start on Ecommerce website and start on my business, the first thing is to expanding, too, to get bigger, to go into new markets. Um, well, so first thing that comes in my mind, it's it's different if you want to. Comparing to two big market for e commerce like you asked. Like you wrote, I think you have to think about There are some very, very usually friends. The foresees about when when you stuck your your Chilo when you're a child and us is working, sell lemonade to make money. That is something that that impact your e commerce business as well. And the reason is very simple, because people that warning us and more willing Teoh have great offers to hunting deals on boast of the time when you open ah commerce, you need to deal with them, for you need to offer to the ah coupons you need to offer to the mixing off our first. They have a very interesting mindset on day. Want to save at the same time they want to chaired money. Interviews were were stallions are most supported and probably day by things. Um, and they're tending more to to the product itself. Tend prize than the coupons and all First, etcetera. So that's Ah, just two things. Teoh. Keep in your mind if you want to work on your friend markets. Um, well, so when when I talked to interpret use they have an e commerce business and a they want to go lined it too too kind off mindsets the growth mindset, the fixed mindset. So the growth mindset is where you are trying Teoh. Grow and learn from your mistake when you take more risks And when you try to grope to become battery, do your business and near the fix and mindsets from the other side, where people tend to to have the risk aversion to set up their business and to keep it Ah, business, lifestyle that something happens very often in you. Sometimes I talk we we do promise businesses and they prefer a lot too. Do not grow through March to just just used a online China not used other online chance. They prefer Teoh do not grow too much. And so that's the growth mindset versus the fix their minds and so I think when you start your like bees is when you start you Gohmert or when you talk to two people they are willing to start or they already Sally. But they want more. You need to understand first if they at the right mindset. If you want to do business well, um, I was staying is to go international when you talk, especially to brands when you talk, especially to two people that want to growth. That one Teoh International read a brand. Ah, the point is always the same deaths, couple off ideas. But they they made mistakes. And when I talked to them, that's very similar. When you talk to different people that very similar very common, a common way of starting to go international. The first thing is to start with the drop shipping business model, and so if they want to go in the US, they start to finding ah, drop ship modo to do that. So why that's that's not the best way. The reason is because you are not unique in some way or if you have the brother that's can be very tough to to ship from your supplier eternal. The country for the castles, but it's very stressing more than I think. If you if you want to go international, you need to avoid distinct. Another point is to use Facebook advertising. Ah, when you use Facebook advertising Ah, and you're not delivering value. Ah, in somewhere, you're failing your international you to international. Because when you are a new culture there are some differences in re marketing in getting your product. And so if you start directly to you Facebook advertising, the problem is you are not understanding your audience. Huge mistake is to sell with the friend entity. Um, I think that that Pence, I think Europe is, um is a good example when you have ah, company, for example, for mending Germany or for minimum Boland in Italy, things changed completely. Uh, the way people react to your brothers to your company or the fact that he buy from you, uh, changed completely day, year, day, way off. Looking at you are looking at your business. Another point is to don't explain your product. Well, most of the time, um, companies have good products, but they don't explain. They just don't surprise. They just add more features, disruptions but a known explained the product. And that's something they're so, so wrong when you when you want to go international because you're going to a new market, you you are approaching a new audience. So probably day they won't understand simply your brother. 5. Start with a "why" and build your online identity: start with the why and build your your online identity. Well, so here you can see the golden circle. So that something it's related. Teoh your marketing into your you're marking strategy to her brand strategy. You can find out through the book Simon Scenic, and you can just google he and you can find out more. But let me explain, um, the importance off, starting with the why do any of the project when you have new renter and you and you want to start? Uh, that's the first question that do you need to to make you yourself is why Why are doing that while you're better? Ah, why? Um, you can out perform new computers. And the point is, ah, why the reason Uh oh, you were going to do that? And what exactly what is the outcome? Off your off your business? You're gonna to produce something like computers. We want Teoh to produce something like calls. So when you defined do why the reason why you are, um, starting your business, you will start to to work better and better with your business. Sometimes when I talked to two people that have a business, I asked to them. Okay, but why instructed Theis, Business Year that kind off feet with the market. Let's say that's very, very tough to start a computer shop if you are not into computers. If you do understand too much about hardware is to understand about much about that. You conduce debt anyway. But appointees seen you, too, to start with. So I need to feel that what you are doing it's exactly a feat. And so when you think about your business, you need to think about this circle. And if you start to putting to get dance word to every part, like why? How what you started for your out your business. It's like to understand if you are a fit for this market, if you are going to do the right things or not. And so let's say that you have to figure out your business right Well, so I think that's very dressing example. Maybe one of the most football combines when we look about marketing well, real life ex accept why what is What is the reason why did they do that? Because they believe in challenges of Southern school, and doing this differently does that's the Y off there off the company. How How do to achieve that by designing beautiful products and their yeast use raised to use a dent. What you do, you make computers so you can see in this real example there is no need, absolutely no named to tell the name off the company because you are thinking already to the name off the copy. And that's very, um, riel life example. And if you are able to few out that part and you can play this game with, do you? Uh, while you're on the market at how and what? And if you start to do that, if you do that in the right way, certain thing different from others from your competitors. And that's exactly where your business start to get healthy to routine proof. Teoh become better day by day because you are fear out exactly Juries away on the mine. Was it the time at asked to people, Do you have for bread because when you set up a life story, you find a kind off name and I don't know, like, ah, supercomputer store or while super clothing brand blah, blah blah other point is. Do you have a brandy? And Sunday that Cumia hit your real value in the market. When we think about branding, we think about big brands, very popular, something that international, very global. But it might be in your think about your breath. Maybe you need to start something very, very small. But I need your brand. Ended your colors. You still need your style. That is the reason why when you start a business, you have to care a lot about the breath. Well, the Brandon Park. If you don't fear out the part off the why off half the walk, it becomes very, very tough to to define your breath to, to build your breath, to design your breath. And it's very tough to go toward the sign and until Okay, well, I have this name, but, well, what is your your value in the market? Sought to communicate that with the breath. So suck from debt a point when you have a brand. And when you start to doing branding and your started in for real something you need to find out, it's, um, if you have a specific brand, let's say, uh cause Matics, you have a very specific audience because you need to to charge warmer. You need to target a woman with interesting, become more beautiful. And of course, you need you target the places where we're woman talk or CDs Where Durham, um woman m And the point is But the point is, when you start to to figure out your audience when you start to understand better your audience, your brand, what you do, you why everything so related to to use your brand marketing? Uh, you get more clue. You you understand better. What? What is your What is your future about your company, about your revenue. Ah, and and that's exactly the point. When you start creating a real company, you start creating a real basis when you start you the living real value in the market. Because every time I told to entrepreneurs, the question is OK, but we kind of failure delivering on the market and with his down is that you're the living there. The value 6. Stop selling online, start communicating with your customer: time stops selling a life, start communicating with your customers well, so we think about online, the flying commerce in our mind that comes that you need to have, ah, store that you need to our retail business that you need to have a physical start. Do you judge right? And when we think about the lie, we think Onley Onley about Ally. We think on about e commerce. We're thinking about going alive, but the point is, when you are online or offline, your goal is not to say you need to interact with your customer. You need to to build a strong bone video customers. And that's exactly were where it comes from, communicating with people and just start to leverage more your your strategy. It was when you when you start building a bomb, read customers. When you start Teoh, um, to build a real relationship with your customers, the money will follow, so you will see you will see more more sales. You will see more traction, and we'll went told. I'm talking about off time about the part off a line off line, emerging together online offline marketing. He was with me when you think when you think about, um, about to lie and the flying commerce your goal, it's the point is not to go in a sale. It's, too, is to leverage more on doing that part. It's more on creating the bone on creating, ah, strong bone. We with customers. That is the point off, Imagine Together line and the flying commerce. He was always the goal. Your goal is not the sale is Teoh go and to be the strong bond with customers? Well, let's score to the next slides when we talk about this situation before the Web. Before, before we noted the Web because today we we are everyone is on the web. But, um, one top in before before the Web before the Web comes to to our lives. Well before the Web, you are 33 parts of the purchasing journey, the seamers, the first moment of truth and the second moment of proof. So to write, explain that part. You have this thing off the off. The Simmons were where people get your advertising. So we're analyzing an era where web doesn't exist. Yes, we have the part of the Simoes where, where people simply, um understand more about your product from magazine to the advertising ex central and any of the first moment of truth on shelf. So when you start to after experimenting, um, when you start to experimenting the the first moment of truth when you start to experiment in the brother for real. When you start to talking with people in start, and then you have the C one moment of true where you just get back your product at your comfort off your home and when you're out of your comfort off your home you have this second moment of truth because you have the experience because you have the part where you we're experimenting the product at your home. Well, if you think about two day, you have the zero moment of truth. So you have the moment where people off to the stimulus. They start to searching a lie. They start to watch V is they start to ask her to the natural to read reels. In this area, you have a lot of time. People spend a lot a lot of time on searching from Machin. That's very, very important for you to to understand that part because when you have the zero a moment of true Today you have to Teoh compete in the parked off the beginning off the information . When you read reviews when you're strewn Ettore, you need to to leverage on content. You need to to talk to your audience that that partick suddenly the part where you where you can create the bomb. Softs, we told you, need to create a bomb I was with. We think about advertising today. It's, um it's more closer to something that is personalized. That's something more for you. That's something that gives to you immediately failing off off something tile or it is something you think for you that's accepted. Advertising do right now, But the point is, to date advertising is not very, very tight lord to two people like this, like this advertising. It's that's very personalized, but it's very causing to be unrealistic. And that's exactly the connection between the things other ties in today and the way you connect to people and the gang. You need to to learn that part well, so it really think about local when you have your your connection with customers. When you try to go local local business and connect together well. You you can you can go. Um, we're using this kind off message is because you are in real time. You can be rather land. Um, you are culture friendly and these sounds were really state was If you comply with golden rules off local advertising, you start to communicate to communicating with people. You start to, uh, to locate your out, this educating your customers. And so that's the point off doing local advertising today because when you start communicating sales with Faldo like this advertising, that's a way to say, Okay, local people. I have a good product for you. And it's very closer to you, Anthony, or start communicating to start to you approaching more democracy nickels away. Well, when we talk about zero moment of truth, we talk about a protein. Most people are scared about Amazon. They always say the same thing that you have no to sell that staff because other people they can find on Amazon, so that's no reason to be on the market. But if you dio content marketing, if you explain to people, if you catch with people of beginning off off the journey off the purchasing journey you can give to damn more more content. You can appeal them. You can communicate locally with them. That's exactly what Z moment of to do for you. That's the opportunity for you, because you are going to to catch up with a customer at the very nearly. Ah, really, really starting time when they want to protest the make their purchasing decisions well, so let's let's start talking about Windows Era, Moment of Truth. If you want to win this room through fifth, you want Teoh if you want to. Delivery of value If you want to deliver value to your customers and you won Teoh to Windows the moment of truth and you have the option to deliver a story. So that's we're Storytelling comes where you start to leaving valuable story because you are starting to do storytelling. If you connected to people, there are some differences. If you if you start to selling all the and you don't care about people you know never story can communicate. You can give a valuable story. You can delivery body 7. The future of the retail industry and how to save your business: the future off to retail industry and how to save your business. Well, 1st 1st think that's, um that's when we talk about the future. Every time it's the same. People pretend to talk a lot about the future. Whoa! But let's say Ah, you Commerz website is dying. Been the gun. Think it's the king? Why, we just dio told that about e e commerce websites. It was when they think about e commerce websites Ah, we think about something that is very, very old And right now people are looking a lotto marketplace. They engage a lot with companies to the content And the point is the counter drug to you in size always always. And that's exactly the point when you have 90 commerce website. Well, so when you have become his website, you have to go with products every time you don't have the content and you need to set up a kind of block, something that you can start to reaching people alive and appointees. Ah Continis skinned Right now you've got to social media if you start to delivering body to your customers, the point is, the commerce website is time is always tied and that's it. So that's the point. Well, let's start be the list off common mistakes to help you to save your business. Ah, The first thing is to build your commerce website every time, approach new people, they tell to me Okay, you need to build a your commerce website and you do. Ah, you need to Well, you need to but struck your business. But first thing that you have a good design and you need to have a good ah good website. Good e commerce website. Let's have common mistake. Why? Because when you start your ecommerce business, you need to define your design. You need to define better. You lay out you to define ah better your marketing farm. That, except so build your e commerce website is I think, the last thing because you need to understand if it works. If because if your business not Warsi, you can do anything with your commerce website what a huge mistake is to build. I'm a buy up for you Commerce website and every guy people start called being e commerce website and they just put on I'm abaya. You need to the delivery experience you need to build something you need to deliver the experience to people. You can't build a Mumbai up from you Commerce website. That's a huge mistake. Well, the point is, if you if you start to not caring about the contacts, you know, carrying too much more customer about the father, and you just pretend to have a good website, you have just a great e commerce website. Will the sign and etcetera etcetera? Uh, you're wrong in some way. Well, the point is, you need to care more about customers. Well, another huge mistakes. You start selling on eBay and Germans and always the same mistake. So if you sell on eBay and then and so you have always the same problem, you're start selling. But it's not you. It's just your product on the market. Place off someone else and you're selling under the brand under the Brenda families on the bridge or e bay. So, you know, selling directly you're not engaging with your customers. So that's so wrong to start to building your company, dera, because at some point, if they ban you, if you get out from the system for any reason, you just out three year old business well sewn on. The point is to list your off first, um, prizes comparison websites. Other mistake is to stress too much pricing, surprises, prizes, prizes, prices at the point is when you start to stress into much prizes on price comparison website, you have the problem. You have the problem off the off a being ah, kind of stress of the price. And that's the reason why um, there is why most business fails because they don't care about that part. So they just start to stress in the price and comparison website businesses to get your price down for day customers. That's it. Another huge mistake is to publish your whole first on social media and use social media to just the, uh, offers all first offer. So, you know, delivering value. You're just living prices. You're just leaving offers. That's something that not worse. That's something maybe work with very brothers. My, That's not something if you want to build I'll for business but the mistakes to invest in NY competitive keywords within the C nine competitive keywords. You are competing with giants. You're competing with big companies, and that's the Brahma. That's the brother winning this anti competitive keywords you need to what more in Camden Market you need to more work. A local keywords only mistakes to provide the best customer experience when people start to signup and they have brought them on, they have to send staff that descended a meal back because you you need to register Dam. So that's a mess most of the time. And then build a branded people we trust because you have the name. OK, but what is your name? What is your brand? So you have kind of value. What do you offer to me? What do you offer to the market at all? There's not offers, and there are the common mistakes. So right now you have common mistakes, and that's the point. That's the point off going, uh, online today off adopting of going digital possession except rack centric central. Well, if you sell the experience today, let's say we have two good examples. The 1st 1 is cell of Fresh. They are first to you for delivery at home, fresh food delivery at your home and the other one is the dollar shaped clap. When you have this Kyle off pick age in them in both both companies and you have the spank engineer subscription, and they get into the experience because he experimented that you can cook with the receipt . You can shave South. So this experience experience connected to the company connected to to the business. Well, let's take a look to in Turkey Store window. Another huge example of two interaction of connecting with people s. You use interactive store. We look to do that to use the use this kind off the office, the window India interaction with brothers and is something that's happening that's happening every time because people need to interact and they will need to interact more. Redo with your business, and it's like suddenly the point. When you start to Sally because you need to boot, they'll fly in line together, and you need to delivery to deliver value to interact with. Let's start. We move back spins right now, you at the you have the elemental reality. You can try the shoes and the computer Ramnarine for you, and you have the personal disaster. And now, because you can change the shoes or in their widening from your sidled strongbox that the point is you have always and experience today if you want to connect with Brand if you want to. Connective farmers who will sometimes told me Okay, but they are big companies there. That's true. But you can create something. You can create something with a small audience, because that's the goal today to creating something that interact with people and direct with customers the given experience that anymore to be big, to be big. And if you are small, you want to stay small, you know? Want to interact? It doesn't matter your big or not, it's about interacting, interacting everyday. Well, that's the future of this. What is the future off? This starts what what kind of all Future four stars for 1/4 light stars where, when, when we think about when we think about stores, no man camps, it's off structure. They recurring cost, and they struggle to go more. My mom all day. If they close, they fell. But the point is, if you have temporary stores, if you have pop ups or that pop in the mall, the probable in the street or they just temporary because they experience for you, that is temporary. you have the course, you close, but you have made money and you can roll back to your to rely business off your fly business. I can't again, again and the each rate. And that's the point off the temporary and be ah, pop up stirred because they are, they're just for a few moments off their business life, and they are going live. They make morning for you and this, like suddenly the bike. Well, today you need to breach the cup between the line, the flying you need to set up in trucks. You start Sora Booth. You need to testing local segments. When you breach the line of flight gap, it's it's it's all about. It's all about bridging. It's about connecting because you're testing new local segments. You're working on a knish market and need to be unique. You connect your digital presence off life presents because you need to do that because you need that suits succeed. Anything to add more value to abruptly offline activities, and at some point you can rest your prize. I love perform your competitors. So, too, there are quickly Captain is still to connect with people in institute to to feel people to connect and to create a bridge between a long line of flying. That doesn't matter. If you are on like, business off while commerce you need to go flying and you To do that, they need to Teoh to breach the capital. Don't fly and that's the way to do that. That's the Tereza that is the reason to death.