The secret to gaining engaged Instagram followers. 100+ per day.

Andrew Seeley

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About This Class

Learn the secret of getting engaged Instagram followers, get up to 100+ new followers a day.





Hi I am Andrew.

I created Seemu Apps to create and share knowledge I have gained on my journey in learning iOS app development. Too often would I look up on how to solve a problem to only find an explanation that seemed to be written in an alien language. As my skills have developed I can understand these solutions, however I remember what it was like to be a novice!

I have been programming since I was in high school and have been developing for iOS for 2 years. I currently have 12 apps on the iOS app store - one of which reached the Top charts in the Lifestyle category for most countries.

My aim is to share my knowledge by creating the courses I wish I had access to when I was learning development.

I also run a youtube channel and website which has quick tutorials on specific topics to help everyone develop their apps.