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9 Videos (22m)
    • Espresso Promo

    • Espresso Intro

    • Espresso 1

    • Espresso 2

    • Espresso 3

    • Espresso 4

    • Espresso 5

    • Espresso 6

    • Bonus Espresso Shots


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Learn about the perfect Espresso!

What are the right parameters

Step by Step manual

Tips & Troubleshooting

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Good Now I know everything about espresso! It is true!
This is a slideshow with (apparently) a computer voice reading theoretical information. If you nothing about espresso it has some useful info. But you won't see how to prepare; no hands on.
If you have no coffee experience this is great info. Although the what appeared to be a computer generated voice (sorry if that is your natural tone, is very monotone and siri like. Again the information is solid, with good reminders and tips for correction of your shot.





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Moreover, I also work for over 20 years in the sales, in the last time also as a sales trainer. Also in this area I have a very big(great) knowledge which I divide with pleasure!

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