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The only FIVE marketing strategies you need to grow

Krisztina Rudnay, Marketing 101 For Startup Entrepreneurs

The only FIVE marketing strategies you need to grow

Krisztina Rudnay, Marketing 101 For Startup Entrepreneurs

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10 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. What is this course?

    • 2. Advertise mistakes

    • 3. The first impression with your lead

    • 4. The Farmer marketer

    • 5. The offer

    • 6. Why do people really buy?

    • 7. The critical step

    • 8. Tactics to make them buy again

    • 9. Reward them

    • 10. Conclusion

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About This Class

Are you overwhelmed with marketing tasks? Or just don’t know where to start? Read a hundred blog posts and got confused?

I make it simple: you need only 5 marketing strategies to grow your business and maximize profit.

This course reveals an implementation breakthrough that guides the customer through each stage of the buyer journey.

You will see 5 marketing strategies, each for a simple goal. To grab people’s attention, make them a fan, pull out their credit card, spend more, and finally to promote your brand.

In this course you will discover:

  • How to generate leads as easy as turn on a tap

  • Why “big business style” marketing doesn’t work for you, and strategies that designed for small businesses
  • A simple step by step process to a sophisticated sales funnel
  • How to win over competitors and make yourself the only logical choice
  • How to get amazing results on a small budget
  • How to sell for higher prices and customers will happily buy it

If these strategies work well in your business, you had done more than an average business owner for your marketing.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Krisztina Rudnay

Marketing 101 For Startup Entrepreneurs


I’m Krisztina Rudnay, and I’m originally from Hungary. I have spent the past 11 years as a marketer for small and medium sized businesses, and as an entrepreneur myself.

I took a job with a medium sized company to come to the United States and lead a new product launch. So I closed my own company in Hungary, came here for a client who now has the top-selling product in their industry, and stayed.

I was thinking about how I can help the most with my marketing experience, when I realized that most entrepreneurs and small business still don’t do a lot of marketing. For many, nobody ever taught them how to do it, and they think it’s something difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. 

In my courses, I cover different marketing tools from con... See full profile

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1. What is this course?: you don't have to be super creative or super genius to create a marketing strategy. There are five simple marketing strategies you have to use, and it cover all you need at the beginning. There are a lot off cos you super detailed, super expensive, super fancy, um, marketing strategies. But at the beginning you need only five. And if those five work good, then you did more than usually people do for the marketing. If you skip one off them, there won't be results. The first marketing strategies you need via collect as many new leads as you just can so you can build your own going list with the new leads who are interested in you. But they never heard about you before. Then you need marketing strategies to make these people confident and happy, and to trust you, you basically prepared and prepare them to buy. Then you need marketing strategies to make these people to finally pull out their credit card and buy something from you. This will create more customers and more profit. You will need marketing strategies to sell these people again and again. This can how this is how your business can grow and this is what different dates of business which just stagnates and never grow. And you need marketing strategies, which makes new leads from your existing customers. So your existing customer, we'll find you new leads and you don't have to pay for these new leads in advertisements. So ah, these are the five strategies. If you have all five, then it's great. But I know you're gonna see you gonna watch this course because, you know, the devil is in the details. 2. Advertise mistakes : first people never heard about you. They never heard about your rent. They don't know anything about you. This is how this relationship with the customer starts. That's the first step. Because them court prospects, they are either interested in your product or, uh, not. But this is the first time when they heard about you. Let me tell you an example. Right at the beginning, there are two people, Joe and met They both hunters and they go for a hunt for the years. Thesis is their target. The beer Joe brings the machine gun. Why? Matt brings a shotgun. Joe stands in the middle of the the forest it is mashing on and start to shoot all over around him in in the hole that he catch catches a deer while math to beat the shotgun find of the year find were very hangs out Find of the year Stop on it. Follow it. And with one shot Hey, got the deer and then hey, will do this in another beer with another Just one shot by met Shoot hundreds off thousands off bullets in hoping to get a beer. Imagine that bullets are money and you are spending it on advertisement. Do stand in the middle of the for est and just without target just shooting. He catches squirrels, rabbits, he shoud other animals. And maybe he should've dear Via met with only one shot he he shot his target All the ends. What is the moral off? This story You have to know exactly your target LDs. You have to set up a buyer persona about your idea customer who you want to, uh, make copies event and they are interested in your product. They buy your product, you have to find out first. Who are these people? How they look like What are they doing? How old they are? A lot of information. The more detailed is the better. Maybe you asking me. But if I reduce my target audience for only those people who I set up a za buyer persona, then I lose a lot off opportunities to sell my products. Let me tell you another example about this. About the business owner who saw the product, the general product, which is good for everybody. And he saw that. OK, there is ah, uh, 100 million people were interested. You need this brother so if I get only one person that I would be happy. But let me tell you, if you wanna advertise for all these 100 million people who you want, the one person you have to advertise like crazy, it's it's a lot of money. It's a lot of time, and in this 100 million there will be a, uh, that much people buys your product immediately. Eso you break it down Even if your product is for everybody, you can break it down for smaller segments for example, a small geographic area or for over this age or under the stage, or for male and females. So you first target those smaller areas, and when you get success and your brand awareness, you can go to bigger and bigger areas. So you are Joe. And unfortunately, there are a lot of business owners who do this who are doing court cause who are spending a lot of time and effort on only one lead to get one sale at one time sale as soon as possible, who is discounting a lot and who is advertising to people who are not interested in their brother. So, um, these are the examples off. Why? How to advertise and how not to advertise for cold audience. And in the next lecture, I'm gonna tell you what to advertise to them and why advertise them the thing instead off your offer. So seeing in the next lecture 3. The first impression with your lead: as we talked about in the previous lecture. There is the cold, all the ends and you have to narrow it down to a specific all the s you wanna advertise and you have to advertise for this whole small segment. In this lecture, we're gonna see what to advertise to them. Well, it's maybe a surprise, but we won't that work. Eyes are products. Why? Because there is a research that only 3% off your all the S is ready to buy your product immediately. And 27% of your ODS is interested in your product. Buy your product. But maybe a little bit later, maybe a week later, Months later, year later. Who knows? They are interested but not ready to buy yet. And another 60% are those people who are not interested in your product or who don't wanna buy your product. Even it would be free. So they are not interested people. So let's see this other 30%. So this 30 person, all the 3% off them is ready to buy our product immediately. So if you advertise an offer three. You were an advertised. All these three you can advertise for the school audience and you get 3% chance to get a sale. And if you advertise a free product, you can get 30%. So then, at times, mawr the chance that you're gonna sell your product later. Let me tell you how it works. So you have to have a lead magnet, which is a free incentive which has a lot of value to the customer. And you have to advertise this incentive. And in order to get this, they have to give you their contact information where you can advertise more later and trust and be the relationship, and then advertise your product and your offer. Then first the guy attract the girl on they go to the first date, they watch each other. How do they look like? How do they dress on you plan for these dates? You wanna show your best yourself the same assess with the business? You wanna do that first impression with the customer with the lead to make it a vow impression toe, get their attention to, uh, immediately trust in your brand to get value from you to think about good about you and to think about they're gonna buy more. So you want this on the first impression and you can do it with the lead McNatt so you can give them for free the leaping that has to be relevant to your products and your offers. It has to cover an ultra specific topic. So another whole thing like what is marketing and why do you need marketing and what is the digital market? You just won a little segment like, uh, in digital marketing in SDO. How can you, uh, do an S u out it for your side? So a very, very specific topic because it has to be short. It has to be easy to consume, and it has to have a lot of value asked their contact information if they're come to your store, Tad them that you give them a catalogue, but give them as them for the address. Or if they go to your website, Tad them that they can get a newsletter, just give you their or a group home for your product or just give you their email address or, if you haven't even make it reserved, they have to make a reservation, so they have to give you their email address. What can you offer as a lead? Magnets? You can offer e book, or you can offer a physical book. You can say this physical book. It's free. You have to just pay for the shipping so you have their address, their email address, more information. You can offer something really small like checklist or a guide. You can offer a sample of your products if you have a physical store so you can offer a lot off lead. Baghdad. As I told you, it has to be relevant, and it has to give ah lot of value. And after you have this lead magnet now you know what to advertise for this whole 30%. I mean, you advertise for your audience. That's how your audience looked like with their researches show. So how can I get the most out of your audience from the 30% instead, off shooting for that 3% Uh, who are ready for an offer 4. The Farmer marketer: for you. You ask them for a sale. You have to be the relationship. Build an emotional contact. You know, they're, uh, contact information. You know where that you can find them. So now you have to send them. You can send them direct. Ah, messages and the in formation. You, ah, want to send them directing? Most businesses skip this step, this whole strategy. But I'm gonna tell you in this sector, and this is a huge mistake. You have to follow step by stab these five strategies to be sure that you follow your prospect. Ah, through Ah, the beginning to the end. Ah, and you maximize your a fort from them. Would you buy from a company? Would you rather buy from a company who you trust and you who you think that trusted adviser? Or would you just buy from a company who you don't even know? In the previous section, we were the hunter marketers in this section. We gonna be the former marketers. Now we have the lead in the first section. Now we have to take care of it before they bloom. Such like taking care off plans. And the Gordons you go and visit them every day. The watering them every day. You take care of it before they give you flowers and give you fruits. The same happened with your customer. You have to take care off this relationship. What? You are a curently building before you ask for a sale. Most salesman skip this desk on and they want to close the sale immediately. Event they get early. This is a huge mistake. You have to show your authority. You have to show your expertise. You have to be a trust. Before you ask a sale, you have to make the prospect. Know you and know your company. Better tell him that I'm stories, Insider tips. Ah, anything. What bring you and your product, your customer and your product closer together. A lot of people are not ready to buy your product as soon as they they met you. They need more information. And you have. You have to send them more information about you, about your product, about your company's mission, about your ah hole business. And then And they are ready to make a purchase. They gonna remember you and they're going to remember these info you send them. And, Ah, guess who will be the first person who they go for purchase. It will be you. John Gerard was a salesman in the sixties, uh, who is the greatest salesman in the Guinness Record book? He saw the 12,000 luxury cars within. He's 15 years off success and he get this. Ah ah award. He His secret was Previ easy. He builds the connection and beauty relationship with his customer. Everybody who came and bought a car from he him he get their contact information or who just want about a car and didn't buy. They get their contact information and he send them messages every single month. He send them real messages in their mailbox. Villarreal Envelope hand. Right hand written, um, addressed on DWI drip stamp on it. So he made. He made sure that the customers were opened the envelopes, and it was always a postcard for different of, uh, events for New Year's. For Halloween, for, ah, Easter every month something. And the message was always I like you. So he he wanted to be sure that he's always in his customers mind, and when they need a new car, they're gonna find Joe the Salesman A lot off salesman was start that always closed the sale, which makes you as a past in your customers eyes. But you can be a welcome guest. If you build this relationship with your customers first, you can send them monthly news, that air like John the car dealer, that or you can send them a pen drive with the useful information on it. Or you can send them a re a book like people. Ah, tend to not throw away books. Ah, you can send them a direct mail piece or Justin email news that are, or anything just being their mind. Build this relationship, show your expertise and give them a lot off a lot of value. 5. The offer: Then you have to convert these leads to customers, which is the s hard as finding leads. That's where the trip wire offer comes in. A trip fire offer is a low ticket offer, which has incredible value but a small price, which the customer don't even think about. Buy or not buy because it's not a big deal usually tend to 20 usually 1 to $20 costs. I use my you Demi courses for $10 to advertise as my trip. Wire the trip fire. You have to structured in a way to, um, convert as many customers as you can. You have to make up their curiousity with a good headline. Then you have to show them the problem and demonstrate that it will be divorced. If they don't take action, then you have to describe your product. And why is it helpful for them? You have to show them emotional and logical reasons why they have to buy, and then you have to give them a little deadlines so they act fast. If even if you have enough profit and even if you have enough customers and you are, ah, totally fine with it, the trip fire isn't an extra sale. It you don't don't do the trip fire offers to generate profit or to generate sales. It just breaks an imaginary line between not buying and taking your free lead magneto and buying something, even if it's a small amount. They steal about something. So it broke this, ah, imaginary line. So the goal for the trip fire is to cover your lead generation expenses. So even if you have a lot of customers, it's their good to cover your lead generation expenses. So it's not an extra cost. For example, if you pay the $100 to get 100 leads, Um, then those from those 100 people tend well by your trip wire, which is stand dollars. It means you made $100 on your trip wires, and your lead generation was $100. So you covered your lead generation cost video trip wire. So your trip Firebird. There's different trip wires and different landing pages. Different communications ah, which work best. Send different trip wire offers on half of your list and send another toe the other half and see which convert better. You have to warm people up for the your core product for for the sale to buy your corporate that because when they buy your trip wire, they became customers who already paid something for you because your trip wire has a lot of value, and they're very happy with it. Then they become customers and more likely to buy your car Protocol your core product when you present it, um, it's It's a good idea to present the core product immediately after they purchased the trip wire, so you can make an extra profit on it and extra money not just covering the lead generation or you you can add. You can suggest add zones, which you have profit on it. So they bought your trip wire. They buy extra accessories, so you made some profit, even if its low cost, so you don't have to present it. A strip. Present it as value able, and you have to make it really value able so people won't think it's some cheap content for some cheap money. Let's see some examples who made a good trip fire, for example, the stop print. They find something which a lot off business owners need business cards and they offer cheap business cards for the ah leads, and when they bought the business cards, they get ads on. Then you can do this kind off paper, and you can print on the other side, or you can print it colored. You can ask for ah, designer work so you can add thing on on your purchase. So that's how they make money. And other example is square. Who sends you the free? Ah terminal, the credit card reader. But they send you. It's a It's a product, which is cheap to produce for them and this cheap to shape. And when you get the product, you are able to do transactions on Lee if you subscribe for the service, so that's how they get the lead to a customer. Another good strip fire idea is physical books. People give more value to a physical book than to an e book. So if you publish the physical book or if you didn't yet, you can self publish it. You can write a book and publish it for your own. You can do the free book for only shipping costs, which is very popular. Trip fire nowadays, or you can do a very low offer. You offer your book as a trip wire or you can offer Ah, I have Ah. Ah, Kit. A trip fire kit with one of my ah ah courses on DVD. One of my books and one of my workbook. The whole thing just for the price off the book so you can create ah different require and offer to different ah offers. 6. Why do people really buy?: Now it's time to take it to the next level to dig deeper and to know exactly why the customers want to buy. If you use these spices in your ads, your customers not just need and not just want your product, but they're gonna crave your product. They can't stand not to buy your product. A good example. Why people buy Ferrari, you can say because it's fast because it has good parts because it's ah, but But the main purpose is that it's a status symbol. You can get they easily with girls, or you can be proud when you go to a business meeting and you get out from the car and everybody sees you, or when you put your car keys on the table and everybody see the status symbol loom. So these are the main reasons why people want to buy that car, and the after this emotional attach, they're gonna go ahead and explain it with the logical reasons. But without the emotional part, they wouldn't step over to the logical reasons. The first reason why people really want by because they want to be a part off analogue community. If you have a Nallet community like this. For example, there are the Apple users. They have a special community or it can be a secret Facebook group. Or it can be a like the Gulf subscriptions. You can go and just play goals like anybody can go and play both. You have to pay the subscription, the yearly fee to go ahead and play. Go. It's not for everybody. It's an Aleph community. Do you remember how from the Social Network movie how the space book things started when Mark Zuckerberg wanted to be a part off an elite college community? This is how the whole idea started. People want to be part of finale community, and they want other people to see it. There are some lose. It has to be at it. It has to be really high and nice and terrier Dress cold. Good, uh, nice, high and things. That technology. It has to be hard to get in if it's easy to get in. If everybody can get in that it's not an alley club, you can say there is a waiting list or you can say they have to take a test before joining . If you have a Nallet community like this. Do you communicate it? The other emotion is by most people, buy is greed. This is how a well you can eat the events like people always cook more on their plate that they can eat because they're really everybody has agreed in themselves. How can you show How can you play with this emotion? With this greed, you have to show that you have, ah, lot off this brother like when you go to a supermarket and you go to a cheap style and the crackers, I'll There are hundreds off chips, bags and crackers, bags and boxes on the isle. They say, Come on and put me on the cart. There are enough for everybody. Don't worry. Eso you have to not just there, that you have a lot off product, but you have to show it. I remember when I had a company I distributed I sold nail products and cosmetics and I didn't have that much money to work with. So I ordered just a few two or three each product and I had them on the shelves, two or three each of them and they they looked just very poor. But I had thesis New York product, which I can order book cheap, and I can sell it inexpensively. And it was a good, uh um ah product. So, people, the that will be my that became my first product my my best product. What brings the phones off people to my store. And they just, uh, watching these board shiny nail art things that they just put them in the car because there was hundreds are, uh, maybe more. Yeah, this is how car schoolwork you buy products that because you need it because it's cheap and you're gonna need it later on. Like one time I bought better. Isn't it last me for two years? So it's It's about greediness. Everybody has agreed in themselves and other emotion by people by is the fear they They have fears that if they don't buy your product, they have to have fears. If they don't buy your product, that's gonna be something bad. So you have to show them this horrible present and that the future will be even worse if they don't take action. Right now. The pain is not just the physical pain. Keeping can be a pain in the butt like my iPhone screen a broke or my car doesn't start or I have no Internet, so you have to, uh, you have to show them the pain and the horrible present first before you show them the future. You can use stories for demonstrating you can. A customer can talk about their pain before they bought your product or how they toss them , turn in their bed overnight because they have this problem. People like stories and their empathic when they hear stories, and they put them stuff in the storyteller shoes and they already fear feel the pain what you are talking about. Another great motivator is the new you. When people see they become something if they buy your product, for example, I bought some song New Galaxy S nine full not because this is the new Esther. This is the most expensive because I know that the camera is really good. And I pictured myself doing great Facebook live videos doing great. You every courses and I have more likes, and I will be more popular. So I pictured myself that I will be something when I buy that product. For example, when you buy a dress. You picture yourself how good you will look like or how many compliments you will get if you buy a high heel because you want to look taller. What can your customer see themselves as a new person? Do they have more opportunities? Do they mean something? Do they solve a problem? Do they get compliments? You have to find out and you have to go to a deeper market research to find out what your customers picture themselves. What are they goes? How do they want to be? Look like? How do they want to feel? What do they want to be? To solve the problem? They currently have another great purchase. Motivator is envy. Everybody has envy in themselves. But it can be a positive and it can be a negative thing. A negative MB like a general city is not good, is not good for the word is not good for you is not good for your business. It's like if you see somebody who is better than you, you gonna you want to destroy them. This is not good. If you see somebody who is better than you and you see the difference and it inspires you to be just like them is the good and the this is the MBI. You have to wake up in your customers and you have to sell your products with. This is an extra gas. Align Beach makes the prospect to finally get up from the couch and pull out their credit cards. People want a different things. They want to achieve something. They want to be more successful. They want to have more money, more time where they want to be previa. Find out what your customers wants to be and what are they craving for? What are they? See the differences. For example, If I tell you there are I told you at the beginning, there are the the small business owners who has a thumbs off customers and grow the business easily. And they are a popular member off their community. Know this secret? But I'm talking about in this video and they play with their customers emotion and take it to the nest. Next level. I made a I made an MBI in you that you want to be this when I picture you this business owner who grow their business and have a lot of customers. So I picture you, uh, the picture, but you want to be and that's how I make up your M V. 7. The critical step: you have your customers spend as much as they just can, and you want your customers to come back and buy more. For this, you have to change your mind. Set. There are a lot off companies who are successful and who have a lot off sales for many reasons most of the reasons. Because they have a different approach to their customers. Most people focus on the the one time sale of what they can get as soon as they can, and not thinking about the customers. If you think about your customer first, that ah, it means it changes the mean me. So there you Ah, if you find out what your customer really wants and you lead them to the outcome, then you will be a trusted adviser in their eyes and you're going to buy your products more easily. How can you find out? And what do I mean about what do your customer really want? I give you an example. A man goes to a bicycle store to buy a bicycle for his six year old kids. You think that he wants a bicycle, right? Um, no, he doesn't want the bicycle. He doesn't want the the most expensive defense. Yeste, the fastest. Ah, the greatest bicycle. You know what he really wants? He wants a lifetime experience with his son that he thought his son how to ride a bicycle. He won that moment when his son yell to him That daddy, look at me. I ride the bicycle by myself. He wants this memory, which he can and his son can remember. Ah, decades later. And this is what he really wants. So you don't sell your most expensive bicycle to him. His son just learned how toe ride a bicycle. He probably will crash it. Or don't use it that goods that are, um, a person who is taking care more of the bicycle. So you don't said the most expensive one to this person? Uh, because you phoned out what he really wants. And you saw the exact product, what they need on and they want you become a trusted adviser and they're gonna trust you more. And you share something like I'm taking care of you. Don't worry. You are under my protection. Most people fall in love with their products, which is you can be sure that your product works, you can ah be sure that your product is good. It's a good thing. But don't fall in love with your product. Ah, fully love with your customers. If you take care of your customers, then they're going to spend more. And then they gonna come back and buy more. The more where you you give them, the more value you get back. 8. Tactics to make them buy again: here are some tactics how they can work to make your customer spend more and make your customer come back and spend more money in your store. The first is up selling. When they made a purchase, you, uh, automatically give them suggestions. Ah, what they can buy. Ah, Amazon do a great job when you buy something. They, uh, say this is what other people. But with this broad product, do you want to buy more? It's because off something that it's a principle that ah, if you lift the heavier weight and then immediately you lift a lighter weight than you think that the lighter weight is lighter, that it's ah, it is when you have, ah, loud party and you go home and feel the quietness and ah, fear the, uh, opposite off the noise. But you fat you appreciate it more and you feel it more like you hear it more quiet and you appreciated more after. So if you, uh, lift something heavy and after ah, something lighter follow it than the people, for example, with prices. If they bought the expense, more expensive product and you suggest the less expensive than they gonna be like it's not a big deal because they feel the less expensive product even more or less expensive. You can upgrade them to a higher level. For example, if you buy an Internet service and they upgrade you ta ah, higher speed where if you buy a car and they say you, ah, one level higher. There are 10 15% of your customers who are willing to pay more if you have an option. Ah Mawr exclusive deal. You can give different pricing options like this, uh, option has this things in it. This option has more things in it, but it caused this much so people can choose whether what they want, what they need from the subscription, and you can offer these different pricing solutions. You can make people come back and buy I'm or if you send them reminders, as we talked about in the previous lectures, you have to stay in touch with your customers, and you have to give them information. Educational information about your company about your new products. You never know when they want to buy again, so if you are in their mind and if you are in their head and they want to buy again. They will go to your store and buy from you. You can offer coupons for the next purchase so you can be sure that they come back. I went to a store because I saw Q dress, and after I spend, I think $300. The crowd cashier gave me $60 coupons because they gave $20 to after every ah $100 purchase . So I ended up of its $60 coupon. What? Ah, became valid the next day. So I didn't just go back to the store and buy for the coupon. I had to come back to the story in another day, and it has an expiry ation date. So I went home and I told my husband that, Hey, I have ah, $60 coupon. Maybe you can buy ah, yourself a shoe or something that let's go back to the store and see more so in Additional V ended up suspended like $200. So we spent the $60 coupon and we spent extra money. So all together we spent $500 and the hidden second purchase. The owner basically almost doubled their profit and you can offer subscriptions. There are subscription based services, which are Internet or phone subscription, but nowadays you can make subscriptions for almost everything. Ah, let's see a dollar shave club. They sell cheap razors and they created a subscription EST. I think that they send you razors every month so you don't have to buy a new one. So people don't think about buying razors because they have this subscription or, Ah, if you I buy dog food. I have a subscription and they bring the dog food to my home. Deliver to my home every month, and I don't have to go to the pet store. No hustle, no thinking about it. They just give me the free the the next portion of dock food at the end of the month. So these are the things you can make Ah, you can do to make your customers spend more or come back to purchase more 9. Reward them: Now you have a pool of customers, happy customers who use your product and happy with it. Now it's time to ask them to share it with the words to tell their experience and how great is your product and how it changed their lives. It can be passive, like letting you use their website and name or photo ah to your website with a testimonial . Or it can be active, like giving you, um, video testimonial or a case study how it changed their lives. It's like free lunch. It's good to have you appreciate it when you have, but you don't rely on it when it's come to your feeding habits. Ah, it's ah, the same. Ah happens here. It's good to have a lead from your customer who share your product, but you don't rely. Ah, word of mouth marketing in your marketing, but if you have a system for it, you can rely on a big part off your marketing. As a word of mouth marketing. Offer something for these customers. If they refer a lead, give them something value able. Give them something Ah, digital so it doesn't cost you anything or a small gift but give them for if their affair elite don't give them. If the lead has to buy something, then they get the reference. Give them for every lead because when you get the lead, it costs you money steal Ah, and then you can make it. Ah repeated customer and the brand advocator. And you make so much more money on that lead what you give them as a reward, so reward them good and they feel happy to share your product with the words they are your best customers. They are the the hard core customers. They buy your products as soon as you launch it. They give ah, nice review and they share it with their friends and family. Give them unique content, exclusive content and make them feel like they are, ah, part of a secret close community. You can be the Holcomb community around it. You can make a close Facebook group or a community where they meet up with each other with like minded people. You can give them extra services like the first roll at your presentation, the best seats, or give them Ah, plastic freeze banned video logo on it with the V I P Club or something on it so they can get something. But only those people have. Who is in this closed group? This group has to be al it. It has to be with nice and terrier with high end products with dress code, with the nice people coming only for invitation or for V I p customers. It has to be hard to get in Seoul, your heart core customers, your raving fans can get in. And it's another motivator to people to join to the So they re fair. They do everything for a referral, and they do it happily, and it's a valin. 10. Conclusion: now you created Ah, wow experience for your customer on every stage off the buyer journey. Good job. If you see only the first tragedy, the lead generation takes money and all the other marketing strategies. The other four I showed you doesn't take any money or cost very little because you can do it with the direct marketing. So you will pay only for the first lot off companies pay only for lead generation and they are focusing on lead generation. And they can't make that lead. Ah, to make more money from it because they focusing all the new leads and they don't focus on the existing lead. How can you make more money on it? It doesn't cost anything. It just cost a good strategy. And it there because that you know this secret and you use it in your strategies That's life cooled, adds doesn't work when you advertise your offer to called prospects These strategies What I covered in the scores are not my own. In these are strategies proven strategies from ah proven and successful marketers, tactics and concepts. What? Ah, a lot off people using the marketing word and I tested it and measured it for decades in my own company's. Before I created this course, use the old five strategies to make the best out of your company and what it grow and watch . It makes the it's best Thank you for watching the scores and stay with me in the next lecture because I give you information. Where can you find me on other platforms and I give you a gift.