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The mobile design process: The basics of how to get started

teacher avatar Ana

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (9m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Defining your idea

    • 3. Set limits

    • 4. Defining the structure

    • 5. Concluding thoughts

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About This Class

The mobile design process: The Basics of how to get started

If you have an idea for an application and you don’t know how to start, this course is for you.
By watching these videos you will be able to follow these easy steps to (puede ser shape o work on) your idea; at the end of the course you'll end up making a document holding the key points of your product that allow you to start the wireframe process without major inconveniences.

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1. Introduction: Hi and welcome to them a vile design process. The basics off, how to get a started. My name is Adrianna, and I'm a graphic designer with five years off experience in more vile design. If you have an idea for a movie, I obligation and you don't know how to start these classes for you. When you finish this course, you will know how to test your idea and how to shape it in order to start the wife from process with the right food. So without further ado, let's get started. 2. Defining your idea: everything. It starts with an idea. The path to launching your first up will be hard. So you have to find an idea that inspires you Onley by doing a project. Do you love? You will be able to deal with old adversities. You must know that finding an idea is another difficult step. But it isn't impossible. Find inspiration in everything around you and in all experiences you leave. Don't focus on Lee in what's in in the upmarket. When you have the right idea, you must answer these three questions. Is they via worth pursuing? These question refers to whether you're feel passionate of our joy, your idea. And if your idea solves a problem and it doesn't have to be a huge problem, it's about reaching to a group off people that find an aspect off their life improved by using your app. Then, if your idea unique now you can go to the upmarket and fine ideas that are similar to yours . Don't worry, if you find a couple of I B s that match yours, it is nearly impossible to another half any competitors. In fact, the these isn't as bad as it seems because you are able to learn from their mistakes. Unless is your idea fucked? Herbal. Maybe you have an idea, but the signal. You can reach your expectations yet. So if you are not a developer, it is important to assess if your idea can be made. 3. Set limits: so we just define our idea. Now is time to set some limits for the purpose off thes curse. My idea is an application that helps you find unicorns because who doesn't want to catch a unicorn? Fares. Do you have to least all the features off your move? I application. So let's see my dreamed up half a map with the Unicorns location a na pe'shon to take a picture off the unicorns. Another option to share the picture in social media. A profile. A gallery with all my unicorns, a NA option to at friends a non option to qualify the Unicorns. An option to see the unicorns rang Doom and I logging Peixe. I think that's all. Now I have to prioritize for that. We will have four columns. The 1st 1 is the most half column here. We will place the features that are essential for our up toe work. It will be your first release your M V P. That is your minimum buyable product. In this case, I have a mat with the Unicorns location. The profile I'm looking. The 2nd 1 is this should half color here we will place the second most important features that are not existential for the release but will help you build a better province. You have to release these features soon, so I have in option to take a picture, a gallery with all my unicorns and a non option to share the pictures in social media, the Third Colon East for could half. Here we put the features we could have somewhere in the future. I have an option to add friends and an option to qualify the unicorns. Meanwhile, in the come for with half, we put the features we would like to have in the distant future. There I have another option to see the unicorns ranking. These framework is call it must coup if you want to see it in a different way, you can say that the first two cones in general are a must half, or for the most half features, and the other two are nice to have features. Do those one your user to get confused by using your up, so keep it simple for the case of the unique oring catch up. I divided the features asked. You see, when you have all the features a sign it is time to move to the next step 4. Defining the structure: moving on. Now it's time to define how many screens Winnie. In this case, I will only work with the most half features I recommend to work also with the shoot half colon. This is called flow chart, and it's the backbone off your app. In these faith, you don't have to worry about the elements off the screen. You can youth. A mock up the flow chart defines what screens are linked to others. So for my M B P, I only have these three screens logging Matt and Pro Fly the next Step East to define information architect er. That means take the flow chart and at in old elements that the screen needs to have for logging. I have title and the logging with social media buttons for a map and home. I have met soon in and out button on a profile link, and for profile, I have use her name number or off uni Garnes catched current location avatar and close close button 5. Concluding thoughts: That's it for these glass things. For spending your time with me. I hope you now have a clear idea of how you can start them, abi Application process on the importance of it. Sometimes people underestimate the benefits of shaping your idea well till the very beginning. But the two East when you have a clear product everyone involved can understand the whole picture off your vision. And you will be able to start wife from faith with all your team on the same page. By this point, you will have to pay its I at least the 1st 1 with your idea and the framework with your mosque shoot good and would features on the second page with the information architect er off the application. Remember to upload these pages in the project gallery to get some feedback. I will love to help you start building your application. Thanks for washing