The magic of color mixing

Mona Iordache

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7 Videos (21m)
    • 1 Introduction

    • 2 Materials

    • 3 First triad

    • 4 Second triad

    • 5 Third triad

    • 6 Class Conclusion

    • 7 Class Project


About This Class


Welcome to the class!

In this class we will play detectives. The mission - if you chose to accept it - is to (re)discover what your paints can do for you.

We will mix pigments freely and without following any specific rule to allow them to manifest their full personality. We will use a limited palette - a different one for each lesson. This does not mean in any way a limit choice of colours! Quite the opposite - a lot can be achieved with a minimalistic approach.

This method can be used to create collage papers, gift wrapping, gift tags and other paper goods. It is a great warm-up exercise and can spark creative insights.

Happy colour mixing! 


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I enjoyed the concept of different colors and blends I think more explaination of what colors and why they changed the look of the pears would have helped me as a totally new artist
Pearl Purdy

Never Give Up

Well done Mona, playing around with my chosen triad during the lesson was fun, amazing how many colors can be achieved with just 3 colors, fascinating watching a color's characteristic come into play. The magic of watercolor :) ! Love your office assistant :) & congratulations on your first class, I wish you every success.
Joanne Braunack

My Mantra 2018





Hi! I am Mona, native of Romania and living in Montreal, Canada since 1994.

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to my studio where I like to engage in all things creative. In school I studied engineering (of the software kind), but for the last 18 years I studied art in various forms: oil painting, mixed media, altered arts, assemblage, watercolor.

Visit my Instagram to see the latest about what I am up to. Tag me (@mona.iordache) and use the hashtag #Mona...

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