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The joy of singing, Breathing for Singing

teacher avatar Erika Fernández, Soprano

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Intro

    • 3. Your Spine

    • 4. Breathing for singing

    • 5. Inhalation

    • 6. Breathing exercise

    • 7. How to control breathing1

    • 8. Controlling your breath exercises

    • 9. How to control breathing2

    • 10. Support introduction

    • 11. Support 1

    • 12. Support2

    • 13. Support 3

    • 14. Alignment body

    • 15. Alignment exercise (1)

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About This Class

Hi there! 

Have you ever wondered why sometimes it is hard to sing, why you get tired easily or why your voice is not always very powerful? Did you know that most of the problems with the voice are related to bad posture?

If so, It is quite possible that you need to correct your posture and work on your breathing and support technique! 

Here you will learn how!

In this class, we are going to address Breathing for singing and Alignment of the body. You will get to understand the concepts of breathing, support, and alignment of the body and why these concepts are vital for singing. 

We’ll learn how our body is our instrument and how everything on it is interconnected. You’ll practice simple and effective exercises easy to use and apply to your singing!

I’m Erika and I am a professional singer with a master's degree in Opera Singing. My expertise covers more than fifteen years performing and I know that the best way to keep our voice healthy is learning a solid and reliable technique, and who knows better how to sing for hours and hours than an opera singer?

This course is aimed at people who feel the passion for singing and want to sing no matter what kind of music, opera, pop, blues, jazz, we will discover the core of the singing technique in a very easy way! 

You will know tips and tricks from an experienced singer and together we are going to discover the basis of singing from the beginning.

Let's continue learning and enjoying singing!

Meet Your Teacher

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Erika Fernández



Hello, I'm Estefania.

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1. Introduction: if you love to sing, but you're not sure how to start these courses for you or if you have some knowledge, but you want improve your singing skills, these girls is for you, Hi America, and I'm a professional singer with a master's degree in oppressing. My expert discovers more than 15 years performing, and I know exactly that the best way to keep your voice healthy is learning a solid and reliable technique. And who knows better how to sing for hours and hours than an opera singer? This course is same of people who feel the passion for singing and wants to sing. No matter what kind of music open up all blues jazz, we will discover the core off the technique in a very easy way. You will know deeps and tricks from an experience singer, and together we are going to discover the basis of singing from the beginning. We'll start with concepts and techniques you'll need to know to improve your singing. You'll get to understand the fundamental part of singing technique, searching always for a natural singing, avoiding attention. Listening to your body. You will find the simple and effective techniques easy to use and apply to your singing. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to sing 2. Intro: Welcome to this class in which we will focus on breathing for singing address ing, the topics related to breathing for singers, among them, a Lagman off the body, breathing for singing, inhalation breathing exercises and how to control your breathing. We'll focus on breathing for singing, support and a lagman off the body. This take on SEPs may be the key concepts that we must learn if we want to improve our singing and half ah healthy technique so weakened sing forever. There is no doubt that the most important elements to sing well is to have an excellent management off your breath. And these should be the point toe, which we must pay the most attention. It can be pointless having a beautiful voice, Onley searching for a boy's displacement without mastering breathing and sport. It's consequential whether we do not pay attention to our posture. In that case, you can't be free and it will be blocked and in consequence or voice will be affected. And in the worst case scenario, injured Take all the time you need to practice and master your breathing. It will be never enough. I assure you that once you correct your posture and master your breath. Everything in your voice will fit together. I will summarize this concepts by saying Who knows how to breathe knows how to sing. So let's do this enjoying singing. 3. Your Spine: Let's take a look two hours fine. R. Sparks is a complex structure with shape off long Stam and can be resistant and very flexible. The cervical region has seven vertebrae. The parasitic region has 12 vertebrae. The number Regine has five vertebrae. The sacrum and Kocsis contains between nine and 10 vertebrae. As we can see, our spine hasn natural cure The ideal. A lag mint off the body is to keep this natural cure toe, have a healthy posture not only one wising but in our daily life. In this image, we observe how the body business the neck is going from going out of the graphic National Center of the Body. This creates tension in a low quality of the sound. Let's observe the next image. It shows the wrong position of the body. When the neck is up and out of the central axis, the hips and the purpose are going back, creating tension in the neck. The cervical and lumbar regine, a simple movement of the pelvis back to the central exes, will improve no terrorists later quality of sound, making the high notes easier. The body must be aligned, keeping the natural cure off the spine. This image shows the body online in its gravitational center. Our neck is an important part for the boys Commission here. The neck is pulled up on the chin. Little bit. No against. Yes, well help purposes. Sliding forward. His position helps here to go out with less obstruction. But the good thing is that we can correct our pastor. We can improve it and we can create less tension not only for singing, because a good poster is going to people's a lot of benefits in our daily life. See you next time. 4. Breathing for singing: in this video, we're going to know how to breathe for singing. Everybody knows how to breathe. The first thing we made in our life was breathing, and after that we cried. If we remember this image, we will realize how close are thes natural actions with singing two brothers the sound of the voice when it air and to keep control of the year, we need the muscle call dia from. But first we need to know how your body works when we breathe. Our lungs are the main organs in charge of the breathing process. They're located on the left and right wing off the heart in what we call the thorax cavity . Diaphragm is layer of muscle that serves US floor and separation between the under abdominal part. The Britain process is divided in two faces inspiration on X elation. When you breathe thing that they have, frog moves downward toward the abdomen and the rib muscles pull the ribs upward and outward . When we exhale, the diaphragm relaxes. This basing our Thor ASIC box relaxes as the Internet pressure increases. As a result, the lungs contract by expanding the year out. When we sing, we need to keep the year long and steady or goal is to keep softly or body open, delaying the process of relaxation for singing. The idea is to keep our breath low. What is to say that our shoulders must remain relaxed and low? Never lift it up. In other words, we need tow, avoid the year in the chest and instead send it a little bit toe our belly. According with my experience, I believe that the best way of breathing and singing is to make it as nature less weekend. How Let's go to the natural thing and let's take a baby as an example. When a baby is sleeping, we can observe how his belly a goes up and down, in and out, and it never goes. Three year never goes to the chest. The same happens to you when you're sleeping and you don't realize, but you're already breathing deeply. Tonight, when you're going to sleep, check out how your belly moves are up and down without any effort. You don't need to make any effort in. Try to breathe with a lot off air, because what it happened is that use. You're going to have a lot of tension in this part off your body. So just relax. And tonight, remember And check out how your bellies already making the work for you. So upset your body practice. Relax and see you in the next videos. 5. Inhalation: inhalation is the beginning off her singing. We want to open our body and send year to the lower part off our lands. We don't need so much air we need on Lee the necessary, but we need to use it effectively. What we want is to have the feeling off open our body every time we inhale avoiding to breathe in the higher part of our chest, which means that we're going toe. Imagine that we send year toe or belly. Technically, year doesn't go to her belly. But as we explained before, our diaphragm pulls downwards, pushing our storm mark down, creating the feeling that we placed the air in our belly every time you're going to start to sing were maybe a little bit anxious in the year says a lot about our food. That's why we need to inhale with comb. I could example to represent how we could breathe with calm will be to imagine that you're seeing someone far away from you, and you're very happy to see him or see her, for example, or that someone is telling you something that really surprise you on expression off surprises perfect to represent. How should be to breathe calmly in this case, our body or soft Aladdin. Our air is ready to start to sing without tension. Instead, it gives a feeling off joy and happiness, placing everything in order with such a nice movement. For example, it's ready. It's ready Everything to start to think. We think that in order to seeing or to make a long phrase, we need a lot of hair and we over work, creating tension. The easiest, the better. I want that you are very conscious off your body and make easy steps but effective. Practice it little movement. Every time you can observe your body and it reactions, practice a lot and see the next video. 6. Breathing exercise: Hello. Welcome back in these video will practice a simple exercise for breathing. We'll start by laying on our backs and for thesis exercise. I will need together all the books you can behavior the better. Place the books in the lower part of your APS and started. Breathe trying to leave. Top the books upwards, trying to feel how the year is going deep into your lower abs. Breathe and keep the year low. Now inhale deeply and keep the books up. Avoid to breathe in your chest. Repeat this movement until you get to feel the muscles that works to support your voice in your APs. Keep reading low and steady. This exercise will help us to feel the muscles related with the support and to learn to breathe deep. Sending the air towards a belly practicing every day will help us to extend our breath threshold. So keep working, practice every day and enjoy singing 7. How to control breathing1: Hello, everybody. In this video, we're going to practice an easy exercise to learn to control or breeding. It's important to say that every time we work on our breathing, we could get a little this. See if you're not get used to Why? Because we're sending a lot off here to our brain and it could be possible Toe hyperventilate. I really recommend you to go slowly until you feel comfortable. If you feel dizzy, just stop. Wait and go. Always easy for this exercise. The first step is to inhale deeply. Imagine that you send all the air to your belly and after excelled in Keep X elation as long as you can while you pay attention to your diaphragm and officer, what is happening with it? Inhale, Exhale feeling you're there from how is active. Observe yourself, feel your body. Do this movement paying attention to your body off servant. Feel it and remember the memory off your body. The second part of the exercise is to softly keep your data frank low for thes. We will try a moment of apnea. Apnea is a temporary interruption off breeding. It is like if you don't want to let a year pass and you just keep it inside. Thing is the feeling what we need is to experience the feeling off the movement off the diaphragm and keep it in your body. Remember every time, the moment of death, Now, so practice and see you soon. 8. Controlling your breath exercises: Now let's do a variation off the previous exercise, but this time we're going toe at the sound. Inhale apnea. Feel always how you're working. Let's do this five times. Feel how your body is working and how the muscles in your abs are really, really working. The next exercise is another variation, but this time we're going to challenge again you ourselves. But we need these two breathing four times, going to up man four times and excel in four times. Thanks to this. Always keep your diaphragm active and challenge yourself in. Do five times, inhaling five times up near five times exhaling until you rich 2030. There's no limit on this practice. Enjoy having found singing and see you next time. 9. How to control breathing2: now are we gonna do is to take a deep and soft breeding, send it to your belly going toe apnea and start to sail as long as you can. Always. I remember the feeling off their near and tried to get lo Your diaphragm practices exercise from 3 to 5 times in order to feel what we know us. A Poggio or support of the voice. Let's repeat the same exercise. But this time count out loud from 1 to 10. For example. 123456789 10. In this case, I feel that in order to make the voice louder, I need toe get the feeling off that now we want So we I have always the movement off the Let's imagine that you have to call someone who is very far and you have to literally spring. Remember he's feeling in your body. What did you do? Hey, hey, hey, Check out what is happening in your body. What is happening in your from and judging memory practices exercises every day and you will notice how you will become better and better every day 10. Support introduction: Hello. Welcome back in this video. We're going to talk about support off the voice. We have been talking about support off the voice, but do we really know and understand what it really means? There are so many differences between how to breathe and how to support, and here is where we may have the biggest confusion. There will be several opinions about how to support the voice. Some teachers may show you either way off support and some others that out a way to support and since the learning off singing, it's something very subjective and abstract. At the same time, we have to find out how to interpreting thes different concepts by ourselves, to understand how to sing properly and in better words, healthy. We have to learn that the Onley way to have a great sing in technique is having a great breathing and support technique, because in the moment when you're able to manage your breathing, your more advance in your singing skills. Everything fits together and your balls and body are free to reach their testes city level that we are looking for and again. The best way to approach to thes is observing our natural reflexes in our body, for instance, cuffing or laughing every time you cough or laugh, your diaphragm and abdominal muscles are active. Try it. Fill it for yourself. What we want is to extend the feeling off, laughing or coughing, and a backed it to our singing. We want to expand this reflexes to our lower back note. We shall never feel these reflexes directly in the throat or in the vocal courts. Never. This is the mosque or reflex and must be felt in the lower part off our back and APS not in the neck nor in the throat. This is imperative to understand this very important, never in your throat with support. We want to achieve a perfect air compression Onley the necessary amount of fair to avoid the stress off the learnings and, in general, off all the instrument. Keep watching to discover how to support your voice and get a great technique for a better singing. See in the next video 11. Support 1: an excessive amount off air could be the coast off over tension. That is why we all need to breathe them necessary. And what is the necessary, basically the same amount off fear that you need when you're talking with your friend. When you relax and observe your body reactions, you will notice how to feel year going deep and you didn't need too much air. You just need to know how to manage it. But how? Good question as we sit, we're going to extend the reflects off coughing. I want you to cough and feel how your diaphragm moves and how it is coordinated with the muscles in your abs in this part cough. Did you feel it? The same happens when you pan, for example. Now try to pan without moving your rapes. When you do this, your ribs are open automatically and year goes deep and you didn't even noticed. That is what we want to achieve the's part off your APs. Remember, these reflex must be felt Onley in lower bag and your abs muscles never in your throat. So keep working and see in the next sex of says 12. Support2: what is happening with your ab muscles again? Upsetter yourself. Concentrate your attention in Europe's moving. Uh huh. Do you feel it? They're moving upwards, not boards. Do it again. It is not insight is not outside. We are kind of compressing towards you're by a friend. It's doing something like this here. Uh, great. Now we know that these your muscles are going to help us to support. And this is the way in which we are very clever. Why? Because we can recognize the difference between pushing on support and there's a huge difference. We are not pushing the heir to the book. Of course we are supporting manager. This is just like when we are driving. When you're driving your car, you know exactly the proportion of energy that you need to apply to clutch and the accelerator wrecked. You can put too much. Otherwise you lose control of your car or it abruptly stopped right at the same time. When you stop applying this energy to the pedal of the car, I didn't lose a speed energy and stops moving. It is the same with the voice. So we want to keep applying energy to our car and keep going and it is the same with singing. Absolutely the same year is already there. We just need toe keep the energy flowing in our voice, so practice and see you soon. 13. Support 3: a low breathing with an equity. Greater support will help us to drive our voice. These muscles are the pedals or our voice, and her voice is a variety. We have to take care of it. This is very important to understand this well, energy in stinging. It's not always the same than strength. We do not push readjusted energy. Not so much power. Just keep it. Were there up muscles The exercise that I recommend you to practice our office, pound several times, imitate a dog and or observe yourself What does it feels? No pan without move your ribs. I know what the beginning will be difficult, but I'm sure you will nail it as long as your practice. Now, repeat this exercise while you wash your dishes or take a shower or you're cooking or doing any activity, avoiding maybe doing anything crowded. Places off course. This is just one option. Now try to feel these movements every time before you sink. Recall the reflexes we have been talking about and make any sound. Then cough or laugh before singing and support the voice of that movement. Try it again. Huh? Huh? Huh? Oh, we must work on coordination coordination with this muscles. Remember, I feel this girl like this, uh, this is not going to happen immediately. We have to be patient. Nothing was building two days and we need to be congested and with ourselves enjoying the process. Then when you finally made it recorded in your memory in your body memory and repeated until you get it, the only way is practiced. But believe me, singing with freedom it's one of the most beautiful things that we can ever experience. And the time we spent to achieve that, it really was it. So practice and see you soon. 14. Alignment body: Hello, everybody, In this lesson, we're going to talk about a Lagman off the body. We're going to discover how to create a good posture and why this is so important for singing. Why don't you think it's so important to have a good posture for singing? As we already said, All the body in a singer is the whole instrument, and everything is interconnected. So if we think that a singer is a wind instrument, what is the main element that we need to produce? Sound off course, the air? What we need is to leave the year flowing freely through our bodies so we can produce our sound in a very effective way. So let's imagine how it would be if we just contract our body and we don't allow the year to come out. So now what we have to do is contract our muscles and tried to breathe. I'm tryingto even to sing or to talk, and you will realize that our tune our voice is contracted and it's not free. Can you see that there is a lot of tension in the neck, in the muscles and everything? If we realize that when we leave free our body thes is going to be what easy. This same happens when we misplaced or Nick and we start to talk like this, right? You can see what is happening immediately with your voice. There is tension and that the voice changed immediately is the same. If you want to sing like these or you want to talk instead to being aligned and toe, allow your body to produce her son. Naturally, they didn't know that most of the problems with voice are related with our posture and most of all, with the tension in your neck in your job in your shoulders. If we want to avoid any kind of problems with their voice, it's better to pay attention to our body. Definitely it will war that. But here comes a challenge. Our bodies used to be placed in such a way that we already feel comfortable with our posture. No, because off course it's hard to keep on line off the body. All the time is it's hard, and then we start to feel comfortable with the way we are when we walk. When we see it. When we talk when we sink, everything depends on our habits in our daily life and how we're get usedto to see if we are so long time sitting on the desktop or just a simple fact off cooking and can make more pressure that we need Everything is creating attention and what we need this to learn to toe unblocked all this tension in our body. 15. Alignment exercise (1): Now let's start to make a little exercise to start to correct and improve our past. Let's get started. Go to the world and stand in front. Off it. Breaststroke back on the wall and ceiling from the Coxes. No support your neck against the world and feel the space between your neck and the wall. The biggest space, the bigger the problem. We don't want this. We have to correct it. Thes problem. Isno as cervical key facie There are several factors that can cause this problem. Like your daily habits. Thescore goes off Ben in this region in If it's aggravated, it can coast difficult to breathe disease and among all other symptoms. As we can see in this video, the space between the neck and the wall has been reduced. That's the way we want. The only thing that we need to do is to feel that our head is being pulling up to this guy and immediately or spine is going to start to be alive. This is how we're going to start to create a better posture as we already discussed. Just a simple movement of your pelvis in front is going to help us to align your body, and it's going to make it easier to make the high notes in conclusion. Every time we feel something that is strange that make us feel tension, we have to stop and start over again. We have to be very conscious off our body. What is trying to tell us and respect that? If you feel that when you are trying to sing or doing any exercise, you feel that your next to go farther in front stuff and try to have this pulling off Ally England this going to help you a lot. I feel your body feel what it's trying to stay and never force it. Try to always go to the natural way. If there is something that is creating tension, stop and undo it. Just relax breath under again. Changing or pasture is going to help us. Not only in singing is going to help us in every sense off our life. I recommend you that if you have the possibility to assist toe attend, um, Alexander technique would be great. This is something that can improve so much of quality of living, practice the patient and just enjoy. See you next time