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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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About This Class

This tutorial combines photo editing with Camera RAW and photo manipulation. I will show you how you can create a dramatic mood on a photo using Camera RAW and how to integrate a model on the newly created background.

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Andrei Oprinca

Graphic designer


I'm Andrei. I'm a graphic designer with 10 years of Photoshop experience specialized in photo manipulation.

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1. Girl on the Field EN: Hello for the shop lovers. Welcome to any tutorial with PSD Box by name is Andre. And today I'm gonna show you how it edited this image in photo shop. It's an intermediate, maybe slightly advanced tutorial for some of you. I just use a few stock images for this. And what I want to show you is how I got this dramatic, dark tone effect in Photoshopped. I'm gonna shoot the original image I started from this and ended up with this. I'm gonna share how to work with camera raw and how to use adjustments and how to create some light effects here. Everything that you need for this tutorial is inside. The resource is folder, which you can download from my website. And there you'll find all the files that you need. So I hope you will enjoy it. And let's get started. So as you've just seen, we're going to start away at the Bagram, Amy. So I'm gonna press control men. Oh, and here inside, the resource is fully you'll find all the files that you need and also have the PSD file this PSD file. So you can so you can see how I made this, you'll find two other images. This one and this one. I gave you this just as alternatives. I got them from a splash dot com and you can use this or other images if you want to use well, just have different backgrounds if you don't make your own version. I tried with this. I like this image over here, and I put the girl girl on this image and made the radiant here too bland The images and it looked pretty pretty cool as well, so you can try with other images, but for this tutorial, we're going to stick with this one. So let's open it and what I did first. I knew I wanted to create Servant Sunset dark tone effect, and I use camera raw for that because I think it's really powerful, and I like how it works. So what? You can do it just go to filter and use camera raw filter. But before I do that, I want to turn this into a smart objects. I'm gonna right click and choose convert to smart object. It will all market and create this smart object for me and the reason why I do. This is just because I want to have the editing capable of this off camera. Also, after I apply it, I wanna be able to come back and change the settings if I want to. Now, if you don't have four shops to see, you will not see the camera. Raw field in hear, see? Feel it right of here. You will not see it. So we'll have to do is go to four shops, preferences and shoes, camera raw here and just change here to automatically open all J. Paige all supported Jay Paige's or simply save this file, go to file, and then we'll just check this option, then close for shop and open it again. And when you open, any J pic file will open it automatically in camera raw What you can you just go to file to see us and from here to stiff right over here, just if save it and then opened that defile back in photo shop and it will open it in camera raw by the fault. I'm gonna choose later on the filter from here. I made a few adjustments quite a few ones, and I'm going to spend time showing how it did that. Instead, I saved a preset. So just click this icon over here. Maybe depending on your camera roll version, which comes with all four shall versions Maybe that I can to somewhere else. But just use load settings if you find it there and just look for this file background, edit that ex MP, it's inside the researchers folder. Just load that and this will load all the settings as you see here, and you can tweak them. If you use the other images that are on that Resources folder. You can added that and I'll just make it fit your image. So basically what it does it just create this dark turn okay on the image and has this bluish tint. Next, I'm gonna add to adjustment layers first. Well, to called lookups. Actually, three. If you don't have four shops, CS six, at least you will not be able to add this. So just skip it. Um, here, I'm gonna use the first somebody's the three strip look. You choose death and drop capacity to 50% and leave the blend mode to normal. Then I used another presets. Another color look up. And this time I used one of the process that I created for for the ported awesome pack. What you need to do is Donald that pack. I'm gonna also put just this two presets inside a resource of folder. But you can down the pack if you remember, and just quick here and choose load through the lot. Have it here on this list. That's a huge list. I have to clean it because I don't like this presets. I don't like them just refined. But just look for the for these presets. PSD box b A. And this time I use the 26 and you can see the effect that it gets living to normal at 40% . And next time added another call. Look up. And this time I used to be as the box. I used to be a 22 portrait. Awesome 22 I left you to normal at 48%. And this is the dark effect that I was looking for. We're not done yet, but for now, this is a case. I'm gonna live it like that and I'm gonna add the model. Now I'm gonna open the researchers Fuller again. And this is the image of the model. You can use other images on splashed out com. You'll find lots of images like this. And if you have a background image that has this sort of purple flowers, you can leave them because they're out of focus. You can create more depth of field, and you can also live. Just live this flowers over here and discreet ingredient and bland image images really easily. In my case, what I did is I direct the image here and I'm gonna crop it like so. Actually, I'm gonna do it here first. I'm gonna use the crop tool just so I can make the document a little smaller. That center I should have checked on the lead cropped pixels like that. Okay, now, darkness side of the document. It's a lot smaller, and I used the quick selection tool to select the model, make them brush a little bigger and make this election like this. We're gonna deal with hair gonna share hot the pain to the here manually. It's not difficult, and you don't need a graphic tablet for that. Even though I'm using one, it's not necessary he's gonna make your job a lot easier. That's true. But it's not. You can do it without it as well Zoom in so I can see how my selection looks like with the all key, I can fix the selection of the selection around here and just a regular basic selection. You don't need very, very advanced selections that were going to do it manually. Here on the hair. What's important is here around her fingers and her shoulders on everything. Okay? I'm happy with this election. Anyways, The bottom part, we're gonna mask it. So don't worry too much about that. You create a little mosque and I'm gonna press V just like my move to and Quicken. Drag this to my tab on delete Previously that I just read it and I think I'm gonna make her smaller just a little bit like that on. I'm gonna place her ride over there. Now I'm gonna use this layer mosque. Or maybe actually, I'm gonna turn this into a smart object so I can keep the original their mosque. So I'm gonna converting to smart object. Now you will see that looks like the layer mosque is applied but it's actually not. That's close. This if I double click, it will open the smart object. You can see that I still have the background there. So what I'm gonna do is create now another one. And here I'm gonna use my beloved grass brush. It's one of the fall brushes. Comes with photo shop. For some reason, I cannot find here the follow brushes I'm gonna put this into the resource is folder. These brushes are the ones that come with all four shop versions. But since they changed the way the rushes battle here, looks like I cannot find the brush is so I have to import them from how important this from CS six. So I'm gonna deactivate, transfer and just transfer no color dynamics. And I'm just gonna pain with black. You can use other brushes if you have. Just make sure you get rid of this off the bottom part like that and we'll have to We'll do some Mont manual work here. I'm gonna show you how I created more depth here. More, more realism. Now have this brush. Is this part painted? If I drop the opacity, you will see that we have some plans Here, have this flowers. And in order to get more realism here, what you can do is get the brush tool. And with this layer mosque with the normal brush hardness, let's live it to about 50. Something like that. Just pain with black to reveal this flower like this. It's one also the leave here and the 2nd 1 as well. I'm just like that. Okay, I'm gonna put back capacity to 100%. Switch to white. I'm working on the layer mask of the model. Okay. And just being back this like that, this manual work, pure brushwork. If you have a graphic stubbled, maybe it's a little easier. It's a little quicker, but if you have any other grass brush or plans or something like that, even plans from three D renders if you have, for example, on pixels you can find have the extension here. I think I have to log in now. I'm not going to do it, but you can down three D plants and just blend them with the background in front of her. Can see every apple stuff like there's this just sample content. You can dial the plan like that. You can even spin you around if you want and wait for you to render and just, uh, make it smaller and just blended there with the background and looking and flowers and stuff like that, and it will look a lot better. Okay, then. Just using a soft brush to make that you can see what you get. The idea of what I'm trying to do. You can see the plants over here that I made here. Obviously, I'm a lot more carefully can see here. So just take your time and do that. The most important parts here is the integration of the woman here in the background and also the light effect that we're gonna create. So let me just paint a little more right over here with me unchecked. Paul. It's okay. I just want to paint a little more, right. Hopes this other part over here. So I'm gonna leave it like that. Obviously, we'll have to create some shadows which we're going to do now. I'm gonna get a new layer on its name. This model and I will create a new layer. And I'm gonna name it Shadow, Shadow and I'm gonna get ah, soft brush and I want to paint with black within a passage of 20 and flow 30 and just paint a little, Uh, it's uncheck dynamics. And largely I wanna activate the transfer, which is the sensitivity off my how hard a press on on the brush to control the capacity. And I just wanna had a little shadow because my source light will be here s o The shadow should fall a little to the side there, I guess, on just a little shadow over there. Next, let's add some effects to the mall. Let's double click open later styles and I'm gonna add ingredient overly. And I'm gonna give you the balance that have blend mode, multiply Then I will have the colors here I sampled from the image itself this kind of bluish in while tone and then have white for the other color click. Ok, okay. And I wanted to reverse it because I want to have the light on that side. If you don't want to reverse it, simply just changing the angle and that's it. While actually have the angle to 112. Um, what else? Scale 84% on that. It just create this sort of shadow on the bottom part. If it's too strong, just dropped capacity a little, cause we're gonna paint him shadow manually as well. Next, what else? I think we're done with the greedy INTs. Since this is a smart object, I also used, um, another filter. Go to image adjustments and choose shadows highlights. And if I put this to the side, you can see what I want to do here. I'm gonna give you the values that I have. Um, midterms. I have it to minus 21 color 20 Don't touch the color. And here in the shadows and highlights, we can I have the shadows 20 I don't want to add light on the shadows, but I want to bring down the highlights. I want to make them a little darker. I put the amount to 15 tone to 37 and raciest 86. And if I check and uncheck the preview can see that I actually darkened her, which is what I wanted. I wanted to make her a little darker. Quick. Okay, Next, I added a curves adjustment on top, and I clipped it. Just click this button. This will clip the curves to the woman layer to the model there and will only affect this later. Okay, now, on the rgb A have two points while actually just one with input. 1 46 146 And output 62. And then I dragged this down to stop point here for the highlights. I drag it down to 223 and you'll see why I did that. You can see it's really dark, the image. But I should I'm gonna share. Why? Did Why did that? Next? I went into the Red Channel and added one point within put 146 and output 140. Then on the Blue Channel one point input 128 and output 136 on, That's it. Now I'm gonna use this layer mosque to create actually dishes. I created this to make shadow. I'm gonna invite the layer mask with control I. And now I'm gonna paint with white wherever I wanna have shadows. So we're just like a sort of a doll. Jember effect, but just burning and only on some parts now with the brush. So I'm gonna paint with white and they have the foreground too wide. The brush capacity 20 and 30. Let's see if that works. I also have the pimp transfer on. So if you're a control, even better and you don't have a graphics tablet. Just drop this to about 10 and 10 and paint wherever you wanna have shadows. Keep in mind that the light comes from here, so we have to dark and everything that's on the right. So I'm gonna paint around here to reveal that dark tone that I have made with that I made with with those curves I'm gonna darken decides this side over here. Same here. This is one of the most important parts, but also the blending with the grass there and also this shadow this will make or break your manipulation. So you have to be careful here, and I kind of see how the light should would, um would affect her. Because obviously the light here, while the photo was made on a different ambient light, so have to mimic that light on the shadow that comes from that light source hopes we still have to to remove this part of a hell. It's to get the selected later Mosque of the girl. And with this with hard brush, opacity and flow 100%. I'm gonna pain here. I'm just want to the activate Transfer for a second and just get rid of that part over here . I forgot to remove this. Okay, Now let's Ah, go back to the curves layer mosque, not capacity back to 20 and 30 and check Transfer again and drop the hardness. It's important to have hardened zero on the brush and spent with white to reveal that shadow effect. So we just want a dark in part that I that should be in shadow. Andi, that's it. This bottle here and then we have to create a light effects. So this is a good exercise to practise while how to integrate models on new backgrounds with different lighting situations. And I think this is a good practice. Okay. So we can see how I made the shadow, especially on this side. Uh, parts of her body that are not that are facing away from the light should be darkened. Great. Now let's move on. And keep in mind that I also make this really quick here for the tutorial that's move on and create a selective color. Now, on top of of the woman clip the selective color to the woman Liras. Well, and here just changed the reds and the yellows. So for the Reds, the values that I have are 38 minus 20 for the yellows, minus 23 8 So I can see why do I saturate the Reds a little bit? Adding more Scion, Because the global Colorado light off this background is bluish. That's why, added Sigh in on the Reds. And this is the effect that you get. OK, looks like this saturates it 38 on the yellows. Basically, with this adjustment, what I did is I change the skin tones. That's why I just changed the yellows and reds. We charge phenomena, dominant colors on the skin, and here I have 21. So I added saying on the yellows as well. Five for the magenta yellow minus 17. Why used negative valleys on yellows? Because if you put negative values will add the opposite, which is blue. So if I put minus 17 on the yellows. That means I add 17 blue. Okay, I can see how the skin becomes, Uh, while bluish minus 17 and black 24. I darkened the yellows. Great. Let's move on. And now add a levels adjustment. I will script as well. So we clip it. So we only affect the woman here on the RGB 0.96. But amid tones and 248 care for the output levels. Okay, here on the bottom and on the Blue Channel, I added one point 11 for the mid tones and 250 for the highlights. This give this yellowish on this bluish tone, if it's too much, just dropped the capacity of it. In my case, I think it's a little too much. You can see that even making it might sell myself again. It's not gonna get the same results. So this is just the This tutorials are just too good idea, but it's you don't have to use exactly the same value. Just judge your image and just make your adjustments accordingly. One other thing that I forgot to do on the background image ABS is at some Grady in So here . So go back to the letter zero, which is the the background image. And since I have, this is a smart object that can go back into the camera. See, that's why that's one of the reasons why I like to to use this. And I want to add a Grady in like that over here. See that one created Grady. And you can choose if you want to added the inside or the outside. In this case, I want the inside, and I want to add this yellowish tone just like yellow on you. The settings that I have here. Ah, little more exposure at this bright tones. Okay. And then I'm gonna add another one right there when I dragged here, and I'm gonna make it a lot bigger like that. And this time first, I'm going to reset quick here, and she's reset local correction settings. This will set everything to zero. And now I'm gonna choose outside. I want added the outside of the circle off this filter. This radio filter. I'm gonna drop the exposure just a little bit. Um, here have the feather settings. If you wanna have a smoother transition. And I'm gonna add more coldness here on the temperature. And yeah, probably that we're gonna better and a little more clarity. Not too. Not much, because it's gonna add a really weird contrast. And we don't want that saturation will deliver to zero and shadows just drop them slightly and I'm gonna click. OK on, let's see what it does. Okay? Okay. So, having more like here on the center Great. Let's move on. And next we created that shadow hips. We created a shadow, which is this one over here on the ground. Next, let's create the light. So I want to paint something like here on the model's shoulders. But first I want to add the glow of light, and then we can see where we have to paint more light. So that's open. The resource is full again, and I forgot at the images. I have to get it from my stock photos. I see my fuller with my own resource is this started just photos that I took myself. Let's go to the light effects. You should create one folder with your own resources, and these are images that I collected over the years packs Tikrit in myself and they're useful. So it's good. It's a good idea. It's a good idea to create your own resource is and have your own. Your own resource is fuller. It's open this again. You'll see that this image were opens with a camera raw because I edited with camera. Okay, so I'm gonna pace this image of hearing and change the blend mode to screen, and I wanna have this little effect on the other side. So I'm gonna flip it horizontally. Put this image right over there. This this is the sun that goes there on the horizon. And now I can create the lights. Let's get the new layer on top and it's named this, uh, they did light. Now I want to paint light on Lee over the woman's body. So since I already have the layer mask of her while actually have have her extracted from the background, I can control click the thumbnail. This will load the the edges and on this layer, which I made painted light, I'm gonna put it on color Dodge. I will paint the light there on her body. I'm gonna get the brush toe opacity 20 and 30 for the flow. It's OK. And I'm gonna start with this color here. It's we Well, this this is gonna be a little bit trying a trial and error because I have to see which color works for her body. That is not gonna work. It's too bright. And I'm gonna hide the selection with control. Age still doesn't bother me so I can see what I'm doing. It's still there. OK, the selection is still there and just paint the edge like that. Add a bit more of light on her face as well. You can see the right. I didn't even, um I didn't even smooth on the edges. I didn't use the refine mask. You can do it if you want to. But first of all, I'm not going to do it from for me. That looks OK, but if you wanna smoothing the edges, you can do that. Okay? Now, I'm gonna add a stronger light here, just on the rim on just on the very edge, using this and I'm gonna use a smaller brush. Maybe I'm gonna increase the capacity of 30 and the flow to 40 and paint again here on the face as well and on her fingers, just pained with with the side of the brush so you don't have to. That's not looking good. Let's see if I still have this election. Hopes. For some reason that part is not selected yet is because of the that's on the litter mosque . So I have to add that to the selection. And you can do that. If you want to add the selection that you have also on the Layer mosque. What you can do is press command option shift and quick. You can see have that X inside that box under the cursor. And if you click that, it will also add that selection of the letter mosque here so I can continue painting. When a president trochmann age again to hide the selection, it's still there, but I want to hide it and just create a light effects over there like that and think here, if you don't like the color, don't worry. You can use the hue saturation later after you're done painting. That's my life there. I'm not really that Oops. I'm not really that good. I'm painting this kind of lights, but I'm practicing and I hope I can get better in time. Where else and maybe young knows a little bit her lips, maybe like that, and paint a little bit here on the hair. Now, if you don't like the color, as I said, you can press controlled Mandy to dis Select. You can select this painted light later and press controlled menu. And with the hue saturation you can dark in the tones of this and I don't know, maybe make it even brighter and change the Hugh. If you don't like the tent, I'm gonna live it there. That 20 and click. OK, now we're down with the light. I was to have degree. Some bigger glows, but you can see how that looks like next. What I will do is create a Mueller on screen using the screen bland mode when I mean you name it light to let's put it on screen, get the brush tool, use a soft brush, opacity and flow 100%. And let's make sure that I don't have the transfer activated and I will use a dark tone like this. We'll see if that works. And just a couple of clicks here and there. The fact is too strong. Simply dropped the lightness of this. Make it really dark. I'm gonna load the selection again because I think it looks it will look better if I only paint over her skin and not over the background and something a little brighter for some other areas like this. That's too strong there. Okay, Okay. That's how it looks like. Next, let's deal with hair. I'm gonna go to the little mosque of the the model there. And with the brush, I will paint with black with the soft brush I want. I will pay with black to get rid of the of the strong edge of the hard edges Here. Looks like that because we're gonna thing to hear manually. And we have We need these transit this transition Here. Zoom in here to carefully paint out this. You will see this line over here. This is from the from this two layers from the fainted light and also from the light to just like that and with the razor with a soft razor. Get rid of that on the same here. Okay, Now we can paint the hair. Let's go, Aunt, create a new layer underneath the modeler control. Click the newly Rikon. This will create the little underneath. Last name is here and the same that we need On previously totals, use the brush tool hardness 100% and use a brush. I'm gonna activate the shade that shape dynamics and I'm gonna set this depend pressure. If you don't have a graphics tablet, no problem. As he's a one pixel or two for the size of the brush sample and paint like this Just being like this, it takes some time to make this hair. But it looks a lot more realistic that using other brushes, hairbrushes and stuff like that. Unless you have some really good brushes, you can do it. But I prefer to do this manually and create loose hair around here manually. Don't forget to sample different tones and for this side over here on the left will sample something really bright because this hair should be illuminated by the sun. So I'm gonna create some loose hair here illuminated by the sun and then some darker ones even create some Here's that are well, just flying like that. I'm not really good at this. And also, I'm painting this really quickly, But you can some thicker ones as well, using it to pixel brush. And just like this, just being some here like that. Let's not forget about the bottom part. I'm gonna show you what I did on the original cause here. I'm doing it really quick, and it's not gonna look that good, but this is a technique that I used. The objective here is to fill this transition that we creative with this lines like that and just creates on flying here around there like so. And that's it. I'm gonna show the original on this one over here. I'm gonna show you how it looks like This is the head that I created a little more carefully and here I'm not good at this, as I said, but I hope I can get better in time. Also, I'm not a painter. I'm not good at all. So let's try and create this brighter one here. A little more towards yellow to create different shades on. I'm gonna leave it like this. I think it looks better than without it. I'm gonna show without the hair and with the painted here. Okay, if you have other brushes, you can try them and just use different brushes to create different kinds of hair. Okay, let's move on. And we're pretty much done. I'm gonna share High Creek, those, um, light effects around her, this flying of things here. I could see the new layer, and I'm gonna name this fireflies, and I'm gonna create first with the brush tool. I will create a few shapes here so I can see how the effect will look like I will choose this green tone and just plain a few upsets to small companies. A bigger brush that's too big, actually, stuff like they just create a few points or lines or whatever you want toe creates. That's going to the brush here. And maybe also activate transfer with the brush. Just create a few blind soups. For some reason, that's not hopes. I have to create this on top of everything. So just create this light on this layer on top of everything so you can see the actual points or you can also create just points. But I think this looks a little more I don't know different. Let's create a few ons around around the image by that, OK, and now with those points created, let's focus on one of them. There's two over here and not open the layer styles for this later. And then I'm gonna give you all the facts that I used for this. First, we're gonna add some inner glow and have the blame of said to call Dodge on. And the color code that I used is 85 b 3 15 This green sighs Teoh. Okay, Size with heritage, 16 pixels on a range. Do 62. 62 on This is the fact that it creates capacity to 100%. Of course. Next, some outer glow and I have the bland was set to screen and then the color caught The car code is B A D B 04 bad zero for beam. I Mr be okay. Next side. Let's go. Okay. Size Teoh. 91 pixels or 98? I think about 98. Spread to zero range 11% and corn tour set to Gazi in quick here and choose galgenwaard. Is this one of here? If you don't see the effect here, just increase the spread a little. Increase the spread or just drop the size just a little bit. Okay. Like that. Now, let's add the drop shadow. This will create some points. Must had the blend mode to dissolve something really weird. And I'm gonna use a green color like this. Okay, Next, we have the angle to 90 degrees this 10 0 and size. I don't know. This will depend how much you want here to have the size. The spread of this points the number of points is controlled by the A pass ITI. If you drop it, you will see that your point start to disappear. Onda about five or 6%. Let's try with four and increase the size or 6% increase the size and the size and the capacity will affect the amount. Also, I guess the Contra will affect this as well. All this one doesn't look bad, Andi, I don't know. Maybe increased e size a little bit. You know, if you don't want to see this point, just don't use a dissolve, but well, this is how I created this flying things around. Um, and this is how they look like if you see too much of this. Go back to the outer glow and leave the size How? It was a little bigger. And just while just get the effect that that you like. Okay, we're done with the effects and everything next to have to create the final final effect for this And I used adjustment layers. I used color lookups and first I used Ah, one of the color look up that I use a lot, which is the which is a DK 17 9 You'll find this into the resource is fuller. So all you need to do just click here on day, go here on the top And she was low three lot And look for this file DK 79 dot cube And I said the blame onto normal at on a pass ity off 40%. Then another color Look up. I use them a lot. No. And I used the p 26 again BSD box p a 26 on I said the passage to 53%. Then I created a new layer set on color Dodge because I want to add more Mom I make I wanted to make the lights more vivid and with the brush to use A Maybe a tone like that. Let's see a passively on fluency, huh? I want O unchecked transfer and shape dynamics hardness to 0% and just click here and there to make the light more vivid. Off course. You need some really dark tones. So let's undo that of something like that here on her face and maybe a little more dare there and could see how that looks like. Okay, on now I could get a stamp shift. All the man e This will merge all layers onto a new leader. So is the same thing that I did on other my tutorials. Let's go to the camera. Raw filter. Now. And here is where I added the final effects again. I say the preset. So I'm gonna load that Pretty said that I created, which is called filled underscore final dot ex MP and I loaded that, and you can see how it looks like on a tweak it just maybe the vibrance. It's a little too high. You're on the camera calibration. Maybe this, uh, looks a little different than on fire on the original. And probably saturation looks a little too high. Okay, I'm gonna leave it like that. Probably increase the clarity with the whole image. And of course, you can use again. You can use the ingredients that's reset this Andi use inside and here. What I want to do is increase your past the exposure a little bit. Let's see what the shadows while we can Dio probably dropped that increase the highlights of it. Clarity, not much. And probably with the D. Hayes. We can create that glow of light around there. Okay, I'm gonna click, OK? And I will just accept this as my final result. You can see the before camera and after now, it doesn't look as good as this one because I made a lot quicker. And here added some flying petals. You'll find the image there on the resource is fuller. It's this image over here, so just it's on. Just remove the background with the magic wand and just crop petals and put them on your image and blurred them on. I'm gonna show you what I did here to get this effect here. It's petals can see I added a on effect for them. See if I can find the activate that you can see how they look with how they look like without the effect. They are blurred, of course. And if I activate this, you can see how I can I change the light a bit. Okay. On it Say some inner shadow, Um, on some color overlay just to shift the light a little bit, you can see the effect there can check the PSD file and see how I made this. But while this is my final result, this is high created. This, um manipulation, maybe the colors. I don't like them as much as I like them here. I think it looks a little bit better here than here. Have this bluish stand which while you can change with adjustments But Anyways, I hope you enjoy this door. If you have any questions you're supposed to comment on on the website and if you're using instagram or full shop, use hashtag psd box When you upload your image, it so I can see your work. Remember that you have alternative images on the resource is fuller. So if you want to try something different, just use those images. Thanks for watching. And we'll see you next time