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The fundamentals of creating what you love

Arush B.

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About This Class

You can create a profitable product that you are passionate about and which will have a positive impact on the world  It doesn't matter if you are into sports, music, art, business, teaching, movies...etc, you have a genius product/service that is waiting to be brought out to the world. The problem I find with a lot of the aspiring entrepreneurs or even already established entrepreneurs is that they feel that they don’t have anything new to offer to the market that will make them a lot of money. They feel that their idea needs to be the next Apple or Facebook for it to be worth the effort. So instead of creating a product that they are passionate about they create a product that is more likely to bring them the money fast. But guess what, that is what every other entrepreneur is doing and therefore creating this massive competition in every industry that is profitable. For example: On Facebook, over the past month or so I was shown about 20 different adverts by 20 different people offering free webinars on how to make money online. I got curious and over the month I signed up and attended up to 5 webinars. And what I found was that all of these people were teaching exactly the same thing and funny enough their presentations were almost exactly the same as well. And even towards the end, they made the same offer, which was to hire them as a mentor.  So, in conclusion, people jump on the idea that's already being done and exploited. Therefore, if you want to compete, you will have to be better, work harder and be cheaper. To be an entrepreneur in these circumstances you will constantly have to be on your toes to beat the competition. Which, in turn, will create a lot of stress, anxiety, frustration and exhaustion (leading to problems in other areas of life such as health and relationships) with not that much money (or in some cases average) to show for at the end. And at the end of the day, you will have a similar, if not the same product as someone else. What you have to do is create a new product/service that you are passionate about, which will make you a profit,  which will create a new audience and as a byproduct eliminate the competition.  In this workshop, I will show you how to get out and stay away from the above-mentioned traps, while creating something that is meaningful and profitable to you.  This is a great talk to attend especially if you are a business student thinking about becoming an entrepreneur or even if you are currently an entrepreneur struggling to create a profitable product that you are passionate about.





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