The first principle of animation- Squash and Stretch

Taylor A.

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8 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Bouncing Ball intro

    • 2. How do I Maya?

    • 3. Making that happy bouncing ball!

    • 4. The last technical stuff you need to know!

    • 5. Creating our first bounce!

    • 6. Adding a bit of flare with some roll!

    • 7. What we've been waiting for!

    • 8. Some final thoughts and a bit of something wacky!


Project Description

For this project I will be teaching you how to create, rig, and animate a bouncing ball rig!  I know it may be daunting to rig something up but I'm sure all of you can do it and luckily you can pause my videos whenever you need to slow me down.  Just in case you're having problems I will also include an Maya file that you can bring in of my own simple ball rig that way everyone can participate.  

I hope you'll post your finished projects and whatever you were able to come up with in your infinite creativity!


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