The faster way to create vector silhouettes from any image for selling | Danielle Celucci | Skillshare

The faster way to create vector silhouettes from any image for selling

Danielle Celucci, Designer & Illustrator - CEO at

The faster way to create vector silhouettes from any image for selling

Danielle Celucci, Designer & Illustrator - CEO at

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13 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. 01 - Why are silhouettes useful?

    • 3. 02 - Materials Used

    • 4. 03 - Types of Images and their Differences

    • 5. 04 - Let's Find the Images

    • 6. 05 - Ways of Cleaning the Background / First Project

    • 7. 06 - Transforming Into Vector

    • 8. 07 - Tracing on Illustrator

    • 9. 08 - Tracing Uncleanead Images

    • 10. 09 - Tracing with the Pen Tool

    • 11. 10 creating silhouettes with effects

    • 12. 11 - Saving as a Vector File / Second Project

    • 13. 12 - Using a Cutting Machine

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About This Class


Hi, I’m Danielle Celucci, graphic designer and illustrator in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In this class I’m gonna teach you how to create silhouettes from ordinary images that can be used for scrapbooking, party decorations, cutting machines or whatever your imagination leads to. You also can make money selling these arts as packages on sites like Etsy for instance. Come with me and let’s create tons of silhouettes together!


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Danielle Celucci

Designer & Illustrator - CEO at


Graphic designer and illustrator with photograph skills. Blogger and movie fanatic on my free time. I love to learn a bit about new things everyday.

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1. Introduction: silhouettes that sells. Hi, I'm Danielle Solution, rash designer and illustrator in some Paulo, Brazil. In this curse, I'm gonna teach you how to create Sileo. It's from ordinary images that can be used for scrapbooking, party decorations, cutting machines or whatever your imagination leads to. You also can make money selling resides s packages and sites like, for instance, Come with me and let's great sounds off see Lewites together. 2. 01 - Why are silhouettes useful?: Why are saying you had suits full? First of all, let's find out why are the silhouette so popular? People use this kind of work very often here in Brazil to make house, um, part of decorations for their Children. Also designers by this type of file for making visits, invitations bolsters where they don't have much time to search or create them. Another public that you can offer silly words are described booking friends. They love to cut the shapes for decorating their describe book nobles and agendas. Silhouettes can be used for home decoration, too. There is a huge market off silly words for our purposes in which you can make money off. 3. 02 - Materials Used: materials used in this class. You'll find the sea. Lewites aren't so hard to create, but you need some softer toe help you to do dished out. I'm gonna teach you how to create the silly words with the main and most complete soft er's in the graphic markets that are adult Photoshopped in a job. Demonstrator if in use or ever wondered how to create and could silhouettes on the silhouette Kanye Occurring machine, I'm gonna show you the process I used to create a credible file in the end of the course. Silly. What can you is a machine designed for home personal use where you can culture paper designs? I'm gonna use the software, but you can apply what you learnt with major image editors and Koerting Softwares because they usually work in the same way. We'll need also some images to work with beak images with a white background that are easier to clean up. But I know that we usually confined the ones in the topic that we need. But don't worry lt to which images issue down lows on the class number four 4. 03 - Types of Images and their Differences: that's off images in their differences. Before start producing or CDO it, I'm going to explain about the types off. The images were going toe work within their differences. We're gonna use P angina just J. Peggy Much is, in fact, your images. It must be thinking, Oh my God, why so many types of villages? Well, that one is not so hard to understand. Speaking clearly, J, Peg and PNG are almost the same thing. The main difference is that PNG images except crisp Aris E, while J pick our most like ordinary images with solid background. My big turns. It's a crazy camera, for example. They are composed by millions off peak cells that are small square, still couldn't see here in the main characteristic off them is that they lose quality when they are enlarged. If you say the fire was a PNG or J peg with 1200 pixel size, they need to remain this size, or they can be resized to a smaller size, but never to a bigger one. Otherwise, they lose too much quality, and you get this figured to make it easier. Keep is in minds. P and G and J Pack can be disfigured when enlarged, but P and G is better because you can save images with conspiracy. Now let's talk about vector files there so amazing you can resize them as many as you need . You can make. The larger is smaller and they never lose quality. Also, you can save layers inside Lecter files that will be able to eat it later when you need, You can use them with transparent background, too. The most common extensions for Vector files are the AI files, which suits for a double a straighter. Also, E P s CVR for Korea. Draw an SPG that can be opened in most of the factor software's Because this kind of files except layers, you can save day, Paige and PNG files inside of them and maybe makes the images with your vector creations. This cars were going toe work with Jay Pack PNG in SPG. Now finally, let's do the fun parts 5. 04 - Let's Find the Images: Let's find the Lynches in this class. We don't need to find the potential images to our project. If it's a character of a cartoon, we'll want to search it. Ongoing images. It's transparent images without backgrounds, so I need to type research the name of the character less PNG to find an image that has already a transparent background that you can use to have more control of your silly you it into about mistakes. I encourage you to create your own sin. You It's funny, their day bag or PNG images. You may find gng images that seems to have a transparent background, but when you open the image, it's check it closer. You may find some imperfections that we want to avoid nor project. Please look closer to all transparent PNG's that you find ready to use on Google for teaching purposes. I got my images from Peaks Obey you can find turns off right. Three images on the sides. Let's say I want to create a party with teen nature, so I pick it it some Martin every J peg images that we can use. The size doesn't matter, since we're going to trace it and transform into a vector files, which can be resize it as many as you in your customers. There are some images that you can peek while surging that are easier to clean. The back room part instance, you can choose images with whites. Caller back row are with less. Collars are objects in the back. Our intention here is to remove all the backgrounds and isolate the main piece in order to create the seal you. It's, I think. 6. 05 - Ways of Cleaning the Background / First Project: ways off cleaning the backgrounds. Let's starts opening the photo shop, open the file and removed the back room lock. Because of the con interest, we can use the channel Spano toe help to separate the flower from the backgrounds. If you can see him, you can enable it under Lindo manual channels. The option that has the best con interest is the Blue Channel. So it's the only one I'm gonna leave feasible. I'm gonna click on the I icon so high the others Now I'm gonna choose the quick selection tool and select everything at the one in the background. After that, I can recover the collars like leaking on the RGB channel. People of the channel selected on layers I'm gonna delete the background and clean this election by needing control plus D on your keyboard. I was later Stone now called layer Overly. We're gonna thanks the whole flower with black and heats. Okay, Now I'm gonna ply the layer style clicking on the layer with the right burden in selecting rest arise layer styles. Now, finally, we have our first to do it. Ready? That was easy. Right from fortunately not Oh, images are so easy like this one. Let's see. Another example starts dragging and dropping this other picture into a photo shop. Now you can lock the layer and we will crop the parts. I will need selected the crop toe and mark the option. The leads crop. It's pixels. Just hurry. Image and heat ST Surgical firm Now rightly come the razor intellect, the magic razor tool As our background is all blue sated, Plea can aware on the back room to clean it it if that didn't work to remove all the background, you can adjust the value off the color tolerance. Here. I still have some details which I want more definition and the soul couldn't raise. So I will rightly come the razor again and select a background of razor to using around it British and having these options elected with a tolerance color of 20% I will zoom in my image in search for bull spots. I still have some difficult to reach, so I'm gonna position the cross of my breasts right above the caller. I went to a raise, click and drag around the branch like this. Keep searching for new spots and cleaning them up. There are still some pixels, but they won't step in in the victory rising process. Now we must over the birds with the black color. Again, as in the other photo, let's apply a cholera burley and then rest arise the layer. That's it's one more silly words or collection. OK, but these were two ways, right? Let's get something harder. What about this Done dealing with all these little details For this, I'm going to use another message. So first, let's unlock little layer, Select the Lessel tool and make it selection around the flower like so. Now click on Refine Edge up here it just the size of your breast so it can co over the background and the barters off the flowers. Start brushing around to clean the back rooms. - You can use the controls here to reduce their cleaning. I'm gonna decrease shift edge and increase the radios a little. If you think you've raised too much, some in the image and selected brush again, then hold on all toner keyboard and raise this election newsies. When you're satisfied, click OK. Now you can heat Safed bliss control, plus I on your keyboards or go to select in verse. Then you can heat the lead turner keyboards and then control plans. D to clean the selection. Let's see how it gets painted. Boned like it's not bad. This should work to create your vector later. Okay, just one more and you can say you're graduated on cleaning Photoshopped backgrounds. Let's hit the best way to clean an image like this. Let's unlock the layer. I'll select the lesson tool and make a selection around the three. It doesn't need to be for fixed. Now click on refine edges and let's adjust our selection to the best way possible. - Not like you're kidding. Will burn a select. So in heats elite, we still have some sky here. We want to remove for this. I think the best tool should be the back from a razor toe, so let's start cleaning it. - Okay , now looks better. Let's fix this routes with the razor tools. Good. Now you can apply the field caller on the three you can see it has some color failures here , so let's culverts select the layer and heats control on her keyboard while you left. Click on the layer that should select the entire tree. Select the Bruce Tool and painted with the black color. Click several times until you feel the whole three hates control plus D on your keyboard. When you think it's good, you can say there's a transparent PNG by clicking on file export. Save for Web like so or you can leave the images opens on your photo shop so we can use it right from their own. Under explicit in the next class, we're going to convert this pieces into vector salute. Let's check our first project. I encourage you to practice everything we've learned so far by cleaning images or Photoshopped. I will be glad to see her progress, so please choose any image once and clean it. Then you can upload it on our project gallery and sugar work with me and the other students . I look forward to see what you've done 7. 06 - Transforming Into Vector: transforming into a vector. There are three ways are eternally used to transform these images into vector files. As I said before, vector files are better because you can resize them as many as you want, and it will keep the quality for any project. We're going to open the Adobe Illustrator Any started the first way on our next class? After cleaning the images, you can hit control plus a on their keyboards, or go to select all to make a selection of the whole image. Then go to edit coffee. Our hits control Pless C on your keyboard. Go to Illustrator and create a new file. Now we just need to base it on Illustrator by heating control. Close being are going toe adit base. You don't need to save the images to open on Illustrator. You can simply copy and pasted there to trace them. This is the way that I find more useful and use more often when I have many images to produce 8. 07 - Tracing on Illustrator: three single Louis traitor Now on Illustrator, I'll click the image of the tree, just based it. Then I quickly come the drop down a bowl. You'll see that are some tracing options here. The best option for creating seniors are the black and white Louisville in Si do. It's sometimes low fidelity. Photo can be used to as well. You just need to search. What's the best option for you? L select black and white, local for the three in our vector. Silly What is done. He can expense and double click on the white bathrooms. Now we're inside the group of victory izing images. Click on the background and go to select saying feel caller. Now all the white pieces are selected and you can leave them. Go back to the main level off the layers you can see that are many nodes. We can reduce them Clicking on object says simplified here, if into the original amount of points and how it's reduce it now, let's reduce by 91% click OK, I still think this side of the frequently Marceau, so I'm gonna rightly so and then click on those moves to soft the braces saying car too crispy. You can also adjust her art with the razor tool day. We have some missions here, Rick, and takes also with the blood burst too. Keep researching and to satisfy with I don't leave the image here so we can use later Now overact arise The images with work is gone. 9. 08 - Tracing Uncleanead Images: racing and clean it images now loyalty to help. It creates an image without cleaning the background on the photo shop. You can do that with all images, but if the back room has no callers, you can open a directly on illustrator to trace them and create a city. You it's the process is the same. For instance, I have this leaves here and I want to trace on Lee. One of them, I'm gonna tell, like the lesson to make a selection around the leaf that I want. Copy the image and paste it into illustrator entrees. Tool select black. In my local, you see how it had the same himself with the other images. This leaf have some leader wife spots that I want to remove even when I removed the white background, this false remainder, if that ever happened to you, Here's what you need to do. Let's get into the shape, layer and right leak in the shape like so you see, there is an option here saying release compound pass when I traced the picture. Illustrator has created automatically a component, which means he created a mask attaching the black safe with the white spots that represents the object texture. I'm gonna de attach this layers so I can remove the Dexter and leave the shape as a solid sailor. So click on release Compound place. Click and drag the Black Sea. You'll see this parts are still there, but they were left behind, so I'm gonna could leave from this group. Pressing control plus X on the keyboard are going to add It could. Then let's go back outside the group up here now selected layer with the white spots impressed in. You can now go to it. It's based in please, and you'll have the leaf without the texture. The borders need to be retouched because I don't want any texture on my leave so I can use the blood breast tool to repaint it. And also is most the lines with this most to was we did in the other class. - That's it. Another way to Tracy Suitt 10. 09 - Tracing with the Pen Tool: using the pain too, depending on the complexity of your image. I consider these ops and mark tricky than the other that starts. It requires a lot of practice to deal with things Because of the similar colors and the contrast, we wouldn't remove the background of the Spektr so easy like we did with the others and photos alternate Is the pain till to create manually this illiterate? I'm gonna give you a quick lesson on how to use the pain too. With the pencil selected, I'm gonna click to create an anchor point. If I click again, I'm going to create a line I'm gonna click again to close our triangle you're seeing are simple clicks produce straight lines. Now we're going to create some Crooms. I'll make the first anchor points. And now, instead of only clicking, I'm gonna click and drag to create occurs the points with the edges. It can call nodes. I can see a privilege off the curve. And when I'm satisfied, I'm gonna release the mouse burger and leave the north where it is. If I hold safety, I can have a perfect nine degrees angle. If I want to add just my notes I can hold on also my keyboard to control the curve like so if I click the anchor points again My nose Oh, break! And from here I can have a straight line. I close my shape now and fill it with black. Please feel free to realize this part and to understand how the pain toe work So we can continue with our other class back to my photo again. I'm going to start racing my leaf with the pain too. Creating anchor points knows adjusting my curves and I'm gonna feel the leaf with the blank in that state Sirleaf is ready to be used. 11. 10 creating silhouettes with effects: creating salutes with effects. You can apply thanks to run or asili words using with straighter to I have some. Baxter's here, and I will explain how we can do it. I was reckoned Drive my first ex, turning to illustrator possession with silly with in front of the Texter with a rightly cornet and arrange bring to Fromm's I'm gonna select both Now, right click and make a clipping less and that's eater. First extra rises solu it for the bird that still have some white parts I want to remove. So I'm gonna click on one white piece here and go to select same fuel caller and then the leads all selected parts. After right clicking on the birds come out that it's a compound place. So the white parts off the swiger actually apart from the sea with which we don't want. So first I'm gonna release the compound past and you can see now are white. Parts are behind the silly wig is a separate layer drag ever tango and select everything. All the Pathfinder click on Minors front and applied it transparent goods to our tweet. Now we're ready to apply the texture. Let me choose this watercolor here, then do the same thing. But the silhouette in front of texture, incl economically thing eyes, you stupid, selecting mover size and texture to adjust it to your city. You can create fun compositions like so let's apply the texture Onley, other suits. - I couldn't apply the texture on these branches because when I trace it some parts that separated from the main shape. So before applying the texture, I'm gonna select with every tangle and on past finder become your nights so we can merge every separated parts from the shape. Now we have a single shape that we can apply. The Baxter, as the other ones is the Leland also have some parts I couldn't root, but as they were in significant details, I just delayed them under its layer on the right panel. I've selected in Click Adonal night again to make sure all polices air together is it became a compound place. I need to release the pass again into little pieces I won't use as it before. I'm trying to Kober here all the possibilities you might find on the grosses off back terrorizing civilians. I recommended to watch everything against everyone times until you can understand the whole process 12. 11 - Saving as a Vector File / Second Project: saving is a vector file. After creating or silly with you might want to save it is a factor file for these goto file Save us here You can choose extension over file I'm gonna choose SVG. You can leave the options like this and click OK If you want to save us being DOJ Peg, you can goto file say for way Here you can select the best option for you and click save Now that you learn how to make a high quality seed do it You can share with this your second projects. Okay, Now you know how to choose the perfect image for project clean all the background and transform into of Xer file Congratulations Wasn't that hard, was it? I love to see your work on our project Jamari this share your city was with me and the other students and feel free to ride on the discussion. Spano, if you have any doubts, I love to help. Now, if you want to learn some more about cutting machines, take a loo for my next class C Either 13. 12 - Using a Cutting Machine: using a machine to culture. Silly words. First of all, I like to say Thank you for watching my class. I really had a great time during your classes. If you liked as many as I did, you share discouraged with their friends and follow my skills. Sharp profile to keep updated about my newest classes. Now let's talk a little about cutting machines. My choice was still what came you, But there are some other brains in the market like records. For example, with these machines, you can make amazing paperwork's because they can cut any image, which, along with silly with camel, you receive a softer called silhouette studio to add it and tracer images I'm using here the professional version called Silhouette Designer Studio. But he will be able to open or Sileo. It's also in the basic version. So I've opened my silly why Designers Studio and now I'm going to open the leaf we've created, which I've saved as SVG. Go to file library before to library in, select a respite file drag and drop the silhouettes into your workspace like soul. To cut this leave, we must raise it again to create the cutting lines so the machine can understand where two could. As we have a black silhouette. Already, tracing lines will be more easier to create. Click on the image and then old trees. Click on select trace area images, the selector of her high pass filter until we will feel the whole way much with the yellow caller, then clean countries, not a candle lead. They asked me to see you. It just the cutting lining, the paper area you wish to could on the cut settings, selected paper losing and choose the style off. Could the two wants uncertain my cutting board with the paper in the came your machine and check if my blade is adjusted correctly to the type off paper I've selected. Everything's correct so I can start Koerting. Here's how the leaf looks after Kurt it. Can you imagine the number of things you can create using the class? I just told you, Please share your work with this. I can't wait to see in Stay tuned for my next class to you. There