The casual birder: identifying bird types. Part 1 | Sue Pulsipher | Skillshare

The casual birder: identifying bird types. Part 1

Sue Pulsipher, birder & videographer

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7 Videos (25m)
    • Introduction

    • The Five Steps to Bird Identification

    • Bird Types: Flamingo & Duck

    • Bird Type: Dove

    • Bird Type: Warbler

    • Bird Type: Hawk

    • Project. Have Fun!


About This Class

For business or pleasure we visit places where the local animals and plants are new to us. Where ever you go (attending a conference, visiting family) you will see birds around you. 

In this class I will show you how to identify some easily recognized types of birds. Identifying birds is a skill that provides personal satisfaction and you can share the thrill of discovery and identification with others, especially children. 

Students enrolled in this class can be from anywhere on the planet so I've chosen to use bird examples from the Galapagos Islands.  What makes a hawk, a hawk, is the same in Ecuador, in India or in the United States.

In this class I will:

  • explain my five steps to bird identification
  • use video clips to show you how to identify five bird types
  • provide you with a project that takes you outside to identify a bird





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Sue Pulsipher

birder & videographer

Sue Pulsipher is a lifelong birder and an amateur naturalist. She participates in citizen science projects from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and The Institute of Bird Populations. She would like every adult and child to experience the same joy that she does when watching wildlife. Her focus is on introducing people to the lives of birds through the medium of film, whether those birds are in a city or a garden, in a desert or by the ocean.

Sue is a frequent traveler, with recent tr...

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