The casual birder: identifying bird types. Part 1

Sue Pulsipher, birder & videographer

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7 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Five Steps to Bird Identification

    • 3. Bird Types: Flamingo & Duck

    • 4. Bird Type: Dove

    • 5. Bird Type: Warbler

    • 6. Bird Type: Hawk

    • 7. Project. Have Fun!


Project Description

Class Project

In this class we studied five types of birds: ducks, hawks, warblers, flamingos, and doves/pigeons. Now it is your turn to visit some local habitats and identify bird types.


Visit a habitat.  The area around your home is a habitat.   Photograph a bird and identify its type.  There are many more bird types than the five we studied.  You can photograph any bird type that you are familiar with.   For each photo provide this information:

  • Bird type: Specify type of bird
  • Habitat: What type of habitat is this?
  • Location: Where is photo taken?
  • Month: Month when photo taken
  • Bird species (optional): Specify species


  • At the bottom of the class video screen is a tab labeled Your Project.
  • Select Your Project.
  • Type in a title for your project at Project Title.
  • Under Project Workspace select the Upload photo tab. Upload your photo.  There is a 2MB size limit.
  • Enter the identifying text. To save you some typing you can cut and paste the headings below.

Bird type:




Bird species (optional):

  • Select Create to save your project.
  • Your project will be posted to the class' project gallery on Skillshare.

Do share your enjoyment of this class with others.

I appreciate your time working on this project and submitting it.  I look forward to reading about which habitats you visited and seeing what bird types you found.




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