The art of the proposal: How to create web proposals that win projects | Evan Kimbrell | Skillshare

The art of the proposal: How to create web proposals that win projects

Evan Kimbrell, Director at Sprintkick

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10 Videos (1h 19m)
    • Welcome to the class!

    • First thing to do

    • Types or proposals

    • Components of proposals

    • Going over tools for improving proposals

    • How much do you customize?

    • Types of estimates

    • Our technique, in depth costs of everything

    • The class project

    • Keep the learning going


About This Class

Writing a well-crafted, professional, and relevant proposal can be the difference between landing your dream client and spending eternity in a project-less desert.

Being a freelancer can be difficult. You have to own your craft, keep up with the latest skills and techniques, market yourself, and manage your clients. How do you find time to write proposals?

Proposals are one of the most dreaded parts of being a self-employed creative. But with the right tools and the right know-how, you can save time while bringing in more clients. Being able to create a killer proposal will get you more interested/ing leads, more referrals, and ultimately better clients. 

This class covers how to write proposals, what to include, how to think critically about your strengths, and how to use SaaS tools to save time.

What you'll learn:

  • What components should go into proposals, and what sections should be left out.
  • How to make multiple types of proposals and know when to use them.
  • How many proposals can be templates and how many should be customized per client.
  • How to build effective estimates that increase trust and transparency.
  • How to save time using online tools like Proposify and Nusii.

What you'll build:

At the end of the class, we'll get our hands dirty and actually create a proposal using the tools and techniques covered in the class. You'll walk away with a proposal that is usable and ready to send (or a generic, if you prefer).

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Everything about this task aided in growing my confidence, and skill set in my progress towards writing proposals in both for academic and professional projects. Evan makes each lecture clear, gives great visual examples & helps to break down each component. As someone who loves resources I was excited to have a head start using programs that can simplify the process, and to get insight into the ratio of how much to customise. I really loved that he was willing to have discussions with the community about creating their best proposal. Well worth your time, and I encourage anyone interested to check it out.
Great course. Really helped me put together my first client proposal. Once you do it the first time you'll fine afterwards . I used Proposify.
Jacques Simon Jr.

Create or .. HeHe

Great class with useful advice applicable to both freelancers and agencies.
Gloria Chiang






Evan Kimbrell

Director at Sprintkick

Hi, I'm Evan Kimbrell.

Thanks for checking out my classes.

Currently, I'm the Founder, Director of Sprintkick, a referral-based full service digital agency based out of San Francisco. Over the past 4 years, I've overseen the development and launch of over 100 web and mobile apps. Clients range from 1-2 man startups bootstrapping their initial idea to multibillion dollar Fortune 100's like Wal-Mart, Dick's Sporting Goods, & GNC.

Prior to Sprintkick, I worked as a VC for a ...

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