The abcs of Brush Pen Lettering - learn the miniscule (lowercase) alphabet in 20 minutes!

Emma Witte, Chief Pen Wizard at Black Chalk Collective

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5 Videos (29m)
    • Introduction

    • What is Brush Pen Lettering?

    • The Grid and Staple Strokes

    • Forming Letters + Class Project

    • Final Words


About This Class

Master the miniscule (lowercase) brush pen alphabet in 20mins!


Have you daydreamed about achieving perfect penmanship? Have you fallen down several Instagram rabbit holes and watched hours and hours of brush pen lettering and calligraphy videos, WISHING you could do that too? Is it time to reclaim the pen licence you lost after graduating from school and abandoning the written word in favour of texting and typing?

NEVER FEAR! Your friendly neighbourhood Pen Wizard is here.

Emma, the Overlord and Chief Pen Wizard of Black Chalk Collective will show students how to create letters of the miniscule (lowercase) alphabet in just 20 minutes by piecing together a range of staple (simple / basic) strokes.

This class is aimed at beginners who need a helping hand (ha ha...) with forming miniscule letters. If you've never picked up a brush pen in your life, this class is PERFECT for you!

Brush pen lettering is great for:

  • Swoon-worthy Insta posts
  • Creating cute greeting cards
  • DIY-ing your own prints to hang at home
  • Making labels, placecards, and other stationery
  • Lowering stress levels (it's very therapeutic!)¬†
  • Improving focus / mindfulness
  • Helping find time for YOU
  • ...who knows? Maybe you'll be the next big Insta-famous letterer or small business owner!

It doesn't matter whether you are left handed or have terrible handwriting - brush pen lettering can be done by all!

So join in the craze, and get creating!

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Great teacher. Very simple and clear!.
great overview - i finally got it thanks to her calm, insightful teaching.
This is a great, no frills class on the basics of brush pen lettering. It is very lean but very informative and gives you templates and clear steps on how to break down all the script letters into a few basic strokes. Although it emphasizes a 20-minute time frame (there are actually 29 minutes worth of videos), I encourage frequent pausing and drilling each stroke and letterform over and over and over. If you do that and really drill them, you will have the basics down and a solid foundation to expand upon to create your own style. I Highly recommend this class and hope we get a companion class soon on the uppercase letters





Emma Witte

Chief Pen Wizard at Black Chalk Collective

In December 2015 Emma set out to make some mildly offensive greeting cards as her new business venture. With no idea about Photoshop or Illustrator, she figured she would have to create the designs by hand. Through this discovery process, Emma uncovered a hidden talent and passion for Brush Pen Lettering. Her trial and error lessons were shared on the @blackchalkco Instagram, and in the space of a year her following grew to over 50k. Emma's real passion now is teaching other fellow beginners ...

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