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The YouTube channel basics - understand YouTube and start your own channel

teacher avatar Nicola Valentine, Prize winning writer of novels, stories and films

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Lesson 1: Introduction

    • 2. Lesson 2: A quick tour of YouTube

    • 3. Lesson 3: How to set up a google account

    • 4. Lesson 4: Choosing a topic or theme for your channel

    • 5. Lesson 5: Setting up more than one channel UPDATED!

    • 6. Lesson 6: A quick word about copyright

    • 7. Lesson 7: Uploading videos

    • 8. Lesson 8: YouTube channel art and links

    • 9. Lesson 9: A final word

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About This Class

Learn how YouTube works, and how to pick a channel and theme. Find out how you can upload videos, and how to add channel art and links to make your channel reflect your content and aims 


nd out and attract subscribers. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nicola Valentine

Prize winning writer of novels, stories and films


I'm a prize winning novelist as Nicola Monaghan, and also write best selling thrillers as Niki Valentine. I've published novels, short stories, articles in magazines and national newspapers and pieces for broadcast on BBC radio. I've also written and produced short films and am working on my first feature.



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1. Lesson 1: Introduction : Hi and welcome to my introductory YouTube course. I'm really going to take you through all the basics of YouTube. So this is for beginners. I'm going to teach you all about what YouTube is, how to start your own channel, how to customize the channels so it looks good. And just really how to get going with YouTube. Just to let you know, I've got shut out on YouTube called the right channel with Nikola Monahan. It's now got 35 thousand subscribers. So I have done this and I do know what I'm doing. This is the basics. As I said, there'll be more courses coming up that will teach you more about specifics of growing your channel. But this is just about setting up your channel and getting started. So I hope you enjoy it and I'll see you in the next lecture. Take care. 5. Lesson 5: Setting up more than one channel UPDATED!: So this is my channel now the right channel. I've changed the name of it's slightly, I've called it the right channel with Nicholas Monahan, which is my writing name. And I've now growing the channel by putting videos open, by carrying on doing this stuff on YouTube to 34.5 thousand subscribers. See, you can see how these things happen. This is a few years since started doing this course, but things have moved on very significantly. So I've also experimented with some other channels. If I, if you click the picture here, and this gives you lots of different options in YouTube. But one of the things you can do is you can switch account. And I have all of these are the channels that I've setup. And you can add to this and experiment now you can see some of these I've not really used at all. But some of these I have put videos in other half got subscribers for. If I click feeble channels here, I can then just click, Create a channel there. And it really is very point-and-click. I just put my channel name in. I click that I understand them creating a new Google account with the settings and I click Create. You might want to have one in your own name. I have one that's just in my own name, my official legal name, Nicole Valentine. And I use that just to watch stuff that I'm interested in. So that actually gathers my interests and give to the videos that I want to watch. But then I do something different when I'm logged into the right channel or any of my other channels that have been experimenting with. So sometimes it's just quite nice to separate some of the stuff that you're doing if it's in different topic areas. Because really you're on YouTube, it's good to specialize in a particular topic area. So it really is simple as that. It really is as simple as that to add a new channel to your YouTube account. 7. Lesson 7: Uploading videos: So I'm now going to show you probably the most important thing in YouTube, and that is basically how to upload a video. So all you have to do to upload a video is go to this little icon here that looks like a video camera and you'll see when I hover over it, yeah, actually says Create. So it gives you a bit of a clue. You click on to that, and you go to node video, and then you select files. So I'm going to click here. This is just a little video of my puppy playing with her sister. And you'll see it loads it. Now you can fit in all the details so you need to fit in a title. So I'll put puppies and then a description, puppies playing. And you can see it's processed in the video. It does take a little bit of a while to process it because this is quite short. Video is uploaded it quite quickly. You can basically create your own thumbnail. I'm not gonna go into that much detail about that in this particular course. So I will do future courses around this kind of thing. But you can actually just select a screenshot from your video. You can add it to any playlist that you might have. So I'm not going to, because this video isn't actually relevant to my channel. So I'm going to actually delete it in a minute. But you can see, you can pick if it's made for kids or not. This is quite important because you have to follow different rules if it's made for kids. Again, not something I'm really covering on this course, but do look it up if you're interested, making videos for children. And then you can go onto monetization. Now while you're a small channel until you've got a certain amount of watch time and a certain number of subscribers, you won't be allowed to monetize your videos. But once you have, you'll be able to do that. And again, it's something I'll talk about in future courses. Then. So the moment for this one, I'm just going to put monetization off. Then you can add various elements. You can add subtitles, you can add an end screen, you can add cards, but these are ways of linking your video to other parts of YouTube. The videos that you've done, or two proved websites, you have to actually link those to your account to use them. But there are ways to link your, your videos to future ones and ways to indicate to the viewer about videos that they might want to watch. The alternator to the video that they're watching at the moment. So that's a really useful thing. Again, I'm not going to do that at the moment. And then you can decide your visibility. So it will check the copyright, it checks that automatically. And ads suitability. I don't know if you're doing monetization because your video, your channel is ready for monetization, then you'll need to fill in a form about whether your videos suitable for ads and provided you give the correct information, YouTube will let you self certify that, but it does check upon you. So something to be aware of, you're not allowed to have things like swearing and YouTube videos, not if you want them to be suitable. And you're not allowed to have things like violence. They've actually loosen things up a little bit recently. So you can't actually discussed potentially difficult topics and things like that. And you can have a little bit of really mild swearing and still be suitable for ads, but you do have to be slightly careful about that if you want to monetize your videos ultimately, make money from YouTube. So I'm not going to need to fill that in today just because I haven't monetized this video. Next, I can decide to publish. I can make it a private video. I can make it. And, and in this video, I can make a video for my members only, or I can make a public video. I can set it as an instant Premier, which means it comes up at a certain time and you get like a screen counting down to it, which can be quite fun. Or I can schedule it for a particular date or time. And once I'm ready, I just pressed either publish or schedule and it will come up on my channel as it goes. I really don't want to publish this one because it's not elephant to the right channel, but that is everything that you need to go through to publish a video. When you first published in videos and your tunnels not monetized, some of this will be completely irrelevant to your video. But when you monetize your channel, you need to go through all of these things. One of the main things to be aware of, and I'm gonna go back a little bit, is that you do need to make sure you put in a good description and a good title that's really relevant to your particular video. And you can actually add tags as well. So that can be worth doing once you get a little bit further down into YouTube and you're doing a little bit more and trying to get your videos really notice. Again, this course doesn't particularly cover that. I'm just taking you through the basics of setting up the channel and uploading videos. And as you see, it is really very point and click and really quite simple to do this. So that's on uploading videos. And I'll see you in the next lecture. 8. Lesson 8: YouTube channel art and links: So you can see that I've actually got my own art and my own look and feel to my channel. And I'm going to show you briefly how you do that. I'm not going to show you how to make the actual arts, although my recommendation for making the art is a little program called that CAN, that is a really, really useful, is basically on the Internet, you can just set up an account and login and use it for free. And they have specific templates that are all about creating the art that you need for YouTube. So check that out because that can be really helpful. Now, once you've got your art, I'm going to show you what you do to put that onto your site. So you literally go to your channel and you can click Customize channel. And there are various things that you can do in customized channel. You can put the channel trailer and a short video to advertise your channel to people who haven't subscribed. You can put a video for featuring for your returning subscribers. So one that you want to pop up and say hello to them when they come to your channel after they've been away for awhile. You can do featured sections where you have various upload, your popular uploads. You have creates a playlist, that kind of thing, featured channels. So you can decide channels that you're going to basically advertised really, or feature on your own channel. I'm short videos, which are another thing again, I'll do a course on YouTube shorts at some point because it's a really interesting thing to do. And it's a really interesting new thing on YouTube that you can have a go out and make quite a bit of impact for your channel. You can put in some branding, so you can have a little picture, profile picture. You can have a banner image. So this is where you're going to put in that art. So the thing that where you see all my book covers and the words, then that's where I've put in that aren't there. And literally you just click change. It's all very point-and-click change. Last few to find the picture and you put it on. And it is very, very simple. You can also put a Video watermark on. So the Video watermark appears in the right-hand corner. So for me it's a picture of me talking. Surprisingly, you can decide when it displays. And that just basically says that these videos are your videos and it makes it clear to anybody that say somebody downloads them, they're going to have that watermark on whether it shows that they're actually your video. You can also change the basic info here. So you can have just a little blurb about your channel, your channel URL. Sometimes you will add a custom URL. I'm very lucky that I've been allowed that because I've been a member of Youtube and a partner of YouTube for a while. So then you can put in links. So for example, I've got a subscription link. Subscription links always take this format, so you just need to change it and add your own username at the end there. And also links to my websites and me in various places around the Internet, including here on Skillshare. And then you can decide how many links appear on your banner. You can put your contact information in which you can give to people so that they can get in touch with you about your channel, which Azure tunnel goes, could be quite important because you get quite a lot of people getting in touch wanted to do work with you if I'm wanting to offer you opportunities so that can be worth having up there. You might want to have a specific e-mail address for your specific work on YouTube rather than just using your own one, it really is up to you, but basically you can do all sorts of things with your channel there. I can also see all my links here that I've set up with nice little pictures, which is quite cute. So yeah, pretty cool thing to have as I say, can be a useful tool for actually creating this kind of art. And then you want your links to all of the other things you're doing because that makes sense as well. So that's how to customize your channel and make it look nice and smart and different and professional. I'll see you in the next lecture.