The X-Men Vs Sentinel Vol 3: Wolverine Suite & Color - 3D Diorama for 3D printing - 7 figures for 3d | Mauricio García Arias | Skillshare

The X-Men Vs Sentinel Vol 3: Wolverine Suite & Color - 3D Diorama for 3D printing - 7 figures for 3d

Mauricio García Arias, CG Teacher

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19 Lessons (5h 52m)
    • 1. Wolv Vol 3 01 Intro vol 3

    • 2. Wolv Vol 3 02 Splitting basic meshes

    • 3. Wolv Vol 3 03 Mask Creation

    • 4. Wolv Vol 3 04 Mask Creation 2

    • 5. Wolv Vol 3 05 Chest protector part 1

    • 6. Wolv Vol 3 06 Chest Protector Part 2

    • 7. Wolv Vol 3 07 Chest protector part 3

    • 8. Wolv Vol 3 08 Shoulderpads and Gloves

    • 9. Wolv Vol 3 09 Gloves 2

    • 10. Wolv Vol 3 10 Pants 1

    • 11. Wolv Vol 3 11 Pants 2

    • 12. Wolv Vol 3 12 Boots 1

    • 13. Wolv Vol 3 13 Boots 2

    • 14. Wolv Vol 3 14 Belt Insertion

    • 15. Wolv Vol 3 15 General Details

    • 16. Wolv Vol 3 16 Veins Sculpting

    • 17. Wolv Vol 3 17 Color to the mask

    • 18. Wolv Vol 3 18 Applying color to the body

    • 19. Wolv Vol 3 19 Optimization and course closure


About This Class

This is Vol 2 of The X-Men Vs Sentinel Vol 3: Wolverine Suite & Color, a 3D Diorama for 3D printing with 7 figures for collectibles and a fantastic base to integrate them into your final scene.



1. Wolv Vol 3 01 Intro vol 3: greetings. And I welcome you again. This case today. Third balloon off, Watering off this X man There's a sentinel Vega, muster this terrible. We will focus on the decoration off wolverines Sweet to give color to our character. So it will be totally finished. We can proceed to a next character. Well, this will be a most interesting. Basically the reference for what we are going to do is this sketch first border that will chose how is the final result? So we will be looking a lot of these reverence in reality. I want to show you I will leave you these super material in which we find reference. We have the same two off the last course I invade all the people that are coming. Just this bottom. This is the favored bull. Um, issue a star in the fair's bowl and make them in order. Now we will see why when we start with the class, we will start with a file that has an important advance. So the worry I will leave this file. So any person kind of start from here, but is very recommended to start from the beginning. This is the table that we have always use it. There's soon we will have more above its version of the store table. I am a really working on the pedestal on intercourse. We will do all the process and I live. You are text file that say's Wilder Inferno Hard sketch, for It's only the Web to access the Wolverine in the sketch. So it takes you here who can access the wall during this? 9.9 doesn't Mother. This is, in reality free. This 99 is only for the ones that want to the Lord on Lee the character. So I just want to contextualize you that we are already in the third bullet. We will start by splitting all the pieces of our character in the next class. Next to that, we will a star modeling in the mosque on. We will be going from top to bottom, grating each off. Their sweet piece is giving detail. Today globes perfect the blades to create the blades base to adopt them to the letter to create all these the boots, the pants default, that kind of things and at the end, in the middle point, what we are going to do is today on inter Mediate quality Orender Armed little table. So we come present these to our clients have a ball ization off these face. So if maybe there are inducements, we can make them at this point and then to proceed to the floor stage, we will use police paint the lace. What? We are going to work initially here on at the end we will make a backup off that high poorly so we can, let's say, working in a light version inside this is seen The hyperbole outside the High Poly is like a character in high quality in high definition that in the future we will use it for renders on for everything we're going to do. The final is seen, but we will need in through the We used to call it a proxy that is like to creating a like birth to keep breathing is here all the time to see as the scene is being bullied are fighting, But we always have on external copy with better definition. Okay, so in this point I want to show you in this folder We have the references, they fight line in this moment It is not important. We will see the process review three Biggio's in this case, I already included the result off the balloon to that really has rolled rain with their finances are not to me. The next video we'll have it with the street under color. The seat a PR that, in a sense well, there are three files here, but they're only important. Is this one? I will check if I only live this one. Because this you are older files. So maybe in they can be that weight to the law. So maybe it's better if I only leave. They want that interest us. That will be these Berisha. So any person that one not say no? No, I only want to know how to do how to make the world. But in ST can open this fire on the start from here. Okay, so nothing more to say. Welcome to the ones that don't know me. I'm Mauricio Garcia will be or in taking on this course with a lot off enthusiasm And I'm very happy to do these curse CEO in the next class 2. Wolv Vol 3 02 Splitting basic meshes: perfect. So let's proceed with displayed is to separate the plates I used to split. There are But there are cases where we can use different techniques. One is distract, there are many. The first thing I will do is to hide all the character. We will leave on the watering. In this case, I'm going to click this little. I remember that in the last class we activate the sorrow that is in decide near old these three icons. What this are all doom is that it say's that it will be group only for some objects. Israel group these objects How do I know how much Well, until the next arrow. If this sorrow is no here, it will told me that there are for the nine soup tools that will be affected by some actions that we do with these later. So in this case, I'm going to say I live it in 29. But I go down. I'm here in the next character where I know that below Here are all the other pieces they have organized up here I have The Sentinel can activate the Sentinel two so the sentence will go until we'll bring in a star on. Then we'll bring Will go until Cyclops start below Cyclops. There are old. Arise what we do. I will step on world. Right. And I will get click on there Wolverine Soup. You'll in the little I and it will hide all the rest. What did I say? Step on their war. Bring soup because I will show you. I'm going to Hyeon dissenting. Okay? I go to dissent Channel and I click in the eye and it will Onley hide their something. So I'm not going down in this way. I need to stick on another symptom. It can be the watering or run off this other. But not in the one that has control over the symptoms that this these fears one. I will make click, and it will hide all the rest on in this moment. We're going to see Onley will bring. Now I will proceed them to shake the reference in this case to see how was the mask done? Um, basically what it shows is that their nose I will use all and click on click present to modify the elimination. And in this case I will see that goes above the nose and it has a rectangular shape here. It doesn't cover all the job. There is a space. Here goes, Don't Here goes below the head. Well, I believe there is clarity now in that part. It has a good bill of the next. So give us all disabled. We need to select to have the mask as we need it. I will proceed then to select the head All Creek and I will check there John solo on in this case. But I going to do is the next I will use control. I really like the last option. And I'm going to select all this song, this area, the contract song options, for example. In this case, I will like the idea Chicken I waas in some way Smart. I want to check if I really waas on. I didn't delete the original hit. I have it here in another said I I'm here This part and I haven't done a clean The signals are clean up their signals. That is the part that has song complex city in terms off Simon three on that. So I normally say the part so we can go to that here. It's under fire. They live you. It's called Head one. We will turn off the perspective. We will work on these head. That is exactly the same that we have here. Wilder has some inclination, so the work will be more difficult. Let's go to the head. I use f produced the view and I will use X to activate the signatory. This way it can use control and make us metric mask. And then we're going to do is the way. Finish the Wolverine mask. We can move it on, set it on our character. We need to know that this can be doing Onley in some objects, for example in the hands. We cannot do this as they don't have that cemetery. I want to check their friends a little moment. I said that it goes higher here. Let's see, Maybe it is. Wait These piece on control of I will do it some more. Here in this point, we also don't need absolute procedure. Perfect. I'm good with how the looks I can't duplicate this head. No blockade. This has different options. Let's check this one to show you. How can I split this mosque. In this case, I really gonna use the lower to the second head on. I will hide the fares one so it doesn't go out in the way. The lower is forgetting a measure. We hard subdivisions. And now I will when I use a split mask point. So in the over side we have the face screaming. I go to the lower power. I can see that is the mask. What we have I will use shift F because we won't see What's this Michelle here all what they have here in this case, I will use a standard chief click in the eye and I will high these eyes or faces. I will use the middle height hidden and in this moment, this centrepiece to be selected and going toe Saddam. This flow that creates these mesh I go don't. Here we'll go to display properties double. It's all of us to see what more is here. It looks like we have three objects gonna do in this case. The out groups Options police group I will use in septal I go again to a split, but I really use split two parts. Okay. What did us is that the split? Any poly group that we have in the match so I can now will deal it. This one is what? And now we have a mish now is clean, so we kind of start with the face and going to rename it to mask. I'm sorry. I'm gonna use wall musk. This is important in the future. So this star to separate the object because it will be get complicated. Well, when we start to create, another of cartels will get complicated when we have made masks we don't know to war, they belong for the moment. I'm going to live it this way that it be outside in this thing and I'm going to proceed again to the one that's a story that is the one off watering. This is the base in wish. I'm going to set the mosque at the end, so I'm going to create it in this one. I'm going to shake What more? Doing it here with solo active, The chest Old creek I use solo. I'm going to use control shift. The duplicated is mish I years. The lower to delayed all there's of divisions I'm going to use a little hidden to see if maybe there are something hidden I need to select in this case. All this the area chest, he over the shoulder part, all these area All the shares I needed all in a single selection are simple selection, almost that it's selected. We're going to hide with control Chief Click legs. So it will be easier to make this election chief F and with control, I will try to be more careful. We see the selection that already Waas It has another proposed. And here we are. We select house, um like the shape of a best I shake in the back. Be careful with these places that sometimes we didn't notice er is really gonna change, But it doesn't matter for now we control it that we can leave this space like that. If I like this option, we can use control shift click to see the legs. And now the split works. It doesn't work with hidden parts of the mesh. Let's years split. Musket point. This version of the chest I can use close holes. There's no two years close holes. Let's not use close holes yet. Livid. Separate it. We will run a meat would bring. We'll just cover it can have. Ah, technical name. But we just need a reference that were working in the trist. That I'm not talking about a single chest, but like a piece of the sea. Now I'm going again to the citadel and use control in America. The mosque on. I'm going to dis elect the arms. I want to check something here is that we need now the street. I was thinking that maybe we need the the arms, but it will be later. And in the clothes on Go now, leave a little a little more here because if something happens, we will have more measure to work with. Split musket blight. We will have a reference mesh all the time. We will have this mesh always here. So when we need to work, they are months apart. They can take them from here for the moment. I'm not going to split in. I will just use do it. I don't need this mesh anymore on the licks. I'm going to delete the spaces that are outside. Andi, I use Dell hidden. OK, do it down here to use your name world funds Perfect. You already have the pants. Let's now to spray the boots song. The boots are really special. They are not normal. If we see they have song shakes here. We need to deformed them to go to up here. So we need to split all above the cubs. But be careful because the mesh here is very close. I did not select part of the I really do. And these up to here otherwise really work on the boot. It's a these go easier use musket point. But the left is her name was books perfect here I have a basic version of the blades at the end. Really? This piece is We're going to conserve them. We unserved these one on this one On the week A will separate. No, not yet. We will work. This piece is in the moment. We are working in defense. So from this class it's OK. It would be good in the moment. Would have chest dawn to strike a dis plates. So he has this detail in the design. Well, that's all I see you in the next US 3. Wolv Vol 3 03 Mask Creation: Okay, let's go then. With the mosque, the mosque is inside this soup too. I will like to clean this file of these measures. Does it all reality we didn't need in you of them. They Some way Teoh verifies that we say Okay, Perfect. Now we have the mask. Let's check. What's the best off going to work with? One thing we need is to have the ice they come being in the mosque. The thing is that the bottom this mesh is basis on the face. So basically we need Teoh extraordinaire. We're screwed it outside. This fault will give us some problems. There are two things we need to think here. The 1st 1 This is a character for to the point. So the Mosca definitely needs thickness because if not, we call simply make a border here a little border Overall design on the inner side will be empty. But in this case, we need thickness. So it doesn't give us problems. Well, printing it then, this will be a problem in the moment. We want to extrude on the missions of this site there. So face off this site will give us problem with Major of this site. Well, it's true to the old Say, there are some shapes. The Wilke a light we did show there. Let's hope it give us a good result this moment. What I will do is to live the ice as they are now. Another characters. What I do is tow rise the mesh on their necks. Truth. But in this case, what we need is to extrude to the inner sight. Teoh embarked this or face. We get on up side down, measure on what we do that we need to check away a scaled image a little more. The whole thing is a good option. That's right. So the first thing I'm going to do is to use Chief. I'm going to use control Chief. We get our duplicate of this, it'll we will have a plastic mask of reference for many reasons. The more important is because I can break the another one I'm going to use now. See modeler and I'm going to get more clothes to see if I have some polygon. The real giving UNECE tricks through already. It looks better in these border. That way you can see how it works. It has its complexity. I want to try to get the problems here in front of you. I'm going to rotate a little. I'm trying to get in the suffice Rettl going to the Bird X. But it seems like this mask has polygons very small on it can to reach the police. Let's try something. I roil its allies everything. I'm going to go to the face and I will hide there. The mosque and I will use scale the milieu in my case and I will escape. I will scale it but using deception here to manipulate all the signals at the same time, I will set off the side battery we will to dissenter on Now I use escape high These high this on now let's go. Seeing if this was the problem, I go with stunned our brush. I'm doing a click click in any part on the soon takes me to that place That story again. I see it like the same. I want to think What are the better options for these one? Let's try song. Authorities may be a good work while on the issues IAM sewer measure. We can do that because we already have the bus ignition well, really have a clone. Trying just like a political like that can be complicated because they are very small. But more complicated than that is that I want to see him to see the border to. Because of that, I didn't get closer to the polygon to extrude. It will be the issue solution. Let's live it here on in this point on going to through Let's check how clean the mess she's. For example, in this border, it looks good looking. A little pick. It was because of the angle. But from this view, it looks just right. I will say, Donna, as your face and we'll use extreme X truth. All body. Let's see if I extra data type helping is that this sign we have? The ice will change. They will close a little more. I don't want it. So I want it to extrude to the end of site. That way we don't lose the details. I realize through the quite a bit, but you can see the problem we start to have for here. This come from the cereal measure is that I don't like to resolve this kind of problems away from the camera because ever tm bar pretty as Morris works. But when I do it, I get a lot of problems. So I believe all of us have problems and we need to check it on final turn a tips to resolve them In each case, the problem is that it's very different. I can say this is the way to make mosques because other times the mask doesn't work like this one. But I see here is that there are some points so lose points over here. I will try with something I really use it salute and I will dry using er in looks one hell real is moot Mesh on give us a pretty border a cleaner border. So I want to see maybe the cold take away a piece over here. Can you see? It's like a point these over here But he didn't take it away. So controlled cedar. And if I will try better given it another serum, you can see there are songs. This is meshes very were. So I'm going to use over my shoulder again to see what happened With this point here, for example, I could try to hide them. I will use all the group of the group. Sometimes they are loose. I really use comfortable. Chief. Click to the original mission on. Can you see it? It hit this points and now I use Adele hidden So we will let them. So now we have a mesh. A little more killing. I see that there is something here. I don't know what duties Well doesn't seem nothing important. No, we have a clean information. I'm going to select a polygon and I will use extrude today in your sight. Remember that way And we use it so much or we'll lose a lot of detail. We need to restore that detail in some moment. Okay, Control here I am getting a step it shape in this measure. I couldn't work it with our stitch. What we did before using Google. Oops. We go to job three ed salute on the group lives. So it is boots all the border. It grains it It really is moved all the mesh. But I believe it looks better this way now. Well, let's try to extrude. I will extrude quite a bit. I needed very tick. I don't know. I have this mesh. Be careful with this. I will use a standard. I really used to Greek to hide the sinner face. And I want to hide this border. I want to know what is that? And going to mask control Click What you really want wants to verify so many polling groups Did they have Because they want to translate the detail from the other measures to this one . So I will Imbert control Creek in the up tight. So he didn't mask these one on the other get mosque! Because in going to go to this mosque the fears one I deactivate these solo and I will project these details to the mask but not to the inner side. Only to the external side it Because of that I unmask addict and I will use project all Yes , I am simply and making some test. Okay, What's up in it? I will hide again. The mosque here I masked for this happening Is that these mosque house in in display and properties The reality we have Ah inverted sir face. So we need to use sleep. We used sleep on with Roy again. I use move, Click over did this year. So it mosque here on mask off the other, and I will try again. The projection. Let's use project to see what happened. They want to hide the 1st 1 and you can see that it translate the details much better. I need protected the border. So the technique working perfectly But see done that. We need to explore another to finally find this one what they want to do. Now I'm going to hide control. Click here to faith. I'm here. I want to Only work in diesel face on is that I want to get the years of wondering. That is a very characteristic part of the character sold in. They must be here. Let's see the sketchbook. Let's see. How are these years? They come from here in the job. The strike borrowers with our Little Corp like an axe and then goes up up to this place so I can use Clegg's up. I will start Teoh, get some of these your face to start to define the area where they are places. Remember that they start a day job. So from here we start to get that piece. I will say that behind the ear. I'm just defining the area that is. Stick it to the mosque. From there, we start to create the shape using the brush move. We will use a mask so we don't damage the rest of the mission. And now, using move and going to use a bigger brush and I will start to move. This piece is backwards. Very careful that we are. Don't damage this song. Remember the disparities just right. There is a point. What? It gets the core backwards so straight on with a little cure. Aboards, the mask and reality is one of the most complex pieces from our character. Well, there we already have the face. It is easier, but I refer to comporting with the sweet and all that. You can see that here I am already breaking the head because not something the mask will. I never talked. This piece were break Well, we can visualize the face if you want. There were happening here. Remember that before we escalated its away. I have the sensation. I have the feeling that all the pieces weren't scale. We can go to the head on the use control Sita on it has on the specific Royko. So the control Sita is specific for each septal. So I can use the control, See tying the head. We will go backwards in the steps. Don't to the head in this case day is called this scale modification. So we got it back. Berry z I believe it are the adoption of the council seat off a recent too, but something bad. But in reality it is very good. In many cases, I will be adjusting reality. I see that in front. We need to seem that it goes to the site. I will say that is Ah ha head Amy and the distance from the center to the year. So that solves the task to go out the distance from the center of the head of the year. This is the distance, Really. Is that the stunts I will use from this border? It's something like two heads in with. We will take some time here. Just move a little and I will unmask it. Something we really we can do here. Taken advance The hideous mask Is that really use control? W I will create a fully group here so late there it will be easier to select and I will show all this will face on the use controlled a couple of times. Let's live it in two. I can't go back. I can use move, control. Click. So this area's got masks Now in this moment, go so division up. So we have more details in the years. Let's take a rest off this for us and see you in the next one to finish the mosque. 4. Wolv Vol 3 04 Mask Creation 2: well in this class we will finish the mosque. I hope it doesn't get complicated. What we lack is little. The first thing I want to do is to show you all my plan. Well, I'm going. Teoh, activate. And this little I So the match Those on disappear If I don't have the activated When I switched to another soup to it will disappear. I will activate the head. My plan Waas, simply as this mass has a thickness so was we need to do here is to get the gizmo the center position by using old and then use a scale wanting that this mask with all this will face, we'll get adjusted to our face. Well, we will need to check if there are some areas the need corrections What they believe that the technique or get fine Well, this election to face while he's a screaming, we will make some adjustments in the mask. So let's use Chief f I really use move and here I can see the Maybe the details are very long. Yeah, In reality they are huge. Here are they are almost destroyed but they have kind of cool in this way you can see the Ignatz here. The sites I'm here. It has a cool. So we need to correct the bottoms, expecting to get a better shape. Let's use clay build up. But being careful to not get very close to the border because in this case, it can go through. So are you going to do is to goto this Stop here in the panel brush. We have room asking and we use back face mosque. This prevents that what we doing? This side gets to the another side and what I'm going to do the first is to use Simon three . The other thing I want to see is to see if maybe these the stones over here is much bigger dot What I am expecting it was suspecting this distance, Toby, like ah ha head. It will be more like this. So using move, we will close them a little more again we d I go to the higher on subdivision using clay build up. We will give more balloons to all this site. For the moment, we really use baby like dot Maybe lay their week will use inflate or another brush. But for this moment this. We'll work very well to get volume to some areas that interest me using move. I will try to give it the scoreboard shape. Here it goes up here on here. So it will give us a Morris the license shape. When we get as mother size all their move brush the world better in these tip here the smaller brush also help us in the border. I believe this is more curved both of the end. We have like a big So I want to make this big fears. Then with the bigger sizes brush, I will simply work here in the middle. Looks much better. The color is what will help us to define the shape much better. So with this with the yellow cholera, the center and a black hole over here we'll get the line perfectly here. I believe that the jewellers look more curb. This looks to strike So using more we will adduce it little by little, I will police a little more here and now what I'm going to do with this tool age Polish. I really started to polish all these areas To sharpen this border a little more is not like a weapon. But these H Boolean tool cigarettes help not only in blamed shapes but also in around it. It's like using a sandpaper we have it without would they would help us to get more every Sunday, Um, or even Sunday. So that is what these age police do. Thus it's maybe more. Use it for older shapes. Done. It's the right shapes or on leads. At least it's a very good solution for this case. This will face getting it more even on. I do the same in the other side. - Well , I like the result we can get. Get it more pollution. Well, no. To stop there, I need to show you something. Maybe in this area, on this day, we need to polish detail. Here I go to are lower and subdivision using Chief D and I fix it here. I really used transparency, so we let me see Ho marsh. It goes through. Davia was that is lying. I didn't go back to the Joe, but that where more strikes? Let's see, What can I do? Be careful with this reality. And what happens? Chiari Is that it? Waas going through the other measures this moment. We don't have to be very strict with the reference model because this time we get a more realistic face than other ones. More comic. But I will try to get care of some details that these looks is three I will use. B will use clay builds up to mark again the Joe shape in this area. I will go up another subdivision and I give some bottom a little more hearing the border. Now I want to shake the roof friends. One thing is that it could be different versions. This case, one of them is to define more the eye, bro area over the mask and get this border here that's not dirty is not an obligation. In this case. Let's say that the image I take your offerings from was this way. But I don't know if you want. That depends off which one you want to lose. The level that we have here. Well, I think that will be no problem. Let's do it this way. We will use danced under without big brush. We really use buck phase musk. So it goes on modifier. The intermission only the external surface and I will use all mark this borders over here. I want to see how the looks Well, it is more defining in this area, so I will do it with all. I will give it a cure in this area. We'll use again these h police. Tura finally does this border over here to his movies a little. I also smote with shift to get this area more even. And I will give more balloon to these inner part. It can be with clay was dug just a little. Those are personal decisions. You can say I will put more bowling in this area because we wanted to look this way or this other way is not that you need to do it this way. This case you already have this border. I will smoothed it with shift and I will. Let's move it a little old now I will do the same thing in this border Over here. See the border here? I don't I want to see. Maybe there's another word. They're here. It seems not Basically it goes here and it's lost a here a little So I will proceed. Teoh, do it. It will be with dumb stander and I can use clay buildup to add some volume over here again. The standard like doing the same line to the other side. Look, But there are three. So, in reality, yes, I am getting a tip. So I get a little border to the back clinkers off here, here again, with a foolish polish all deserving together more rigid. Look on, remove some that looks so what a regular. So we can refine these borders. Another system. But the coverage starts at last. We're going to make the line that goes back in the back. This is more lying here that goods on goes up, that it goes here to the forehead. And then it goes to the eye groves part on vinyl. Ated in those he are is where these Roland to use pure rife. I will not to use it in this occasion, but in this case it will have work it, Burwell to have taken some pictures. Sorry. I will use down the stander and I will live active. The back face mask. But I waas saying is that was a real event to use the pure right. It will have been good to have some pictures of digital inference, so we don't have to be sitting views. Windows. Okay, we'll change. Here are a little so here I will use down standard on weight stroke. I will change these four and I will change the laser radios in 16. I think it's good. I will try later. We will finish this part here I go up here. In fact, I believe it is more a strike on the finally from here. Do here on them with a cool like this one to get behind the ear. I don't think it's important to do it back here in the year, but let's do it anyway. I have a guy to work to faint. It is not too rather than finally let's check this here. The head in a needs some fiction here. It's because the error I made on this start well, now it looks much better. I want to shake this problem here. The coz it is happening here. No, I know what is happening here is that it didn't have the back phase mess active. It took the inner side on said it. Ah, Bob, the other side. I really don't know if it waas that he has a big head or if you're really that it is. If I saw her face is above all this, Blake. Well, last What we're going to do is to take the tip of the nose and I will large ate a little still cover better on these area. I was doing off the buck phase mosque because I need to move all the mosque. Not only the from part, we will choose how much we were indeed to cover the nose. Finally, with age polish, I want to float on this part. Little perfect. Let's live it here and see you in the next class to continue with another part off the street. 5. Wolv Vol 3 05 Chest protector part 1: well the previous class way get to finish the mosque. But we left a little detail here that I will use Clean it up, out to finish this part of the mosque. We're close. So these point, it doesn't need to go all the way to there. But we need to show that that's the direction from the site. We will get it a little odd. So let's say that their shaved her money. It's too away from all angles. We need to check ever sites that everything is correct with the ish polish become flooding or has moved a little. The finish it off These areas may be more material here. We it clickers up in reality with his mouth on the age polish again with this polish we can't keep is moving on these a rest here It's a mother more time. That another thing. The mask is looking good and I will shake unorganized from parts. For example Here, this Blake is the touch it we need to fix it. I will adjust it more to the face. - Okay . No. Yes, Onley. For every solicitation I will enter from here in world boots here in this soup tool off territory and I will use insert they d eyes to get at the mosque in their current there to see the character gated dance. It won't part. As I say in many occasions. It's very important to refresh the mind that in this case awards while seeing that dance of the character. When you see that you can say, Well, this is going to somewhere I want to shake what happened here? Okay, the characters here, a little one playing to suit have two times okay, lets k a little more. They were rotated. I'm now from their front of you will start to place it above the head. Well, what I'm referring to is that when you see the character now with masks and all that, you got to feeling that this is really advancing. It's a good exercise. - Basically , we need to be to do this Onley with the mask. All the other pieces will be gone here in the character. - Okay , I don't want to get it more complicated, but I want to set it in the place it will be. It also start to give us the reference with respect to connect and all that. So we needed to get in a good position. Well, here we could okay here because, you know, it was, you know, writing these hero. This kind of experiences are good because we can acknowledge that maybe in the next occasion it will be whether to get the mosque with the head. Maybe it will be easier to lying in the face with all the head. I don't read the mosque for the moment. I will live it here. I'm not going to worry about. This is spaces that are here because that is not for just but for lying in the mask. But now we can see the character as it looks with the mask. So that is refreshing our mind a little. It's important to do that. The difference between the two is their perspective. In this one, the perspective is somehow forces. Because of that, it looks more straight both in reality, the mosque is more open from here. You can see that the angle is much more wife. I will check them on the chest, but it chilled. Need on what I initially do will be displace here and then the central part. It has more like song. Seems here on another one's here, another here in the shoulder. They're trying to make it look like What's a stated this with? I will proceed them to get this piece we displayed. I select this part over here. I will use shift click. I don't need these bobbing in this moment. I'm going to use Dizzy. Well, I want to know if I do something but here because the sheds I must have it already split it both. I can't find it. That means I didn't split it. I'm almost sure, but Well, let's check if it is not he between these ones, maybe its hidden in the older part, they've not. We need to import it from another fire. I believe I will need to import it to make this import. I will pose there according a moment. Let's make something. I will save it. I call it breast plate, but it will be shirt. I will open the preview save here in which we work it in the mosque. It seems strange to me because when I made the exercise to clone it, But it seems like not I'm going to do. Is that I will hit everything. I will use control, Chief D or duplicate and I will go to this one. I need Teoh produce allies, both of them. And I will use mayors down. So we refuse. But Measures has bought. Have five subdivisions. It will keep the five subdivisions. That's the idea. Well, I'm getting more problems than they want. Control shift! Click on control Chief Trick much done. OK, this is what I want to do it. But not really In this way. I will use the split two part. Okay? Okay. There Waas on Easier way. I'm sorry. They was going to do us to use Morris visible to down village Juan A split, the other on exported. But it's ah longer. Wait, so I will just simply will use the lead other on Israel. Rise all the signals except this one. I'm going to use these two safe Save us and I will save it as our soup city girl. Now I open the other Fire the waas, The fight breastplate creating Andi. I will load the tool. No, What they will do is to select. I will hide the licks. This could be the birthplace Except this fire Don't Here. Okay, I will use the lower and I really use displayed musket points. Okay, I said on the plate the Bardera dot endorsed me on I really used insult. Now you see What? What? Why it was important the breast. But they have before this is duplicate because maybe in their shoulder parts didn't hide thes space. This holes, the more the model will be. Not correct. I will try another way. I will. I will import all the chest again. This one I will use insert. Mm. That seems the problem here. I will use control seat simply Okay. No. Yes, now, but I'm going to do It's still in layers. The mask of it. The play there we can erase parts of the east and necessary Displeased musket points on the Leeds. I know I really useful. There seems to be on a roll here in the breastplate real the Lady Del Hidden. I really make at least the mosque many times. We lost a lot of time this way. But as I said, I prefer to show you these perils. These displayed its let's say we have our little difference here, but on their offense are in pictures. They are there to in front on to the site has to hold to get the shapes of dis plates. - Here we have 31 big. Another middle on their there is Mother. They will go basically up to the abdomen like these one. I will finish this mask off the class because it's no problem. So in the next class, we will stock them on. Make the details. I want to take store all their shirt. Okay, so see you in the next class. 6. Wolv Vol 3 06 Chest Protector Part 2: Well, let's continue. I got on the air or in this mesh. So we have to record again this class. I want to see that I haven't lose anything more. I believe that an important part here is to use close holes. So the message is here to modify when working with Sir my shirt on all that We have this mesh this way. So he v Well, I I want to check something. Okay. Is that I have They made this pleat in one mesh but I got a narrower. We were left in the point where I waas doing this mosque, this object But I finished tied the class on one important thing Waas to be careful with the position of these mosques Let's say in this side they are more compressive as the tour . So you started so more complicity. So my guide waas the muscles in which point is detail finished according to the muscle Look sexy ugly with the other pieces so that you can see the torture is created us having this muscle here I put displayed on it So it is start to looks good to where they go out to these muscles here on the on the front. All of them goes up to the Suraj is on the public. So we give me a reference to where they should go to where they shall finish. I couldn't finish it. I'm going to rise that piece on a real select again, this subtle and I will use a split musket points. Okay, now, but I'm going to do is to select this piece and they want to check. I really use several measures in Cyril 0.5 to see how it looks. The idea is to get a burger like mesh, but we need to see the errors. Sometimes it give us a lot of workers here. Everything disappear, so and going to do something. Let's try with absolute let's set loops. The one on the group looks. It's moot so little and sets a border that's possible to help us with the serum measure. Now let's see this or measure. Let's set it in one losing part off the measure. I will send it in three. We need to be in trying because sometimes some measures work. It well on the other is not because there's three tour of the images Well, it's right. I want to activate double sided display double site and check some polygons That maybe could be. We're here for example. You simply raise that point. That will Don't be a problem because I cannot just sit very easily. I want to see if maybe there are some other points that are loose. Those are errors and I use Dell hidden immediately. I will go to see modeler extrude all polygons. Okay, It's looking good this way. Then I will like Teoh. I will try something in the moment Wears through dis plates. All borders must be set in the same room. All we were left with these blue political I will use weed six again. See you modular! I really use extra but a group. So if maybe it'll owes me Teoh make extortion off these border but not too old plates. It doesn't work well. I have fate Well, they wanted to do what I will deactivate the bullet group Political option. I will use Onley belittle I am now I will do that saying with these border Well I use control D I want this border to be generated along. Keep in mind There are pieces a little more complexity like these ones because off the informations on the topology that they have this one, for example looks very were on its because in some way we are losing the shape. When I originally model, it displayed its gave me a lot of problems. So don't worry on here in the moment we got a triangle here. It's a duplicate mother because they folic loop can continue. So what I'm going to do here is to use six same mother and they go to a buttocks and I will use a stitch. So I'm a click on click here. I know. I get some scrapers. This way We're eliminate the thermal 88 to angle here too. I will try to extrude the polygons to say if it works well in all this or phrase Yes, I believe it is working now. No, we can't take the border. I will extruded a little more. And then this border I take it out a little on with dry with control de to see the result controlled the two times I believe it's perfect. So I will use control Sita Two times Nigeria will start doing that with each plate I will respect that. The only one giving problems will bathe at first. I don't see any reason for what the other school give us problems. Another? Where do marks complex? Well, maybe it is one is giving us some problems. It's this areas where there are a lot of portions. If happen is what happened here. We are getting a triangle. This party looks where that has this point here, at that point is present is because we have a triangle. Can you see it here? So again we click and click and now it looks good. Same here because now I'm interested is in this political. So I kind of screwed this part. Well, I will be shaking the day Size is similar. Control the control D control C two times I got there subdivisions on Lee to prevent its allies How it's going. Didn't really which you don't have problems with this. But you know morph is low. We check all of them are giving problems Why? Nobody knows. For example, in this case, this watch where? Because unlike strange movement here, I don't know why, but it seems that they pull a group is preserved. We have four sided polygons. I will respect that already with that It looks good. In this case, something is happening. We have a jungle. It is here Just the day you say nothing will happen. Everything happens and they wonder She'll have given problems. Doesn't do it. - It's very funny because it seems that from one side everything, everything Waas perfect. But not in the other side. Okay, Chief F control the two times I visualize everything looks perfect. We can look at the tourism to see how our details are applied. We killed We hold any problem to set the color to black and use the corruption. Phil object in Italy and we need to say RGB now the activate RGB I returned to the white color and you can see the color apply. It has two different ate them more Now I will take the doors. I will use solo and I will use control. Sita doesn't love me to see the mosque. They can't let them does it them or use control W to create Apollo Group. Well, reality. I am going to use UMA Sure in the torso, so the plates will be lost well, this election. There's nothing to do. They serve my sure on break Stock will use couple chief D to duplicate the torso, and I will use super my short in line. The Children take a lot of time many times when it takes a long time. It's because we have active some other options. I cool, activate, keep groups. That is to keep the public group visible. But at this moment we don't have any public. I will use control D If we wanted to keep the bullet groups I call activate this options. But that could give us some errors. Not so we'll take more time. So we don't need that in this moment. Or at least in this case now we use project project. All I will apply to more subdivisions project all again, and I will think it will don't being necessary to give more subdivisions. I delete the previous one they want to do is to make some lines. It could be a way done. Stumble, stroke and seventh is good. They will proceed to make a stroke here in the external part of the abdomen. Well, we will need another subdivision so this is strokes gets a good detail and I will close it off here. I'm now to hear I will do the same here a decade to this part of the picture on a lower to the middle on down through here. In reality, I am following a reference. It's not that I inventing anything here is one of the references we help. I want to see the place because the plate up here makes me to lose a stroke that they have about here. I just need to know what it comes from. But I'm doing The back is I will use transparency. I will go. Is strike here, Remember to follow the muscles. So here I go. Was strike two here on they go to here, then they go to the center and that similar distance I really go down and here I open a little, trying to keep their saying movement butter and just I want to try to tools. I believe this is good standard and I will go like doing a border. I go drug all the line on it generates, like like our relief in both sites that give us their feeling off a stitch. This is a very fast stitch. Is not the best a stitch in the war but it works well for a fast work on for their litter levels we want here. Remember, As he said, other fares We will not work with a lot of millions off polygons to get more detail. So many of their web brushes that we can find will not work well here. Well, more specifically in this is called I will make a tutorial of our school will be a single character in which I will apply that kind of tools. That way we will get a lot more detail in a single character. Then we will work up the critical of the enables, the even the dirt in the nights. We will do that. Okay, we go here to the end. Let's go, then, to find a texture to give their relief. In this case, we will do it in Ah, simply way in the next Plus, we were organizing. We serious here in like books. So I go to so face like books on here I can choose the textual that must sit me. We need to try because reality none of them known is like It looks here when I say none is not. I was drying, maybe wait. One of these ones more deck. Okay. I closed the light books on. I will go to edit Bring so the match. Yet just as in the view on, what are you going to do? Is to and I will change hearing blogging in this case? Well, not. Let's finish here because we are out of time. We will do these adjustment in the next class, so see you in the next plus. 7. Wolv Vol 3 07 Chest protector part 3: okay. I believe it will be important here to shake their mapping mother to see how it works. But generally and is well, this will be this Store it. We will use a date. Oh, be careful with this When they use did on here in color blend I said it to zero. It chose me in a black color. That's because here I have a black so I will use okay And they will change here to wife So the association will be more normal. Let's go again to a date on Let's use noises. Scale. Sorry, blowin scale. Now you start to move it until getting a size The looks of the created using frame I century it again without I moved of you with control I make soon So for example, to me, this size looks good. The problem of this texture that we are using them right here is that it's possible that needs a lot of Polygram's. That's what I don't like. Maybe about these texture. That's years. Okay, I will make say just for prying on. Then I will show you how we are going toe. Dude, The mapping applied to measure the level set. It's very low. And we already have almost a 1,000,000 of polygons for this piece. So it basically will need maybe four. Maybe on of polygons will you supply to mesh and they will. Well, it will look better. Something like these could be. But maybe it will be better. And there's throwing option maybe instead Tiger relief vehicle use our Basel Relief Not so strong. I need Well look much better. The guys are detector is not lost to march. But it looks very good. We can make it a little more intense. I will live it. We hold giving to a blight mesh on. We will do the next. We'll go here to soup Tool. I'm going to open this space here. Andi, I want to bring civil plugging. We drug it to here in Sit up looking and we will search for you. Be mustard. We really use work on corn. Baker ruled out we need that. This measure has all like the brush. So the main thing we will be alone in that version because nothing amazing for millions of polygons will be something very difficult. I could say maybe impossible. So we will use war conclude. But we're going to do is on outta mapping, so it will create a clone and it will be said here the site. It's called C L Clone. So is a light over measure. What I'm going to do, we will use enabled Contra painting we will use attract from ambient occlusion. Now we use the Bhutan own rock. So it is going to do is tow make the seems that shadows when it finished on the wrap, we will use floating and they will show us how the measure was Muppet now in on Automatic. It's a very fast mapping that in this case it works. You need to make something for movies or maybe our video game and bite your game for the school tour of something that needs on specific distribution. It's possible that this was not work. We will need a more normal napping in the more spare. Still Isa Solar may be here, but more mineral. The process will be longer, but in this moment this is way well or very well. We will use copy you bees, then we go to the original septal. We use based U B F's on what it does is that it gets the mapping on based it to these high fully. That is the one with four millions of polygons. And now I will go do a sore voice and I will use a date again. Check this. It looks the same. Distorted. Look at these area. It looks lung gated here. Logan is scale. Now you can see better or their distortion. We will search to you. Be that way. The texture will get a doctor in a better way. There is some distortion in some areas, but that's because the fast mapping in this case is not perfect. But it works very well in almost ever sites. So it's perfect for what we are doing. I will get closer and I will use apply to mesh. It's done. We will have a yellow sweet So I really useful object. Well, basically we will get something like this. So he has the take. Suri has the stitches, the seams it has all doesn't look back. The the older we're looking little warrior. I will check how our character goes perfect. So now the text you're off the others plate works very well. I will use All Creek and I will use Chief D to keep it in our lower subdivision. So my computer works better. I will proceed to I want to see What is these mesh solo. Ok, do us the torso. We went our own so much. Yes, I I have told you that they have may and displayed well. I think the world is not made this piece. We already have the arms in another part. This is a part of this too. - We will hide these because I am more confident having this down. The other one is resplendent. We in reality never used inflate or something. I will get it to their first subdivision one and I will use deformation inflate in order to for it to come out a bit. I will use inflate in this resolution because if I do, the last one will inflate the texture on. I don't want it. I'm saying now how it's going. I will take displace. I will check my reference. We were here. No, wait a moment. I checked out. Let's say for a moment. Control s we are using so heavy settles. Sometimes we have problems. The serial school crush I will try to give conflate in the last situation Reality. I don't know what will happen. - No , it doesn't work. How were you? Expected? But it doesn't, mother, it doesn't, Mother, These part that is giving us some clipping because I reeled later. Eliminate that chest. Let's like them on the plates. Old click. We'll do the same exercise off mopping. You'll be master working clone Onley there and we will use Chief if this one has fully groups. So I activate here the option groups and they used enable control painting on attract foramen conclusion so it will use the conclusion. Apart to that, the plates will get a part that helps a lot in there The measure rating. Let's say we get a much better result because every piece is a part. This prevents the distortion, so I will not get any distortion in visual. Well, now I am going to say on floating Could be you Bs on I go again to the original mesh that is here based Now we have this piece Muppet Chief F and they really use solar. They go to sort face like books and I will use this high that is similar to the one we use before. A different let's check. If it works better a date, we want to use the cold brain to zero under the old far scale. I will say you be so we get suggested to them. Mopping. This looks very similar to Dijla. Winkles down toe check more options. Both, I believe like this way. So Okay, I'm a polite to mesh to see whole looks. Contra de this piece will get almost three million off for legal. This is the problem of the textures. There are ways to take this toe lower mesh for that way Translated Teoh images using the aroma. So it's an exercise where we're eight internally shows the same level of detail using images instead off polygons because the polygons are much heavier. So we can do that at the end so we can export that to arraign there and together like version of the characters. Well, maybe not in this course, because long process, but we will do it for all the Siris of the end in a power where we really need that option . So in this point, I want to see it may be on the plates are giving us some clipping because for the rest, well, we are going to delete the torso. So it's looking good. Meanwhile, we could have this mosque in black. That's useful object. It's very difficult, Teoh dilate distinct on the here. This have something to do with this scale on other things, but I don't want to lose more timing death in this if it is not totally necessary, we are advancing. We will start the next class with. After that, the globe's their boot. Right now we could Let's see the reference when it includes with cylinder. Let's like this option here. This little dear, When we really use settled, there are three d. I want to see a little woman here. I will get closer and here we get different options. Is one of the center allows me to create a whole Can you see it? This one here close May to autumn roofs and I used again here this year and they go back today and throw day gizmo. Now I have the peace that they wanted, that we really put in the shoulder so simply what I do. But this is Arbor. Fast way it is good to show you that kind of options that we have in Syria I can't. Or here in the gear is that it looks a strange to me. The this appearance the Jr cylinder okay, with this cylinder is what we really usedto work the shoulder butts that for this case, they should be. They're the part that goes inside the body below the arm, but they are simple second cylinders. There is no magic here. This are subverting. We have different ways to do it. I really use this technique. But I am almost sure that the first time I didn't do it this way. But I use our plane on. I believe I used to sit us fears. Okay, Now I use these simply using move, we can adjust it. - It looks like a criminal technique for a rigid object. Well, well, because of the other used Ah, a big brush. So it doesn't the form to march the mesh on. We get a very even shape. Well, the next as we will finish the to shoulder parts, we will advance with another piece for the body. Okay, See you in the next plus 8. Wolv Vol 3 08 Shoulderpads and Gloves: Okay, way closes, Get three way to go. Are your They're not in sight. I will keep working here. Okay. And going to make thinner looking. It gets here. This is in the or some kind of so there way Want a good shape today this border to give a more realistic feeling on the shoulder, but somehow suggested he are in the order. It really is very heavy. You will work from different major. Me either. We used to get position the way to the other side. Okay, - I will give us over my short. These one lower to syrup Look the world will use controlled I will see only controlled in there the previous one ways to work with It's a three star show off the size that they move it later will be hard to adjust. Theis kind modification that day stood with a smaller brush. We'll try to open a little more. This together it a little. This here. Okay, - three years feel object. I loved it. Something more like this one now saying Teoh, I will select like the on this part more like this one. - They wanted to see that Maybe I will be the looting pieces. Maybe a reality. I need more. So face. I like to keep their in the work. I believe we need to have an also face to have more contact on that we get are a good result. I will use dull hidden so I only keep the arms and not that other pieces arms. I will check this girl. It is sense. What we need is to give it some thickness. I will use the lower and I will use close holes to close here. I want to shake what kind of lines I need to apply in this case. I generated a line that comes from here. The wrist, a normal line comes from here and goes through all their fingers. I want to show you it here. It goes through their fingers like a seam off the border. There is one in the center today. Middle point on Get Scott with this one here. Then comes another from the other side on goods. Here. Let's start with a digital. The one that goes through the fingers control de well, they will use a stroke a little more. 100 here. We don't need to be careful because is our normal line. We see the lacing miles is a great help doing these strokes. We can see that for example, we don't need to make a lot of work and this fingers because they are covered So the work is a little easier, but these ones are visual here. This is perfect. Didn't have to get complicated doing there in our strokes. Onda, lying from the center of that goes up on, goes today outside to the border today All right, used And now this other comes to here, goes down a little on, goes to the wrist Perfect. No, I want to see in the sense we can get border for simple You're seeing dumbest under they can do is going throwing a border Let's try with 36 or their fight I was like Here I am back face the aroma Ask taking masking back phase Mosque the girls and this Boulder Winkle gaps and problems Maybe not, but it's better to be cautious Dedicate the time you want Teoh polish This kind off finishes If you want I for a moment don't see on the an assistant d I believe it is more important. They're not to be part to have a good control over dinner. To me on that are solves many things. I see a lot of people that center more getting good materials, but don't work where the part of our natural me, that's not. But if you want to focus on working the textures, let's say that will be your focus on the anatomy. She will be done by another person. It's not something about, but when you say that you want to be character, the signer or character model it fall. The anatomy is something you need to have on. The other thing I will do is with just under. I will check the fears, if it is warded, is that I could make a balloon to everything. And that gives Moshe more details. Do it. It is not very competently. In reality, this is more like fast tricks off modeling and sculptures. It's a strange because they looks of these scenes, improves a lot, just selling these little border perfect. I will check their the other is basically the same. I will use close holes, so I use the lower and then close hole in the next to us and we will add on the lines. We will get both gloves in the same sector on the years their silver measure because it's important to have ah version of low polygons. This park will get complicated because this Ammon of details we have here so this will be a real challenge. See you in the next class. 9. Wolv Vol 3 09 Gloves 2: Well, let's continue with this arm Will make their lines very quickly first with dumbest under because rule that this arm is different. I want to check this because I believe is something important. It is. The line goes through the muscle, the brachial radio. So maybe it's important, understand and distortion that the pope has. - I believe he are too. This kind of Horsham. We are the dicta level. They're interesting. When this line goes through all this fault, the line will go to feel really us will be more to these sector and then we'll go back to the middle. I want to check in this case, more done Check is to see in the position of the lane. So in this case, ho march, it goes up a little almost up and now in this other and doubles from the old safe almost to the middle, goes down and then to the other side. And it comes connecting with the line from the other side. So here don't here and then it comes to the side of the rest. This kind of occurrences are important. And now I will use down standard fares to put their border okay. And now, with standard again, we go following the line to be a scared to do it. Maybe you will lose from details. The work. That's something good imperfection also at store character. So it's good to have some errors. Well, obviously, with hard going to the extremes, it also depends on the client. If he wants something by refining, well, you need to check that from the first time you see him on. Do as the client expects. We were missing a line here. Perfect. Now I'm going to make something that I'm always scared to do, but it's burying necessary on its to fuse. This to pieces is wrong. Has 600,000 Polygram's so I will use Merge down. Okay, I will get a duplicate control Chief D. That's Coa's character. I am. It's Maybe I lost all the work so I don't want it. I will safe. This will be in the ninth Globes. I want to get a clone. The first thing is that what made the server measure on the stop to project these will start to break in a tremendous way. It's possibly easier to use their die Amish very high one I have 1,200,000 polygons. I will use dynamic sh and I will set these tools 1500. I will use damage. Let's see what happened. You can see that it tries to keep the details. This for printing will work perfect because also the characters fist will be something like this. Well, let's see Closer this way. So uncle see something? No right. So it is perfect. But I would like to bother. Allah will try to make some more details to see what is possible. And we get a good result. Let's try with Ah blew off three. I want to see the effect of the blue to see what helping? I believe this is more done. The knock I use a 34%. It has a similar amount off. Hooligans is not so heavy on after this Really use control D a moment. Sorry. There is a mask here. It will try to make another Danish. So here it goes is moving and got four million of milligrams. I wanted to see the feet Held me in something I believe not area. It is perfect and I believe both hands are right. I'm gonna shake okay now and going to create a clone. I will use in this once your measure in one. I need to have ah, lower mesh so I can map it in the future to be able to take it to another platforms as we will have many characters. So all the measures need to be buried. Optimizing. You need to think that they are seven characters. If only the hands off each one have awaked. One million. It will be seven million polygons Onley in the hands of the characters. So if it's one have Juries settles on this one has a wake of one million of polygons here. A 1,000,000 by seven will have 200 Theun millions of bolivar. That's no idea. We need something lower. So look in this case, this measure has awake off 3800 polygons. That's day via the war. With measures like this one, I use control D on them project all to get out the details. The color on the materials controlled the two times on I use project. All check. It is possible that the resolution is not a knock. Well, that may be in some areas. We don't get the details. I will turn off this one. Understand? In there. Well above to say her. Marsh, I want to copy. I believe I need another civilly. So division I will get like one million of polygons. But I will have the option to go down to 3000. I conduct polygons. I'm working in a mission like that is much. Is your tum up on to control? Perfect. I use it. Project all it goes Almost one million Republicans. Let's see evade works with this case We are translating, projecting to a measure one milion polygons Another off one million Republicans. It's you Don't take so long. Okay? It worked it. We'll get closer to see the detail level. I believe it looks the same. We didn't get problems here, so I believe the joint working very well. Also the hand. So this is our way to work now. I'm going to use for logic to give color to this piece. Would you be Phil object Like the result Now I'm going to do something. I will delete the province one now we have Ah, they can go down to 3800 polygons on go up to ah, higher or solution. Now I'm going to look at the blades. I will apply material in this case. First of all, I will apply 1/4 because be white or a gray. I always said that corridor. So if I find that don't receive material, at least a call. See colors in this guy in this case, the white or the great Buck lower that seems sexual, be even if it has no material is not the most pretty, but it works now. What I'm going to do is to include this pieces over here. Check dot for example, In this case, it didn't receive the material, but it has a cold or does work it in this case. Now I'm using another way that alone me to keep their material or maybe a real date with a course version. But we are going to make this piece. Is that basically are three cones with some lines in the middle. So we use insert. That's in Sorry. Cone does. He will help him and I will use to five to see the structure. What they want is to use w Then I go to these gear and they go to comb and remember that I can control the amount of polygons that they have here. So we will like maybe like these I can go on to three for their three sections here. OK, and I go again to gives more three D Now I want to see where we are. I rule the structures a little. I will use inflate to see what happens and it has changed a point to see what happens. Well, it seems it will be better to modify the from the centre. I'm ask these Vertex in the center in bird mask So the extremes God, look w with move, I said the hell power in the center on I start to scale bit by bit, I will mask another level of polygons on like going to do it motherly like it was more like this center on Perfect. I will include here at least some segments that the Lome somebody it's in this area. I really use control. D I want to see how it goes to Rivera's the control the we use control See, I'm going to do is to extrude today North side escape. We will need a space bar. Extraordinarily group. Well, they do. It's extruded in this way. I have a segment here on another. Here I will do the same here. A sickening here on another's here They will be good also internally to protect the shapes . Let's see what happens when I use control. D you can see hole in here. The shape gets around it. But here is more a strike. It is better in these shape, always of things on segments. And they are the borders control de. We will lay there, make a class off hard sore face to understand a little better that concept through the little here on at a little more off segments to have a little more geometry on Now I use control D and now it looks like a bullet and I will use the standard to So finally the point. Ok, now we have a similar shape. Maybe the lines are more Define it but it's something similar. Why do I do it like this? By interpretation, it simply are through lines So it varies from drawing to drawing. But is one can make it us they want. We'll see you in the next class to continue with the adaptation of the blades to the globe's and to apply the material, so you in next class. 10. Wolv Vol 3 10 Pants 1: Well, we continue. Then we'll go back a little Indians of divisions because I want to check something. I don't want to lose her a lot of time in these, but they will adjust a little this shape us together. Similar with because the lower one is his mother. That's it. When I get this error first e to leave the mode on control C two times Now I will go up. I will do something to be practical, but I'm going to do is detective plates a pair of blades and I will duplicate them and I will organize them to the front. So I know that some of their blades and I combed them. That's it. The middle date. In this case, I will get in mosque and I will embarrass today selection. I know a real center on this health. I want to make it a little bigger, just a little perfect. And now I will take these peace and I will set it here in the point. In reality, this piece is started shape. It's no us a lender. So what we do it here are is to stretch it like this and I will use control. Achieve the I said it to the right side A little more and I take it lower. I will scale on the door. A smaller don't again. Control chip D. I said it in place, I think The one in the middle and I place it better. I want to see in the case of their blades, Chief, if it can select only one blade, I will use bullet group. I'm going to separate this a little. I feel in the Maybe I'm getting one above the other. Okay, so in this case, we have the plates. They have a low resolution. What happen if I use control? D I will use to control the So they got three subdivisions, these other plates and gonna fuse them. Mary Mercy. Don't. I'm urged down again. Go to the lower subdivisions and I will deal 81 subdivision. So I go to two and use their lower, so it dilates the one. Now I go to the higher we have only three. So, in this case of these blades and going to fuse them, Merce, down with the base. So now I have, like a kid off blades. Very well done. Let's call it like that are a light skate and I will place it in the hand. I will use out to get the piper point up here a bit smaller issue in tojust perfect. I will hide this blades Click on I'm going to use delete in these ones really is comfortable Chief d this case as they are Bicycle ease Psychometric, I say basically because I didn't see exactly if they are reality symmetric they are moral lesson metric So is difficult that someone could not is that they are exactly the same blades from the other side that is known by us because we are here in the course and I delete this Okay Its allies both blades on for a moment Well they have some color The color right give out to them Waas I gave that to them Waas disagree You want to see the both of them have weighed Apply it on they can fuse so they blades What have the same number of subdivisions I will name? It will during in blades so well blades Because say the material this on, for example or a brighter one We will define what kind of method. Do we like more? I will leave it. Live this for now. You go to material and I use color feel object on I deactivated material. Now I go to a normal material to a babysitter. Stander. So only the blades we'll have Dad. Material of the enemy will check it again. I considered maybe the blades could be bigger, but it's time will be adjusting it more. The corner will be a building. It will the bands on the cartoon ease or Dale threat. But in this case, for example, this cloths goes from here basically the middle point of the hand with a lank up to the out of the gulf. If we see this reference, there will be a long They look well at this point, When we start apply color, it will be a start to look good. And though I want to select the legs now, we will just start doing in this part of the short. A simple way to do it is using a line. It's nothing, right? It's exactly as we do before the part of the gloves. This power. We need to check it later. How the hand is adjusting on all that. We will come back later. But they're going to do is to use solo and they want to check. How is there the shorts? How long they are? Let's see the reference. It goes up to this part of their buttocks. So what we do is that we the active a Dru Bi, we will make design when it is a dry. It is clean line, the cleanest possible with dumb Sunder we will refine external part. Then we will makes unfolds will give us the best feeling off separation. So in reality this she'll go more this way like a shard underpants In this case, only save the fault like this one because you could get lost between the leg on the growing area. Now I'm going to use Don Standard I will know defying the Oprah part because it gets covered by their boat. So we will leave it where we are. We're working on their boat. Let's check the stroke dot Everything is all right. OK. The middle right to spread it. Reality is when we are there, the color the color will give us. They are definitively contrast between both sons. So it helps a lot. Okay. Well, serious. What kindof faults can do for example, here on the sites. Well, the important thing is these doesn't have situations. So I really use close holes Perfect. And I really use consultative. The There was something that we call use here on these When we have this kind of situations here, Several mice Oracle could break. But let's try because the the shape is not so complex Control Chief D. If not, we will need to use dynamic as we do with the glove. It will work with serum Asia in one. The one never works for me on I shall try to fight. But let's say I you still have faith. What they want with the one is toe bigger polygons. So we get a lower resolution more optimized to control it. Control de on Let's try a project project to control D. I believe that the Indus Woman their PC is working were I feel that it is where is low? There must be a solar that is overloading this well it doesn't get problems here in these wrinkles. In this fault, Claritin is all right. It's perfect because we want to start to the point. Used to be lower the subdivisions. So I can't has moved some parts at some details or with whatever we want. Low where a little of muscle and I will get a little high grade with Stander and I will turn off the stroke, but not to the activate, but just to lower it because we want to start to out some signs but with a little more or a solution. His moot point. We had some strokes. We need to get confident with these strokes to make them long. Don't be afraid. After that we will reduce them with their is moving. So don't worry about that. I will have some bottom here so the pants don't feel to taik ability. It is already tight, but we don't want it so much. And a serial. We should get a lot off fault so we can see the potential here buttocks. There should be some faults. Also the Charles their information. This is good. Now what I'm going to do Well, the theory. I will stop over here in the next last, we will make the lines off the border on the texture of the pants off the short and also all the plants we will after the call over to the Syria. So we're separated. Understand? It is time more like bouldering. It's time more this thing more. Well, before we left, I will do this one. We deactivate the arrow and use daily in the original punts. And I go to here on activated a role in this one. Well, see you in the next class. 11. Wolv Vol 3 11 Pants 2: Okay, let's continue them. I will proceed with the lines. Generally a working the lines with a brush off size seven or nine is good to Allice. Use the same size off a brush on. I can't throw like a seem to not want one. Something that say that you can build this pounds that Israel that is by basis in reality, the thing that's so ankle have instituted here I will refine more dis area. Okay, from here, I will start to make this a shoreline. The now for this band to being in Wolverine War will the idea to make something like the globe's. That will be a line from the center that comes to here. I'm down across diagonally. This behavior I really use Come 42 other another. Okay, I already have it. Simply go to their five subdivision. These indicates the Despont is part of this with so every piece has the same patterns the gloves, the boots. This looks perfect. Okay, now all the band is somehow technological. Now we want to split their pants from the legs. This bullet grows the sun Should me So I really use control. W just toe the login, and I really use a mosque with control to start curating mask in D C area. We'll use control a stroke. Activate the lice mouse on, get a higher bottle here to create a more police ship mosque. I will need the mosque for two proposes. One is to be able to create different textures for the lower part of the plant on the upper part on to well, to give you a different color. Equally, I believe that is not necessary to take so much time in the mosque, but it's better to work more on the color these borders, so we will need to refine that Carlos many times the school tour is working in a scale toe . What do you want to brain? But let's say that you know that many of these details they Children go. Many good artists recommend to make the sculpture the most Tyler possible for the project. Well, keep in mind that because it will help you on their portfolio. - Okay , We're doing good. I will take now a bigger brush. Typically use all last being careful to not diminish the mask. But the last solo was fast work. Perfect. Arnold dust here. This is what I said when not broke in the mosque. Even if it breaks a little on these metal, these is much faster that suffering on Leary with the brush perfect down. The first thing I will do is to embark the mosque for visualize the other objects, maybe the globe's or the salute Akopian, their blue car. Would you be subject this color or this is not the one I want a real fix it right now because they think is more like there is more like in basing all in these reference because in reality these orphans sit on the original residence. So I throw us in me, call or feel object. I would go here a little free allergic. I'm also to go a little faster. But let's AIDS is more reliable to go to the original reference so we don't lose the original details in which we start with the color. Then we see another different then another. At the end. We we lost their original reference. I believe we're doing good. They go you again here to the bunt and I will use controls. W So we called the full group not predict us. They'll selection so we can't restore that selection very fast. I will deactivate the mosque and I'm going to use view, Master and I am going to market very quickly. So we go to other groups and we say working, clone, unable, controlled, thinking I'm here attract from Hamburg collision. So that's the good to have a few polygons because it muppet very quickly use copy and I go here. We have measures off the size. It will be very easy. If not, it can be very complicated because it's like our object off only toast Polygons. The mopping is start to not work too well. Well, when I do these exercise, it always changed through skin material. I will go again to the basic and now we're comfortable, you degenerate. The problem is that it breaks the mapping it Cruciatus on different tones. It looks like the color got displays it from here to here because it makes the mapping for my mention of Lower subdivision. So what? We're going? What we are going to do? We will go here to bullet groups. We will use groups from bullet paint. So what it does is to create a fully group will sit on the blue color under yellow color. Use control quickly. I guess I'm asking the lower the upper part on gets visible the lower part. What I'm going to do here, I will go to soar face. I will say that Depend. There's a will visualize their chairs. In this case, we need to have the resolution being able to see in their debt that we work on this on the chest. I will go back to the punt and I will check Teoh, apply a surface of the same kind. So I will go to soar face here I will choose noise from the like. Books on. Remember that is watts for their plates. The one we want is we're here. If I remember well, like books. I go to a deep and here there is something very important. The soldiers, the strong mosque. So what this option do is to allow us or when ah was of the mask we have here to receive polygons. I ca lured the mask option to get it higher. Is this misc And it will allow us textures in the part that are mask It seems silly But it's a way to work from here. So that's strength Mosque. If I lower it, it will allow the deck source here. So it's from Ask one on the mosque works perfect here. Now I'm going to use belongingness K U. What they want is to get something similar, but fears I will use you be because that's the way we're working on them. I can use Strunk and I. Imbert District. I really used okay, and I will try. Okay, I will go to his eat. Um, the color rent, I lower a zero. Okay. And I really use metal object. I mean, apply to mesh only to base allies. If we like the result here, we already have a problem. We need more subdivisions, so this will be very few. Be they will mask. I will use controls. D and I will mosque again and always say apply to mission. Maybe is very important to see it's similar because we have the same yellow color on this chest. Looks more light than they well in their pants. And that's because we have different materials. Supply it so that supply these basic material to see if that's the problem. So it's time with on object it gets on the skin material. So that's where we begin to get lost. I believe now it looks similar. You can tell Stan is there same texture we could give is Ah, little more size. Don't here. So I will go to as eat control. See? So her face has it. And I will set the Blufgan scale bill a little more control. And I was too big. It's a still to be Cyril blowing three syrup falling, Cyril three. Let's see Cyril 0.0 for a 07 decisions and very silly. Well, we need to do it. Okay. Now obliged to mission. One thing has to be with the shape, size another. Is there that well, in this case, I didn't do it is sexually the same. I will embarrass this election onto these one. I will apply your noise. I would hold blogging. - Sorry is hearing noise the's hearts? A configuration there It looks like kind of rock Are here arrested dese. Your kid with them rest here because they already have that configuration for a rock or something like that. I'm getting on some complications with that. I will do something. Basically these okay here recalls check in the border from wash Is the meats off the noises with a strength mask? The save There is the transition or not Reality all get translated to here. So I don't want to To Shane something though For the moment let's say it's looking good. Be careful. We can mask until we apply to mesh Because if not, it will apply the met Their noise The lower part two Okay, we keep on dancing in some points I see him like short leg. What? We will be adjusting all that. When we start to work on the boots on, we enlarge them. We will see that maybe we need to make their legs longer. Those are things that I didn't notice before. The dictionary is looking good. Libertine is will apply Not to me is good. We will leave it here and we will see in the next class to start with the boots on, then with the But Okay, so see you in the next class 12. Wolv Vol 3 12 Boots 1: Okay, let's continue with their boots. The first thing is that I'm going to copy this blue color and I will use Phil object to shame the closure of the boots. I believe they are more blue than black. And we will know these this They have two points. Does our belong the gay Fuller, The knee on opening a lot on a high or a start of monsieur is where you start to stretch to the site. So we will start with this part And I also want to see the shape of their shoe. There is simple darshan of us you. So I'm going to proceed to make this point, I select the delay, their feet and I will use solo and I will use close holes. Now I really start to stretch. I will try to keep the center part with how affecting it. I want to see if it is possible getting many problems t I can war like these Very loose. The structure and doing a rogue version of the boot is not the final result. Let's try. We hold the mosque to see what happens. Okay, I'm having these persons. I will clone them and use serum measure controlled 50 years from my share in the lower one . With a measure so higher or solution is difficult to work, I will turn off the solo. I hear high everything. I want to see only the boots on. I use come pretty on the project. Yes. You want the car to get translated, controlled the two times. In reality, we don't have too many details to translate. So it will delete these boots. The problems? One with the new ones. Well, we have a lower a solution to start working, so I will start with move to take away a little bit of material in this area. Next we will see how it is working for the moment. They want to have the basic shape that gets into right that we did a little part on our third. I'm not really seeing how much it should be taken out. Okay, let's make this curb here. - His motive. Little dosage. That seems a little weird. I will take out of this part here. I want to see their references because more point here, they want to do it. That after seeing the boot with the leg Yes. We need to make that possible. More or less, the height will be up to here. I will hide the boot. I will deactivate this arrow and they want to see only the legs. So the other pieces didn't get in the way. - I will give it more signage. Sphere here in the lower part. I'm just saying, Well organized at this lower part. - Okay ? I simply try to move it. But according to its one of the legs, it somehow different. It takes a little more time. That I thought is not difficult. Just time consuming. Okay. We'll go up a subjugation and I really use clay. Build up. I use out I will start to school here in the inner part to make some space for the lake Here in the over 12 Let's see how it goes. And now, for it looks good. Will be very important on the Sure, So we need to start working on the shoe so it doesn't look like he's barefoot. I really used old these recent soup always active without we use it to make our high relief . With the stroke, we'll lower it a bit with clay. Build up we lot So material to flop down these Syria We'll move. I will at some size. Maybe these more bull um here to the upper part. It will look like short fit will go up on all those of division will keep floating this power Don't here adjusting the gain the shape with age Polish I believe it is better to know Use h polish yet but damn stander with stroke 16 I believe or more to Sarah the fine and the soul This will be upper But I will have these days later with old I want to out another provide here with clay build up We are another material to feel This part has moved a little on I will use move because the soul shall be like a shoe This is very oak too much I will take calls on situation with move I want to shake If I can make their leg longer I don't know it is cracked or not because dot the pounds of their base where he is standing It could be on the sentinel but everything in the kids made are the sentinel is more Don't lords for these sites so the legs shall be more. Don't work. - I'm not very sure of this because that's the case of decides Will be motion lower. In fact, I will check the Sentinel So we're soul and adopts relative that something give us more plural. Clear the end. When we give him his final form, we will know them how these shady's Let's don't worry right now about that for the moment we just need to feel good with the character that we like. How it goes at least really use dumbest under. And I will check here the shape of the lines They go straight, don't hear, then goes up Don's on then goes down the same in both site So I will make some lines This case controlled in to get more detail and I will proceed to go up. We need to learn to use it Rally till the first time I make designs. I suffer a lot. It took me a lot to have the confidence to make designs. But I don't so for dad anymore. Well, we will just stop right here. See you in the next class where we finished the retail in the another boat. We will continue with their boat. Okay, So your next class 13. Wolv Vol 3 13 Boots 2: well, we will continue with their mother boot this already house Sartain shape. I want to see here in the reverence. How's the lower part? It's chills. The shade comes from here and connect to their back Sexual on house the texture. So I rule Select here to give some balloon to these lower part More down floating A little more sunken Now we gave a little little bowl on. We use a little off polish with eight saves Brush moral days I will take these lines greatest under In this case, it will prefer to use control de again. We're now at 2,000,300 polygons but I believe is better than these lines get. Get down! Well, the con gloried to here searching for something that looks good. It's better to make it. We need to be confidently deals lace mouth because they come leg a line Here, start talking with you Then continue the line. They don't talk. Then continue. We don't have to marshal risk. So the worry to march Modoff, I will do by this fear in order to generate Texter here I will do it. Modeling It could be something simple like this one they wanted Watson. Their reference. Something on ladies. I proceed today. Other boot. We also be civilized. Then the Lex. We start to give it shape to this part. I will use transparency here to work better little either day and boot that you get that There's a shoe here. This part here and the looks we're well , I were a star giving more shape here to the good. - We'll go up simply and all the division Now a lot of weight. Age police on this side. Why I simply do is to move to a floating a little This area, when they did fix from the inside trying that they're soul exceeds their borders exit the over part. It says Moody's over I'm going to do now is to create the light the line always give us a more clear guy. I go up and although also division but here it just counts A little more under four front part, a little thinner. Now I will use standard out. You want to refine more? The edge. Okay. We'll lose now, Clay, build up to have more material. These empty space that we generated here. I will think so little of these counterpart. The boot on here, autism or exaggerated? More comic. The rule is moved a little too floating illegal to make it more, more even. It's starting to look good. It's It's the line. The line brings a lot of detail. Okay, I will proceed to create these lines. But fares I will. His motor little If they want to move a little diesel, face some details. Will Gail identify it when we are glowing? We can't see them right here, but they will appear when we were We are painting. I will use dumbest under a size or eight or nine and I will proceed. Teoh make this lying. We go up to our Heidger or a solution to relax. Six. So these lines good, more refined? No. I want to see the texture of decide to understands a little this size We want to make a little bigger. This soul there are more or less six lines. - Now we need the crosses ones, you know, similar size. Well, now again, I really use shift D to select these lower part. Try to understand a little way. We'll give it more volume in the upper part with move I want to give. They are in called a better shape. We scared the lake, the ankle good lost normally and the ankle is very visible. So we need to make it well. This point, I believe it's good to make it a little whiter here. That's on sale. A really large. A little here, a little or a thicker of this. It got some aggressiveness. Okay, Billy the boots already. It's on the left. Depart to colorize them. In the next class, we will organize the belt. We will finish the first step. That is their modeling. We kill. Adjust the legs in that class to have the boots. And then we go to the classes where we organize the color, for example, the great color for the mosque, the face, the teeth Look everything on. We proceed also to our beans on some poor, some details, some faults in their fabrics. So it starts to look stronger. Much more detail. Let's see a moment in perspective. The other thing going to the Lexx will give him a lot more force. See you in the next class 14. Wolv Vol 3 14 Belt Insertion: in this class. I will proceed to organize something. Something I want to try. I really like the head for a moment. It's something we have talk initially. Okay. Really? Highs, everything. I just want to see the head on the mosque. The will. You and I will. Seven toward the help there with a simple we want is to scale a little. - I believe he had a big head just changing that detail. It looks much better. So it's important. That kind of fixes to see if that is needed off. Maybe we really need Teoh Large Lex, for example. Looks do these that select the legs on the boots. Well, hi. Everything. I just left the legs on the boots. A real lower this part. My real sich to Alaska. Okay, I will select the boots and I will mask this. You go again today on Lex. I will move This one. Need to move also the boot. I'm now I do the same with the other in there on the game. Are you enlarge a little. I will deactivate this tool so I don't get problems later. You start to you know right, girls. We hold knowing so it's better to take precautions. You love their subdivisions. 26 and I will go to the boots on mosque and I will know height show again. This that is the Wonder Council. The settles below them. Yes, I believe it looks better. Perfect. The boots looks some exercise your right That. But they are like this. It will proceed to insert. We can do it with this piece. We'll use control two d. I believe he's better day and breastplate. We'll lower a little dip Polygons on conflict you d I'm this clone really is the lower be careful, hiker. So we'll raise our the last subdivision that wants to three million of polygons on the ones below Because I want to use it. I will differentiate it. Change in the color. I will insert situs fears. I believe it wasn't necessary, Birdwell. It doesn't matter, Mother, either Atmosphere on I will go to topology in topology are active at the topology. I start to draw well. It wasn't necessary to clone their sore face. When I start to create the belt around the body, you need to be careful. I'm going to hide everything except the torso. and I will made the other pieces. Oh are these stores go to move, Select the point unit You want to continue from then you go to draw Cuchi They continue courageous Here we used a to review. I really used transparency and they will shake a moment that it is recording. Okay. Sorry is that they have that problem before. Go to topology. Sorry. I mean ex skin. I don t to want homage to the serial on I use purview again We checked We don't have any space and empty believe I turn off their purview I go to move on lower this ice of the brush And I started just the shape off our best For this case we can running w the Lexx It will be good much brother every cooled activate on Lee the legs you step on the legs I activated on then I go again today Stratosphere we need Teoh emerging. It is a boat off a given thickness undocked Ignace keeps in all the shape So maybe there are parts where it was not fit. Simple. Here we start to worry that maybe this piece doesn't fit Well. We need to resolve that we call livid like this. Fix it later. Being given bottom toe the Blake to this belt just right here to adduce it. The best possible. Let's try. It's used. Make a relative of skin from here up to the skin, Make adoptive skin and then we go. So to insert, we bring the mission we made. Let's hide their serious fears. May I shake something? Is the supply it? Oh, yes. Maybe too low a little there or solution. Really? We don't need this mission. Well, for something. We have their offense with the original on something I want to do is this original part. I will turn off the transparency and they will try to hide. I need to see what's better to hide. Maybe in this case, they are like I didn't get it inside a little. Why the department? Because it ends going above the boat. I'm going to select the boat name Wolf built. I say inflate for owned information. We're going to inflate a little use chief f. We are going to Ah, you sit here. I don't need to make it so polish in this area, But let's see, how can we get the best thirst. The bulls, in reality I want to see it here is very simple. It doesn't have anything, right? Just some fault, this buckle so we can perceive to It's through the using A similar I use control D control the again and I will. Is what? The border with transparency on the ghost To smooth the border a little, it looks too rigid is moving to mush. You need to add another subdivision. Her year. ASU divisions keep him or the shape is like to apply a small Okay, well, a star toe, the off shown just in some areas a little more the shape of a simple Herrick algo. It's more natural the occasion, but it'll always to see a part of the plants that we don't want. If not, we will need to make detail to that part of the bunch kind of holes games on complexity of the moment of print. So we need to make it all the stitches I'm going to inflate, and I will use it. Just a little ally Willis Kal 80 A little inwards and trying to note to get some holes because that will give problems later Well, I really use control D again on with the standard I will start to make some faults. Throw the mesh without pressed. Hey, do once. Then I go to another. With all pressed, I do want remember to use long strokes. Perfect. Now we're going to give it some clearer already. Schwan. It's a little dark if you'll use RGB clothes or fill object on day X moan. Blake Physically some books I insert the box. I really use initialize chief of and going to flatten it they this model less with six. That is same mother, I really are some borders to protect or the mind away. We wanted the borders, the edges controlled the you can see it works well. I will use more completely this case they get to 65. For some illegals on your way is through a simple either Let's say we must on with control art they can start to grow next here with control. I really use a stroke. Lacey Miles, Real name first a stroke to make like their ex holes. This is a fuss way. Okay? There are a lot of ways I would make a stroke from here to the other side. It go down ongoing polish in the shapes. They count them a shoot and I will fix it quickly. I just here. Okay, this is a very basic way to do it. But it's a good turnout. You. This is because in relative, half a few times to do it. But I used the same technic video. There are played on it working well. We just need to pay attention to get are similar size. And then this moment one thing it can do is to move today in words. And that's all Blake is for. Ready. Let's live here for the moment. I'm see you in the next class. 15. Wolv Vol 3 15 General Details: Well, let's continue with this class. Wanted to made are very simple. Buckle. A girl has moved a little here to what we have from their last close. It will turn off of the mosque. In this case, I don't want to lose a lot of timing on their buckle because is a very real simple details . But I will make something that helped me to a polish a little more using dumbest under and I will arise. They're lazy mouse to 65. I will make some lines here so we got better or definition depending on the scarier working this culture. For example, if it is 1/4 well, it means 1/4 of the tooth, our size, the rial character. If our character is too mature stole, it means the sculpture will be 50. Some Tim adores so in that you get how much detail you will need with what we are doing. This buckle will be in Barra leading No disabled, so it looks good enough. Go to settings in place. - I will century more. I know what they want to do. It's still visualize all this culture they will during awful day color from here this way. We can't do that to the activated color for rating and I will go checking if we lack some details. Inish part for example, The face We're not Check it it yet because the next step is to paint it. When they do bang to the mosque on Then I will bring their face. We will finish to paint it a scene. Medically, they want Teoh take advantage of their secretary. So then we will replace all the hair on the mask. I believe it will be important here in the torso you see solo to include some thoughts like the court used to d. So I get all over a solution. Abortion Shifty again It's to find that we can make the faults with alone lose the texture . There are areas where they'll still be Some folds your eyes this part here or this poor here on the Children get to touch the skin in this park. So it makes the foot obviously thinking that way it will be needed in a bird sites. But we will mace Onley Someone's to suggest the this quote I do it with Stander has moved in their points or the extremes member that some part to have the blades. I will get this a little harder to see, and I will turn off the solo, for example, here in there, just when it's unfolds during this fall's while he tries to suggest that the clock detaches from the skin. Recall include as many as we want thinking in how much we want the fabric to the touch from the skin. - In this case, in the back come makes unfolds that goes through here in the middle, here in the neck. This part some wrinkles should be generated, so we can't detail them. The idea is to set this kind of detail something more fulfilling. You need to feel that it is touching from this. Came on that it looks good. For example, for example, here, where you get this plates, - we can get some wrinkles here. Build also use out to generate some low relief. You can see how the sources looking with the faults, will make that same in each part of the body. For example, day punt. I really got some folds over here. In this part there could be more good. Let's just not consider it in a part that is going to notice to Marsh because of the boots they are immediately below. Okay, well, us transparency to have a clear new a little here, didn't he? There are areas where it could be tension here definitively. We got a lot of 10 shilling. Their knee can modify the code words also key are in these area. Okay. They believe there is Korans here he are in their buttock. For example, we can't generates on. Here are the faults can be more subtle, the legs bending but not as much as the order. Or maybe it is something similar. But there are more attention in day. Another one. - Okay , let's take the boots. We will make some fault a little bigger here as believing it is the letter under its attention in the uncle here in this area, we also get attention. That can be combined with the older fault here in this place. Keilar into hell. Not long ago, Iwas comparing this with illustration we basically making demonstration in all the angles of the character. So in that case, anything we do becomes a detail. So for simple ladies, we aren't working a lot of details. You can see all the detail of the boot. Let's just go to the extremes to get a better fusion of the fault. Avielle. When we get the Sentinel, we will fix all this part of the soul because they know it well together. So there are many things they want to fix here, but they will get lost. It will fix it right now as they depend on the floor. Possibly when we have the floor, we'll add our fault on more details, get more the feeling that they are standing in the floor. I will take the other route. I will work here in the uncle the same from the talent. There is some tension to the front in these areas. So unfolds here. For example. This chick here looks a little deformed. We lower their resolution with this mood that come fix a legal like the shape. But I go very low so I don't damage the meetings. The lights Now I can go up again on the lines that there I want to make some folds here. Some bigger ones here are you said his mother. Once more detention. I like to say their folds without lower resolution, not in the last division. Look that I am to go. So the vault looks good. I would also loans made to work because working with Tiger matches will be complicated. Some lord genital here as to the form a little more This boat I want to see the globe's today gloves. We have already done some wrinkles the world in this part of the arm because we will something more here worse. And this part there is a little worrying color start generate so we can start. Include because the faults we have boot in the first place were basis in the hunt. Another thing is the letter or the public of the house of up. So we include someone, something this moment Soling ideas, insulin did the other defaults are this way, That is cloaked fabric. And it's simply into put in some parts this kind of fault. Do not feel it totally. I will. Jews at so unfolds to showed attention the fabric The duchess from this kid I'm here. You can get some up to here, onto here orbit in the fingers on so more here there are some parts that are Francis there are things they are start toe mental eyes him at this time I go again to the references. But sometimes I also try to propose on, see well like a wrinkle here and try to make a more free exercise you're doing when you're growing. Not all are references. So you can propose on Sarge to give the feeling with some movements of the brush or anything he are We are doing the same with some throat. We are saying that he are. It got distorted. I'm there. But you don't have to make the 100% of the world role, Frances. What is also depends to the work of the client or they of necessity, like this kind of model, as I doing in this case, because is very free. I have a freedom in what I want include and what not. But for a client there will be a song restrictions because maybe he needs an exact or assault. So we need to be careful about that. So one thing is to look realistic, another another being realistic. This looks realistic. Being realistic will means to go to a reverence on start to copy sexually the foot. That will be totally realistic. For example, here they have bent to the other side to here. So we will start two outs. Unfolds here. Well, let's pause here. See you the next class to check a little more. I'm get Orender for our kind, okay? 16. Wolv Vol 3 16 Veins Sculpting: perfect. We will continue. Await the days and it finishes. So unfolds here in the globe. My babies will be false. More. This is style because all the torture, Because when it'll think toe, where is they? Hound bent. So having lines in this direction is very current. Okay, here are two here. It will be priced bubble works. Okay, let's turn off the solo. I like their little. I will need down to take the hunts, the arms Use their solo Turn off the mosque. Dull him. Okay, I will use close holds. I'm really duplicated. Let's see. We come floating a little. This part it looks very irregular. This could be a problem, so I will rise. This is just the most. Can I hide them with comparable chief old? Let's check the globes to see what's happening. Okay. It seems like we have a good possibility off movement. I really can't raise all the point saying here we'll hide boats, shoulder butts. What I'm doing is simply raising part to get a better close holes is that I don't like this border of here. Well, this is good. But in this part, for example, of the end here where we way I flatten it. I prefer to write stuff years Bill Hayden on the use again. Close holes So we got better clothes. Perfect. No. Yes. I'm going to duplicate control Chief D let's use serum Asian I think it will not give any problem off the this Sir measure. What we're going to do is to are the banes I have juiced open it. They're still rife that we have so far not to me. The reference these more than this character is very good reason. So I like a lot the view of their veins that has a body builder. You will hide everything. I will leave only these to take off the solo on the transparency how they use project I give it mom division I'm now project now I really use through was muteness. I was doing a control. I make one subjugation Project them. I have another two. Do not lose time to get there to restore deliver of detail. I want to see how much more I need to project. I want to see how much reality I need to project. How much should the toilet I will lose if I don't project well. I will make another projection because there are moments. But there are too many political project Honey, this start to get longer times and then reality and we didn't get any new details. So it's simple to juice use control. De. We don't need to project more. Okay like it and I will eliminate the guesswork. But I'm going to do is Chief Deane I want to see it all. A lumbering to see what kind of things I come high, that getting the way in the modeling weight transparency can be for its simple. I will hide the shoulder bumps. I will fuse them and I will say ongoing 100. Now I start to our beans. In this case, these main being that is this one. It's generally are being. They want to make it in both sides on to see how it looks. Doesn't mean that if on one side we can't be slicing on the other side and we shall have received, we'll go down to a but it's possible that it looks different on another thing. It's possible on one side it looks thicker or pass through. Another part is not always the same. You need to be careful because it's not always the same. I will make the personal these veins really use soft brush. I will go to the shoulder and then this other Check that We are getting very low detail here. I really use control the again. I was sorry we went to a lower subdivision. It was worrying about giving another control D because it starts to get heavier. They want to check the material. I will. Just something is that when I'm making the strokes, I can't see their world. What? They're Soltys. Maybe this can help us. The basic material to lower a little. This ice to six and I will start going. You don't need to be to polish. Not everyone has the same beings, so it doesn't need to be a sexual. You would stake their reverence to make something similar. I will make it a little bigger. One important is the one that goes to the price ups starts from here and then in the bottom part of the ships. Another important, it will be the inner side of their um so I want to check if there is some being, for example, here, but they need a view from the back from here. It doesn't seem too much, Baines from this side. But this being, I really want to set it really high end. Elex maybe also the boots I want to place it is being is that it gets connected to other ones. Make some shapes some interesting shapes here. I will go again to they'll size off six and I will created This is Muller here they are lower, but I want it to get noticed. So I'm doing them a little higher on the real shake in the price apps. If maybe there is something interesting there. See, for example, this one in the shoulder that will be going down to do triceps. It didn't trust me. Teoh is both a little DiFelice A little insulting words. It's starting to looking good. You're seeing clicking. We can make some lines here. The elbow with clay Possibly giving ensemble this dog again. Well, I will reduce a little the stroke. It's too strong. Maybe the line The line is too long. They moved here. Some parts was inflate. We can also make some strokes and I will go to build on site. I want to see if there is some being that goes, evolved his muscle. They're break your radio. Okay? Like I go to the other arm. These are friends is very good because I have different views on the arm. Told me, like versions different off the arm. So we have made to get more assignment re here. I need to be a thinking more about it. Looks good. Done thinking in other things. I will take these from here and I will take this to the shoulder. I will try to save it in a similar position So we can make this that I getting those standards. Italians have seen one being here. That can be be with that. That depends for the position that south some lines here available? I don't know. So we dumb stuff. I will use weed inflate to get some regularity in the light. Those lines that's check a gang, the inner side in this case it till they are right here with stunned er on May being well, there shall be being a little we're here perfect at this point. But they want to do is I'm going. Teoh, delete this is Citys Fear. Now I will be supplies again. All the character, the legs we're going to do. Something important is that we need the client to validate this. So one of Shoney's well, I am going to set the Montreal we have before that may be to ask these basic material like you did a bit more. What we do is to generate some runners. We go to perspective. It will change their former size. About that, you can change it from here. This is the form of the 1280 by 700. A good sites. It could be my thing. Planning by 30 acting as to review in in the screen, we get Orender read CPR on you start to get different shots one from this angle, another free from another angle. One thing that cannot alone. I teach that in the last the tunnels course, but we will apply it again. Here. Let's go toe like hunt again in the first Bottom off. These want to create another like Andrea. Step the light. If I click in, it goes backwards. So we try to generate a little border here. Give me more bullet to the character we can check. So material it will be in my cab material when we start to get some renders for the client like this, like this shot to create like a peckish off images. And we can check with him to review our cities. We can make some soon. Some shots start we want declined to see. Absolutely. In the way to save it is we go here to Orender under boss, that they are run their bus And here I have these changes. It's the diffuse account. Save it like a PSD or R J P G for example. So I can choose but say they want to save it here in this place. Well, just make it in order. In my case, I will take it to support material. I will take you to process on my real name. It I will leave it like that. So in jpg it asked me. Ok, ok, alright. Come Changed some options here on then. Okay. And I save it. Take song renders toe excuse with the client that give me some recommendations because the next step is color. So we don't want to a star fixing things in color that are from the model. In part, if we want to go a little shorter, we can go to a movie. We create Doc large. We said all of these 20 we create our storm table or the problem here is that he is at the top of the sculptor. It will be better to take all this culture. It's on alternative the cultures to talk with the clear client. We'll see you next class to start with a painting part. 17. Wolv Vol 3 17 Color to the mask: well, perfect in this case, Gasoline. But I told you in the previous class I created a massive turntable in this case something very basic to abundance with a real exported a real name mate. Balloon three and I will save my ticket in this way. One toes on 280 by 720. That is HD is not full HD it called a It won't take too much time either. I have some limited times here. But I wanted to show you is the next I will use delete. I will present to you the final result. So one thing we have to give in mind old time is that this is the product of the fine. The client wants this thing so he loves this product. So we're count because we are doing well. We need to put him to dream that he is the character on the start of thing. How this is getting level, how his vision comes to life takes changed. So it's important to help this kind of videos to come and show him pictures. For example, I get the Proview's in 1900 Tony by 14 some 80 show him the detailed level of the texture, the faults, everything over this. He can make some suggestions. Her mother That's a start to make. Some backups for recess station that a name off almost only minutes. I save a different file on It's time I say a new file. So have main ified. But if the client say's no, I don't like texture, but that we can find a way to fix that. That kind of thing is to have a version of the fire with help there to that kind of things . Or wait, maybe come say him that thing. We changed that with her on over wrong because it because it's something more complex but generally is because of that we show step by step. We could show him a birthday only how these fabric texture I'm gonna show him. Number is the only day text or in the fabric, depending the case we call the show him different versions of the texture, different patterns looked out. Put it on waas. So how easy this puts the client to dream to be happy to say, Well, this is going really good apart. You get early and recommendations off some adjustments that can be done on all that will benefit our work. So let's try to make that meetings with clients there I generate their renders will start to organize. What is the painting? Well, I will hide everything I will go only to will bring. But I will start with a head on. Remember that they have the head apart All that other players can't eliminate All this is yours. Noise did way so it was better to eliminate them. We will start to think here in the head bases along these references. So in the sense all this party's gel on all this far is black A darker Greiff. So we will proceed with the mosque to pain. To the bigger song will be the part of these darker grey black This I feel like color. Do you object it take you like grey. Almost black but not black. I'm now I will select the yellow color. I will check the calls. Are we already have here a use chief click here in this piece like the Jell O So I really use it here and they will proceed to start painting. They say that in this case, we can use the signatory on because that is good. To have it apart, they will use a stroke. Santi will be so the eight march. Define it. You need the border. That's a personal decision. It doesn't need to have so much. In fact, I want a model We the sketch painting. So it has almost faster strokes. But doing that is not so easy us. It seems there bang on concern. It is very difficult. So we always wanted to be very, very well organized. So get some loses strokes. It is difficult to change the dogma, the way of work. I will do something. I will step here in these black square and then I go on. Do you see? So without a change, the color. Now I go again to the yellow on, like keep working. But we're hoping here is that if I use old, I will pain with the other color on They fight pain normal. I will take the other. Help us here in times of color. The first thing I need to define our the constant contrast point. But our like next to the other color in that case, is this area is the only one point between the yellow on the black, the yellow under and dark gray. There's a little made to use. I am bigger brushes. Not so much for we color BIGGERS eighties There are many ways to text your with a real how to tour available away to work for video games. Well, maybe video games off high resolution. It could. They are mobilisation and fully trained. Then we go. Teoh riel process off. Dexter. Full insistence or another silver will display Pain is very good in the case off a sculpture. In the case of this culture, I always work on the paint. Another materials I other here for review with something like Marble Sick or Chiari in Super, we'll use move. They will scaled a little this year. Some holes there will be from the cemetery from the lower part. I don't know whether at least we have the mask. With its basic tones. The mask is something simple. Will be more of Texas. You want to separate the kind of material, but I do it here very simple. Only the corner. Now we go with the face so we will select in Italy a cold. It always stands to be. Let's try skin color first. Really useful. Split two parts, but not a split apart because all the state will get separated. We'll use the William that this book here that get the face apart and I will go to the lower subdivision under Split gets active. Look, Dad, when I have the high grounds of division, it deactivates Keilar eight activates So I will use a split on mosque It point on. That way we get the face separated with the good thing that we have the face with all the details we hold losing anyone. So no, I will use this color on their face. Phil. Object. I always say it is already belived off. The tone we have before was good. We can't come here. Select for example The dome of the arms with C here on Daddy's on there. We will fix that later. I will try these to see how it looks. Phil. Object. It's a base color. We cannot different tones Later we will are The tone of the leaps is not too dark reality. But this will do is to give more realism to the character culturalism is done germs because we accident that to some fun. It's possible he doesn't like it to say no. That's very ugly because many imagine him just us the to the That doesn't have that kind of details. And we will paint the inner part that sees Davies away. I really used solo, and I will paint are right, a little more intense. This you'll have for call Chief. I modify it just a little bit on it. Get burying tens like more. This operated not so intense the same. This is those basic colors. Later, with each other's delights and shines, the stones will be very modified, so we don't need to worry too much. This is not the final result. It will change with the material this much cap Wait. We can see in the color in a very good way. So it's very functional. No, there are terra TV will be in skin shave. That's not It will select this part. The eyes on the teeth. I will split the thong. The same conforto take on. I use displayed a mosque point. I will also supported the ice split mosque. It point well in this case the ice cool, not work can separate them later. It's not necessarily a separate them right now I will get off their subdivisions of the eyes on the feet. We can have this to the same because both are wife Maris Dumb On the time I will paint it in the same tone. Maybe a little more right for the object. Better or day. The classic version that waas more opaque. This looks bright and I don't like Okay, that this is better like this really have the face. We will make some just first way Select the face I will use solo I select the color on. We're going to get it more reddish with more intensity here they wanted of The RGB is so active only this one we hold modeling we will get a lower intensity they want is to start giving more reddish sons that goal in the K that there is blood there it in the wrinkles default their nose holes they know sidled and she'll be right because we are in a intermediate war between the comic and the realization. So it works the ears too. But in this case with these in covet. So there's no problem there. And maybe here in this song below the nose. Okay, look, that those are very simple strokes. But then comes the shade or two out some bright. Something's so we'll get is starting to get living by last. His are going to use all height. What they want to check is that everyone have four subdivisions because in going to Maris them all I really use march invisible. It makes its calculations another finished. We get a clone here so we can shake that it has forced the divisions. I will bring the gets here they will use insert margin head. He used f if again. And it told me that you raised a character on here. The it's very huge is not that the body is very small but that the hair is Gigante The Billy day that I will take a normal brush on my escalated to how Bush it grows. For example, if he grows up to be here to modify and house for the head, I feel Daddy, it's working well for what, in this case we'll bring could be a little small for my calculations. Ok, do Here I simply will replace the head. It's very different to come here to place ahead on to place the mask. I always lose. And I doing that well, Perfect. Like it? I will select the one below used do leak. We hold this K head does it. I will hide the head of the moment. Okay. To see the working is related. Now what I do is that this kid is the one I need to think if I move it a little to one side or deal there because they told you about making the big head more Ismael, there is something colored styling. How the characterological seen more rest allies it. That's important. So it's possible that making the hair a little smaller extreme seem to look more interesting. Okay. And going to step on the body and they will move a little. The neck here. This is the part that is disturbing me here. We could make a border, in fact, really visit here. See you in the next class to make a border paint another part of the body. Okay, 18. Wolv Vol 3 18 Applying color to the body: well, we continue them apply in the color. I would like to change the color of these blades. Not some march the color about the material. I didn't like it much like two opaque. I will try something more Chinese. It's only for the review here in Syria. Full object. I like this more and I really use basic material that alone made to see Walgreen better. Or I can use basic material to Normally it is dark and see. But we can go to material here on the menu modifiers on care. I get there diffused to 100 so I can see the color better. I really can't see so on shines Hello, mate. To think in the future how the shines will a poorer my character So it's a good idea to do it this way. I will organize this arm here. Come on. Your all these songs What is happening in the reality is that we see their fabric A good solution is a fatwa on Mr Make older Seems there the edge of the border. Another one is just model in the border A stroke Can I go to interesting? I will use 35 It's time. I need to get this to Ciro's because I have toe renationalize their several. It gets to a stand. Our bodies okay. I simply want to generate a border. Give the feeling off the there is a seam here. With that, we fix a little problem and I will make it also here in the leg. This house, it seems, for example, fishers sometimes told me Table is not going to be seeing for blow. I don't have to paint it or give it too much detail because is not going to be seen the talk about the Steve Jobs He talked that Avery screw with a machine. She'll be very well the sign, even if it is in the inner side. So I believe it also depends on the products. The kind of products here I give Also, lady, on the border of the shared how it joins with the mosque I have a really painting all these areas. We have the coral right name. I will want to give a little right to the skin. So a real affairs go to these with copy with C, I will go to read a night dark, innate a little on as we do before with the face they will activate. We lower intensity to touring on using this drug in these cavities. But there are the muscles Teoh, some reddish color pigeon, the muscles here I told you to suggest the blood flow that he's alive simply. I waas modeling vampires and that wasa problem because it's in the starting more for the war of the debt. So her colleague go If I put some reddish, it looks to alive It was like, Well, it could be from a purple color So I got some color to displaces. I need to look good. It looks like waas being that come work on leaving but it wasan blood. What make is work? But she was more dead than alive something like that. So this part of the color there isn't a neighbor here, So the color are also helped me to call a little of the characters The story It was soft a little because he's got in the way. I have, um city It doesn't go give problems in the future. I keep banked in then with one. This is stunned. In my case, some right here in the votes in the elbow. So this way the character a stopped works. We use it a more specialized silver to be a surrender. More details. Well, serious. We can also work the translucency working fast. For example, in marble set this catch father or be right something like that. All the render engines with the lows toe work with it on the sensing to get much better results. Look how the arms are going. They look much better then if we live it in a more basic or basic core, they look a lot better. Now I'm going to check the buckle. I will use solo. This buckle has already she color. It's black, We're right in the center so But I'm going to do is to paying fares right In this case, I will do it. On the contrary, let's say I will paint it black colorful object. Remember that I am at a low intensity and then the right I will play into a little more in a way. And then I will correct with the black. No. Yes. I will use the black. I really use a stroke. Lacey, malls go. Police. We can use another control de another subdivision in this case, for example, 264 son for a piece so as well is too much Polygram's. I need to check how we were going toe work. Well, in this case, the good thing is that I can go as low as 66 players, so to see how I want it. So it is no problem. Later, we will need to check that they really have these buckles. I will also all right to use a shine like a reference material with Phil object to understand that it has a different material in that piece, we already have the pants we can start with The boots they are in a sense is to pain the Syria to black. I will check out this area. Activate are to be and I will go As he said the first is the border a little more refined? - You step on the color this color and I used to say so when I use fault, they campaigned with that color. Really use his mother brush this moment I'm more interested in their burger. I haven't started to feel anything. Just the border on the feeling will get later with bigger brushes. - Look , this kind of errors is what we sometimes trying. We need to bathe. Try to cover more. So Facebook relative Just step we need is just the border. I was trying to make a border well done. A lot of so going feeling. So I get away from their gold. No, I am doing double work, so there's nothing good in going too fast. - Thats processes more super Mally imperative. Here are the brain doesn't work to mush. - Okay , I really have one boot delineated now I'm going to feel it. This is most easy. - Well , the other boat, I will paint it outside the class because, well, there is no extra bottling seeing it again. We will proceed in the next class. Give some details to check the final assault of the bottle on. How can we optimize it to make a backup off the high Polly Burson So we can continue to initiation will be in a course that will be for all the sculpture. But I want to shake that. At least we have a measure that can be used having any moment. But I will say it. See you in the next class 19. Wolv Vol 3 19 Optimization and course closure: Well, we are of the final class with the scores, as I told you in the progress class. But it do us to paint a another boot. Nothing. We're I'm now in reviewing or burning wool. No, it goes multiple are look to their affirms. But are we going to do first? Let's take some runners. We can get our don't table. I do exactly that and I will show you it will heal in bruises. They took down some renders with the color. Now we'll owes me to show the client now what suggests whom he has about the color it takes on similar renders to the ones we have. We have color. So he called Shake not to make coal or everything. We're checking just color form a Being in these face, we can find some here or something that is interesting to check. So it is interesting toe planting Now the final product so respect very little adjustment we have in doing adjustments to all the process. If a client sometimes robbers a decision came made you can check it is possible to make another run because, for example, he said, let's change this Baradei arm and after that, he say's No, no, no, I don't want it to be changed. Go back. That's not our A nearer That's a new requirement. So it's a new requirement. It should be covered by the client here, in this case, a day out on table where I have watering in color about the character full in the sculpture . So the same. I want the client to look at the sculpture and get in love with it. Here, stars to imagine will be look of the M So it's good to give him on these little pills off Happiness entre encouraging off the project is doing well at last. What you want to do is the intolerance of materials we call Apply some from here. I like how it looks right now, but they would like left or material or plastic. We can just ask the material we like and use material. And Carl feel object the object we want, but being in bacteria so the color doesn't get effect. Another thing I want to shake is that maybe in this case I'm doing it in an organized way. Everything has a name on every suitable has a low Burson So this has six of divisions with has once a division. So all the settlers have these work so I can use Hello. I have like Burson off every measure inside the character. If I need to optimize the view or something, I will say all high on what I will finally do. Check this. I will say the file no less not as 19 but us Wolverine high 01 But I want to say that I want older embarrass shown in high resolution. I will save it in this case I will delete all the other. We have to do it manually. I don't know any option that allows me to delete all the human. I don't want to marriage them because the dollar them has the same number of supervision. Well, we'll be more war. So finally I will select something I will use delete. But I will activate always. Ok, so will not asking me again. I will start letting slow Be careful way delayed more than we need. We will lose two pools of watering. I will start from below expecting to not make many mistakes. Dilating start toe, delete all the other pieces. Finally these one. So now we can be sure that what we have here save it. Incinerate all the table doing now we will save again. Control. This were a place. So this CPR is definitively building. But it's a But now we will do another Orting. We will save us. Save us. We save it us well during. But in this case I will use the same name we'll bring high through on but a CDL So we have the person of all during high in city L on CPR the city l is the issues to load. A good option could be to do this. Let's say hello. We will replace the city off. We will not get lower waited fire. But it will help if my PC is not so important or I take it to a friend specie that is not so powerful. It can load the file perfectly. What? I can gather early start toe going up the subdivisions. This is like the arms, but not all the time. So we can work in each subtle globally, not come to working everything because it has 50 millions of polygons, so it will be complicated. Okay, This'll is good. I will load again, file off them. They will though the game the problem was fired. I say that as the egg thing. I will go back to this one. And what we're going to do is precisely to make a like terrorism here in this thing. So I will step on one of their settles on each one and I will use a low. I will start from the legs will use D. For example, I will see how much polygons three a Though some Republicans, I will try to live it near to 500,000 polygons. So the rig looks good So I will use Dell Heidger. Then they will go to the next piece the boots. I will get it illegal. Haider, there's 6000. I like it. They'll Haider, I will delete all the hunger ones. This for example, House three the Heidger. So every piece will be between 55,000 Polygons in mind that we have so measures or barrios millions of polygons. For example, this one we can live the RNC and 1st 6 close on the Heidger the head, for example. I want to see how the looks This is our review mesh. So don't worry about anything different. I will leave it like this. 137,000. But it is very high. Let's see for those, um, I really use more deception. We always want to see it breathing. Let's try this way they'll high go down the body. Torso 57 The high girl, The place through 1000 The throat is that they look good This way high. Go live it in my foursome I go from the both in some For some is good They'll high go again The buckled to a fine. It looks good. So I will leave on Lee. Our solution that works for us not to just have polygons. It will rise the blobs. This looks good. The hunger on the blades, morality and the option one looks good. There are 15,000. I will leave them like that. El Hager There I will finish with this process. The other thing I will do now is to use Maris visible. What I am going to shake is that we have a measure. We have a 446 toes on Polygram's. It's something we can work with So what we are going to do? I will raise all these. That is outside the provisional head. The old Okay, I will delete these for the thieves. They'll all I will select here I will insert bewildering these Merced bouldering I will start to dilate. All the subtitles below is no, they d I still know to do. It will bring on these last song in the morning. We already have a mish with a Naga resolution, the purview to be unable to continue with the other characters. So it's Carter with going into this version what we want, we can use the low to. It can't load the world during high on bringing key banking here to the scene and a high definition with only when we need it. The will burn tool is exactly in the same position like this one where we import him, it will be exactly in this position. So it's like having a copy of the car that many moment I can switch for this one. That is Ah, lower version. This is for a preview. A kind of project number time take mesh that I can work independently. The CPR to do anything we want when we important, it will love the place. So he will later want to a boat watering reality. We will be working in watering High Sierra one. This world. We should work on it anymore. This is like a timeless will. During that, there's only used it for review, So I'm very happy That say is not a subject of this course to shake other kind of renders. The wrongdoing will be in their final bottle. Well, now you can teii there well during high and take some good run doors on the start to show it in. Social networks to show to your friends are important. Part of the artist is still have feedback. Positive negative. Someone to told you that this part is wrong, So constructive. Curtis's on the other positive feedback that cheers you So the friend and family feedback. It's very important because chairs us. The feedback from professionals is very important to because allow us to grow, we need. But so to put it in social networks, total of friend that we are doing in this course okay and seeing the result to ask experiment toe are idle. Send it through networks and ask, Hey, can you shake this? That kind of things can be done and artists are very open to answer the thing, to keep inspired happy while having positive feedback. It's very important because this is a long project on the idea is to not get wasted in the process. No, to get tired. This case, for example, we have finished watering the next course will with the star with broke. The idea is to take a woman to be switching between main on woman to manage the complexity on the tiredness. So we May wrote on We go and show to our friends so that positive feedback comes back. Keep us alert that keep us happy working on the project. Oh, everything is going well. So we told two other ones eating carrots or ego on it makes us want to make the next character. So we go a step by step that in those called Latinos motivate step by step, we will be a dancing. It's like a strategies on practice to keep constant writer in the project. Well, there was nothing more. We appreciate detention. I am beat you. I invite you to repeat its time is necessary. The video This exercise will keep us to make some very interesting characters. I hope you are enjoying this. You can connect with the next bulls so we can finish. This is called, but I'm sure it will be a spectacular. So you then in the bottom for many. Thank you for your attention. See you.