The X-Men Vs Sentinel Vol 1: 3D Sketch - Diorama for 3D printing - 7 figures for collectibles | Mauricio García Arias | Skillshare

The X-Men Vs Sentinel Vol 1: 3D Sketch - Diorama for 3D printing - 7 figures for collectibles

Mauricio García Arias, CG Teacher

The X-Men Vs Sentinel Vol 1: 3D Sketch - Diorama for 3D printing - 7 figures for collectibles

Mauricio García Arias, CG Teacher

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    • 1. XmenVsSent Vol 1 ES 01 Intro vol 1 ENG

    • 2. XmenVsSent Vol 1 ES 02 Mannequin Sentinel ENG

    • 3. XmenVsSent Vol 1 ES 03 Mannequin Wolverine ENG

    • 4. XmenVsSent Vol 1 ES 04 Mannequin Cyclops ENG

    • 5. XmenVsSent Vol 1 ES 05 Mannequin Colossus ENG

    • 6. XmenVsSent Vol 1 ES 06 Mannequin Storm ENG

    • 7. XmenVsSent Vol 1 ES 07 Mannequin Rogue ENG

    • 8. XmenVsSent Vol 1 ES 08 Mannequin Psyloque ENG

    • 9. XmenVsSent Vol 1 ES 09 Blocking Pedestal ENG

    • 10. XmenVsSent Vol 1 ES 10 Primary forms Sentinel 01 ENG

    • 11. XmenVsSent Vol 1 ES 11 Primary forms Sentinel 02 ENG

    • 12. XmenVsSent Vol 1 ES 12 Primary forms Wolverine 01 ENG

    • 13. XmenVsSent Vol 1 ES 13 Primary forms Cyclops 01 ENG

    • 14. XmenVsSent Vol 1 ES 14 Primary forms Cyclops 02 ENG

    • 15. XmenVsSent Vol 1 ES 15 Primary forms Colossus 01 ENG

    • 16. XmenVsSent Vol 1 ES 16 Primary forms Storm 01 ENG

    • 17. XmenVsSent Vol 1 ES 17 Primary forms Psylocke 01 ENG

    • 18. XmenVsSent Vol 1 ES 18 Primary forms Rogue 01 ENG

    • 19. XmenVsSent Vol 1 ES 19 Sentinel damage ENG

    • 20. XmenVsSent Vol 1 ES 20 Rendering ENG

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About This Class

The X-Men Vs Sentinel Vol 1: Model - 3D Diorama for 3D printing - 7 figures for collectibles

This is Vol 1 of The X-Men Vs Sentinel Vol1: Model, a 3D Diorama for 3D printing with 7 figures for collectibles and a fantastic base to integrate them into your final scene.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mauricio García Arias

CG Teacher


Hello, I'm Mauricio.

My passion is to develop and direct high-quality Digital Animation projects and teach others how to achieve the same results. After writing and directing multiple short films and co-producing with Korea, USA, Mexico and Colombia the 1st 3D and 4D Latin American Animated Feature "Jungle Shuffle" and working on projects for brands like Disney, Chevrolet, Suzuki, Nokia, Adobe ... among others. Gathering more than 13 years in the industry, I decided to dedicate myself 100% to teach others everything I've learned, not only at a professional but also at a business level. There are already more than 2,000 people that I have trained and advised hand in hand with my talented work team in more than 60 countries. I want to give yo... See full profile

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1. XmenVsSent Vol 1 ES 01 Intro vol 1 ENG: How did one year already said Betsy again in this amazing core. So turmoil in poor quality ones. I'm really happy because I had sometimes working in this find out of the basement. Perfect. I were really eager about pigeon peas, you see? Is no finished yet? Their general idea of this course a waas whether it pursues sentinel. But I think for your process is really important. Experiment with more complex and seen on for that on you. Really? Really think a These slipped your creation become of the finish off this car creation Master. Hey, I want to give you conflicts about as we have been working as we have be working on you can be clear. What is the order in which you must take our courses? Bad focusing. He therefore fuels firstly, like sideshow collectibles. Franquin, iron Studios for these companies that war creating sculptures off comics. Andi insanity. Okay. Hey, I want to show you something. You are beginning. The sewers Were units medical in the city is to see first that everything these basic to intermediate course it really is about pretty. Cut their sponsors. Okay. They deal with these basic components. Pleads No um, were the Arkansas when I can are physically sold a character, can we work in a technical path? In correspondent to a specific where normal question is OK, night toe Cut their video games, The expiry These about concepts on a fixed date from four names of the characters later that the technical you know, the five line A particle video games vice importance. Define what kind off against coz more games on. I know this against big current processes different to everyone. In conclusion when is they are from So far the race is on The 2nd 1 is the technical five for keep seeing on and specifically, for example, if I want to work for Disney I need the physical this company on Les there I think about proportions Apology s Lou from a technical component through that specific e kind of cut when they collected functionally in ah, three wings on an animation 40 Always important Know the race is on Later is like my fat games on nation For movies for news, Sean or quality was do that one is well, we're working on right now. So the respect he did one is sending this to say Really character are basically, in this case, a disease to rust that his last season maker by you can find this mustering or the blood blood falls. Um, I our station skills shared national pick on others. They d eyes. You can find the courses in the four. What? You, uh, more for the poor guy was Jim find 16 courses in use really from scratch. And the concept is from hero to zero in these, the focus defying through parts of your moles. It really you can find all these courses in different parts, but we see more destructive. You can find the basic course off serial center face in the second courses about the basic card there. One is about the weapon for adequate about hearts or face courses about variant at me for my body. There is by my creation from scratch and move the switch, the mask, all the company's off. This little blood man later in will learn titans is big guys in this case with hope. So they're hopeful today. Hold on his proportion. And after me, we made for the painted for invented on the phone with financials. If I thought so find the five finally in which you hope to create. Greg renders For what? We've percent your customers. And this is the next step he ate and may Leno another. In this case, you need it savannahs with runner is a character for work. Work up. You don't know really know character it would be Is we and our sense Um, the enemies the basic father Vote for this wolf. If you're in that moment, you are ready. So the next step kind of breast one is up a moon. I want to be clear about something. And the idea with discourses were created. This courses on hosting the Lakers are focused. Prophecy is seriously is the knees like a fashion like your career? Someone, Anything. OK, but I want to take these courses for, like holy Okay, but by seven is holy. Did you say you know what I want is only Mississippi course you have that coarse no one cares for be against You need to see it. They have this facility for building this one. A specialty. Off collectibles have to pass. One is standard this that if this goes toe from organizations finished the on would take that That character in your for for you on the second begins with these courses about X Men war. It's made there so central this includes a complacent a Princeton. The reference for this project is X m Studios is one of the biggest on the style of their sculptures is on Amazing in Bristol, it is them on a defense that is not really bad. It will be a I want to make that goes up to show you what we want to watch it. For example, she's running over the sentiment. She will be according this Centenary last growth, for example, she's called Picker Our union Funny she will she will go from the Centenary with brutal funds. So we are going through break it in the front on gold on for many pieces right here But thinking in the off a movie star and we create her from the under Both I know the mass what the thunder balls and make to simply being different arts off the sun This solution watch you on the head off the little of the tail. It would be interesting. It is No, no much. Some very think these really there. You can go. Really? Border by 90 escape Because days in any time Okay. The scene with the complex but the interest parties. Okay. War 3 may card first on 3 May cockers. So it's floor. So many concepts about three. Well, you can't with the pretty character of that. Remember, Sentinel, you finished with 11 characters in your purple. We'll go alone, I invite you through begins It is kind of projective for Mies. One personal challenge A called Pacific E one. I want to create the most safely It's searchers in the world on the force Me to be better than the pasta is really empathy acceptance lose have on And they see this could similar and 66 men against sentiment. So I say, Oh, I want something like that. I begin and I get this project. The next one is one this copter we can three character little under in and the one off 50 colleges The part to make all these characters I love us face too many problems. For example, the whole weekend you the resource off our complete the old Miss character, that is no, the I have 80 millions off follicles, Andi for so many characters really low, interesting use. So many are. They think this can be possible. And you need amazing company by Loreal in the scars. Hold for proof for this project. Thinking four set on free printing. That's important because the way for we Worf is different. So steps okay again. I am really excited and afraid. Thes complete course. The traditional waas. Okay, Only with two characters a there and that I say. Ok, no, I need to do right now on with the courts with all the carters on make Israel every quit course include all this year we're making in the course on the referees. This completes in a will be included in the last course I think is probably clear that the rest of these fares volume is no finish All this is really focus on for the sketch. This is important. We are aware of it because this takes time It is really complex Have many process I want to kiss you all that process So I think that they cause it would be wrong that way You we have all the tools so they conceptual tools on no list They this kind of off products? No. So you will learn how to create an A sketch for this case off the project on there is well to work with your customers, remember? And the relations were this say a similar like company work. Your customer is no comfortable and make changes. And okay, 50 something that on the idea is that you hold you can minus that kind off is not only about beautiful models is about if the base it's possible on finally, you enjoyed this December 3 days these kind of projects So we come to the is must stale the character for collectibles. I invite you to go step by step volume bubble A really sort All the problems in the process on we will see the imagery resource See you in the next last to begin with the money conformation 2. XmenVsSent Vol 1 ES 02 Mannequin Sentinel ENG: Okay, here we go. A the food status. I will. The little these characters in this case I wrote fan force old my case in the sphere I'm gonna say I went to direct their first project. My cat is uses through the skits. Well, we have discredited Sometimes the screen capture so far the record me, the the refugees So in the material supportive and find I don't need reverence. Very when we were in different you can find these billions disease and animus represents toe Understand? What? What? Well, this is the final video bus. I put that here The beating The final B is waas the fares proposal for my love on with the scene we take a position, maybe say the focus on with her here the shoulder of the sentence being scared, happy with any customer. But if the final boarding a day where there in simple and sometimes makes like the kind of change here you can find the final score table you've seen while you So this this file remember? We were with a few refs off If you don't have to have it embedded like on the worries is pre soak. But anybody to collaborate with because there they're so far away. Fine for reference. I made it for the decides. Have many I must. I funded Oh, on Internet and you can find e mice advice about the the old style of the eggman serious side I included in my sculpture ISS some textures and lines. I believe in this process. While I created the course, I I want to change some things improved some things they have of the Centenary of the character. Maybe be fresh in the process is long process. So make the same. There is a statue of these really hot. So we begin with Monica more than yeah, we could like books on go with money. The attention These replace all the same. So a Okay, quickly. Go on the money thing, right? Save us on, fool. I got a city. Did I hear this before this? Okay. Except the food curry ary right? The sound of my problem. Sometimes he we want to say good to see you from here on will be sent to cases when we want to say they Since we go to files quite on civil he say all the the project lighting boiling through When we say with full hey save only the more if I go through playbooks again. I opened this money again. He replaces all the same. So the trick, President, we go through the sentiment pose. We don't need their symmetry. In this case, a one arm goes forward there Go Bible. So way don't need the senate before these for these fears. Pluses with X looking saying symmetry and normally a message on the reference I I say Okay , this is this is the person I combined so many represents toe shows these close So we go through Today we go to more Sunday days state there but breast x locus this image film off battle for weapons for were And they are those through the fight with Psychlos the panicking pregnancies really insistent because we can create five proportions for the asserted release. He made a drawing and I saw it. But you don't know it traveling This is fair fed way too 2% your projects for your Christmas Then I met. I like this. I made these in the past with characters through you. But this is a really nice way The attention and where you put the mouse because in the days you with the mouse in the middle of the bone, you can move it. You go through the the joint, you can stretch their They was on the story in the momentous for a new both In the situation you have a mirror. You can ask the situation and understand. Okay, this is the right. So there goes down the left. So there goes it because the tension of the situation is straight, by the way. But you need to understand on the airways active this wish, okay, disabled the Pacific Ocean on move. Here's next on the hit. I think this is great for their first step, but this is through the sketch. With these techniques, you can what we're trying to your customers. Think about changes. Six changes without problems in the food. You need to pay attention. Meeting something the commercial scooters arm or higher? No, to wife. For me. If the the Army's extend Psychlos needs to be, it's more five. So if I they flows through the body, maybe all this statue with the this life more hunger, some pain in important for the action. Ah, deduction to the pros. What I do is move this here one upper on there lower. But they confront e way reference with the shoulders. The personality of this in violent you Great. They showed this. We are line read down, but then he goes in their way. Always that lines those in the different ways, uh, include action in the the post. Ah, but you see, in the real life is in that way. The idea is Friday, You know, the cases, that idea stage, but maybe so receptions the worry about that, but all the time it would think. OK, the length of the he banned. So there's is fired these armies bullet by colossus. So maybe go but work. I like this. But this this rundown I think it's more sensible. More for the center because they knew here through cycles, many where we could Cyclops a We understand bird deceive. Okay, See you. And then next Last 3. XmenVsSent Vol 1 ES 03 Mannequin Wolverine ENG: Okay, you go. We will bring freely. Sketch. We had to You have to. Roshan's the bears weight. He's working with a born money. I can lo my Niki men. I can't blow it on Selig. Then he said I want to changed for most Tried to use, actually names the select, the new money You have it in their symptoms. More of them money key. And you can saying the position off the bones. But no, not more. Of all the managing toe for side. So the department is in these perception The ocean is creating a table Missions on mobile We can the the well one. But in this moment, go with the perception. So high day there for miles no sense I renamed in you. I created this discourse in in Spanish. Originally so sorry you find sometimes across in English and Spanish, because in this complex look at what happened when I try to blow the money King from label . They tried to replace all the for that. We say the our version sit here, include. Okay, The cut is I have the new person off the building here. You can find the final version off off the first this year, but you can see right now by fine, more advance. It's important because you can see your time reference for the any kind of series weapons. The left hand is up on the right, hands down, smashing the head. A sentiment disabled the cemetery with fixed on the world for the company. Begin with the arm, read and write, You see, for on the the projection off the shoulder you for their for what? And you see okay, he have the the forward. But you project the shoulder you see, like arrested movement the saying with the nearly 70 uh, who provide the the post, the emotion, the adventures of this kind off content You can go back first place way can minus the conference off se con on for no All my sisters use their reference Remember holding the post dsk there? Let's they're writing the rif Goa robots Really in When? On the way. So we're 11 left The pressure, the pressure with the fluff. Who's the leg? Oh, up there. So the other let's go down for value and the 36. So for that for does you can see that line claimed line in the If try to paid all time. They see I couldn't see in old ways. And the forces okay is no in only phone left is all 300 sister greats is full time I wrote in the car The risk of the hunt, the length with the arm Was that the sensation? That intention like he went toe attack A direct phone not full of the hand is put the hand with that intention. So who you do I want to punch is some some point that phone that the funds need toe the line with the that that I will move the shoulder with this spirit this game Look this I moved the this fear and a soda You call Enviga baby eyes say the idea. He's bigger really Looks Shorty buys relief. Why their guy? Perfect. Thes the Dominican indisposed it was war for one minute is no really complex. It's inform the attention to the invention of the super and okay, saying the name they All days I heard the and the plan is working. The three guys reused this same manikins later than that for a syndrome panicking. And you said for the three girls. I think this is natural, Bill. It is more bigger than so. There. There I am. Through the center. They destroyed a symptom and the fight on See you in the next last. 4. XmenVsSent Vol 1 ES 04 Mannequin Cyclops ENG: okay. Who go the this case off site in my in adversity, by creating the open of on. And I want to fry something differently with this character in the position. I think this any time. And they created this post the most noted knowing, knowing foes of safely the find in the glass crazy way go through in self on said our new money money the high day they order in money digging fool before their bones. The correct the same. Hey, Heidi. Disabled. The scan is 183. Great. It was referenced. The so good. His chest. Okay, they had a We moved ahead a little on, you know, I think is did he go forward for work? They so this so dead Go out. - They're thinking about these clothes many times thinking, Okay, They saying this something more classical. They therefore see what buses. Finn, you have those underworld Ah, come legally and nation community you off here in Texas And the 2nd 1 of the things ministrations give me a reference for the for the cycles bad this post. I think he's very for this sessions. Don't worry about the of the face that from? No way you see the reference on this day, their relationship. It's their only case. When I changed the post before a centrist for me and for you Ah, try to stay the same face with the characters. Okay? It's done in growth. They need to be yourself. Be closer from a result that way in 10. Compare and certifying the problems. See going. Okay. I want to make this in order. Character. Okay. But way we can compare in Paris. Okay, here we go with this to a hi 1,000,000,000 Partners in the leg. Go to I have the skin, uh, made density. What? In Venice front? They here Didn't they felt big combat through their files of the number. But conserve the maze, Get it with skin. Your name we have this. The mess is a real mess. The original wise, like bones Like, um, objects. But we can The mess. Okay, great. Aminvest is the right. Create many things. Okay. This case I can scale this begin to put all the characters when we need. We scale this internet. Okay. I need to change the first position. Okay. You can go back. Be aware one done done useful for us. Okay? Yeah, I need I deleted. No, I continue with the new miss. Okay? Make this same thrips For what? From skin business suit. Mr. Jiro is we heard from skin served on their the name We've been in skin and I think for the in the position when I waas this case off over the head from in here getting we go nobody normal occasion, kid, You see, significant have way through this case for the smile in How about really both their reference understanding isn the size off one car. Your reputation in this case in this Centenary is really bigger about thinking about the this quote. I want to see more than details in the the Because there's a good car. So the sentinel, I make it a sorry on. Don't even show you with me in mind. He started thinking in I can enjoy the table all the car except in this case, moving Mason Carter. So I tried to do for the characters, the bigger this reference, you see, the they must. The sentiment is really you can destroy a car with one foot this one. No one made demise. That the magic by that had soil Because the the serious the Centenary Stubing Hey became this many big days. This thing's still for for cyclone is I pay attention A with the proportions is I say that would be in reference And I understand cycle is Tiger 200. So whether in the that referees, if I see some of the stuff I can position bear the car I want the ice off the secular UK sternness looking the behind the hand of this infamous I think these go with said by stiff you go then the slice Ah, go with a 5. XmenVsSent Vol 1 ES 05 Mannequin Colossus ENG: Well, I am. And it's because of Corozzo. May was in a state of mind, incontinent Internet. Winter isn't really special. No control, no male artist. And he and the lucky but coming day Look, it starts and where it is going to come in. And oh, the poor responders. Antonella, you Ellerson! Venus de any taqueria. But it looks much less serious. Second, it's it's on table and it gets to Jacqueline. Look where the car is. Not quite like a salad in Brussels. That is hell is in Bolivia. Cosecha catalyze the Lamanno Centinela e this temple vivienda coalesce into schools with more sets. Teniendo Bedazzler! Centinela, meet you lose the masters. Fruitiness, come. Okay, Start you and your continued and Centinela the police and the kissing with mice. For you, it was worth. Is this a like that boost? Catacomb? Or I said it's a money key. KK, come in and go Support. Is that Yella? Pure Nightly, sir. Address? You know that's really is here. Yeah, coming in with less, but Oh no. You look at my cycle. Quite the juggle. You said you said the money key or you're not, You know no mammals. We were told of the muscle Ghetto spirit. John American Pizzeria there. You're totally mask the colonel and a support. I must go here. University podia No, it's that control. But it was going to stay. Cyclops, you really subtle way over a systematic e. Okay, Thank you. Call this point. Decay is David at disappear. Anastasia, tell us it's not the island. Tentative. Lamentable. Stumbles into the charges. Let me in. But a key. This is a look. Is that in the land? See, you know. Yeah. Hey, still, as I said, it doesn't Boco. And then you're looking at some, undoubtedly an apartheid. Last year I couldn't open with an no that I planted last. Let India can be subtle. I know. Hey, that's the last study. Must call you see Atlantic simply because the Atlantic City called a liberal tambien because he got a little pitch. Is that in the position? This is that more? You mustn't see one of the worst teniendo in basil. What is the number is the key test like I related to you is incontinent and just enjoy. You can't less way does he predicted I see you. They love to see this and I quality going make up for your skin. And he said either the medical money, even friend of the traditions. Okay, you know, not to be studies. It'll you go up in its discourse. We call our well being brilliant. If you cover, someone is gonna deport. Tampoco says what you're looking at your body building bigger jumble, choice and manners years over into sentiment is because intimately is never the name it loeseth in pacing, call again the metal No. And facing It's in your genetics that this kind of money fadeaway, wary cut. So yes, which is not the most Well, you must. Is there another political intention, Hazel Eyes, you know? Well, I will Zach, with the World Bank credit in diplomatic ties, you know that what we're gonna say, Uh, the classes include, uh, torment. Kind of. You know, this Liam was getting am and living in tin whistle Yankee. You think you know the dictator in a motor Muslim and terrible blast? This civilian was I see this every Wednesday in this intimate Lakeville. We're coming at me. Um, LAMAs, Kara. The control click I deleted any less so he's not Melissa 11 pressing. Okay, Man is never a good voice any their conference center. This is American forces. And hey, this clear in Sana e t weighs in, but Clinton is beginning. We Ah, sedition are clearly but your reservation. Click co royally. Um, Mike Lee knows your yes address. You know that opinion? I can go in a different to some of the England this year. Yes. Came in your area knows repentant music. Perfect for those of you think, Elisabetta John. 6. XmenVsSent Vol 1 ES 06 Mannequin Storm ENG: okay. And we will begin with the in cremated mannequin. I had already known this procedure in. We're just less. I am gonna say these decide creating a We'll include so on movement to the project. Because if this is the lena with union. So the Gerst this look, um, more enters, Okay? I go toe like books on and certainly their project with my body today. Replace or no, again we go to save us in full on on said the this body, but like so like the okay. Again, I open file. Do you not fight from fighting is no from tourists from five in pretty Wait a o r maybe in project you can say with more weight. But for me is that I know Okay, i e I repeat the process. It starts on the scene on control. I go too low through on for the in many buddy inset And then on Andi went to clean all these because of that simplify. You deal with this you simplify the fight Found posterity many times a growing city. Okay, but But I have I am afraid because I can lose some body or for clothes Where I'm oil in defiance. Okay, but this you have saved in way are created, committed saving. So we lose something you goto past file. You can find their forward the last smile and be okay. Click over the I to this who hide all day or this group of your goes to reference who on a life why they look, she's studying on this sentence finger. I want her back. But maybe that immigrant into a different woman is really bad for the cookery. I don't know, maybe exempts two your and do us incline did. But ah, we so I can't help is I don't know, works A It's, um, have his favorite his his paid line and his experience in this kind off for the project. So eventually, if you need to know what the process is printed with you liberal use bad in copies in case I go back and standing her and safe this case this reference Give made idea. Okay, I want her on, like with the woman, but hungry like Savannah's, but in the hands up in like and just did by, like this learned that I remember Is she from League of Legends So from all this conduct this A I designed my my posts. Okay. And the cool moved in jabs. Or when you execute into the shoulder for the woman these so different and write down donut box being move forward in the future. We were the, uh, really work in creating a day fingers. In this case, only the first service. Something in no in the crate. The idea for the wrist. For I am least that the Get it out. A new one there. Next. The heat far in this car ferries phrase because Mitchell being what is the moment off the movement? Because he she's starting over the next. They're right there. Right bone go over Bali's She's on air. What happened there? I continued in the other parts on the A combat situation because your neck something for the money. Okay. You knew they are. We need Sorry. The movement. Does he base it on for me movements, comic arc on The exciting rate is important description here. I want to try the other way. Move the left. Really? From that boat open because she goes with that the leg toe there. If this case I tried respect their rules and moved a the left shoulder Go over there. You try to to stay there. The idea This is war. This. It's kind of like this kind of situation for time. Bacos. That's user. One moment of the of the situation so far Moments when she begins to jump off when young being stormed The elegance is for so and everything. Okay, the same goes the team. You are the on the skin, but the fight on in service Sydney go over the I look around everything I went through se like reference in this case and cycles because similar, Like like the news. So so. Bodies, They said Okay, I want to see more. Exactly the car they go more artistic. One more thing to wait for me there a You analyze that with you guys. Do it. Okay. A they deal with the post is the hand the head on Luke through the show there island. She destroyed the shoulder with the thunder balls. Okay, that Dennis, let me go with broke. Okay. See you in the next last 7. XmenVsSent Vol 1 ES 07 Mannequin Rogue ENG: Okay. We continue with growth. You find I phone sewn son. BC's the most important for me, the less conviction I need to restrict more than that idea bar include solve the pay's for improve it there. Yeah, she's strong. Aggressive. So in the in the Siri's you you can't. Even so when she would five with points important way the sentence. So I think, OK, she's who can go throw the sensitive the power. What? See Harvey's They did their powers of the he said any good buyer. But with this incident, they were in the power. Is she light so she can fly? Told the Sentinel I would both this sentiment Okay, in this reference, we can see what So are you one who make that punch? Okay, we need on our manikins by making when this finishes money. He Okay, go Reference is different with the storm because she have the They're right leg over of the same stuff. I can't. They used this, Tommy, the phone can selling the This is Roland contraction. Okay, there's a to land on the the clicking day. I they are honestly later cut on. Begin to make change The first there. These move the lever. Ah, where 9 to 1 points is No, there is Not really Rex. No, no, no. So sprint. You know, um, length A little on the day of the joints, you see, then the poor Adam over a strict But in Siberia a little That position position. Okay. You know, I'm wondering just the neck head this case, I can growth place the body when later they they So this the correct their little sleigh, the body years growth pace. Suddenly an idea on the move. The soldiers on Davia is there. Okay. I'm sorry to move their legs. You understand? What happened? These I need to move all their this straight is to understand the post. Go on for the days way. There's the red. We know a little steps over there. Cut the this foot. Luke, sit down This leg a have the I want to more This this left a way. You know the same in this reference, Their right hand the go The openess is with sure the case The just look, Porter on the, um he's for the buck. Okay. The left became move up there. This case, the leg is really important. The intention all the time. What was But I want to communicate in this case is she go through the sentence. He's strong So you can You can blood with a simple punch. You need a strong punch on all your body. Participate in that situation for free. I like the position sported Woman Ricard and this is not normal Position is three stream position its composition Very because the hit is the legs Make the movement more down there I made in the same for creator of the skin Since that I hide off everything a high they hold high The my picky I scaled them well I tried to review the SK with Star These moment is really put it disabled the perspective with him because your new compared a size this your the suspect can but bite us Who Very come state. Okay, thanks Trying the position Ah, I put the food inside the sentiment trying to understand she's get out from the sentimental My client like customer needs to understand that. Okay, See you then slashed through real side 8. XmenVsSent Vol 1 ES 08 Mannequin Psyloque ENG: Okay. In this case, it's a look. Case in the the original sketch to this case. See, she iwas position Italy like, ah, the heat of the Sentinel. But maybe that that the you movement the this corpse of So you went to would see running like a ninja over the shoulder. The sentiment these reference when this special they were one don't remember that is give May they be okay? She's beautiful. Classical like this. Like the comics on your games on the movement, they can say similar. That can see it can be a solution. Similar. The idea with the used A Catanha. I don't like it. I went Who? You then? The last time? Ah, them We apocalypses she used the lesser projected predicted predicted ive and cement motives. Okay, It was that necessary. The only like this whole look in this picture. You then can be alone. So they'd Iago's. We're dead. Very formation. So these this hand go up there the earlier him again Support for the movement. I want to see under your appearance the final resource. The last really long because she can faster. Last lesson called the Sentinel on make really big numbers big destroyed. S o okay. They see that I deliver last managing on this new one. Do you know why? Because his position is he's about on. You know, they can move this man aching. So I created the force on the I moved Begin with the next. This this poses is complex. But all of this exercise is really interesting because a invite us to explore the anatomy in many in any position in many cases. Eso Where is this learning? The With the really much on the idea. Look, these are go over the other arm with this hand gives support the movement The other hand is his focus is projective And the block in this this case log is the bathroom centrally they d A's The last cell is the position of the last year for a little Today this licked the looks that like ah side side jump they jump in I went maybe a little front No more than site More were fun because e want to look See you running about jumping We move in the far son Compare with the reference. See looking okay The direction in the references looking for the direction we're see Jumped ? No, our case. Kim C o r for this indirection or looking the head of the sentence maybe can be and more interesting. Yeah. Hey, you hate Okay, I will destroy you for once. I think this, um, need to to go, but I think always hears is okay. I like these, But But when? When we for the where we put and she over The Sentinel is the the moment is the problem. Okay, We organize their happiness like the last less is Yeah, in service. So every all day all the girls high day or, you know money keeps on moving sheep. This soldier here in this point okay, I don't bad ones. Too much to review with the claimed the the girls are or idea with this volume is create something basically basic, but with enough info to review with your customers. Friend, you you don't need to be signed This this kind of things when you're animal really about. But sometimes in their designer send you some pictures. Okay, this is the sign. But darling, into the it's ok, but in truly may didn't work. So this kind of this case is really useful. Yes, for it goes when you see these through this case, you can say OK, this is more silicon. Good. Boo Some problems when we rented or for when we create there the clone ion away in the painting process Need to be there the last to paint it really can do that. Waas all dying for It's least harder. Okay. You want to was sit here many times where you work with your client You can on your customers safe. Please fix this week This week on you say ok is the worst customer of the war. But really many times in your fourth because you need create meaningful simple in for three with your customers Andi fight too to find that things that take that problem that issues in the fierce stem of the project. No, the problem person is always is suspensive. And the problem when the things are expensive is who pay for the close the customer or you I'm okay. Look, I wonder the lesser goes toe. I know no parallel to the left leg is so, um for the complex modifications I think I better go bath the mannequin, adjust the position on a scale again is always we need the productive his kind of singles, right? Okay. The problem in the post is no, no So bad is more artistic. Our idea You, if you consider a used the the position they live Army really set apart for the early and also the last cool in the same sewn where ro is I spoke the sentence So the two Russian the directions e don't know, make a thing that close section but is the sheikh or to understand And if you could understand their situation when you be clear, so and say look in run can run a there right side on the right side And the demise is there in the right side Everyone see in that burdens on and see the demise the situation understand everything you need to be clear in our for person I compare them The head from the heads is a The more clear a object in this triggers because the positions are really print on. The only reference for this size off this girl. But the head is okay. I put c the soldier and I think these worth spare that that that's the so there is really aggressive Kristen, I need nine, You fool. With the last year from there the before season they were there ever any position they You know, when I waas really boring these cases morning More movement there The corpses I want to create Ah, a little. They will use boy on paper. Like most the famous we're all in Syria the soil options and Sarah in Syria Yeah, in a new window in dark though his without Britain on nurses, with all the quality no quality you a sighs the same size of the government and go to the Bookman on review This size of the video where I want e used a sneeze is ah like is develop You want Okay, they attain shown to these I the disabled the reasonable with tea layer I would control See later Duckman rece ice be supplied. The well decides what I choose. I only it a Greek on created this scene again. These what do is create this in with the domain size. Well, I choose a t again toe. Continue with the reasonable activate their perspective with, um I'm press turntable turntable begins toe record the video they activate age. That is high quality on it was Ah, the name fabled or was one all right? This is one first video to really with your customer. A. Okay, see you on the next list. 9. XmenVsSent Vol 1 ES 09 Blocking Pedestal ENG: Okay, I would make uh, some kind off through this case for the person for this kind of his sculptures is not done commercial. Okay? Fit Because he's four and a specifically collection ist, I think for the correct size, the proportions. Okay, if this stuff is great and the base of that fence and maybe a ceiling date or something like that, I think maybe, you know, a scene, maybe a city that can be right back. But no. With cylindrical base, maybe, maybe. Well, well, safe it in the I served us cylinder on a deformity here escape is no doubt in city highway bad I The more these are many rectangle works with lady in the store Do we care? Eso played or grade is some decoration This case Rome is easy with simple shape A This is for for Franco can't miss more sand. And they see this culture on you that the neck and the soldiers were sly, very self. So maybe in this case, the real prince that that citadel was perfect for and make some kind of base Do it this case A This is from except studios on the food really complex components Di Lydia into that That two ways. The simple sitting there someplace or Maine later on over a no history with components? No, Maybe a lump owes. Last time off, maybe some destroyed one. These sculpture and this this is fire made to create this party. You really invasive? They see the taste. One book thing. Why I left with before myths and flood use over there. There one in some way The highway I euros gonna stander. Okay, I made a press controlled the thank you. Thank you. Some on later with them standard I begin toe, you need some fresh, big stresses of the again and I go with the move. We're bus. I have. Ah, the fact they're brushes the This is where I said my brushes way with some circled circles . The case in movies for the ministry. Okay, I am or gifts. So distortion. This is I used, baby, that nice shirt for these two I wore faster, you know, here some five years to be sentinel parts of sentinels in there The stairs in disturbed we can before something. If many times I I received are you can receive in the sign of the person in this case, we will have that. This is well. Wait. Prove creative Propose. They claim that idea A Well, I say, if you're creative for no, the more conservative for in state of to save us. So this is one way. Well, words for everyone. What happened? Thinking serious, I hope. No. Okay, maybe Verrilli that the boy? Yeah. I inserted again the cylinder and straight through this works there the floor And so some destruction. Then the to stay And the simple a Vienna with without details that given the clear idea Well, we think And it will be the the final suit. And I went for four days Section of gonna force is forgive. So reality Ah, for the A It's cooked my food when he on So in this country to see the end with this same site in the future I didn't need to be destroyed. And And if the whole what happened when the descent Fred over these suddenly this lake case kind No Kelowna, Do you really care? I don't want to put a car because it is so many complaints. Maybe any time go to the car. That's fine. The productive negligees part of the same year. House can be interesting through this use for this is food case. I refuse to. For the you're near through right sound in the late show. The reference to your cost. It's like, OK, I think these I think that you don't need to go different day money don't spends 1/4 really millions on their the customer Give I d s. Yeah, your side. Side by side with their customer. Very leading five. Well, I want through these something more big, more finality. I know where in a living Okay is See you in the next class Work from the their fear from 10. XmenVsSent Vol 1 ES 10 Primary forms Sentinel 01 ENG: okay? You were with begins the primary forms. Really? The manager? He said, um, Morley He's family for but between primary and secondary forms, it really the fewest. The idea in this case way. Think of some. I don't mean a basic tenet. Um, we need so believe when I see to this case off world ng I think he will. I see stuff. I think this second step very with this case. Yeah. Here. Begin. This is the last time table I made. Okay. I include Ah, the rope. The no sanitation, the sentiment. The classes were what with some lines, uh, text food. Make it interesting, But a Well, I was change the what with a classic car. This this is their basic sentinel looking little. This is basically I'll have the same No reason to fear. Go that way. Maybe in this scripture I made more saves in this intern indoor Some verses they got taking Advantest A I made one on this is the 2nd 1 So I want improved some things. I will do that. The sentinel is really stress because because this is okay. So many and the anatomical forms that is complex before you need to. The people believe that. But with the destruction, I think we can put that part. The North, but the correct? Very. Really. So we need to put that proportion in these. A mining. I go, your Grace solo. Okay. To isolate the character, the fifth being go to jealousy on Syria. What do I think? Definitely moved. I don't know. 40 groups on it's official, but I see a stallion, maybe from your us suppose move these. You sold the parts so immediate. So in other ways. Thank you. So to the normal enemies on go consider a message. They think groups toe Hold that with the vocal, I can choose this colors for a basket and contradictory. Yeah. Okay. That I think is their use serum ation. Without that, I need to size. I need that. He produce a He was some advantage moments. Not good. Okay. Oh, so I don't know nothing. Okay. The same political groups on to Syria measure I want this level of the same way I go with Prescott on select labeled us so at somebody. So death all time. I work with the by the NFL, for starters, if trying this. Don't go, Victor. Something genital by the the Korea foresee soon the divisive faces and it's fragile. Waas put some lines and the final word. Okay, here with the that used this inflates eight years with this Kim. Some buddies from your day? Yes, maybe the uncles. The full Cardiss services are really big. Uh, the feet of the same. Really big on, Like a cartoon style. They're from this. That is decided. I need to say that the site home can make that site close. That styled with six cents case, please e something Some material gamely flat some fitness. If you want to gate and board access for surf, you select in any person for the love legal. Where the bus? Their letter? 41 one. These standard Bush he's done for hiding place Sixties seven slave. Okay, you see, foreign, remember, in this point, you need to the I mean for your head, the course who aboard? This thing subject is the fact three, three courses for See this court for us. Really? For this is the for all this. All the characters will be basic, responsive. The future is some pretty good. So go ahead He's no service today, but and who? They picked us because they said in their my body, No nothing who hits were here for us. Every at the so part of the fix it the next with yourself, say for yourself you can define their name. A. We're very excited for the's Centenary hard clerical. But but my body for better there on and that barrier, the application of the So there it's it's prophecy. The next direction they're thinking human. Finish my body. And there they changes a to convert to become this for the sentence. So today Bose was a cloud. I think this case, they help you really much from the moment going with that another. Another five layers include some perfect 62 since more often. And is there fan? Okay this year? This class A soon the next lesson today. Sensitive primary 11. XmenVsSent Vol 1 ES 11 Primary forms Sentinel 02 ENG: Okay, This second class about primary forms of the sentiment You want these Paris? I need a bigger the different details. Primary and secondary for us. He's if you Yeah, maybe the pre my forms in four times slighted about seeing their sons fear. But with these incident with a little more detail, we'll see e no, the devices, the Brexit. But we need some distortion by sphere. So cylinders enough When I go through the second I forms maybe is great. We go the best or brave anatomy red tape because they're sorry. Forms a something more like sex tours, veins a little the face. So when you understand that that live was or for the sake of the war I could that a were the layers based If Okay, I am just seeing move, move verse Many times is faster. So, William, the buck a have really mice volume. The friendlies tried toe. So who created the bus? And without without the Muslims? The facts have really big Mosul's. It's important make you bigger. Okay? Yeah, I really okay thesis Ah sentinel. Why you are Merlin Hiss and or you were humiliated the buttocks. This incentive okay, is that are over. But this basil in human bodies So they mum body include advice. Look at this. All the the Williams Bass Ale on the Mosul's all time I create for the big parts. And when you're strange Well, that's what big funds, but massive on the muscles all time. This this is ah, complex part because on it's interesting is really simple. Ah, simple foods. And it's our secret feed. But if we include many detaining the efforts we think would need to could use a busy day the fit. But this case that it looks, they cartoon, I have Ah, this site and on We need to stay so simple then with simple a couple minutes time on layer , we can include solve these days. No, Before there this styling or the card here is this complicit in the straight path. This is strange, but this is difficult. Keep it simple with will you I made a small sea or the car. I understand then perforce, um when we, uh flows and we lose the perception Yeah, for go from the from the fills up all the pictures. Okay. You want to use in play? Ah goods more volume is the the same move saving up on on deflate. I just use it for volume. Inflate is well that Travis is lean or yeah, trading. That is I want to lose volume. And this is in fact, a movie I want Really? I need very much volume and the other e use Move the the topology of discussion in they complex toe William. But there within the others are interested. This this the leg looks Ah ah. I was living with more bullets that when I talk about the feet, the promise the the card to have that big the fifth you include that the car fixed, But that's it, sir. But your customer say okay, I don't know the ah, it's nice or no. OK, but in this moment, you can like decisions with your customer. Okay, I know one days of the window, but that happened in the beginning of the project. So there's no van expensive in this. In this part of the project you can review with your customers. He's OK. I like that. Okay. We sent me an email saying that a when we send you Ah, he's one check points of the project? Yeah. Sometime in the future, he say my case a more so in I don't want this How? Okay. Sorry about this. Seem a very I have. Ah, group on. And we make the change because you So if you one is changes about that the the world, I can do it. It have our legal costs. Extra psychos is, I don't know, 3 10 10 hours. And that's an hour. Because it is this and the client can say, Oh, no, no, no, no. Sorry. Okay, He say no, no, no. You always do everything by who faces the question you this case faces if you day. Okay, everyone, this. I think the hands are began the forearm. Who long in this case? All three son Little structure. I like it all time in the bones. Okay, then. Then you can say many place or for the skin that is very important before the bones within a think about their bowling bones. Later, you put so fleischer some skin. Uh, that looks great. Looks great. But the normal full time the I think in the place. So the hands looks without strips of and I really? Okay, It's a boredom, given the idea on the helmet. I think I know of the I can suggest here and replay build up without book. Um, so guess where the face this risk let's have their minimal components toe Some decisions were cost more dinosaur. The final of the volume. You can see no, really my sport about But you understand all the culture or the situation and step by step A before grow, uh, find goes great direction. This case I went to extrude and the fingers this case in a with work through it. Something really simple Looks awfully sorry. That is really playing. You're going These? You did? Yeah. This case released that she had No, I know we're finished. Strip a go or the nice the mess. This case I am thinking the fingers are there on Look, Ari, order the orientation is for work. Looking forward later on that Okay, I begin toe thinking proportions off the for their fingers. If your customers see this cake and think Oh, you are, But ah, this looks really bad because the hand is herbal. You say No. No, no way. Are thinking about a structure, a composition No, about another. No. I told me about beauty because that are for the steps. But Ho Kent, that your customers say Okay, how can I delete that? Look at my portfolio. All my morals are created in these cross. Okay, You can create really? The police boils. Who present your cost base and okay, review this because if you have have more murder taste, you could have more changes. Through is really in really complex. The projected the protection go down because you don't want that that changes there. So many information on the one moment with every idea. Bear better that Beister soccer complete proposition. General balloons. Nothing beautiful. Nothing on the surface. We went to this idea on of this same idea with the customary one idea. You have the same idea so that that God is important leading this this moment you have one client will cost a mere with three friends. All have different ideas. I think they have this same idea. That is really you need to put that into the the idea. Everyone. I don't think that is the idea. - Looks in this case. Then Looks a little bit no two marks, but the profession. Okay, It's the unionist last 12. XmenVsSent Vol 1 ES 12 Primary forms Wolverine 01 ENG: All right. I see what happened with the characters when they sent in in the bigger, um, religous. So you see living are when you move off. I think Carlos, they will get more. Is definition in what's happening? Okay, in we begin to put the most of they generally through all the character from this case are used like Thomas. The case he sold all the components is he will live different companies. Andreassi remission. And you need birth apology on and played. It is displayed a the formacion information in place a hell postal flu general Bottom on. Go faster in the in the roses. I think they have is really big. I really you get So I changed the that cited escape on. Are you through the one situation with controlled Lee? Well, let me that I can't begin to you say, huh? So there remember weapon in really big guy. He's no no. I get about bad. Why is his arms I really strong? The bath's really big for all the character is it's different with different Who off? Who are the fears over use So bad is that because you many cars on advice for many years. Quickly you find we're going to quickly because the and I don't need different thing. You see, Cyclops Furman? I know. And what was the superheroes have have all times if last similar. I never me by always. Woman is really different. Is he's more Why did I think is a little good guy Hey, footed in the body Andi would boil the Muslims places. Remember, you don't no these muscles and go through the and CNN anatomy courses on the attention In the course that give you all the basis here, you can see General Allen and I'm Natalie, But the we go with the specific anatomy, who would be in this case, the case is offensive course, I don't say in plain again or all things I went to go. So all the the restaurants in ice sculpture. So I went to, you know, in that moment and then a six. A constant the day of the number you can find in an hour off are left for the my two rows of stations skewed shirt off, a massive you can find in a day and night for that force. This part is complex because he's bigger hejab. Bigger for us? A and really my sport. The women in his eyes sort of guy about but the difference. There were the s youth on disease. They these have ah, comets time That way, cause Sadie's ah, that way were very news story. Success hasn't separation. The Muslims are really You can find the real world. One guy with like ball bearings. Really still way is different. Okay, here we are working. Call me inside on the reason for a We need more parliament in the past, you can say had been passionate. Your customer and sailing show that you are your ideas. Okay? This guy bigger or something? Once you're very many cases, one another even more. Don't do what? Why I I say you would suddenly I need a proposal as no Asian. Yes, you can say that here because if you say you know you can make that two worsens. This is really fast. Really fast. We didn't create the worst. Okay, this is what you with IHS, this is ah, it's likely with the conflict. But I want to propose you this. I can show you basses. And I said, Oh, you know I want more of these his way on attendings. Always more the credit this year. This this is just the menus. Here is the included The Muslims are for financial strain shank. I would move. I get this safe. They that foot for me. It's more easy with with moving this case you Can you Your Yes, your shoes. They're reference off the capability of your foot. Then they support your weapon is Oh, God! Former. You know, they're really stick for shapes. But for leaning on that, you need to go through reference in many reference off. Yeah, superhero fits because you have some extra volumes. O r the the some fires they know. Does that waste? There s a great and they agree. I find a one interesting up three at us and anatomy releasing things. Can you help? Can help you really, really much Didn't see or the bones. So the those high then Honestly, you can face those. Yeah, Okay, look. It's really simple, say, but looks right now he looks in big air. What's that guy find? We will include there. The tapes. They conflict four. I want to there the, uh the finger bones but people the for with move I try to give you an idea of the of the bunch those hands. But I want to stay secrets away. I don't want to spend my stain. You can. Okay, You know, I have funniness. I like this in 10 minutes. That is very dear form a simple because for this, classes can take more than funniness. So one card, but in this case can take me okay for Nina's I can used for science. You see, I am obligated Toe Go faster, Help me toe Be passive. Included is when the blades e the have because the three blades the I can see these from far on Say, OK that the guys women with that being relates we need we'll need the hair for the mass or the colors only with with that the place we understand with in that kind of science is for your customers. Understand? Their this couple of my thing with with two Vikings create a safe air really faster. I skated. I select these with a control on really isolation with less. So, um, I clicked in these two parts and the way the gizmo, this helper go away and center in the mascot. And there we were with you. We can give advice. Basic shape. I don't need so much to tell you. Okay, that comes the future. Right now I can give quicker city on, but duplicated Save and the dimension Move the later and later and face a little right size . Okay, I need to open that place. I later I, Merce the three late on a scale in food in there. Hey, remember, I can fast the banana, so I see you in the next class by 13. XmenVsSent Vol 1 ES 13 Primary forms Cyclops 01 ENG: Okay. Go with Cyclops. Okay. I finished the the Laysan, The head of the women. I think he's semi. Really? You're moving a little This this arm on, I put the blades. God is big. This is comic style. Will need to Ah, the face off state or the mask. That's components in the knowledge for a day. The this case looking I tried to do do look with all around the close. Great. In old site I think the the bodies a little long but layer by can then not only police that if he's that they go it's taking this. I want to and through the lesser. And I think e put the lesson in this eyes that you need in port this very situation. I think some changes, maybe they be important. I think this this, um stated both get Nadiya about the lesser Okay, I think if I move the book there Cyclops, right. He looks on there with the forces of the sentiment. I know what this is. That Ah, sure. His his last A one side is I want the fight with, like, loses front. So it's abuses in day sentence there. Okay, a made the same dynamics. One problem this is their hand is is closer to the head. The name is what? Who is with the that misses on that. The problems of the future. A mask on moving this hand because 10 v a problematic mason Different. I think this case is if I I went to a little more. Okay. Okay. Dynamics again. I look a hidden well, the the politicians they say Well, the my name is sin Through Mason, he may be the same process. Place some did you have on? I went through this safe. They they solar toe basil a day. It is the reference risk pools a process the anatomy Sometimes these You're Ravi's. I don't know if corn really the father of my strength Because I need to create the the courses he, uh, our little screen. And this is important. They were both the Wilsons Don't look Yeah, really tiny cause the varieties or some devices you can see the letters off. Understand? They think of us. So for that I use I lied on screen on If you refuse, it's annoying. Where are they? Basically, in this case cycle is the guy on is Hi, Gary, most of guy. And on a year e begin notice the arms and this. So they're bad. That is for with more. I can flu. I think they more But there you follow this course and you're still the same. If these go back the radio on buffet rights, right? Right. It is normal. A normal situation. Many times I made I follow some coriander migrants would say no, The same old thing And why I say ended Stood on the full striking Say again the final I think we're safer officials in this case, a bath can happen. Okay. Yeah, I'm working with May I go? Who today? What is that? The event is a must this this arm to combat Busy in with for value the Is she ever see the plane best? Ah, you can creating Not in the way and speedway to create a problem on with a portable so we can sell it. The fire pastor in the that this eye sight to more the the bus But that affect need a pencil affect me a arm. So I went to upend the state with the click on Bruce Rose a fine. Oh, my. No, the mustn't again for a for this in 100 on this is you were wonderfully group. Andi, you don't affect the other four to go. So is I kind of selection bad. Without selection, you have picked only one for the group. I know there s So this case is really, really useful because I can create the volume on Don't affect the them Kill more. They're under enough Rabia. - A state of the for the good. A Right now I have the bottoms rate by the future cannot be regal again. Who to ward? A. That is a complex part again. Okay, this you know that that but a high guts of soy is 1,000,000 on lower indigent. My trainers say save me. Okay, way we go through this centre back and this isn't her body that lower. You'll be impressed in that fuse. There's the phones again. Okay. I want to show you one. Ah, religion. The great No cual long he's I go to the bottom. Collins to this guy works if I remember. We are glassy at the Santa Monica for you. The 30 rates a god of war. If you're working on his own book out Anatomy. Uh, he value Arian sonogram, new content all time and really, really very content. Really unforeseen. Ah, is this kind of invoice Hard to find on he's then even if you ah many of his war. Ah, lot of were I I want to buy We are the dead. They sold their home united with the just You can find this in Who? The demon on but with happy guy Okay, give thes movement on like the picture but And I think you need to go that by this important see the Guerrier will back This is great contents Great inspiration about that you know Female male This is really in your I saw these I don't know the finish of the that's here Guys, I don't me or for us proof of is is great toe Davis reference to to hold to understand me he was really just for he followed about the morsels did action He wants us I think these those artists that us three continents Who right now what do you see here? Is that that zone? Ah, what the Because of the so done today I love it because it is so guys, can you are you guys can see Works your mirror bod You don't have these physical look you can find informed from Okay, I find in I could okay my burden A I expect him to do it a morsels. But with this take perfected this case I am put into my state the next last I fighting say again in the simple, simple perspective because referring to vetted advice volume is more for is is what time is it is not necessary right now This is the book issue and in this last if Younis the the Ordinance of seconds. 14. XmenVsSent Vol 1 ES 14 Primary forms Cyclops 02 ENG: Okay. Something for her. When you pay attention is going to spend time in the face. We begin to the today more. We love the focus. Ah, off the off this face these this step we need se in general forms for me, son. I left when they need this kind of things to class. Okay, 1,000,000 focus given so much that is in rebellion skates. Let me only one That is okay. I understand they and only gets two And this destructor but five I see this I know is limb land with more Muslims in body maybe the back to be there The price devices my more but from initiate they need to fly Say, old time working with reference Erdogan's Ah one concept the if you don't use reference you Are you the arrogance? Come few Ah used always, always did A neighbor artist. They use more reference. They said the same wasn't in the mix Enough strength The attention I I saw the professionally stories with with clients with customers Uh, you can find problems in day and out of me, you know? And I know I don't believe when when I see that, but I am the not thinking about this style of the three or this little day, that is, that is other things I'm talking about safe, really relieved, greater problems all busted in in another me stuff in other news companies. A old time way to learn about another B but that some things are really racy. The Final Four. This is what I, though table here for the death. This in work changed a little. This is the joints, the joints. When Mosul begins in, what five off the joint. Andi go through the or join in part, that part of the Muslims stick with it with the never change from professional the that joints that joints move the place where the that the happens so the most, uh, Habad leader distortion. They depend their efficient by some distortions. You know, Anderson does okay these days. The knee looked a for You're right, so the Mosul's are in the joint. She's a little team. Rotated so far are distortion. You need to see that distortion, but no really complex. We're begin the most of where fine it was at the finish off the Mosul on that is sold. The idea is observations. You can go to the reference and pay attention, man. But the final is son something. No, you knew that. Really? Really Stick around another me. In that case, you need to pay attention. Hold this skin. Change it. You know the parts of the Mosul yet and I go in. The world can be complex, but is more time is more in this off times. You see the Mars off Daniel Bell, for example. He waas too long time Really long time being one waas on the attention off all love that it takes. And before that it saves in the world. I don't think he's I don't know these Stylin or patients patients the But how do you think this 2nd 1 is my more 41 for that time? The tape, the reference the attention unfolded the time to make the changes that is so come back to the more oil change saying sense in on finally did the suit is great but all time reference in my my portfolio in our station that comes last CD makers you can find, for example, and that use in values. I wore more time and my mother's stakes Normally today's five days. It's just that we waas two weeks. But you see no, the problem was three weeks. There's one about senators that they have the elections waas the week. But values said me one for five months. But in that more I don't have many. Many renders about the right things. But the nays have all of the days, the fingers or the so some Mosul's on distorts shores accord. Oh, the pressure in the in the hand, the other hand is different toe fears one and change because it is a little open and have an axe in the head on the pressure with the skin with the X Modify the motions of the hand , all of the kind of things. So the question is home Any time. This in the production. If I have 2.5 months born five months, a more a, the rest will be Really If they defend, it stops of his time this time on the attention Look, no religion. Hey, you, um I'm little changes in the head. Yeah, hope he should win. He's this lesser against the sentence this whole time, Koreans something permanent in this character, a Psychlos. Hey, you first sit on will be last where he see last Don't go another another direct direction. So we want to change the direction we need to change. They look and only look at their head. I think they they think in that time because is not that they directs any big head direction. I'm thinking in the head this the ice is always seeing the front. You know, I get changed. Directs and I changed the head direction my eyes for the god glasses. And we never see. Then the eyes of a Psychlos. See the head. Okay. If this these are taking more corn, then it's lovely. Continually. Colossus. I know what I want is I am for this moment working in the American actor. So I need to be Oh, take advantage of that. No, Create the made guys goes I go faster I changed every May Corrector Something changed in my head. So I lose time changing the structure and come back then they character. So I try to make that three guys under this information. Do you know that 15. XmenVsSent Vol 1 ES 15 Primary forms Colossus 01 ENG: okay is really important. A piece Allies, the field project. But because he's important every year looking the is a looking the the process, the results. When I see all the characters and the characters in my project, I I say I that Freud me, the women always like me. Happy on that? A You may and I know oil A and the energy to continue the next step in. Really, this kind of project is about boiling, so you can in some points you can think. Okay, I don't want more about this. So when you see the results there you have. Ah, I need a little happiness. Okay, is good news. You go. Well, so So it continues. Great idea. You don't see their souls. You can. Goethe is I tried toe to see that advance on. I don't know any 2040 when our know So what? I need to see their essence more when the project fates and on 10 days pity days. So you need to do use tactics one you know, to use in some kind of cell phone support. Okay, a look at the same it process. Ah, when I with inflation characteristic and the they had go big ears off. Carlos is there is a big guy. So yeah, if I classify day, they call that person. This is start typing. I toast that. The thing that subject in the courses different bigger is no done Bigger lay hold. But But But for example, the head is Chinese is Saudi They in reference off referenced the there they're superheroes . These have the hit. And so And they needed a T. Yes, you head small ears. Ah, like he was a the eyes. Okay, that bodies the when I see they're here in reference. The body, the body Really big. Okay, I hate that guys. Most of guys these are the guys video. Have you swell reference for? For your question There. Okay, I am working with move. You made speed in the informations. Try to stay in the movements. Do you know the information? Look at the the size off my brush. He's really big, so I can move for move only genital elements. I think this is the method with move can be there. Give me some speed exist for you. You have ah growth through this hunt beating to hunt Sejad. Ah, I wrote one row. So if you then didn't moment. But later any fool let that story their story All the four. What you need to make a move, Mr The sentiment. You mean time through his friends. The okay? Yeah, well, when they used this move Ah, I like this because I am for a fading days in all time all time Move here for few move there and I didn't see programs a friend use. I can correct that. Fulham's equipment something. What help us in this mining this project is the three guys a similar positions. So the helpers in the resolution off phone Because with many in situations where we find going to have a solution in the car already a the plane pension this scene for the sense, the name, the uncle, the same the knee, the paid it then and the long the mission in a of the this same is this A If I compare the many times I used to the idea on my it's plain bone and lose more than on, uh, with the agent and factories, the corrected a cure energy moves. But for the thing I where is the problem he died for but But dedicates you can't days I worked with with more on really go busted is important fry all time. Did when? Options? Because can find Okay, this is very from for the situation with for the situation All right is the same form you need. Fine. You need achieve this. Same for on the different ways on there. You know, you have experience working here or there by because you you have experience. Do you see some guy used this? Okay, you can try later or die. Use all everything for the same thing. Situation on That was better. You try. You have say that the decision. Waas, what's better for you? The video is this is the whole way More oil this kind of characterises. Okay, so you some parts But you can change the fire on other things. He proved their roses. Hey, I went toe viewed Ah, one growth. So I I so like the sentinel and publicity through the UK on the the deviations I was in love with the FBI's create with your stools. Okay, One idea of the off the road, Maybe the with these but the gross. You're on. Create an idea of the rope goes He's one rope table for you. Okay, that loose. So this case quickly within for the arrow on Deep on idea on the energy You look at these, lose the circle on red cycle, loose cycle. These I can move with the dem. It'd a what I can affect that moved in the line when I go out, That helpful change red on. And I think that demented or readies that they find in the an affair of the off the roof Read his diameter of the road. No, it's more. Okay, look today and they're off. Was he being after all, catch the tuberculosis in the fight? Ah, on cuts Because I could time for jump battle. That's that sentinel. Who will did that then? That low. So by that idea, is story OK, but in the morning for the post Sierra and understanding here find Imagine all this vision Do you know only this? So in this sketch, the stood important that food there. Oh, because because of their needs here really hold worse. Maybe with this would devote the customers say Okay, I like you. Why were there. Oh, hey, say, I don't want that. Maybe I went Colossus. Um, They make other oil pose. The situation changed, and they will go back to change the stupid things on. That is the media. I gave that little this. This strength through use. Yeah, they're part I can. I can explain with the reverence. Okay, right now. I was lead basket on mask. It points since a five, then zero on the that. That centeredness. Really? They visit. Very good. Okay. Thing continue with their gear this mixed last. 16. XmenVsSent Vol 1 ES 16 Primary forms Storm 01 ENG: Okay, go with. Go with we go with torment store here. I went through this and process Thomas. Good night. Remission. A one they really in play a little inflation cause. Have you on the begin with next, And I just them Why? With with more I want to work in this case with move tried toe elements Be there like the thorax. I need the so the basic where we where we work in the a a seaport and create all the Muslims all the most a is not important. It is because fourth old movement, it changed the most or affect the oil. So maybe they in this case, if we can go without certainly some metals, the different methods or my first more faster letters the okay. Hey, I am cooler guy. But for that situation and my culture, the the girls more can I say. But ah eso in my my mind a e tried to make the family characters in that way. But but for the industry, I need to to see their reference and follow the reference it because the the subject the goal is Give me that the world guinea in my customer give me that gold. No. When the president for me I can't do it. I want time. I need to think about and my customers on his needs. If is for me that's the various. I am the customer. Or did they? My ideas of my needs. Okay, I need But I do in that way. The day Lord. So, guys, I see the way. When is when we were we thought about collectively? Was industry okay? Is normal The custom there respect this style off the the reminder they discover the way you made a conscious with some of those. So maybe that for your customers through the special informant. So say you okay. Really In the way. I like the idea, But nanny customers cf I see. Okay, I need this girl is like this picture on. Please stick it through this these proportions Through this way, I would need to respect that. It would move like in good day. I think that the food No two down is more natural for for these posts for a day and movement C VIII a Friday Some more things to the surface. - My mind Only one corrective is this are this bus. Is this here? When three sketch this sequence, That is all they anatomy. Yeah, If we for things on this six. The fear big step is on this a mask. And this case I we went through this same Why do we with a where I was with sentiment I did with this intimate extension of their fingers It really quick. On day I moved There are five, right? Give that that movement of the cuts of the fingers you were with Clay physically the real war. You can stress the fingers. Goodbye. Step. He directed this really horrible had the same. Okay, you begin to for lead in the fourth on this se is in this case. Maybe you have one or their hands They were you boil in the past. You can really use it. You can replace the head here He a here on and it raises this. These is only idea. Maybe here the customers safe If these with the fingers with massive with more attention. No, I want the This is a move. But I don't know if some residents foundations a But your flight of accommodations in their hands Even the vat is your case, this thing? In some cases they try to this kind off follicles on and the information is really crazy. E r On you, your vision for this finite size to move again. Ah, hoping hope and works with the words I include a another vacation And because later I can that apologize all the you will be missed. And can I say off device the remiss I in this case, they have really more much that invite you to full more days. You need to say come. You mind not in or than You need to stay with Jenna forums. Okay? You have too many. 41 as the The Eyeless Orono is so points in the face or the mouth It's no informed, you know, Don't need them out of this moment. A on did they? The title of noise A. We need the general form of the value So petition us too many times in the sky. No situation is something life. You have too many a liberty freedom You need to slide. No Is the move your head with all that? Ah, freedom. It's a yourself this case having all the time. Take I think looks right. This is a thanks for, um Okay, See you. And in its class, we go with side. Take a look. 17. XmenVsSent Vol 1 ES 17 Primary forms Psylocke 01 ENG: Okay, we can begin with Say, Look, I like a lady eyes and make the simulator The guys in we create a collective awarding one car There we go for one coffee, they come on, come back and finish the stadium. It's right to you have time to relax on, Say is thinking other things from you can feel the process Really great. This is really for the obvious. One is select the right arm on for hours. So if your friend they have over the 10 over the forearm and God will see on create a window out the there the they're part of visible. At this point, I need to go to police for the groups and press out a group I need I need the party groups . The different in the difference you see in the moment are the same color. Okay, are the same roof and force or press a fully auto blues. Hey, changed IHS select different Okay, but separated for different parts when they went, you have more concern. So in that way I hide again or the bottom on the this addiction I'm created a mask in only 101 head. I try to do it again. Go directly in the hands contract again In the hints on high the the hints converse if click Sorry, No, from different over there Forearm Condolences on window out there But in the visible part. By now, the blue changed the colors In this case is will you print And then you see that Look at this this different color. If I I always got a cyclic in that perhaps icann hiding and they were here constantly toe mask these components, these components conclusively out there who layer contract Lee our There it's we wear the mask. He's really a 25. Sit by is more the same You only price but people way trying to find the ways in the leg O r mask or hein for idle, high own height. But But if you need experienced another, the coric closes. Really? I need through combined this kind of things Hi thing must bring mask things. Uh, fine a solution for for some situations this game because the right hand itwas really close their hands on the I can the and select with lasso or maskin with lesson Nothing happened. Nothing worth works sold in this way. That was the solution. Okay? Later. And I made the same and dynamics to measure it late from the formation on the unit with baby love The next on right, cool toe, make the post. These poses is little Have them goes The position is really extreme. The shoulders go front, the chest Go back This so much Go back the heat Golf grown all is different Anyone off the correction where we made And right now they have this kind off off distortion in vice off is important to note that in the post Yeah, by the nothing we've great they form for on digging through Do, But you're a four. Volume has volume with the normal Bruce is more than you actually defined with some Nice if you find a stomach they us look at when they forced is not that easy. I begin with again with muscles. So they're stand for, uh, go leaders mobile. Ah, step by step. Understand in they before the opponents. That is the situation with the solution. Here it looks the bone go out the skin I need to add Skill goes I knew that that Bono's inside the leg. That is what? When I so you pay attention through the struggle. When I talk about their heads, anything Where is the bones? The bones? This trip. So I later that I think in the Muslims layer that I think skin You see many at this thing fair since Muslims I didn't know. Dale, This okay? Yes, more than, say more off woman watch more on the legs. You got funnies because they called them. I know that it works. I think he's the rafters. The leg is important for the softer side of sartorius goes for five. The by foreigners in the site is possible. You especially letter is long Langlands, send on Ah, over the legs that same night Thank you. Studies the first letter on on these authority todo the left this case and I think the great from any corrective if us really mice because we find pumice for much problems way are obligated So the do before we met many solutions These and we have too many. It's a story for girls but in different positions. So three different exercise guy guys, the Centenary some sort faces. This is really comforted Exercise Google What happened in there? What? In work this case When you find when you finish these discourses you have I know a seven cocker's. You may scopes or similar. You have Ah ah. But for your once with fire or Syrian character varies enough. Ah, when will we see a one? Are a mason that I don't know. Yea. And they sent a lesson on one of these guys. They have to mind scotus. But really many of this car there s a and the words with clients or in his stoy studio located the first way where we work. But one guy in this house in a report for you is the purple is no bigger. It's five characters are are amazing. Darren Carter is really great, but with the same level. No. So these this courses you really interesting experience on a cruise transit vehicles. Okay, I am doing the same A with move, love. If finding the the forms in this case, she, uh, in ready seeing is not in my case, she's no, no jumping this right. The reference is jumping jumping through, like site in. So I Look, is my silence is she's running running on according the lower is the central. So they really do find the way. Who to share the idea here. That being cleared for your wig. Okay. Look at the hear things sense between family this this the suspension. So are the same the same long it's in, monsieur. So e, I might if I did, then this pain because it's corny. Ah, long one year loan. Next. Look, it's the license card. He is ready. The rallies, rallies. He's This is the target. If they really okay. I think the formula is the same this year. The same time. Why do we can modify this? Anything? No. I need to see what two bones are, but they need the memories. Okay. This case, like a can excited. A god. The the feeds. Okay. Thank you. Move this some shape. The face. Who? The idea. A cheese loafing. Where? Run. Ah, the Sentinel. We're seeing this A. So I need through. So some for the head said idea you to If she is running to the front. Maybe. What idea is she looking front. But maybe she can be run to the front and looking If the hair of sentinel Because this situation worse. Well, okay. I am you in So them at some A lot of them ice through you. So I I look at you. So the situation we complete the is that is the situation or their way through communicate idea I went to I mean, it is very the idea to select this disarm and be a Polygraphs control w on. And I use a lot of lessons over the last year on Move the hand. Ah, he's is that they didn't maybe know they because maybe with the Dinos on Dynamic Well, all the 40 goes on or both or on Well, I I think you know that the way it is for now, we need only the yellow of their hands when I know I don't need. Then, um is again I can close it the hand You can create a sit in their food Too late the last year. Okay, I see you in the next list 18. XmenVsSent Vol 1 ES 18 Primary forms Rogue 01 ENG: Okay, we go with with broke. Yeah. Look at this. I put this in there. Ah, but when I put it, this is in there. I see. I see The hand is is to open. I went, I went to Who matters? The sitting that on on the upside. Look, in this case, the physical we created this same divisions, okay? She have to relations there seductively to re creation. So I got one vacation with a silly there, and they did I You, uh okay. Give the There's a provision. When this murder message MEREDITH no, I go and the they're fit begin to So who week a The the corrected When Anyone Because if I move most, she may remove this in a can be release Disgusted the, you know, conflicts without I can't say the positional off the gizmo. If I want shell there, I need to be more run, you know, is in front that moment. I know. I advice, advice The this lesser that massive You've really opened on nothing there. This scene off the world Very for the of the road. I need that the situations if you sit 51 of the familia forbearing is the head face. Ro is in the chase Storms in there. Everyone is one different situation. Okay? This case, I think they're because this part deal They You're running like Anita. Okay, I'm cool. The sentiment You really is going too much, Thomas. No, I said it. The storm money the same datum is submission The Z particles. Ah, things happened really much because about the real station. Ah, people want to learn to draw. Ah, the good guys saying And brushes and brushes and brushes and brushes by the brushes. The no the heroine is is a basic and on with so or one airbrushed you need to be have the capacity to create on base in love. You can do it today. The verses doesn't In this case is input in the understand Ah, this is the process is simple. We don't need to My sources Ah, we will need to match brushes we need to treat Go to three roses on with that you can do anything it happened and basic scripture play e tryto learn a play begins with learning Stay with one partners on I d I go. The I went to the the store by all the tools their home in, my friend. Save your What is that? I say the way. Need only this pilot with one. Soon on with this you knew all this. Put it. But this is normal thing. It will make the work. And by the way, when you learn toe create this characters here you can try to do the same in Mobil's I use the same. The results will be the same you go through or not. These where you go is this same. Give the technical parties and you don't need. They won complex, of course, to pass, suffer, suffer. But you you change toe three years Mars maybe Like give you the tools to my next to money. Too many polygons with not the same seeming their software, the same process, you see. Okay. Look at this. The female anatomy. He's this saying the same muscles guy. You see these in anatomy courses when in the fierce and our body very anatomy course he's You don't have to me Game board one The body that course you see And their reference That course it was created for my brother. Andi used the anatomy off my girl to create a male connected. So is they say you have the same muscle. That's the girl. Have some difference. See, in day bones the habeas or flight it a for the so for the sides there. So the kind of things physiological things Ah, by the boots is this is the most so and I have little difference in the strips off that little difference. Ah, changed anything. But the problem is this scene he's ah, more sling. Maybe in this case, the basis for me it's more. Is there the so this flow, sir, for 49 some body with X a Russ, I need a uniform. You see 30 defined in signee off some song But here's somebody there. In this case, she's slim, so exact in saying that the way you the former off your collective doing work in this in the same way Go back the patients and go back on. Recreate the process. Ah, again, again until you do compatible with yourself, - that is what I give you is not enough. A goto Google Today's find new know your own reference in the interests of city makers you'll find so many reference about the anatomy. Okay. Create your own collection. People in a big advantage of this kind off hunted because you do. You you can go by by you Think reason again. Uh, brother Again, Again, Again, again. Past. Until very recently. There in one? No, my class online own life. A class is the your future Cook on that is going out You don't listen there again. Fuse on recorded this case growth he have a jacket is part of the country. But in this case only in the did this catch you need for the jacket and on the hand is a for it. We need to distance one here, go through the cognitive But you don't need people. The jacket right now, bad in this culture to the kids. Stay there because this fire off the style of the car With this. With this this case a your client the on internal kind like Ah, I thought or seduces rice or or your This is correct in Seville based or your eccentric lane you to see a nearly advance but great advance. So in this case, you can So many cars were sold, integrated with but with little time to take. But all these culture have too many things to review one. Okay, this whole greater and stay card with within a resource Your client asi is the and great that this urgency Okay, he's going with a change in the city of the singers are going forward. I can think if the president is he's great. Who is working on that is the thing is in the head off one sees pervasive You go back, you'll be OK. Maybe I continue this company You think if they person you is is ruled investment use the time to invest in the character is ruled Investment is all the time he's thinking about then the this use of the resources I am I can think I however this order for a this off the process so that there's if you say a with great put some hair OK, you know the, uh as fair It changed the former and some A characteristics and that's great. That is last bus bus. Okay, Paying through the then there was maybe is important Oh, understand is is ah Babalu trigger this case rookies in the comic is that way on the serious so or the This is looking really right. We can worid forward. Okay. Okay. See you in the slightest. 19. XmenVsSent Vol 1 ES 19 Sentinel damage ENG: okay. And the next step is great. Some sources frogs or in prism, something face in this case, it I think it's important. On a day, the whole for Roaf, the first service Great Ai mask with lesson consulate value todo Today we're frame option and constantly over the yellow part. In this case, they're hiding, being German, more than fight, apology and hiding. I have big the they would done here, but, um if I find it, I hided the pure that you can hide. I did with control. Um, it's important issue two sides of the political way This they probably this late properties and the wood. Now I select this is similar on I go to the summits, you put your mouth over the bitch space it space weapon of the war on its leg bridge and two holes. I mean, it's a select that too. Which one is from? From the Pierre's hole on. Well, there it's the 2nd 1 hold in this case a the breeze. Okay, we create the bridge, but can for the the click looking one nets, minarets, Onda se they both oppressor. I'm move the Mauser coarser capital Or done where toe. Define so many holy ones. Ah, you need in their meals. Okay, Different toe. It's okay. I like it. A with more and more booze. I begin to moviles are stood some the border. I did it The currency and ghosts. Ghost important because transparency a then Citro they objects but goes, let me work some angina way. Don't need police chief on Well, something So good idea You're Cosmair in Ah make you some questions. OK, but you can can fly because in society three friends on your answer is you know really the the foot left foot is touching the surface with these subjects. So I create when both within its really safe I can create a quick they have all of these curious have ah more comfortable Miss the fungus I the placate the boats go have one Therefore Igor's from different then this could this I made some fast information with more with scale food. There is some parts of this infinite I think one of the off is okay. I get an idea. You need to think they the goal The going for the ball for the project it is Goto three printed so you can four some elements there. You can do that for pictures and marketing proposal marketing on in create they must with many elements. But the final spoil for the printed A canning few it can into the can be that that place is because ah, the gravity, the works When the office is it a coach, officer face and ourself reason. Have a some support. Okay. Both okay with understand that we can make the but that must When? When silo run over the about. You see this? Ah, the is destroying the Sentinel. You know this case? A I went through the idea. Ah, the idea of the energy When the Sentinel the Sentinel shoot the last a This crushes against the last of this cycle of soul That explosion for energy can be created with the stars Simple. It is an idea the that much of the world betting something stiff For a start, we can the public aid them oil the lower the lower situation the Ellen in a daze vision toe that clone the way we can select the this Russian creates so lines speed lines given the d l the the rebels looks great a you an idea? A Why? What happened there? Maybe the one from the two hands. The identity goes you today went into a friend. The worrying in this case A or the looks exactly like a thunderball. No importance. They here sinful way through. So the idea we can Great. So bombers the shoulder in the face of unity. Born in the the middle and my mil that the middle I think all day. Ok, but the the thunder balls that race bone destroyed David and I don't know, I don't know Storm Never, Never. There are certainly no short of May with his liver, so we can accelerate the okay. See you the next last to create some brand days and turntables and preparing this these to this case A for your customers soldier cousin and review that video. It's okay. Okay. Said the demon on you have Ah, I want checkpoints. Birthday 40. So see you learned in a class 20. XmenVsSent Vol 1 ES 20 Rendering ENG: okay? Ah, yes, though is create a set up. The crazy one video is nine varies One, one I said who show your customer The first illness is lighting. We can actually like. Ah, like the second life on three. That is really intense. Like IHS said another material ladies, Much of the work maybe basic material world will on actually over the point toe send toe bar worthy life. Another exciting. I'm not saying the the the late go through forward. Okay, you can like that. This case is saying like it's throwback not in school. Really? Like is, uh unlike for the order that a includes no the take the sea Lim was Hey, I go to render it and it sells if years on Well, if I little the incentive density and try again Yeah, you can Ah, you You like it? Defense off your eyes. Hey, I want under sail Thes Canvey Impressing this distance off in comic on the idea project It's called me so I think it worked well too. So I will render I added this Cells on the state say I like it like this. Like I believe is working with the sale. I try to avoid toe, see if a I moved to the world there on works better. I want to see the sort phase better. So cilic the measures and agreement we control the the distribution. Reacting Just wait for many polygons off any miss I believe they will go over the civilians , civilians, polygons a maximum six the parents of your computer, but with a sweetly sketch I think is no sorry. Too many very particles group a little with the surface with much. I want to include control Beatrice, who is based by the I put culturally he form a my meds. So with food two lines, he said, it's looks on he this This lines protect the border. When I your control the because is have over six millions for me, it's okay to take millions off state use. Okay, I after the perspective on press hard toe to show all the window of the campus, the campus understand what is the limit of my of their u I think your favorite ISS scene. He tried to the left. I want to see the position of the of the base, the main because the turntable Ah based their season. The main element. So I want to see is in the needle. Oh, for you. Okay. I like the place. Hey, look at this. How you raise your table here without V P. R. So this rather it's really faster. There you can. So you did that. That the render you that that Did you Andi Okay. No. Okay. I think I think it's moving more to the right. The left labour video. And you see what happened in this case? I went through all of the scene for the right delete and I I raise a concise on maker of Orender. In this case, the cells are concluded. Raise turntable. He went there in great I render for any friends. So the render doing there? They I mean you it's or defense of this city. I did the Lear's. We see that part of people. Here's CEO Seo zero on 31. Look at these. All the friends where with the If you want to try again a stop on the video with escape and believe the If you were I completed eight days there and there and again. Okay, the next cook. The next volume is going with a weapon. The station and station that come This lesson makers you can find in my nuts here you can find summer some renders on day the ending discourses goat with right Taylor with a well behind. Yeah, not only face the hands is greater autonomy. So any bottom who's with big part off the off the fuel scene. So I need to understand is a really big project. Ah, thanks time. But you the finish. Would they really prepare for create this cultures for you one It is this all this Siri's feuds welling of the character And only or this sweets weapons the mask galore rendering everything okay? I hope this this field volume and like like you in you enjoy the process and understand is step by step on have you to present it that the first step in your customers and so broke the process when you work in projects like freelance O r with your supervisor. Okay. Thank you unseasoned in this. Thanks