The Writing Process - Writing In Prose - Creating Characters For A Novel | Jim Bruce | Skillshare

The Writing Process - Writing In Prose - Creating Characters For A Novel

Jim Bruce, SEO Expert, Book Writing Coach, Marketer

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8 Lessons (58m)
    • 1. How To Create Characters For A Story

    • 2. How To Write Characters - Introduction To The Course

    • 3. Novel Writing - Character Analysis & Profiles

    • 4. Novel Writing - The Character Arc

    • 5. Novel Writing - Types Of Characters

    • 6. Novel Writing - Characterization

    • 7. Novel Writing - How To Describe Your Characters

    • 8. Novel Writing - Introducing Your Characters


About This Class


Creative Writing For Beginners: How To Create Characters - How To Write Characters For A Story

It is generally accepted that a novel can be split into various parts or elements, which helps to establish the different ways that we write prose in a work of fiction. These element are often referred to as the Plot, Setting, Narrative, Description, Backstory, Point of View (POV) and Writing Characters.

Even though it's the combination of all these elements, and more, that creates a great book, by far the most important ingredient is writing characters.

Creative Writing For Beginners: How To Write Characters

It's often said that the reader will not believe in your character unless you do; this is very true. He or she is your creation and it's your job to give your characters life. They need to be realistic to make the reader care for them, and also what happens to them.

This course 'Creative Writing For Beginners - Characters' will teach you the following:

  • Where to get inspiration for creating a character profile
  • What elements to include in your character profiles
  • Identify the different types of character
  • The difference between a two dimensional and three dimensional characters
  • The essential ingredients your characters need to be either liked or hated
  • How to identify conflicts and change in your hero that will drive your story forward
  • Understand the needs of the reader - what do they want from a novel?

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