The Writer - Teacher (Part Two): How Authors of Fiction can Repurpose Their Research to Teach Online | David ✏ Ault | Skillshare

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The Writer - Teacher (Part Two): How Authors of Fiction can Repurpose Their Research to Teach Online

teacher avatar David ✏ Ault, The Writer Teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. An Introduction to the Course

    • 2. What about Fiction Authors?

    • 3. Considering a Non-fiction Angle

    • 4. Earnings from Courses versus Earnings from eBooks

    • 5. Your Class Project

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About This Class


How Authors of Fiction can Repurpose Their Research to Teach Online
is actually the second class in the Writer-Teacher series here on Skillshare, which shows self-published authors how to repurpose content they have already written and turn it into courses to sell online.

In this particular class, you will learn:

  • How authors of fiction can also teach online
  • How I considered a non-fiction angle and repurposed my own research
  • How my earnings from courses compare to my earnings from ebooks

So go ahead and enrol in my class and I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

David ✏ Ault

The Writer Teacher


A Little Bit More About Me

My name is David James Ault and I am a British ex-pat living in Slovakia, in the heart of Europe, with my wonderful Slovak wife, our three children and our Ragdoll, Blue.

Having graduated with a BSc (Hons) Degree in European Business, the first part of my career was spent in marketing, especially in the tourism industry, and during that time, I completed my Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing, at the CIM.

In 2001, I moved from the UK to Slovakia, where I set up a tourism portal about Slovakia and wrote travel related articles and books. I also began writing my first novel.

During the last two decades, I have written non-fiction books in a variety of niches and set up a number of successful websites to promote my various inter... See full profile

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1. An Introduction to the Course: Hello there. My name is David James a lot, and I would like to welcome you to this skill share class, which takes a look at how authors of fiction can repurpose their research to teach online. The class is actually the second in the right teacher. Siri's here on Skill share the show's self published authors how to repurpose content that they have already written and turn it into courses to sell online. And in this particular class you will learn how authors affection can also teach online hell. I repurposed my own research town my earnings from courses compared to my earnings from E books. So go ahead and enroll in my class and I look forward to seeing you lead side. 2. What about Fiction Authors?: in the previous class, I spoke about how nonfiction authors can more easily make a living from their writing through the creation of online classes and courses. There could be sold on different platforms and even on your own off the website. But what about fiction authors? How is it possible for fiction altars to expand their product range well, although it is certainly a lot easier for a nonfiction author to create online courses based on their books, there are still a number of opportunities for a fiction writer to increase their revenue through creating online courses. The first is to teach others from your own experience. A self published author. The how to publish in market books type of classes is obviously something that I myself have done. Albeit I was coming from a more nonfiction angle than affection one. But this is certainly something that you might want to consider if you have years of experience in doing it all yourself and have lots of tips and strategies to help newbies that are only just beginning their self publishing journey. My advice here would be that you specialize in an area or areas where you have excelled yourself, whether that be in researching books, writing productively, designing covers, editing your books, the promotion of your books, etcetera, etcetera. Another opportunity that you have, depending on your skills and experience as a writer, is in the creation of how to improve your writing type classes. This is an area in which I have not created classes myself, as I do not feel I have enough experience as a fiction writer at this point in my writing career. But I do know many authors that have had great success creating courses to teach their students how to write novels that are more likely to get published or on the finer points of grammar, or even how to write in a particular genre or sub John. So there are certainly areas where a fiction author can use their experience and expertise to good use by helping new writers that are just starting out by making some extra money. At the same time, the third area I would like to talk about is perhaps not so obvious and involves repurpose ing the research that you have made for one of your books. Obviously, this may lend itself to certain genre more than others. But if you were writing in a genre where you need to become a mini expert in a certain field, in order that your fiction is authentic and more believable, then this might be an area where you want to consider expanding your product range and creating a course in order to supplement the income from your writing. And in the next two videos, I shall share with you how I have done exactly this by considering a nonfiction angle to my fiction through repurpose ing, the research I made for my time travel Siris of books. 3. Considering a Non-fiction Angle: If you are primarily writing fiction, it may be that you see an opportunity to mix in a nonfiction element together with your fiction. This is exactly what I am doing with my time school Siris of fiction books, where I basically take the historical research that I make for each book and develop this into both a nonfiction book on the subject and then an online course. Now I have done this for a number of reasons. First of all, it helps to make sure that the historical elements in my fiction books are as accurate as I can possibly make them. As I really have to learn about the period I'm writing about, in quite some depth to be able to write a nonfiction book and an online course on the subject. This means that I acquire a background knowledge about the period over and above what I need for my work of fiction, and I believe that this actually helps add more debt to my fiction. As a result, secondly, I realized that the nonfiction elements of my time school off the website um or Google friendly than the fiction parts. For example, a post on the time school blogged about the Christmas truce, Centenary celebrations or a preview video about Howard Carter. Both have a far better chance of being discovered. Vera Google Search, Then do blood posts that I've written about my novels, Time School, a Christmas Truce and Time school to the curse of tooting Car Moon. Thirdly, I'm able to cross promote my fiction and nonfiction. There's a good chance that someone reading the novel Time School A Christmas Truce may be interested in furthering their knowledge of the period by taking on online course on the subject. Likewise, a reader of the nonfiction book Howard Carter and the Search for Tooting Car Moon may also be interested in reading a fictionalized accounts of the same period in time school to the curse of tooting Car Moon. So perhaps, if you had previously intended on only writing fiction, you may now want to consider a nonfiction angle as well 4. Earnings from Courses versus Earnings from eBooks: in this video, I'm going to look at how the two different products which I created based on the research of the second book in my Time Travel, Siri's have fared financially. Now, remember, neither of these products were planned to begin with. Both were a byproduct of my fiction book Time School to the Rial Curse of Tooting Car Moon , a book that, although has already been written, has not even been published yet at the time of writing, as I have made a marketing decision not to release the 1st 2 books in the series until at least, the third book is ready to be published, which I'm still currently writing at this moment in time. The first product that I released based on the research, was an E book entitled Howard Carter in the search for Tooting Car Moon, a time immemorial history book. Now this book did reasonably well on launch and has continued to make a couple of sales each week ever since, However, the earnings that have been made from the subsequent course I created, which was directly based on the E book, have bean far more impressive. I first launched the course, Howard Carter and the search for Tutankhamen on the Erdimi platform, and I have now also released the course as a series of classes on skill share. Although these history courses have not sold to the same degree as my more commercial courses do, revenue from them is now approaching the $500 mark, which is not an insignificant amount of money and certainly exceeds the revenue that I've learned from the E books in the future. I shall probably also end up selling each of the history courses directly from my time school off the website, the Zenn LA Platform. And at that point I will more than likely begins selling the E book for free so that it then acts. There's another doorway into the course, my author website. Furthermore, I also then have the option to include one of these history courses as an attractive lead magnet for my time school mailing list. 5. Your Class Project: Hello there, thistles. Just a quick video toe. Thank you for taking this class. I hope you enjoyed it. And if so, please consider leaving a thumbs up, as it really means a lot to me. It would also be great if you would complete the class project, which is quite simply to state whether or not you plan to repurpose research that you have already carried out for a novel into an online course. And if you want, you can tell your fellow students about the novel in question. But that is entirely up to you. Thanks again for completing the class. And I hope to see you in one of my other classes very soon.