The Writer - Teacher (Part Four): How To Record and Edit the Audio for Your Class on Skillshare

David ✏ Ault, Merch Motivated

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9 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. An Introduction to the Course

    • 2. Factors Involved in Creating Good Quality Audio

    • 3. Which Type of Microphone Should You Choose

    • 4. Which Software Should You Choose for Editing Your Audio

    • 5. An Example of How I Use Audacity to Record My Audio

    • 6. An Example of How I Use Audacity to Edit My Audio

    • 7. The Original Audio Recording

    • 8. The Edited Audio Recording

    • 9. Your Class Project


Project Description

Once you have completed each of the lessons in the course, your Class Project is to use Audacity to record the paragraph of text you have prepared in the previous class.

You should then improve the quality of the audio within Audacity using the techniques I have shown you.

In the Project Gallery state whether the techniques you employed have in fact improved the sound quality. If you want you can post a link to where your fellow students can hear your recording, but this is totally optional.

Thanks again for completing the class and I look forward to seeing your Class Project in the Project Gallery soon.

Student Projects