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The World of Japanese Tea Ⅰ & Ⅱ : Learn, Brew and Taste Japan

teacher avatar Japanese Tea Comachi, Discover the world of Japanese tea.

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (1h 15m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Lesson 1 : The Classification of Tea

    • 3. Lesson 2 : The Definition of Japanese Tea

    • 4. Lesson 3 : The Classification of Japanese Steamed Tea

    • 5. Lesson 4: The Classification of Japanese Steamed Tea Ⅱ

    • 6. Lesson 5: The Classification of Japanese Steamed Tea Ⅲ

    • 7. Mid-term Project

    • 8. Lesson 6: Water for Japanese tea Ⅰ

    • 9. Lesson 7: Water for Japanese Tea Ⅱ

    • 10. Lesson 8: Basic Japanese Tea Utensils

    • 11. Lesson 9: How To Prepare Sencha & Hojicha

    • 12. Lesson10: Past & Future of Japanese tea (Final project)

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About This Class



Introduction to the World of Japanese Tea Ⅰ & Ⅱ : Learn, Brew and Taste Japan

“Tea time is a chance to slow down, pull back and appreciate our surroundings.”

- Letitia Baldrige

Tea is something that not only relieves your thirst, but allows you to relax or connect with others in a peaceful way. In this hectic society that we live in, it is very important to make even a few minutes that allow you to momentarily pause and empty your mind. Having tea time enables you to do this by concentrating on just one thing; making a cup of tea. This thought-like meditation is related to Japanese ZEN thoughts.

Why don’t you introduce something new to your daily life and drink Japanese tea?

By the way, when it comes to “Japanese tea”, what do you know about it?

Matcha? Green tea? Yes, matcha is Japanese tea, and we drink green tea more than black tea.

“We were in Japan once where they had 30 kinds of green tea. I thought there was one.”

- Billy Corgan, Smashing Pumpkins

But as Billy said above, we have many kinds of Japanese tea other than matcha. Nowadays matcha is getting very popular as a flavor for snacks or a healthy beverage. However, few Japanese people actually drink matcha in their daily lives. What we normally drink is “Sencha” or “Hojicha”.

Also, tea is not just for pleasure but it’s good for you. Tea was originally medicine in China. for centuries, many scientists around the world have been researching and examining tea leaves to prove various health benefits and its potential power.

Moreover, tea is not just to drink, you can eat, you can cook with it, or it can make your life more efficient depending on how you utilize in your daily life.

Let's discover the world of Japanese tea!

Comachi is a certified Japanese tea instructor and can give you not only all the basic knowledges and cultures but also the latest information about Japanese tea directly from Japan.

This course consists of 2 courses including two class projects, " The World of  Japanese Tea Ⅰ & Ⅱ "

In this first course, you can learn

  • What Japanese tea is
  • Differences of several types of Japanese tea
  • Basic health benefits
  • How to take the nutrients in effectively

After the mid-term project, part Ⅱ, the second course (which I'm currently working on) starts.

You can learn

  • Japanese traditional tea utensils and the names in Japanese
  • Water to use for  Japanese tea
  • Basic brewing methods for each different types of Japanese tea
  • Important tips and a theory on how to make a delicious cup of Japanese tea
  • Japanese tea culture and terminology

This course requires no experience or skills, but a bit of curiosity towards the world of Japanese tea.

As for the first class project, you do not need to buy  Japanese tea, so don't worry.

I am planning to introduce some online teashops as well.

I hope this course will be an opportunity to change your life in a happier and healthier way with the power of Japanese tea.


Comachi from Kyoto, Japan

A certificated Japanese tea adviser/Japanese tea promoter

Don't forget to follow me here and on instagram @nihoncha.girl.comachi /Facebook to get notified for upcoming new courses.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Japanese Tea Comachi

Discover the world of Japanese tea.


Hello, I am Comachi from Kyoto, Japan.

Nihoncha means "Japanese tea" in Japanese.

Do you like Japanese tea?

When it comes to Japanese tea, you may have heard "matcha'.

Do you like matcha? It is getting very popular not only in Japan but all over the world and more and more cafes or restaurants offers matcha-something like matcha latte, matcha ice cream, matcha cake...etc.

On the other hand, it seems like many people misunderstand Japanese tea is only about matcha or matcha is not even tea but a flavor.

However, matcha is a premium tea in Japan and few Japanese people drink in their daily lives. Then what do they drink?

Have you heard of Sencha or Hojicha, or Genmaicha?

These are just a few examples of many various Japanese ... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hey, guys, Connie. I am commodity for certificated Japanese, otherwise er in Kyoto, Japan. In this class, you can learn very basic and comprehensive knowledge of our Japanese T, including the differences off several cities and brewing methods, health's training for its traditional tea utensils and some tea related words in Japanese, the Japanese team. You can catch a brief glimpse off our T. Karcher. At the same time, this car's recorders obviously no experience of skills but a bear give er city tourists a word. You, Jeff in his teeth. Once you learn the basics of Early Method and Carter appreciate the cheese, you will be ever to have unauthentic Japanese tea time at home and changes course will be on the opportunity to open the door to the word off Japanese before you hope to see you in the next meteor. Fine 2. Lesson 1 : The Classification of Tea: Hello. Welcome to the first lesson. Thank you for coming here again. Are you excited? Great. I'm very excited to Well, let's get started first. Awaken go through the classifications. T. In general, some of you might already know, but it's very fixing. Several important here said Classifications Church Dr Monte Grantee are made from the same tea plant called familiar senses, which it's channel geek in Japanese. As you can see in the chart, love on oxidation makes a difference. Green chair is considered as none arc sized t. Why blocked? It's completely oxidized After thinking tea leaves oxidation off. Teams must be stopped immediately. How there are two palm firing and steaming firing rethought worth invented in China, so Chinese tea such as a won't e. R rated by this Merthyr traditionally by hand, but now mostly by machine, this metal constabulary eyes the fragrance in flavor and changes color slightly. Therefore, Chinese green tea are softer than Japanese. Green tea, like a gray screen soft dealer in green or white, angry to pry in your stupor tress t in this way, but not only a few regions still produce prom fire T and we call it come I or Tomorrow in Japanese. On the other hand, about 300 years ago, Japan invented steaming my third Since then. Steamed green tea is the most produced TV Japan Much is also one of distinct green teas in Japan. This is how we sting tea leaves years you remember Try over water but thanks to develop technology Are we bowing? Standing machine about Compare like this is used and the process will be completed within born all two minutes this person's can make green tea Li use more reliable for shaping Steaming is one of the more sting person person sees as the affects of tastes Significantly So what's the special of our steaming? How canny make Japanese team different to other the sick herds where we revealed in the next video I hope you understand so far. If you have any questions, just feel free to ask me. Ok? All right. Are you getting more curious? I hope you are. Thank you so much for watching See your next video that I stopped singing 3. Lesson 2 : The Definition of Japanese Tea: I will come back to my listen. Let's give you a bit about what we learned from the first lesson and keep discovering about Japanese green tea. Let's go So the largest number off green tea produced in Japan? It's steamed green tea these days, and the most common steam guarantee our everyday T is. Do you remember? Yes, it's center center is a favorite green tea with some first leaves and beautifully thin and straight like a needle, and provides a clear yellow green liquor with the purity flavor. Much of their elegance and rich color result from the style or processing steaming immediately Arctic plucking, then air drying. This two step process. It's very essential to preserve the natural flavor, the fragrance and the beautiful green off the leaves. Here's a general definition off Japanese tea no oxidize t carved, debated in produced in Japan. So now some of you might wonder, How does it taste like then? Have you tasted Jerry's tear? We produce Tom's of Stink Greinke, but Morse of them is consumed domestically. Or I think if you have tried or seeing Jack knees t in your country, it could be oy from a toy Tord is the largest green tea brand that has occupied a massive market share overseas. But they specialize in convenient bottled frontin, so it tastes a bit different well, quite different from authentic Japanese T bird by a tea party. It's still taste, either. Also, some people might say, green tea. It's feature in spiritual nous in T. So far, he was considered as medicine in ancient times. So it's understandable, right? And to be enjoyed, the bitterness just like coffee. Let's talk about the main taste element in nutrients as where else house benefits. We heard three major taste elements. You got me Mommy, and she booming warranties, bitterness. You got me in Japanese signs. I'm advertising You got me a is unimportant taste element, just like coffee. Cupping creates Peter Niss and plays a role in reviving the spirits. People Friedel, like the bitterness, are green. Tea might have had tea brewed in a wrong way. They did it to make a cup of tea with the speed earnest, which will be explained after the next couple videos. Second Warren days, Mommy, often translated, asked richness in savory nous. If you are Japanese food friend, you might have hard warrants. Umami rich tea is considered to be off high quality in Japan, where ISTEA with less money is considered as lower quality tea. In this way, umami is a determining factor when grading Japanese team the rain comparisons behind money is go to make us it and healthy earning. And they are reported to promote off away our activity in the brain and make you feel calm and relaxed. Third more in these last regency she brought me in Japanese. Astra Agency is actually not taste element, but a tactile sensation. It's similar to Cyril Region and other poor finals in Block T, but still lost Regency in Bring tea is slightly different. The main compartment is cut again, which is a probable our antioxidant and often reported to slow down the aging process and prevent the formation off cancer cells. So the colors of thes three elements is the key to make a cup of Japanese tea. And also these are only a few are Barris house for any fritz in green tea. But I recommend that you don't get too particular about the intake of certain comparisons, but enjoy good delicious tea are the hobby, which we will enrich your daily life, and I believe that is the healthiest operates to T for 30 for Didn't get what Mommy Is. Here's about Mommy. It's the first taste discovered in Japan. Mommy sports are course the tongue and lingers for a few minutes. Please refer to the website called the Mommy Information Center. If you want to know more about Mommy, you can taste umami from tomato or cheese. It's not something only about specific Japanese. Good. The next lesson is finally about the classic vacation off Japanese Tea Way Have so many different types of tea, So please stay tuned. I can't wait to share them with you. Say that can, I thought was a must stop taking the video. They want that on your show. I think people watching your next 4. Lesson 3 : The Classification of Japanese Steamed Tea: going. Okay, fight back. Today's lesson. It's about the classifications. Object knees, teeth. At the end of discuss, you will ever to tell. The difference is between Macho and some other types of Japanese team, and actually, few Japanese people can explain this. And I think this will help you when you purchase Japanese T online or when you visit Japan . So please enjoy today's lesson. Let's get started. Here's a church. Japanese steamed guarantee can be divided into two types. Shaded tea and non shaded. One that should it mean shed. It means this P plantations will go. Girl marcher and calm procedure Get covered with black. Choose glory to prevent a direct sunlight. This is to prevent the enemy from turning into catching by further censuses. That's why there's types of tea have rich mommy. The color is also a chance to buy this, resulting in a bit tender green because of more grow. A few usually T plans for Yoko and marcher or 10 jer get shielded from the sunlight 20 days before the harvest comes Sicher. It's shorter than that. Shading makes this team more special in terms of their aroma. It is very distinctive, like suing. That's what you can't smell from other types of teeth. This is why this shaded teeth, especially Golkar and much are often court premium tea. Let's take a look at each types of shading teas. Gawker is a premier noble green tea. The accurate pronunciation is corrupt, Guilt wrote. Good up. Even some Japanese people might not know or have never tried to stop A T because it is very expensive and hard to find. After the harvest, the tea leaves get steamed, rolled and dried. The dark green leaves, which are grown in the shade, produce a C. Merced like green liquor. With the Richards, the Mummy Good Girl has been referred to US history, philosophy and art in a single cup. This is the breast green tea off Japan. We injure only Tim Miller litter in a single cop brewed with little temperature water around 40 degrees. It's also known as Persist. You So Go Core is not every day t but in its cells fresher and gives you a luxurious and relaxing moments. Yaman City in Fukuoka is Japanese top producer off Joe Crow. No, much much. It's part of shady. The accurate promotes Asian is my job. After blocking leaves, it gets steamed, tried immediately, without getting role and down cut into five millimeters pieces. After the stems and veins are reverb, this makes much different to grow. At this stage, we actually call it a 10. We store tinta, infringed too much or before making a part Cherie, then 10 shirt gets grind by a stone grinder to prob arise it into a silky chatterers parter . The partnering texture is stone sure to make the frosty T at the Japanese tea ceremony. Much is usually served elegantly at the formal tea ceremony. Cold tell you at 10 0 you a couple marcher is made by pouring hot water onto the parted much er in a warm small bowl rather than deeper. A bamboo whisk is used to stare up the marcher and water into a frothy drink that it's sweet and last region at the same time. Some people find it feature, but the frostier. It is the list frustration it can be In the tea ceremony. Traditional Japanese sweets are served before drinking. Much are it will help offset any bitterness you taste from much served in a table. Marcher is usually drunk from the bowl in long three sips, followed by a course. This is a very brief explanation about what channel you is like. Sir, There are many Japanese people who have never been to the ceremony in drunk much. Er, I was one of them. A few years ago, I would talk more about China. You in another course as it is a very per firm in spiritual world. January, that's why we don't drink much are in the daily lives. Often character leads Japan in the production off much, so please make sure to taste much or when you visit character. The next one is covers it. Con Visitor is literally translated as copper team compared to grow and mature. T plans for complicity are shared it for shorter few years off around the week. Therefore, he has more mommy in less arsed regency. Done center the normal steamed green tea. You can orser enjoy the characteristic seaweed like aroma because of the shading cultivation method. So we have. Those three types are shared. E. T. You're good at my job. What kind of monster did you understand? And we have more different types of non insanity, which will be explained in the next lesson. Thank you so much for watching this long lesson. Please be proud of yourself. I see in the next meteor 5. Lesson 4: The Classification of Japanese Steamed Tea Ⅱ: Welcome back. Can you go quiet enough? I, we learned apart, shaded to in the previous Listen, do you remember those three types of shading? T Gil Coro, Marcher Incomes Teacher Perfect. Today's lesson is about non shaded tea. Let's get started First Center. The accurate organization is send Center is one of the closest, the most familiar types of tea to Japanese people. The T porn's our exports under the sun, and after blocking, they get a steam rolled and dried. Then they get rolled again to shake them like needles being and straight ulcer. The flavor off singer changes a lot, depending on the water temperature. If Steve, with heart a water off raw free 80 degrees, you can enjoy its bridge in IST and Astra Agency. And it's a rumor to a greater extent. On the other hand, with lower temperature water like 60 degrees more mommy and natural sweetness off the tee is accentuated in dissents. Century can be more export than any other T. This is just the basic I've year, and there's no correct answer to the question of how you should steep, ranging from blended tea with a good balance in both taste and flavour to unique single air State T. You can try by a singer in different ways and find your favorite steeping recipe off each tee. The word off Japanese T venture is very first mating an endlessly deep. There's a large variety off T car tubers, and since centuries grown without shading the natural labour from the terrible and the cultivar remains, it is front to compare. Different teas like people do. Is one a whiskey tasting. Now there is. It is a big trend to taste. Various single estate tees off each different cult birth rather than well bonds to blended teas Next have come. Michy Center Comma, she said, literally means deep steamed center. At the first steaming stage of the production process, tea leaves get steamed longer than normal center. This means that the tea breaks are easily during the rolling process. In 19 sixties, she's Oka perfection, which 40% ease off Japanese T feels developed. This method, as T grown in flat areas with long daylight hours, tends to become more bitter than teats grows in mountainous areas. Steaming the leaves longer can dissolve our comm parent, called affecting more, which enhances the sweetness you can enjoy a full of bodies taste rather than a rumor. The liquor is quality green. This is one of the most widely concerned teas in Japan. Next, cookie Teacher and Cornacchia Cookie Jar Cookies Jump Stem T and call Nature Call Now parter T are made from the stems and stalks or like parts that are sifted during the refining process. Off steam T. There's no statistical data on the production. Um, aren't as they are not made for the sake off themselves. Stems have distinctive sweetness in less bitterness than leaps. It's refreshing. Grass, like a roamer, is also characteristic to cook it. Conductor literally moons part 30. But there is also whom us a job Puma, which also literally means Part 30. They found the same, but they armed call nature is made by sifted light parts off center, like green tea. Dust during than finding persist, so it's not completely pottery. You need a T part too steep. This type of tea often ends up as the tea bags because of which low prices who much It's a grand type of tea resembling mature. You can dissolve it with hot water. These two types of teas can frequently be seeing at sushi restaurants as they can not only clear the palate and refresh you but ulcer. That cat Akins dissolved well and T may lower the risk of food poisoning from raw fish. So if you go to sushi restaurants, you will see either call Macha or who mantra chur especially are reasonable sushi train style restaurants. You're more likely to find who muchacha in hot water top like this. Okay, let's call it today into next year you will learn for more types of Japanese tea and weird up your foundation off knowledge even more so. Stay chained. See you, sir. 6. Lesson 5: The Classification of Japanese Steamed Tea Ⅲ: first Bun Tuck puncher is probably one of the most confusing terms in pre industrial days. Much ER and higher quality center are affordable only for the upper class people or society , so puncher is used to refer to tease. Concerned by common people, they persist. He lives in many different ways, for example, by bowling or worst thing it over unopened fire before drying. However, nowadays the Tom Bunter is mainly used to denote century made from the secret harvest and beyond. The original burn chair has almost disappeared, and it's now referred to as rural puncher. Since puncher is neither rich mommy nor rivet green compared to the first harvest, it is often thought of as a low, great team. Next one is for teacher Hold it up. Hordichuk is made by roasting stained green tea, and generally tailings from the second harvest or be earned are used as a base. Cordage er can be different in the taste in labor, depending on the base who are determined by using stems tend to relight bordered With the sweet recurrence. You can also turn old center into horse jitter by carefully roasting it in a circular by yourself. This will not Onley revive T, but also it is scientifically proven that the fragrance components off. It's roasting a roamer makes you feel relaxed. It's often drunk mainly after meal. Next game, My teacher game. My job game Might are, is quite the popular type of tea as it is inexpensive and the familiar t like cordage er. It is made by adding some rice call mills to a bunch of leaves, but I sometimes add rice commenters to censure. After a few impressions by myself, it's another way to enjoy Singer. You can also find bottled beer. Meijer. In many shops. The last one is come by Richard Come I d Come Manager is pumped. Fired grantee. It's pumped. Firing method originated in China until Japan. In Brent, it's the steaming A method in the 18th century. Pounds by. Your tea was very common. This part of Fucked that camp Fire T has a longer history than center. Come. My reacher is not well known among Japanese people I've never seen come I richer in supermarkets. The amount of its production has been reduced and it now occurrence for only 1% off all green tea produced in Japan it. It's mainly produced in the Kyushu area. Arthur. It is made using the Chinese method. You could sense a very Japanese touch of Mommy. It also has less astray. Agency Down Singer The distinctive sweet arrested A roamer refreshes both Pollitt in the mind. Congratulations. You learn about most types of Japanese tea. I think there are many dropping is people who don't know some of them or the differences between them and the production processes. So well done. What kind of money? Now, you know, there are so many different types of Japanese tea that we drink more often than much. Er this one of the main things I wanted to introduce to you I hope your friend the interesting. Next you will be a bit more practical with many important tips to stop growing, stay chained and see in the next video 7. Mid-term Project: congratulations. You committed hot weather. Did you wanna know about Japanese police? Over. I hope you find it interesting. At first I was older crosses one course together. But I realized there is a lot of information to cover, even for picking eyes. So I've decided to split them into two courses in order to deepen your understanding at this point by a class project. That's for the class project. I'd like you to make a diagram off the classification off Japanese tea by yourself, So please check the further information on the class project page. Thank you so much for watching. Stay tuned for the rest of costs is and I hope to see your game by. 8. Lesson 6: Water for Japanese tea Ⅰ: Hi. How you doing? Thank you for coming back. Now you're just over hot waste where the lessons. I hope you're having fun and learning today. I'll tell you something very important in order to make a delicious cup of Japanese team. So let's get studying course. Guess what this figure means. Too easy. Yes, it's water. Water takes off 99.5 persons off infused T. There's it's all bears. That water is one of the main factors to affect the flavor, the fragrance and a taste of tea. Generally, order can be divided into two types, some water and hot water. It's defined by W age or the water with its Hartness off no list, 120 milligrams pollinator itself order and one with more than 120 milligrams per liter. Its heart water we did suitable for Japanese teeth and which water does your country mostly hard. It is set that soft water with its Hartness between that eight milligrams and 80 milligrams is suitable for Japanese teeth. Almost all water in Japan is self. I remember when I tried using my job needs shampoo in Australia, where water is heart. It didn't get badly at all. Then how does he affect the flame or team? Some research shows that heart water tends to make the fresh aroma week, resulting in the T with Onley umami that feels heavy rather than refreshing anyways for third food, can't used hot water to drink and have no idea which bottled water itself. Here are some suggestions to use for Japanese teeth. They are suitable Onley in terms of hardness level if you have access to them. Police tried them when you put your Japanese. However, according to the latest research, some water so just Indian can dissolve mommy well harmonizing with police and Astra Agency . Therefore, you can research about which bottled water could be the most suitable water in your country . This will be a project for Dad who don't have access to Japanese tea place. Check the class project for details. In some countries, maybe you can find the label off nutrients on bottles. I couldn't find it in the show earlier and Malays here, So if you can't find union, take a bully and you find out at least house doom and magnesium. You can also calculate briefly. That's all for today. Next figure explains about temperature a few beers until I start to steep 9. Lesson 7: Water for Japanese Tea Ⅱ: Hey, welcome. By today I'm going to talk about another important tip for water to make a delicious cup of Japanese. There's an optimal way off boiling water, many types of green tea, so just singer are infused with lower temperature water over around 70 degrees for the best taste balance. However, that doesn't mean you can just heat up the water to the designers temperature without boiling. The water should be boiled once and then left for a few minutes and cooled. Done to design your temperature for steeping. There are full reasons for this first boiling removed the smell of chlorine. If you're using top water sickened, it's starting your lives is the water third, It can remember the oxygen from the water, which gives a T clear taste course. It reduces its Hartness. Unfortunately, distance work will permanent hurt Water. It's really up to you. If you follow, theirs are not. Sometimes you might be too busy toe, which worried to cool down. I really understand that, but please keep this tip in your mind. Also, when steeping tea, there are four points you need to consider the armor. Took tea leaves the current of water and temperature and steeping time as the components in Japanese team. T R D salt Much first er than other types of tea. You need to pay attention, especially to force temperature and steeping time. Here's a basic relation between temperature and taste. Balance, as you can see in the graph who Mommy comes art at lower temperature, even at 40 degrees, while more car chicken gets extracted at the higher temperature. So if you're steep center with boiling water, you can actually enjoy umami, but taste lots of bitterness and astringency at high temperatures. The aroma of tea also can stand out more, depending on what type of tea you are going to brew or what creatures that he had. You can find your favorite taste balanced by applying this temperature logic, which is very injury able and exciting. Do you like Mommy went t. Four. Do you pray for a better Pete? Honest behind mommy, there's no correct way. Oh, brewing so you can enjoy your honesty as you like, depending on your word or situation. First ampoule. If you want to make yourself awake in the morning, then use high in your temperature water to dissolve more coupling If you want to feel relaxed and enjoy your tea time. 60 degrees water can extract more Amina a C. That's how you can change the taste by temperature. You don't have to buy any you teen. Okay, so next Listen is about the basic you 10 sales we use, so them are not necessary. But let me introduce a unique I tell you. See you in next week. 10. Lesson 8: Basic Japanese Tea Utensils: welcome back. In order to make tea, one Onley needs to use a deeper in teacup. Why not improved the flavor and quality of your team with some great tea utensils to make your tea time more endurable? Today, I'm going to introduce some utensils that will help you breathe some great teeth. As I mentioned before, our tea part is an essential Artim when making Japanese tea, while the convenience off teabags has cost some to believe that the tea party is no longer necessary, let's long why the T port is better for viewing T than using tee box First, a key part alarms for the tea leaves to blend with the hot water brother. The runs shape off the tee part a lars tea leaves swole, I learned and spread up, allowing the water to extract the components off. The tea leaves in the flavor easier. Finally, a large the brewer to have greater control over the desires, flavor and temperature, especially when serving for many people are the same time with Stevens. You heart, of course, Um, one by one, and the quality of T used for the tea bags are mostly not so good. Officer Dejeuner that the material off the paper itself can influence the flavor. There are various types of tea, port or cues in Japanese, so it is important that truce accused suit that fits with the old lifestyle did are key factors to choose accuses material shape sizes Strainer. Let's have a look one by one. These are two Ming types of material. QC. Ceramic Toki and Post Cering Dickie Ceramic yusor, made from clay, have excellent water. Observe Insee, which all our city to soak into the accuser itself. The rock surface gives the natural employing feeling with the simplistic to the cure soup, which makes you feel relaxed. He also retains heat well, however, brewing when you different flavors of tea in one ceramic uses can course the fragrance off the various teas to become make us together or get more easily because of the others aren see therefore so Romney gift in Sils needs to be handled very carefully and properly. Still, longtime U sub ceramic user can slightly change its color or pattern as additional terms. The more you use a ceramic uses, the better it looks over time. In this way, ceramic user is loved by many cues. Lovers. A porcelain cure, Sir. Image from mostly stone particles, however, does not have great water of seven C, so you don't need to worry about the fragrance of many teas mixing together. On the other hand, postal line is weaker at retaining heat than ceramic. Most postal in utensils are white, with the smooth and shiny texture like glass, which gives a delicate and elegant impression. Another weakness is the thermo shock. You shouldn't give porcelain you tenses sudden thermal change like pouring boiling water. Very cold QC as they could break them. Parceling intensive are usually lighter than ceramics. Japanese T ports coming three main shapes. The most common shape is one with the site grip. We called this shape of people as said before que sit. We also have this kind of unique shape. It is unusual in that it doesn't have a grape. It is called talking in Japanese, and it's mostly used for high quality center or go crow, which are reviewed with low temperature water to protect your hand. Big dough being type D part have a grip made of another material on top so you don't get burned. This is often used for high temperature job teas. Such asshole Geagea or buncha. When you brew small, our minds off umami rich tea's, such as premium, go, grow or center. It is better to use small 90 to 250 milliliters. Deports that are better at retaining heat. Otherwise, 300,000,030 parts off grid for standard center or the green tea. Bigger deports off. More than 600 millimeter in size are best for Harter teas. Such asshole Geter. It is ideal to you several times of deports with varying sizes to brew different low or high temperature T and the number off teacups to Paul. But in today's modern life, straight space and money don't allow for people to have lots of deport. So I recommend you purchase a key part of a run 200 to 300 milliliters. Traditional Japanese que su haver strainer inside. Generally speaking, there are two types of strainer. Strainer is made of the same material or is the user itself. The amount and shake off the holes varies depending on the Q suit. The other type is one made off aluminium. It has many training hold, which prevents the tea leaves from coming out of the queue. Sue when you port teeth, I mean, you strainers are also suitable for who come she center or conductor which has many small particles and can clog the strangers with a few holes. There are so many designs and varieties off QC. Even just looking at them is fun and exciting. I hope these points help you to decide what kind of que su it's good for you. Now, just as there are many t ports, there are many key cops to all. You know me in Japanese. Picking some good looking t cops for you and your friends to enjoy a tee time is sure to make the experience fund and welcoming. But why should we particular about you know me well, a una Lee stimulates the five senses all at warrants the calls off steam the texture and temperature on your hands the color off the tee, the aroma art that feels your nose And finally the taste that reaches your lips are all delivered with the you know, me drinking from the right You know me tells you all you need to know about the tea Japanese people consider enjoying the appearance off T ours aperture. When we Hurst guests, we make special care to choose D cops that reflect the season or me guest Comfortable. Forget downpour during cherry foursome season, Que cops was cherry blossoms. Picture are used to serve tea in winter. I think you know me are used to preserve the heat of the tea. Taking such care is just a small touch of hospitality. Unlike Western marks, usually, you know me doesn't have 100. Why is this? Well, it's because you can check the temperature yourself before drinking. The handle off the mark means that you cannot feel the temperature off the tee so you run the risk off burning your turn with. You know me. However you touched the surface of that cop, there's you are able to feel how hard it is before drinking. If the tea is too hard to home, it's too hot to drink. Holding the you know me also allows you to appreciate the tactile and texture of the car. So what kind of you know me? Do we have as we excuse you again? Sarah, Meek Toki and parse Oring Jiechi are the more suitable for Japanese tea Traditionally, we used the porcelain. You know me for tea that gives you a clear, delicate, an elegant impression with a simple structure as a whole. It is thing, especially that part that means the lips so it gets very hot and cools down the T easily. The bride, white color inside makes a color off. The tee looks beautiful. It is suitable when you want to enjoy the delicate color off your crow or high quality center. It is a relatively shock resistant as a whole, but week to thermo shock. So you need to be careful with the border temperature again. Ceramic, You know me has a playing natural feeling to them. They are thick and rough, perfect textures for holding very hot teas like Hold teacher as it keeps heat well inside. But your hand doesn't feel so hot on the sufferers. You don't have to worry about thermal shop, either. Still, compared to Pulse Elaine ones, they are made of fragile materials and observed water well, make sure to dry them properly, otherwise they will get moved. You can also use glass for iced tea, which give a cool impression for the summer months. One of our the size and shape. Maybe you can guess a bit now small. You know me off. 40 to 50 milliliters are suitable. Full? Yes. Go Crow and colicky singer to savor the premium umami and the delicate are Omar little by little if standard center Ah, you know me of around 150 millimeter is preferable bigger. You know me then that would be suitable for hot, buncha or auditor. As for shape, basically you see two different shapes over. You know me. Short warns with a wide leap, are used for centuries old growth and are also appropriate when hosting guests, especially on very formal occasions served with late on top. To keep heat, guests can enjoy the beautiful color off. Green tea toll and thick tube shaped ones are useful normal occasions, especially for bunch up or your teacher, as the shape helps the t to keep its heat. Some of this my sound a little confusing, but these are just some basic ideas. So your heart you followed them all, or by and prepare everything. These are just some tips to have a better Japanese tea time with our tea Karcher T is something that makes you feel, come and relaxed and reaches your daily life not to confuse you when you want to purchase Japanese QC or you know me. Please remember this video accuser and you know me are essential. But now I'm going to introduce a few more utensils. They are not necessary but can help you in Georgia needs teatime. Authentic Ali. This future like utensil is cold. Use a machine literally translated as water cooler. This is unique to Japan and originally used to brew. Go grow after boiling water. You can cool it down to the desired temperature by pouring A to use a machine. I've explained how it works in the next lesson anyway. Use on the ship is a traditional tool used to cool down water from Joe Crow or Premium Center. It is not essential, and mugs can be substituted. So even Japanese people prudent brewed tea with Steve Parts. We didn't know this item. Techem or Transit Teoh is Artie Katie. They should be as airtight as possible to preserve the tea leaves. They don't preserve it for longer, so make sure to put as much as you can consume within a short period. Always story in a cool, dry place, sir, that the Japanese tea leaves can be kept for about one month. Remember, enemies to Japanese t are light oxygen he in moisture and strong smells. And this is what happens to tea leaves kept in a wrong way. The color changes into yellowish green and it is no longer smersh. I will introduce what to do with these old tea leaves in the future. Really? Here this is a T spurn or using this for a long time will allow you to get used to putting the right amount of tea leaves into the kiss you without the use of a measuring device. All right, that's all for today. Once again. What? I took the bar today. It's just tips. Not if you have any questions. Feel free to drop me. I hope you find your favorite TV in sales. Thank you. 11. Lesson 9: How To Prepare Sencha & Hojicha: power. Can you? Today I finally share your heart too steep Singer It was a long way till this lesson, but I'm sure that watching this with old the knowledge gained from the previous lessons will be far easier for you. Let's get started. First of all, prepare older materials. Today's tea leaves center in the Getty. We didn t spurt for the QC years Toki A ceramic one with Armenians trainer today You know me and use a machine if you don't have user machine using Margo something like that. Oh sir, A weighing scale would help You know how many grams part scooper is? Step one while boiling quarter Put a limbs in a QC a MK 80 Some small parts of central leaves tend to be at the bottom So if you keep scooping Onley Sentul lives on the upper part of Katie Onley Small pieces off leaves would remain in the end. My source of break singer leaves each time by doing this because center is thin and straight Tell the caddy a bit and then hold the teas burn upside down and in darted in the upper part. Then twist that cutie in wards that t spurn outwards If tea leaves were full evenly on this firm without getting crushed or broken, this is not super important. But paying attention to this step can result in a well balanced cup of tea. So if you have a Kati and Jesse Ji, please try this. As for the um earned, let's dry six grams forced, then I just, um, earned by adding or decreasing next time to find your favorite taste of the tea. As a taste varies, depending on the quality or cart, uber off tea leaves as to hard temperature, gives harsh taste with excessive bitterness and astringency to center. Let's cool it term by using you know me and use a mashie by pouring boiling water from the kettle into a You know me first. The temperature drops by about 10 degrees after around 36 prints. This steps allows you to measure the appropriate amount of tea for the size of the cup and warming up at the same time. It is 80 degrees now still to heart, so let's cool it down by another 10 degrees. Pour it to the news. A marshy this time. Oh, center to make tea with a good balance off all the taste elements. The water should be cooled down to around 70 degrees. When you touched the bottom off, use a mushy and can hold your hand there for a little while. It should be around 70 to 75 degrees. You can also use a thermometer. When you start off, you will be ever to trust your senses after practicing. When the water is cool down to the desire temperature, pour it gently into deeper, but the later talked to keep the temperature and wait for about one minute. If the steeping time is too short, the taste will get weak. But if too long it will get to bitter industries in you can find the best steeping time for singer you purchased. There are a few tips to know when pouring Warren, these two poor or to the last drop so you can injure. Another delicious couple with second infusion t that remains inside were ruined to second infusion, however, shaking the Q suit to pour off where reserve in the harsh taste. So please be patient for me. Staring at strolling drops its Arkin to meditation. It makes my mind come. That's how I injured my tee time anyway. After pouring off, don't forget to open the late and injure the aroma in the color of tea leaves. Then make sure to keep the later open slightly. Every moved late, even left and brewing accused remains heart, which could ruined taste of the aroma off the secret infusion. Enjoy the tea. Most of total mommy and sweetness come out in the first infusion. Generally, we raise the temperature when stepping after the first time. In order to enjoy a pleasant bitterness in Astra agency that remains in the leaps. You can also injure its aroma with water water. However, since the leaves are already opened up, you need to steep for short of time. When you step T for more than one cop, pour a little bit at a time into each car to adjusted, taste in color and make the amount. Even if you didn't pay attention when pouring, this would happen. The taste in the first cup is obviously weaker than T in another cup, and the taste in the last cop would be too strong. Therefore, it is very important to poor little by little into each cup. This action called My Washing, makes all the cops of tea taste the same, but actually makes the stepping time longer at the same time, especially when you pour into many carps. So if you're steeped tea for more than four people, it would be easier to pour order tea into a preheated picture or a user marshy first and then pour into each car. Then you don't need to do Marsh G anymore. Hold it, hold it your age. Lighters and center. This time I used three grounds and 200 milliliters of water. You can use boiling water for your Geter so it's are among Comes out Well, After 30 seconds, I pour into a use a mushy. In this case, you can share it with people without doing what future doesn't contain much popping, so it could be a good substitute for coffee. If you care about coughing, you can injure great or sting aroma once again, temperature time pouring off my wash. It's a G. I talked a lot today, but at least keep these four tips in your mind. The most important is the mind to enjoy the exciting, part relaxing moment with a cup of Japanese tea. Once you get yours to these steps, it's not that difficult. And you will ruin the taste of Japanese tea and be ever to appreciate Japanese team. Oh, looking forward to hearing your thirds are drying Japanese T in this way. Now you've got a warm open here to learn and details for the final project. See you soon. 12. Lesson10: Past & Future of Japanese tea (Final project) : coming. Congratulations are reaching the final lesson this time. We're going through 18 related history and Japanese T. Carter. I hope you find it interesting at the end of this lesson. I will tell you what to do for the final project. Now let's get started. First of all, she these chop or some in Japanese. Generally we called T tap or the Conjure character is like this. If you send it into prayer, you know it's some sort of tea. The original off this word chop is from companies spoken are on Hong Kong maladies in the 12 century at them. Priest, your site or a sigh studied a berth in so area southern China and brought tea culture back to Japan. How do you pronounce T in your longest? By the way, it sounds like chop. That means the war. These are some from companies and spread mostly fire. The laundry, for example, chopped in India, Tie in Turkey and Russia Sports bar is an exception as it used to govern Cantone. They also pronounced tax. On the other hand, the English words T originates from hockey in okay and mainly spread by the ocean work. Let's have a look at the floor off T history Independent. After your side came back from China, he planted seeds off T at Colson's Temple in Children. Therefore, you can find the oldest tea plantation in Japan if you visit the Temple Mount and then T Carter Peixian increased in curator who just today for his especially geographically suitable 40. There's the tea cultivation in usually became popular, which is resulted in the establishment off the famous brand, which it today. If we have bean to curator, you might have noticed that there are so many much of labour sweets there back in the 16th century, the famous Tea Master Sen Rick, you thin Rick. You perfected the tea ceremony ulcer? No, as the weight of tea channel, you tell you is deeply associate it with dense spirit, which was popular at the time and was enjoyed among elite some rights, much otherwise expensive and common people couldn't afford it. What they were drinking was drum team that was simply persist and boiled well. That cans you also means brown in Japanese. But in the seventh in century, RT. Karcher finally turned into brewing style with kisses. They learned punk firing method, and people started to drink commodity in the 18th century. So in Nakatani invented the steaming method and succeeded in for using beautiful green tea with slight sweetness, which impressed people at the time. Then singer became more affordable for lots of people. Since then, T said, your center and hold teacher gradually became a soon short to our daily lives. Japanese teachers brought lots of things to us house benefits, peace of mind and sometimes helped people grilled relationships as a communication or hospitality, too. Every dizzy and you are so but we say Judy Moncada, would you like some tea to visitors are difference. This is why, even now at the restaurants in Japan, they over a cup of tea for free once and you finally heard at least one que su at home. However, in the 12th century, when there were the rapid improvement off technology and globalization, So what told center were invented? People were in the younger generation had no time to brew tea with accused two, and gradually, the cues to culture started to disappear from our daily lives. Thanks to convenient canned and bottled tea tea, it's still essential to us, but I wrinkly. Such diversity accelerated life without accuses. Now a days. It is not so rare to meet young people who have never tried T bird with tea party, which means that I know what actual century tastes like all how to brew it. This is very sad. Meanwhile, in those hectic days, some people, including me, have started to realize the potential possibilities off Japanese tea and that we need to have some time to sit back and enjoy a cup of tea carefully brewed with Kooser. In recent years, Japanese t have bean getting lots of attention from various perspectives, turning into a Japanese T boom. More and more Japanese tea houses have being open in Tokyo and Bjorn there is a variety of approaches to Japanese t, which is very interesting. Some bring back traditional style, which makes us feel kind right and relax. Others. Person's a new way off Japanese t inspired by or harmonized with the traditional style or create a completely novel ways to appreciate t. Why don't we chase the wave together? - That's all for this car is well done, and I can't believe how long this begin. There was about inspiration to persons, but I hope now you are ecstatic to drill and taste for yourself. As for the final pressure, if you have access to Kolecki, just misty, eat their online on your place. Get singer and brew. I'm looking forward to your report. You don't have any access to good John's played way. Search which bulging water salt in your country go well with jackings. Teach and tell me the perfect. I'm just curious. Also, I'd love you to charge of honesty, so I put the link off center. I fine. So let's try it and tell me that's shocking for a doctor to make a little something and chat with new future, I'll let you know when the discussion turns. J eyes stripping here to be with Thank you so much. I am by