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The World according to UX - a bold mindset for aspiring UX Designers

Hyper Island, Hyper Island program director

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8 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. Trailer & Introduction

    • 2. The Square and the Tower

    • 3. Cynefin Framework

    • 4. Exponential growth

    • 5. The Immune System

    • 6. The 6Ds

    • 7. Start with Why

    • 8. Conclusion


About This Class

This class is for you who considers to start a career as an UX Designer. But even if you already work in the field of UX/UI design the presented thought models in this class will bring you new perspectives and inspiration for your daily challenges.

The world is changing in an ever faster pace due to digitalisation and globalisation. This leads to friction in our social and political landscapes.
The digital age brings great wealth, freedom and power to millions of people - but not yet in an evenly distributed fashion.

The underlying premise of this class is that a UX Designer’s main purpose is to fix that distribution problem by designing products and services that will be used by more people sooner.
To be able to do so a UX Designer has to gain a deep understanding of how digitalisation impacts our societies so you can make more enlightened decisions for creating digital tools and services that will help to solve our global grand challenges. We chose to call this type of UX Designer an exponentially minded one.

With this Hyper Island class you will learn to understand:

  • How digital driven networks challenge hierarchical power structures.
  • How to predict the exponential development of digital technologies.
  • How to implement innovation initiatives in organizations.
  • Why the ability to act even though the outcome is unclear is a scarcely available skillset.

To help you get started to become an exponentially minded User Experience Designer we provide a learning planning tool in the project section. To get coaching and feedback on your planning tool join the nascent HIX learning community on Discord.

If you want to know more about our campus based UX Designer program visit Hyper Island.

Teachers: Fee Walker & Jörg Teichgraeber
Script: Fredrik Andrén, Sebastian Sjöberg, 10xLabs
Student assistants & post-production: Ahmad Abu Azza, Filip Forsberg, Monika Saric Boricic, Victoria Wikström
Music chapters: Matti Nilsson
Music introduction and conclusion:
David Cutter @dcuttermusic





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Hyper Island

Hyper Island program director

Hyper Island is a school that for more than twenty years has relied on an educational principle that is very different from most colleges. We do not have teachers or standardised tests. We do not believe in grades and we value practical real-world learning above theoretical knowledge.
We expand upon it by designing our educational content to be best enjoyed by making your own learning experience out of the raw materials we provide. This takes many forms, but all have in common that we try...

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