The Way of the Learner Memory System

Benjamin Rosemont, Streamlining life and learning

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7 Videos (44m)
    • How Memory Works

    • The Four Memory Techniques

    • Technique #1: Chunking

    • Technique #2: Teaching

    • Technique #3: Mnemonics

    • Five Resources for Generating Mnemonics

    • Technique #4: Imagination


About This Class

Discover the Way of the Learner Memory System, an easy-to-learn, step-by-step approach to developing a powerful memory.






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Benjamin Rosemont

Streamlining life and learning

Ben’s fascination with learning skills began while he was in high school, when he discovered the benefits of speed reading, memory training, and note-taking. He immersed himself in the field, exploring and experimenting with various techniques and courses.

In college, Ben had the opportunity to teach study skills to high school students, preparing them to handle college-level work. He witnessed first-hand the benefits of such training as he observed students accelerating their degrees. One student in particular completed his Bachelor’s degree before his 18th birthday. Ben himself managed to accelerate his education, completing his business degree on his 20th birthday without debt, grants, or scholarships.

After college, Ben continued to explore learning strategies. Gradually, he realized that although there was a plethora of information and products about learning, there still seemed to be a lack of structure. He could not find one comprehensive, step-by-step learning system and felt that many courses were too long and complicated to be useful for the full-time student or professional. He began to understand which techniques work, which ones do not, and which need to be complemented by other techniques. He also noticed most courses focused exclusively upon how quickly one acquires information, providing no suggestions for how to actually apply the information to one’s life.

As an avid learner, Ben felt compelled to find solutions and began to experiment with his own study system, which culminated with the launch of The Way of the Learner, an organization dedicated to equipping students and professionals with transformational learning techniques. Its aim is to find innovative ways to integrate proven learning principles into easy-to-learn, comprehensive systems.