The Watercolor Painting Series - Analogous Geometric Diamonds

The Artmother, Professional Art Teacher and Artist

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10 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Color Wheel

    • 3. Color Harmonies

    • 4. Analogous colors

    • 5. Analogous Harmony Exercise

    • 6. Useful Resources

    • 7. Drawing the Diamond

    • 8. Painting the Diamond

    • 9. The Class Project

    • 10. Final Thoughts


About This Class

This is the second episode of The Watercolor Painting Series. The series are designed the way that each class can stand alone and is complete on its own, and has three main ingredients: art theory, color theory and a trending topic.

In this class as for art theory, we are going to practice painting basic geometric shapes again, learn about the geometry in a diamond, and practice keeping and even whitespace border so that our neighbouring surfaces don't bleed to each other (useful to learn for the impatient ones!).

In color theory we will create a color wheel, explore the pigment of our colors and try out several variations. We will learn about the primary, secondary and tertiary colors and how to mix them. We will learn about the color harmonies, name all 6 and explore the analogous color scheme.

Our trending topic is DIAMONDS:)

The class is ideal for very beginners, but it also can be challenging for advanced students.

If you feel the creative energy and you are ready to create, ENROLL NOW:)