The Video Cover Letter for Job Applications

Victoria Cumberbatch, Old Things, New Ways

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6 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Welcome to the Video Cover letter

    • 2. Focused Research

    • 3. Rethinking Notes

    • 4. Curate

    • 5. Create

    • 6. Thank You for Coming!


About This Class

Victoria Cumberbatch has been making video cover letters for a short while, with excellent results. The future is visual and as more companies get on board with video applications, it's high time we get ahead of another paradigm shift. Here, you'll learn how I've crafted video cover letters for job applications and have received nothing but shocking praise. 

Included are: 

Focused Research

Rethinking Notetaking

Curate | Take a look at the attached Curate notes before viewing the video!


As you imagined, your project will be a video cover of your own. Let's do this!