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The Video Cover Letter for Job Applications

teacher avatar Victoria Cumberbatch, Old Things, New Ways

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Welcome to the Video Cover letter

    • 2. Focused Research

    • 3. Rethinking Notes

    • 4. Curate

    • 5. Create

    • 6. Thank You for Coming!

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About This Class

Victoria Cumberbatch has been making video cover letters for a short while, with excellent results. The future is visual and as more companies get on board with video applications, it's high time we get ahead of another paradigm shift. Here, you'll learn how I've crafted video cover letters for job applications and have received nothing but shocking praise. 

Included are: 

Focused Research

Rethinking Notetaking

Curate | Take a look at the attached Curate notes before viewing the video!


As you imagined, your project will be a video cover of your own. Let's do this!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Victoria Cumberbatch

Old Things, New Ways


Hey there, I'm Viki and I'm a new creative.

After referring to myself as a linear, black/white only thinker for the entirety of my life, I stumbled upon creativity. Oh, how life has changed! Trials and tribulations, tests and experiments, I'm here to show you some ways that I try old things in new ways. Because, porque no?

From the job hunt to holistic remedies, I'm an everywhere woman and can't wait to share with you my learnings. 

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1. Welcome to the Video Cover letter: Hi, everybody. I'm Victoria Cumberbatch, and I wanted to share with you the video cover letter, which is something that came to me in all honesty in a spot of laziness when I was starting my job search several months ago after finishing up with a start up. And I was traveling the world for the past two or so years working, and I wanted to sit down, reallocate myself. My life recess and the cover letters that are asked for with every job position are having purpose. But, um, I was over. So I went on a whim and created a cover letter that was in this form. I thought that it might be a bit better for a hiring manager to see how I communicate, since that's in the job description or if I can think on my feet, which I tried Teoh illicit when I do these and so on. And I've been doing these now consistently for the past several months, and I have never received more invitations to interviews. I have never received more accolades within interviews about any aspect of my application that I have with this, so that will be great to provide to you all and still share and let's get to it. Thank you so much 2. Focused Research: Welcome to focus Research part one of the video cover letter on Victoria Cumberbatch. And why don't we just jump right in? So just explaining why the f this is so important? Totally understandable. You know how to research, Not try to say that you do not. However, what I have found in the job hunt on my own and speaking with variety of hiring managers for their feedback afterwards is that we get a bad rap. We millennials. So let's try to by simply reading and, um, having a strategized approach to the job hunt that starts with research. Um, my goal is to have you stand out by the end of the video cover letter, and this is the best way to do it. So here's a little social media plug. Um, you have to use social media in order to get things rolling for me. The best has been linked in. Recruiters have sought me out. I've been very easily able to communicate with people in a variety of companies that I plan to apply to and so on. Um, I think it's an absolute asset, and it should be utilized by you as well. So typically when I found role that interest me. This is how I determine it. Initially, I scan I hone in on the mandatory and qualifications areas which are toward the bottom. Once I realized yea or nay that I go into dissection and I'll notice the action. Verbs manage, coordinate lead research and so on. And with these, I want to connect them to myself and my experience. So do I have any experience doing any of the above action verbs? If yes, I would consider one example that correlates with at least four of the verbs on and then have them written down so I can refer back to them at the interview stage. Lastly, there would be the assessing situation whereby if there any skills I feel that I have to brush up on and or I don't have them, I would mention them in my interview, to be honest and allow the higher manager to know. Hey, I don't have salesforce experience. I can go on scale shark and go on YouTube. I can go on hub spot. I could go on lynda dot com and procure some of that experience before I began. Should that please you they love it. Come on, you're not gonna have 100% of everything. But if you can show what you have a lacking in and that you're willing to strengthen it, it's a win. So this is a amazon dot com. This is their jobs arena. And I wanted to show this because when you're looking at jobs, you want to focus on the clickable. Zell's right here. And, um, you want to read the mission? The values, their DNA, probably values are included in there. Why being a pioneers imperative to them? Some sort of word you may want to use when you're in your interview are some of these they're already given to you. They're like little gifts, so definitely take your time and looking through those. This is Glassdoor dot com with Amazon as the company of focus, so you'll see a really great rating here, and then you'll notice the thousands of reviews here. What you want to do is certainly look at salaries, interviews, reviews in Salon. I'll see 10 to 15 in each areas. You could understand patterns and what current and former employees are saying. Maybe why they left and someone's gives you a role leg up for yourself because right you also are dating basically this particular company, Um, and it needs to also work for you. So here's a great way to determine that fit in the event. It's a it's a newer company or it's a start up and they may not be on glass door. I like to use crunch base. It's got really great info here. Public, private. How many employees also known as and the founders and so on. Clickable is really great, really easy to use. Um, and so yeah, that's that one. Lastly, I like to create Google Alerts. This may be a step above I really do think that it's imperative for us to utilize all the resource is that we have at our fingertips. So google dot com backslash alerts allows you to type in the name of the company if you know you're applying to a company where there's a big lawsuit on sexual harassment and you didn't know we could go, and now you understand that maybe the CEO is going to be upended and someone who is gonna come in that's going to affect you if you're going to be going into this company in the next several months. There's going to be some change management. There's gonna be a new CEO, most likely in Salon. How will that affect you? Do you care? Thes air things you'll want to know about? You may even want to ask some questions in your interview afterwards. You can delete the alerts at any time by doing the same thing. Cool dot com backslash alerts Who? You know, this is This is the bread and butter. Please utilize Lincoln. I used to work at this company. I have 56 connections here. There are 225 employees on linked in. If I wanted to apply to a job at remote year, I would look at the position, go through my role, and then I would go on linked in and find who I knew. That may up. That may work there. If I do, I send them a message asking for an informational interview whereby How'd you get there? Why do you stay? Um what are some tips you can give me in the application process, etcetera? You don't know anyone You've got These people utilize their profiles. Do you match with the cultural, educational, experiential aspect of this company. Do Most of the people have study abroad. Experience has most of the employees lived overseas. Is everybody bi lingual? Does everybody have nonprofit experience? No. Nonprofit Spears Is everybody a millennial? These are things that will help you to determine whether the courting, willing dating game is working for you. Lastly, before we move on to the next lesson, this is a literal screenshot of my own job hunting tab. You can type in any of these into Google, and, um, really great websites will come up. I'd like to point out email finder. You will figure that out when you click it. But in the meantime, thank you so much for your time. Rethinking note taking is next. See there. 3. Rethinking Notes: welcome to rethink in them notes. This is part two of our totaled video cover letter. Again, this is Victoria Cumberbatch. And let's jump now again. Disclaimer. You know how to take notes? I know you know how to take notes. This is not that we are taking notes specifically for this video cover letter, which is why we're having a little bit of a revamp. Or refresh if you will, on how to take the best notes you can in order to have the best cover letter. So, firstly, we would go to the website of the company we're looking at, which in this particular case, is Hello, Alfred, a startup based out of New York. Um and this is gonna be our case. Study. So what we would look for after that about us, their story, how they got here, their mission, their values and their locations. Great. First start and again, you'll be putting these down in some sort of sticky notes. Wander list, Um, Trela board. Whatever it is that you use, you will see mine in this lesson as well. Please recall from our preceding lesson on focused research how to look at the role which we will look at as an example. We scan, we dissect, we connect, we assess, and we're gonna look here. Project manager, role scanning. Scanning what you are like systematic strategic organized hustler Demanding. Curious. Yep. Efficient. Proactive. Excellent. What else will need 1 to 3 years of work? Experience and project management have it? That's a win previous experience creating and executing a cross functional strategy. We can work on that one. So that's our scan. Come back up to dissect. Don't be fooled by this. This is not the dissecting. Here it is. Support. Manage, build, promote Collab. Yes. OK, so from these action verbs, I will come up with one. Oh, experience. Professional or personal, that can Corley. With one of these, I would probably utilize support, manage building, promote. Those would be the ones I would use and I would come up with my examples. I'll put them in my notes, which will see here for a moment. We will come back to that and then we assess which I'd come in here. Is there anything in here throughout that you feel you're not up to snuff in in which you would determine what that is. You would also write that down on your sticky note. And that's what we would do in terms of looking through the role and start writing down our notes. Great. A glass door, My favorite. You guys know I love glass Door. I typed in Hello, Alfred, Into there. And this is what we received. I like this because I love this overview. The employee numbers I mentioned. I like small companies. 200 less is great for me. My bread and butter. Um, I want to know if it's public or private. I want to know if their external stakeholders I want to know if our money is determined on , you know, our output as per our stakeholders and so on. Where is the headquarters? When was it established? How new is it? This sets up really welfare interview and then going through off course. Each of these tabs is how you get there. Now, this live, the next one. Just going to show you what is on that green sticky that you saw on my Mac desktop. Just if you type in stickies in the search bar, they'll come up. I love them. They're like little post its. That's what I use. And I suggest utilizing something that can be posted up onto your desktop screen next to the camera when you make your video cover letters. So what we're looking for in my notes, Why the company? Why me? And why things Aaron Boles thes will be important as you to your video interview. Questions at the bottom will include Always, I always do. Six to that have to do with the interviewer information I get from Lincoln based upon them to that have to do with the culture of a company. Don't forget, we're willing each other where dating we're seeing if we want to work for them. If they want us to work for them, you know what I'm saying? And then the last or two questions that are what you want, it's imperative our next lesson is gonna be curation. That's what we're gonna be. Start doing our videos so but quickly show you these notes. Now this this top portion all comes from glass door, Of course, our mission, our goals for the future. Glassdoor literal patterns, I noted in a variety of reviews. The project manager role, big areas I took out. Why this company? Why me? This is where your examples that have to do. What the action verbs come in. And then, of course, are questions which are in italics. Why are things in bold? These were areas I definitely want to pinpoint. These are things that mean a lot to me. Um, these are areas that I think I will absolutely ah go above and beyond in because I have an adequate amount of experience in or it can speak to off the top of my head. These are things I wanna deftly mention. Should it come up? These are my notes. I can add them somewhere if you guys would like. That's it for this lesson, See, when the next one. 4. Curate: Welcome, guys. Victoria Cumberbatch here with the video cover letter. We are now finally on the curation off what your video cover letter would look like and how your screen should be and how your hair how your entire your grooming, everything like that should be. And first things first always have water nearby. You can lubricate and sound hydrated when you're talking, because that is the worst when you have dry mouth and you are trying to make a video of the impression people. So first things first you saw the small to slide slide show. We're gonna be talking about those things. So the first thing is your tone, and this is my tone. Typically, I just kind of amp it up a notch and a little bit more of a business workplace spot. But I still talk the way that I talk with my hands with my face the way that I move and I try to slow down. The idea is, if you're nervous, you will speed up, most likely. So try to be conscious of how quickly you're speaking. Get to your point, be concise, but also sound collected, so it may take a few rounds of practice to do so, but it does have the best outcome. Trust me, you want to sound conversational in your delivery, not slipped it, although the next lesson. You'll see what my screen looks like when I have notes up. But I look at the notes. I look at the camera, I look at the little screen cast of myself, which I'm looking at right now, and I have three places toe look. So my conversational tone is also related through where I put my eyes. That's also extremely important attire. It's summer time for me right now. I do have a fan on you might be, but a fear here, the word. But I particularly shoot for solid colors, definitely on top. That's what they're gonna see and less is more. I don't wear a lot of jewelry. These things I don't take off this I don't really take out. And if I'm using my hands in the camera, they will see that I have tattoos on my fingers and these air often times some things that come under contention and discussion, which is why I definitely wanted to bring it up in this video for me. The reason I started making video cover letters was because I was really trying to provide hiring managers recruiters with a bit of a leg up on how I sound Can I communicate and what I look like? So these are things they can't ask outright and linked and will only tell you so much about a person. So, yes, I have a nose ring. Yes, it could be taken out. Yes, I have finger tattoos. Yes, I can put band aids on them. I am bi racial. My hair looks like this. I wear it out often. I don't feel the need to straighten it or put it up in a tight done or hide it or myself in anyway. And so that was really something I definitely wanted to relay to you all in that this is not something that should be you hiding or taking away from yourself. However you want to portray yourself to the world is what you should consider when you make a video like that's because don't forget in the job hunt, you're dating each other. You're interviewing them as much as they're interviewing you, and I'm going to leave it at that so grooming hands. We went over that lightly. The techie things. So my background on my desktop is clear. I don't have anything on there. They can't see it. But I don't want to be distracted when I'm looking at the computer and doing these deals. So that's my own self sounds. My phone is on the table. It's on. Do not disturb it. Won't vibrate. It won't rate these airpods or a Bluetooth. Um, headphone is completely up to you. I like to use them because I like to ensure that what I'm saying can absolutely be heard without distraction of other noise. But if you're in your own place, then you know what the sound situation is, however, would definitely quit unused APS that you may have on your desktop. So I use fronds, which is a messaging app that I could have WhatsApp, Facebook, Gmail and along the pings. I don't want anybody here that I don't want to see it get distracted. Want to click it so nothing that I don't need is up on my computer, so right, Yeah, only the things that I need are on the computer right now, which aren't the slide show Zoom, which is on screen casting and the record button. Um, if you feel like you need a mike, maybe I would go on Amazon and grab that. However, if you have an iPhone or an android, it's pretty pretty good on that. The location. I'm in my bedroom. I try to make it a little bit more nondescript with taking this Beulah door out, so you can really tell what's happening on the solid colors of background, which I tend to gravitate toward. Um, And then, of course, the lighting. The window is directly in front of me. The sun is out, it shining. That provides the best light. If you can't get light on specific day, wait until you can and then do your video, so that's gonna wrap it up for this one. 5. Create: Hey, everybody, Victoria Cumberbatch again with the video cover letter, we're gonna go over the creation aspect. We're going to see exactly how I make my video cover letters what my desktop looks like and you're going to utilize it because that's your project, which I heartily implore you to dio. So this is my desktop. First things first. We need to alleviate distractions. My stickies don't distract me. But if they do, I would go down here, Control, click quit and quit anything down here that will cause badge icons to pop up sounds to Poppel for anything else like that. And in the meantime, I you zoom, which is a free conferencing app. But you're also able to have your own video. In which case, a little clicky clicky here that's p might always starts with a record sell. Just pause that we will on mute and close this Enough. I want this record button to be easily accessible. I have my notes for Hello, Alfred. Right here as we went over in the last lesson And what we have is me preparing for my video in which I would look like this. My screen would look like this and I would pretty much be able to start. So once I'm ready again. I like these headphones because airpods a little dicey. This is what it might be like to start. Hi. Hello, Alfred. My name is Victoria Cumberbatch. I'm here applying for the project management role. I hope it's absolutely OK that I use this video cover letter instead of a typical written one. Wanted to give you a bit of what I'm like on a communication levels so that you could better determine whether this job might be a better fit for me or someone else. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. He would stop now. Additionally, I just want you guys to see when you have your notes here. It's easy for you to look over. Look, everybody knows that everybody uses notes of some sort. But if you can lessen the chance of your eyes reading and going more to the bolds better. Yes. I'd love to be a project manager with your company. You know, you really talked about practical, adaptable collaborator communicator. These are things that I really exemplify. And I was able to look at those quickly and speak to you guys, you may have noticed, but I haven't been told by anybody else that it was super noticeable. That's why I keep my sticky right next to the record. But when I finished with my recording, I end my meeting. I mean for all. And it will convert into an MP four, uh, file whereby I can put that onto my desktop for a little uploaded onto either Google Drive or Dropbox. Whatever you prefer. I know this was the 1st 1 that is just like a second. This is this one I'll put Cumberbatch. Hello, Cumberbatch. Hello, Alfred. Great does stop, Tilly. Perfect. Now we're on the website to apply. If the website looks like this and the application process is within the job description like this, you have these options most likely attach which you cannot, because the platform allows for dot pdf dot doc stop pages. Whatever the case is, this is dot mp four. They're not expecting that you have to go around this rule and either utilized Dropbox Were you paste? Which is what I do. So I come to my Google drive, says my Google drive. This is where I keep all my videos. I have Hello offered here and I opened my sharing settings. Get share OBL link anyone with the Lincoln View Copy And then I go toe bit li bi i t dot l y dot com and I create my own shorter link because who likes long links? It's kind of gross these days. Copy. I come back to the job description. I paced. I continue on it goes through their notified that I have some sort of cover letter activity here. But what is it? I'm curious and they click it. Typically, this is exactly how I do it. I am looking very much forward to your projects. Please, Please, please Post. Okay. See you next time. 6. Thank You for Coming!: Hey, everybody. So Victoria Car Batch again. Just wrap it up with you. The video cover letter. I hope you've had a good time in this course. I know it's a little bit alternative. A little different, A little risky. Um, but it's really worked out well for me. So I would love to hear how it's working out for you. What's going on? Any issues, any concerns, any thrilling rides, any jobs obtained and some on definitely want to know about it. Definitely hear about it. I just want to add one aside. If you're applying to any jobs that are with huge companies, that most likely have, uh, some sort of a systems process that the cover letter itself will go through, it is unlikely that you will be considered for the position with a video cover letter, as it is an MP four, as opposed to a dot pdf. So keep this in mind If it's a I could tell you from experience buzzfeed, yelp and Groupon, Um, and meet up dot com. I was rejected from all of them within several hours, and I'm almost positive. It's because it was not a letter form. It was not in the written form. It was a video which really is a risk that you will determine the worth off. So for myself, just to finish it all up and why I love this so much is I want to provide who I am to a company. And I want them to accept me as I am. That would be the ideal, most idyllic world, wouldn't it? So the companies that have rejected me as a result of not having a letter maybe not a place I want to be anyway. So food for thought, let me know. I would love to hear from you. And thank you so much for staying with me. This time. I'm gonna work on the next class. Let's see what happens.